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My name is Bonnie R. Jones and I am a huge fan of the CW show Supernatural.  I am extremely excited about working with WormholeRiders News Agency.  I am so thankful about this new opportunity to write reviews for my full on favorite show!

I will be writing weekly reviews throughout the seventh season.  Because of my fixation on how often the Impala’s license plate gets zoomed in on, I may include how many times I saw it in each review.  I have two twitter accounts.  @BonnieRJones is an essentially spoiler free account and @fullonSPN will likely tweet and retweet spoilers so you are completely forewarned! J

Supernatural S7x01 - He walks among us

Supernatural Season 7 began right where Season 6 left off…completely jacked up!  Castiel (Misha Collins), really thinks he is doing the world a justice, but soon it all turns for the worst when he takes in ALL of the souls, and then some, from Purgatory!  Castiel thinks…no no no, truly believes he is God now.  What?  This is definitely not good for those that used to be his friends, i.e. Dean (Jensen Ackles), Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Bobby (Jim Beaver).

Before beginning, we include the preview of “Defending Your Life”, airing in the United States on Friday 10/14/11.  Per The CW, here’s the episode synopsis.  Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a string of gruesome murders and discover the Egyptian god Osiris (guest star Faran Tahir) is behind the deaths.  The vengeful god is putting people on trial for their past mistakes and killing them if found guilty.  Osiris hones in on Dean’s guilt and decides he’s the next to stand trial.  Sam steps in as Dean’s lawyer, but both bothers are unprepared when Osiris calls an unexpected witness – Jo (guest star Alona Tal).  Robert Singer directed the episode written by Adam Glass.

Episode 7×01, “Meet The New Boss”

“God”, ahem…I mean Castiel shows up in many places to set people straight and set things right!  Well actually what he’s doing is causing a lot of death and blood shed.

Sam’s wall, which Death put up inside of him so he would not remember what happened to him in perdition, is cracking and what is slipping through is complete torture.  He cannot tell real from hell!

Dean, Sam and Bobby figure if they can bind Death (Julian Richings) and make him their b$%*h, then they can get him to kill God/Castiel.  Death is less than tickled to know they dared oblige him in any way.  He explains that Castiel not only took in all the souls from Purgatory, but also the first beasts God created before Angels and Man…Leviathans.  They are much older than souls.  As Death explains, “He’s the one thin membrane between the old ones and your home.”

Supernatural S7x01 - Misha Collins as Casteil

Death could care less what happens to Dean, Sam, Bobby, or the world, but he really dislikes Castiel’s new identity.  He is willing to even create another eclipse for the door to Purgatory to be opened once again.  It’s up to the guys to compel Castiel to put the souls back.  Compel God…that won’t be hard!  It was definitely not as hard as the guys thought.

Castiel soon realizes that his vessel cannot withstand the souls.  His body will explode if he doesn’t do something and fast.  He begins to feel ashamed of all he has done and wants redemption.  Dean, Sam and Bobby get Castiel back to Crowley’s (Mark Sheppard) lab to open the door so the souls can be released back into Purgatory.  It all seemed like it was going to be ok, but no such luck for the guys.  The souls were returned, but the Leviathans remained and took over Castiel’s vessel.

As always it is up to Dean and Sam, who is on his last marble right now, to save the world!  Will they ever catch a break?

Episode 7×02 “Hello Cruel World”

We just continue right from Crowley’s (Mark Sheppard) lab where Castiel (Misha Collins), who’s vessel is now being controlled by Leviathans, has thrown Dean (Jensen Ackles), across one side of the room and Bobby (Jim Beaver), across the other side. We have apparently kissed our Cas goodbye!!!

God only knows where Sam (Jared Padalecki), is with his bonkers self.  He is not sure which is true reality.  Is he still in hell and he just thinks he is back with Dean and Bobby or is all of this just some crazy form of torture by Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino)?  His hallucinations have continued and are intensifying!!!

Castiel’s vessel cannot contain the Leviathans.  You can just see black ooze coming down his forehead, running off of his hands, basically coming from all of his orifices.  His body will explode!  He walks right into local water and blackness shoots everywhere.  Castiel’s trench coat floating in the water is all that is left of him.  Dean is filled with anger and pain for the loss of a part of his family.  Angel or not, Castiel was as much family as Sam and Bobby to Dean.

Supernatural S7x02 - With the suspect
It appeared that anyone who came into contact with the black water in any way was taken over by a Leviathan without regard to race, religion, color, or…sexual orientation (I think some of my SPN Family will get that one).  From little girls, to boys on the swim team, to men working on cars, to young men working for a credit card company, to doctors.

Dean, Sam and Bobby are back at Bobby’s house trying to figure out just what they are up against.  What kind of big bad is this?  All the while, Sam is seeing Lucifer and Dean as much as the other.  He’s truly having trouble discerning what is real.  Lucifer is trying to convince him that he is the one that is real and Dean is not.  He tells him, “You can’t torture someone who has nothing left for you to take away.”  Sam and this situation makes me feel like I have the crazy all over me (another one of those things that my SPN Family would probably get)!

Dean has to leave to check out a case when he gets word that some boys on a swim team were beaten and devoured.  He is nervous to leave Sam alone.  Bobby says, “What am I, Chopped brains on toast?”  Needless to say, he leaves Sam with Bobby.  Lucifer is basically just hanging out with Sam, confusing him to no end.  He is using Sam like a puppet and even refers to him as Pinocchio.  Getting Sam to kill himself is the goal it seems.

Supernatural S7x02 - Sam what are you doing

Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) is at Sioux Falls General Hospital recovering from an appendectomy.  Her surgeon is Dr. Gaines (Cameron Bancroft), a distinguished looking man.  Sheriff Mills’s roommate, an older female, notices how she looks at Dr. Gaines and says, “Charming isn’t he?  Did you know a study showed ¾ of doctors cheat on their exams.  He may not know your appendix from your vagina.”  Hysterical! Unfortunately, Dr. Sexy was taken over by “little girl leviathan” because she found a way to eat people’s innards without anyone really suspecting.

So bye bye Dr. Sexy, hello nasty organ-eating leviathan.  I do not know if this thing knows the difference between an appendix and a vagina myself.  The faces and teeth on these suckers are grotesque.  Leviathan Dr. Gaines takes Sheriff Mills older roommate in for her surgery in the middle of the night.  Not surgery, but her demise.  Yes, he eats one of her organs and Sheriff Mills sees it.  She calls for Bobby’s help hoping she will not be the next entrée.  Bobby is forced to leave Sam alone, because he is in no condition to hunt.

Supernatural S7x02 - He told me

Bobby gets Sheriff Mills out of the hospital and investigates in the morgue.  He finds that several patients that had minor procedures were ending up dead.  Dr. Gaines finds him and he knows exactly who Bobby is because he remembers him from being in Castiel’s meat suit.  Bobby soon realizes that Leviathans are immune to silver and shotgun blasts, which were used in conjunction (shotgun shells filled with silver).  He is able to get away before the leviathan can tear him to shreds.

Sam thinks Dean came home and needs his help with the Leviathans, but really this is Satan’s twisted way of getting Sam out of the house, ALONE.  Sam soon realizes that he is not with Dean.  He is truly losing it now.  Dean gets to Bobby’s and realizes no one is there.  Lucky he turned on the GPS on Sam’s phone.  He finds him quickly, but Sam does not know if Dean is really his brother or Lucifer.

Supernatural S7x02 - At gun point

Dean and Sam have that amazing bonding moment where Sam can identify that Dean is real, that he is his brother, and that his brother would never hurt him.  Only Dean can do this with Sam.  You can feel their connection to each other.  Lucifer starts becoming a flash in and out and less real.  The brothers leave and as they approach Bobby’s house, what they find is the house has been burnt to a crisp.  All that’s really left is the iron panic room.  The Hunter’s Library is just gone!

Dean and Sam are looking for Bobby all over the junkyard when they encounter another Leviathan, Edgar (Benito Martinez).  The guys find out these monsters are stronger than they are used to.  Oh and yes, Dean also finds out that shotgun blasts to their heads do not work either.  Dean is flung into a car, breaking his leg and Sam is whacked in the head with a metal object.  Thank goodness Dean reaches for the handy dandy magnetic crane controller and drops a car on Edgar.  With Sam unconscious, Dean has to call 911…that is a first!

Next we see the brothers in an ambulance and guess where they are headed?  That’s right, Sioux Falls General Hospital.  Lucifer admits to not being real, but he has not left the building.  The boys are in bad shape.  I’m sure the next episode picks up right where this one leaves off.

Episode 7×03 “The Girl Next Door”

Okay Supernatural fans we are stepping into episode 7.03, “The Girl Next Door”, right where we left off…arriving at Sioux Falls General Hospital with two broken Winchester brothers, one with a head injury and the other with a broken leg.  Lest we not forget that there is a man-eating beast pretending to be a surgeon at this very same hospital and the guys know it…well Dean, who is coherent knows it.

Now for me this is a bit odd.  I’ve seen these men take many a beating with less injury so I wonder if that means anything about the “Big Bad” we are dealing with at the start of this season.  I mean Dean gets thrown against a car and gets a broken leg.  Sam gets hit with a blunt object and he is in and out of consciousness and seizing.  How many times have we seen these guys get thrown from one wall to another, catapulted into furniture, or beat the life out of one another?  These two have literally been to hell and have been physically tortured.

Supernatural S7x03 - On the table

Bobby (Jim Beaver) gets to the hospital…he’s not dead!  He saves Sam and Dean from being eaten by Dr. Gaines (Cameron Bancroft).  Nice to know the boys are being saved by someone else for a change, although Bobby always has their back.  Since Bobby’s house was scorched, he takes them to one of Rufus’s (Steven Williams) cabins stashed out in the middle of nowhere in Whitefish, Montana.  Demon-possessed Bobby killed Rufus in Season 6.

Supernatural S7x03 - Duty calls

Dean has been watching telenovelas for the last few weeks while his leg has been in the cast.  He is so into what is going on and is saddened when one of the male characters dies.  His Spanish accent is pretty good, if I may say so.  They are out of food and Dean is hungry…well Dean is always hungry.  He cannot drive so he asks Sam to go get them some food and, of course he asks for pie…well Dean always asks for pie!  While Sam is at the store he notices what looks like it could be a case in a newspaper and something very similar to a case he has dealt with in the past.  Sam brings Dean cake instead of pie.  His head must have been hit harder than we thought.  Dean asks about the pie and Sam says, “I got cake. It’s close enough. Right?”  If you know Dean, it’s not even in the same class.

Sam waits until Dean falls asleep to take the Impala keys and leave quietly to check out this case on his own.  I love the flashbacks and how uncanny the similarities are in the lives of the brothers when they were kids and now as adults.  Sam has always been reserved in everything he does and Dean has always been a “Billy Bad Ass”, a guy with a GED and give ‘em hell attitude, as he always puts it.  Both very sexy characters if you ask me.  I will touch on more similarities later.

Supernatural S7x03 - Jewel Staite is Amy Pond

Sam quickly realizes this is more than a coincidence.  He knows exactly who, or what he is hunting.  Amy Pond (Jewel Staite), is a pituitary gland eating monster, called a Kitsune (pronounced kit-soo-nay).  Sam met her when they were just teenagers.  He liked her and it was the first time Sam wanted to talk to a girl.  He scrapped with a couple of boys that were hassling her outside of a library.  She was grateful.

Supernatural S7x03 - Jewel Staite as Amy Pond

They shared his first kiss.  Shortly after speaking they learned they had a lot in common.  She and her mother (Leslie Hopps) are monsters and Sam, Dean and their father hunt monsters.  Amy’s mother was about to kill young Sam when Amy takes her mother’s life to save his.  She said she has never killed anyone before.  Amy did not want to be like her mother.  Sam understood because he did not want to be like his father either and he let her go.  He told her he wanted her on the first bus out of town.  Amy even asked him to go with her, but Sam had an obligation to his father and brother.

There are a few low-life scum popping up in local parks, but towns apart.  This is the same exact situation that Sam experienced as a teen.  He knows Amy is back.  He finds her just before her next kill.  She tells Sam that she cannot explain why she is doing what she is doing, but that she just had to.  That was not good enough for Sam.  Amy knocked Sam into a tree and he hit his head.  Knocked out again, but not before he grabbed her personal information out of her pocket!!!  Poor guy has had his head hit just a little too much lately.  I do not know how much more it can take.

Supernatural S7x03 - Death by SPN

Sam shows up at Amy’s house soon after.  Amy is going to have to tell Sam the truth or he will kill her.  She opens the door to a bedroom and there lies a little boy.  She explains it is her son Jacob (Nick Harrison).  She has tried to maintain as normal a life as possible.  She became a mortician so she could feed on the dead instead of the living.  Amy said that feeding on the dead can be risky, especially for a young child.  Jacob got sick and needed fresh meat.  She did what she had to in order for him to be ok.  His fever broke and he was going to be fine.  She would go back to the way things were.  Sam let Amy and Jacob go…again.

Sam’s first kiss was with a monster!  It seems he has always been attracted to bad.  Madison was a werewolf and Ruby a Demon.  The same way Sam tries to manage the demon blood he is infected with, he has a softened heart to trust that some monsters can manage their poison too.

Supernatural S7x03 - Back to conscienceness

Dean had cut his cast off to go find Sam.  After a bit of research, he knows indeed that Sam is hunting a Kitsune.  He finally catches up with him and when he does, guess what?  Sam gets punched in the face!  New rule…you steal Dean’s baby, you get punched!  Sam tells Dean he had to go off by himself because it was his mess from the past.  He says he took care of it.  Dean wants to know where the body is.  Sam explains that he let Amy go and why.  Dean knows if they do not kill her now, she will kill again.  It is only a matter of time.  Sam says that it is fine that Dean does not trust Amy, but he wants Dean to trust him on making the right decision.  Sam pleads with Dean.  Deans says ok because he has to start trusting Sam sometime.

Supernatural S7x03 - On the gurney

Let us talk about the similarities between young Sam and adult Sam again.  When young Sam fought those boys off that were bothering young Amy she brought him home.  She gave him a cold drink and instead of opening the can, he put it up to his face where he had been hit.  When Dean punched Sam in the face, Sam walked in the motel room, got a cold can out of the refrigerator and put it up to his face.  I just love when they show these reflections of who the characters are.  It is the little things.

Supernatural S7x03 - On the case
Dean and Sam are moving on to the next job.  Dean tells Sam to check them in to the motel and he was making a run to the pharmacy.  Dean had done a little homework and found out exactly where Amy was.  He is in her room when she arrives and tells her that if she is going to move she should change her license plate because it makes one too easy to find.

That is so funny to me because he has not changed the tag on the Impala for years.  Amy is afraid and promises she is never going to kill again.  Dean tells her that people are what they are and she will kill again.  Per Dean, “Eventually the other shoe will drop, it always does.”  He even says I’m sorry after he stabs her in the chest.  Unbeknownst to him, Jacob was right behind him in the doorway and saw Dean kill his mother.

Supernatural S7x03 - It was not me

Dean asks Jacob if he has anywhere he can go and he nods yes.  He asks him if he has ever killed anyone.  Jacob nods no but said, “The only person I’m going to kill is you!”  Dean tells him to look him up in a few years…if he even lives that long.  Dean better look out.  He may have created a worse monster out of Jacob.  Maybe leaving him alive was not the smartest idea, but how do you just kill a kid?  After all, what would you do if you saw someone kill your mother right before your very eyes and they let you live?

The closing scene is actually hilarious to me.  Chet (Sean O. Roberts), the young Leviathan tracking down Sam, is in the convenience store where Sam bought food and the infamous cake for Dean.  He is still a couple days behind the brothers.  Chet tied and gagged the store clerk.  He is stirring a vat of hot melted cheese and says to the clerk, “You know what I find?  Plain ole’ people taste fine but…everything is better with cheese.”  He pours the smoldering cheese all over the clerk and you hear him scream!  That disgusting mouth opens with all of those teeth showing.  I’m assuming that means bye bye clerk!  He got one thing right though, everything is better with cheese.

Supernatural S7x03 - In the dark

I am so happy to see Jensen Ackles’s directorship.  Wearing two hats in this instance cannot be easy.  Sam on being crazy is pulling it off beautifully.  Crazy works (another one for my SPN family)!  I noticed the Impala’s tag, Ohio CNK 80Q3, was zoomed in on one time this episode.

After watching this episode, I am left with total anxiety about how Sam will feel not if, but when he finds out that Dean did not trust him enough to leave Amy alive.  I am also liking the suspense of not having a clue how the guys will defeat the Leviathans.  I hate when the brothers lie to one another, but let us face it…it is why we come back for more.

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