Terra Nova “What Remains” and What To Do With It!


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Are you enjoying our weekly time travel? I know I am! I love this show a lot!

Well, this is pretty cool, looking back 85 million years and seeing all the 22nd century advanced technology at work. The dinosaurs could feed the colony for a month and houses are quite beautiful.

Click to visit and follow DreamWorks Television on Twitter!I am liking this series more with each week, but at first I was doubtful. I had visions of another “Jurassic Park” but this is very different in that THIS “park” you cannot leave if you wanted to!

Before beginning my and analysis review, we include below the fantastic sneak peak of the next episode “The Runaway” courtesy of FOX Broadcasting. Enjoy!

“What Remains”

We open in a scientific studies outpost and a man is playing with a giant green bug, like a child with a toy. The big bug escapes from the man and scurries out of camera. We see the man coming outside and he looks around in amazement at the scene of the unfettered wilderness with an expression of “Where the heck am I?”.

Then he is walking along through the greenery and comments on the flowers and is seemingly in wonder at this beauty. But the sound of a deep growl wakes him from his reverie and he sees a huge Dinosaur looking down on him. He continues to stare up at the gigantic Dino as if he is a five-year-old boy, and unfortunately, becomes the Dino’s snack.

Terra Nova S01X03 "What remains" the bug

Terra Nova S01x03 what remains dino snack


Terra Nova S01x03 What Remains Jim and Elisabeth

Reports have come to the Colony about a standard Scientific Field post. Elisabeth Shannon (Shelly Conn) and Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara) are walking through the outdoor market talking about it and Jim asks “Then, why hasn’t anyone heard from them in the last 72 hours?” His wife, Elisabeth replies “That is what we are going there to find out” Assuring him to stop worrying, she tells Jim that Nathaniel Taylor (Stephen Lang) said they would probably be back before dinner. Well, I think we all know how THAT is going to work, hmmmm?

Commander Taylor leaves others in charge and Elisabeth goes with him off to the outpost. Dr. Malcolm Wallace (Rod Hallet) wants to go, but Taylor said no. …I think we also know how THAT will work out, the dude will most likely show up, despite orders.

Commander Taylor and Elisabeth show up at the outpost, seeing the gate left open and Elizabeth hops out of the rover, ready to go in.  Taylor stops her… “That gate should not be open.” he says. Another man who is with them sees damaged cables and said it looked like the Oversaurs might have been at the cables.

Terra Nova S01x03 This is not a dream

When the trio enters the outpost building, they find some odd messages and Elisabeth asks “What kind of research did you say they were doing at this outpost?” Taylor replied “Wetland research” Someone yelling from another section and the trio walks in to see two very disoriented researchers laying on cots. Hands in the air and jabbering. A woman researcher startles everyone by suddenly appearing at the window of the door. Taylor says “Let’s get this door open.”

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Infirmary

The researchers apparently have suffered memory loss to such an extent that they believe they are back in 2149 or in the 22nd century and in different locations. As if they never heard of Terra Nova! A message from Dr. Wejente on a video log tells our trio this pathogen has affected all of the other researchers.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" History research

Back at the Colony, Zoe Shannon (Alana Mansour) has been sent home from school with a cold. Meanwhile in the Youth house, something like a commune for the working ‘teens, they are having drinks and a guitar plays softly in the background.

They chat a bit about Outpost three. “Yeah, my mom’s out there now” Josh Shannon (Landon Liboiron) says. He plays the guitar and stops, but Skye (Allison Miller) tells him to go ahead, he is good.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Teens in commune

Back at the outpost Dr. Wejente’s boots were found and it was delicately said he was wearing them. “Did he got out there barefoot?” Asked Elisabeth, Taylor said “No, his feet were still in them.”. Elizabeth …. fully comprehending what Taylor meant said “Oh.” softly. Taylor orders the outpost to be under general quarantine.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Jim on video


Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Elisabeth on video

Elisabeth is then talking to Jim via their video com telling him about pathogen and she will not be coming home yet. As they hang up from this, Jim sneezes. “What was that?” Elizabeth asked “A cold” Jim replied. “Well, Elisabeth says “Fluids and bed! I don’t want to get your cold!” She ordered. He said “It’s not my cold, I borrowed it from Zoe.”, Elisabeth goes to another desk, and lifts a small vial and looks bemused for a minute…”Who’s Zoe?” she asked aloud to no one in particular.

Back at the colony, Maddy Shannon (Naomi Scott) has her first date with Mark Reynolds and made dinner for them both. He asked if she enjoyed cooking, and she replied “Yeah. It’s like chemistry, but at the end, you get a treat.” After the boy leaves, father and daughter have a chat about what it was like when he dated her mother.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Mark and Maddy

Next day, Jim walks into the security center and asked about Outpost three. Lt. Washington tells him it is under general Quarantine and this upsets Jim. Nest he has gone to the Malcolm “I need your rover!” he says. Of course Malcolm is flippant and says no until Jim mentioned the quarantine. Suddenly, Malcolm bolts up, grabs his jacket and is ready to take off.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Malcolm and Jim

Jim goes with him. As they start to leave, Jim sneezes again and Malcolm throws something that looks like a root, or corn cob. “Here, chew on this!” “Ugh! It tastes awful!” Jim exclaims.  “Chew on it anyway, you’ll be good for 12 hours.” he is instructed.

Skye comes out to Josh who is relaxing in a hammock and Josh mentions the drawings out by the falls. “Don’t you think we should…..tell someone?” he asked her.  “Who?” Skye asked, and Josh shrugs it off saying “I dunno… I forgot what we were talking about” They kiss, but Josh remembers the girl he left behind in 2149, Kara. He is remorseful, and Skye actually offers an option to bring Kara here to Terra Nova!


Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Josh and Skye

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Jim and Malcolm at outpost

Jim and Malcolm arrive at the outpost to see two Oversaurs chewing at the cables outside. Seems these dinos like the nickel in the cables, it is like catnip is to a cat. The guys shine lights onto the Dino-Duo and the Dinos look up, startled and run away.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Oversaurs at cable

They enter the outpost, they find no one inside right away, but as they look around, Elisabeth shows up with a gun. She does not recognize Jim- her own husband, but knows Malcolm. In her mind, she thinks she is back in University. She has lost about twenty years of her memories.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Elisabeth gun


Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Remembers Malcolm

Now, it is on! They must find a cure or a way to bring the infected back to current memories. Skye is at Tom’s Bar and asks to speak to him. Josh and she explains what they would like. Tom says it is expensive to bring people back and will be difficult.

Josh says they have time because they would have to send a message to 2149 and then the pilgrimage after that Kara could come back. Tom says yes, least that is what Taylor says… OK, WHAT? Does he have another hack for this? Tom likes Josh being a cop’s son. he may be able to use this for his own means.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Virus

Back at the outpost, Malcolm shows Elisabeth the video log about the pathogen. She is amazed but is now calmed down enough to reason. They are interrupted by Oversaurs chewing on the cables again. As Jim goes about the outpost to investigate, he finds Brady, laying in another room. He then proceeds around the outpost, to be confronted by Taylor, who has no memory of Jim. Taylor shoots and comes through the top port hole and is standing, holding a weapon on Jim: “Move a muscle and I’ll blow your head off.”

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Brady

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Taylor forgets Terra Nova
Commander Taylor also does not remember Terra Nova! Taylor thinks he is in Somalia in the year 2138! He also forgot that his wife is dead. He is told by Jim what has happened, but Taylor thinks Ayani is still alive in captivity. Taylor threatens Jim and punches Jim unconscious.

Elisabeth and Malcolm are in the outpost and Elizabeth sees something on her monitor, calling Malcolm over to it. “Look at the DNA sequencing on this blood sample! This isn’t a Pathogen, someone in this lab was experimenting with gene Therapy.”

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Gene Therapy
Malcolm is dubious “Anything involving genetic manipulation has to be cleared through me…” Malcolm then becomes rather….romantic to Elisabeth. Jim put a stop to that real quick!

Now, Elisabeth notices that Malcolm and Jim, exposed at the same time, are different in being symptomatic. Jim has no symptoms yet Malcolm does. (Note: Jim has a cold. Is chewing on that root or whatever and the others are not.)

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Malcom

Mark arrives at the Shannon home back in the colony. Maddie is worried that the “Sixers” may have gotten to the outpost, but Mark knows something. “Maddie, I’m not supposed to be talking about this…”, “Mark.” Maddie looks him straight into the eyes “It’s my parents!”

Taylor is out in the wild on a motorcycle and sees a rather large Dino. Looks like a Brontosaurus. He looks up at it and laughs “No way!” and as the beast passes by, Taylor drives off.

Jim and Malcolm are carrying Brady to the infirmary as they talk. “Out of all the times you could’ve gone back to, you go to where you were dating my wife” Jim says as they carry Brady. “No, I was somewhere in my laboratory and my mind must’ve filled in the rest. What do you want me to say?” Malcolm said.

Then, quite suddenly, Malcolm asks “Wait… Who’re you?… Did we…Kill this man?” Malcolm is severely impaired now. Jim shows Malcolm that Brady is still very much alive. As the two men start to argue, Oversaur comes into the scene, Jim saves them and slams a door shut between the beast and themselves. The Oversaur runs to the cable. Malcolm is bordering on hysterics now, so Jim subdues him with a knockout punch.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Oversaurs run to cable

Now, Jim and Elisabeth are back in the lab area Jim tells her about her life, Terra Nova, her family. They are now trying to figure out who was doing the gene research. Outside of Terra Nova Taylor is scoping out the compound and takes out a guard. He is one sick puppy right now.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Taylor scopes compound


Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Compound

Back at the lab, Jim and Elisabeth find out a Dr. Douglas Joslyn was doing the gene research. Dr. Joslyn carries the latent gene for German’s disease. which is similar to Alzheimer’s but only worse. He must have been trying to figure a way to stop the progression or cure the disease. The sequencing misfired and blocks the neuro-pathways instead of opening them up. He must have used a virus as a delivery system and that is how it became contagious.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Elisabeth Forgets

Elisabeth is at 39 hours now, and catatonia can set in as early as 36. Elizabeth finds the names of her children and does not remember writing them. Jim places her wedding ring back onto her hand and said “you will remember’. Now, he sneezes again,  Elisabeth remembers he has a cold and is taking that root for a remedy. She says they must figure out what it is in the root that has the medicinal qualities which seems to be arresting the virus.

Back at Terra Nova, Maddie Shannon and Mark go to the Security officer Lt Washington. As they walk in Washington is trying to order them to leave, but… Too late, Taylor has mark in a headlock with a knife to Mark’s neck. “You’re not too good at followin’ orders, are ya, soldier?” Taylor drawls.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Taylor attacks
Lt. Washington now plays into Taylor’s memories and says “This is one of your soldiers. Mark Reynolds. He came to Terra Nova on the Fifth Pilgrimage, he came here because of you! Seven years ago, YOU led us to this place, so we could have a second chance!” Through denials, Taylor now understands his wife is dead. He starts to become agitated again and is rendered unconscious by a shot from Lt. Washington..

Back at the lab, Elisabeth realizes it is not the root, but it is Jim’s Cold that is knocking out the virus!!  Things are going to go back to normal…. Elisabeth starts to figure out a delivery method for the cure, but Jim has an idea about that, A cold is usually spread by proximity or …Kissing. He takes the kissing method.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Elisabeth remembers
Back at Terra Nova, Elisabeth created a vaccine out of an inactive virus so people will be cured without the cold. jugging by the success at the outpost, they should all be back to normal by dinnertime.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Terra Nova


Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Taylor remembers

Commander Taylor, in the infirmary, remembers Terra Nova. Elisabeth is there in white coat and says he will be fine. “You SHOT me!” He says to Lt. Washington. “Yes, Yes, I did.” She admitted. “Good work” Taylor grinned at her.

After Jim and Elisabeth get back home, and Malcolm is fine, Mark and Maddie are courting on the porch and Jim goes to see Zoe. She has made a little group of Dinosaurs, Playing with them and her parents look on.

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Out in the wild
Out in the wild, we now see Tom dealing with Mira and the Sixers. Tom tells Mira about Josh wanting to get Kara back. Mira plans to take advantage of this “Opportunity”!

Terra Nova S01x03 "What Remains" Mira

So, what’s next??? Tune in to Terra Nova on FOX TV next week!

My Take…. For what it is worth…

Loyalty is only as good as the mind it is held within. One may have fierce loyalties to a side in war, or people, or anything, really. But if the mind is compromised, be it in injury or disease, What then? What good are loyalties so easily destroyed?

Be sure that loyalty is also accompanied by the heart. We saw that emotion and true love was a large help in Elisabeth’s recovery.

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