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Welcome back WormholeRiders Ready for Terrific Time Travel Tales in 12 Monkeys! To the absolute awesomeness of science fiction fans across the entire universe, the great team at SYFY is bringing #ItsAFanThing to all of us as season four of 12 Monkeys time travel adventures unfold over the next four weeks! SYFY executives announced in March 2016 that the much loved 12 Monkeys series had been renewed in a dual season decision that delight admirers of the popular time travel science fiction. Rarely announced as two season renewals, we here at #TeamWHR were honored to be invited again to interview …Read the Rest

Nichelle Nichols Opens Wormhole Hailing Frequency Before Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018!

It is SVCC time WormholeRiders! Get ready to geek out geeks! The superb Silicon Valley Comic Con begins in earnest today, Friday April 06, 2018! We here at TeamWHR became ecstatic when we learned that we were invited to interview one of the timeless legends of science fiction televisions and …Read the Rest

A Mound Over Hell: World Series Winner in 2098 Created by Gary Morgenstein in 2018!?!

Welcome back WormholeRiders! As #TeamWHR begins our 2018 interview series prior to convention season, we have been honored to interview one of the most creative genius’ in the world of writing, Gary Morgenstein! Gary Morgenstein is well known for his outstanding writing work in Jesse’s Girl, Loving Rabbi Thalia Kleinman, …Read the Rest

Aleks Paunovic at San Diego Comic-Con Set to Launch Vampire Counter Attack in Van Helsing!

Welcome back Van Helsing lovers, WormholeRiders and Vampires Victims around the World! Here at Team WHR we continue our SDCC 2017 coverage of Van Helsing when we were honored to be invited to interview several of the series stars at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 courtesy of the great team at …Read the Rest

Van Helsing Adds Missy Peregrym as Survivor Scarlett Harker!

Welcome Van Helsing lovers, WormholeRiders and Vampires Victims around the World! Subsequent to the enjoyment of watching and tweeting the Van Helsing season one episodes, and the sheer delight of visiting the panel last year at SDCC, where we watched the pilot episode in it’s entirity, we at Team WHR …Read the Rest

Mad Mel Not Only Saved the World, Gary Morgenstein Set the Stage for What is To Come!

Welcome back science fiction musical drama lovers! Going into New York City is always an adventure for me. I have been to many a Broadway show and witnessed many of the showy costumes and extravagant stage decorations, scenery and props first hand, I enjoyed my recent excursion to see Mad …Read the Rest

12 Monkeys Panel Rocks San Diego Comic-Con Features Mom, Dad, Goines, Deacon, Plus The Witness!

Welcome back WormholeRiders seeking 12 Monkeys Witness at San Diego Comic-Con! One of the great joys at SDCC2017 was the return of 12 Monkeys to San Diego for the annual cultural event! 12 Monkeys was a panel not to be missed. The audience loved the smooth interaction of the cast …Read the Rest

Thank Goodness for Musical Mad Mel Who Saves the World!

Welcome back science fiction musical drama lovers! Believe it or not, it is true citizens! Gary Morgenstein, a critically acclaimed writer, entertainment expert, lover of all things scientific, has long been rumored to help earthling Mad Mel (Michael A. Green) and his waitress turned lover from Marradia, Roni (Sage Melcher) return …Read the Rest

Hey, Hey We’re the 12 Monkeys Means More Marvelous Mania in Season Three and Four!

Welcome back Monkeys! To the joy of science fiction time traveler fans the world over, Syfy executives announced earlier this year (in mid March), that the beloved 12 Monkeys has been renewed setting up the popular time travel science fiction series for a tumultuous ten episode fourth and final season. …Read the Rest

Incorporated: Human Resources – Will Julian Morse Make Ben and Elena Scream and Shout?

Welcome WormholeRiders to the Power of Being Incorporated! If you thought the first two episodes of Incorporated were shockingly good, hang on to your hat, it gets better, or worse depending on where you live, Green Zone, Red Zone, FEMA Relocation Camps, or what appear to be third world cities …Read the Rest

Incorporated: Downsizing – Join SPIGA & Team WHR in 2074! Love, Ready To Go Cage Fights and Mind Numbing NDA’s!

Welcome WormholeRiders to the Power of Being Incorporated! The second episode of Incorporated is a whirlwind of activity that happens so quickly, it is difficult to keep pace with the revelations about the absolute Power of an Incorporated #SPIGA! Are you “Ready To Go” to the crazed corrupt corporate world …Read the Rest

Incorporated: Opportunities Tomorrow Are Here Today at SPIGA!

Welcome WormholeRiders to the Power of Being Incorporated! One of the most imaginative, daring and impressive new series, Incorporated, brings tomorrow to our television screens today! The exciting new science fiction series Incorporated, based on the perceived power of corporations in the present day, begins in the year 2074. However, …Read the Rest

Van Helsing: A Superb Series Set in Motion to Help Me!

Welcome Van Helsing lovers, WormholeRiders and Vampires Victims around the World! Subsequent to seeing the full Van Helsing first episode “Help Me” and panel with cast members Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe, Christopher Heyerdahl, and creators Simon Davis Barry, show runner Neil LaBute, Mike Frislev, and Chad Oakes , when they …Read the Rest

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