My fellow fans, This past weekend I interviewed Dan Payne of, to name but a few, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Human Target, Transparency, and who you will soon see in an upcoming Sanctuary episode. A few of the things we discuss in the video are: some of Dan’s experiences as […]


Hey there Flashforward fans! Here this weeks recap of Flashforward in case you missed it. As always I appreciate your feedback here or on twitter. All photos are courtesy of ABC/Disney. Course Correction: It’s one week until April 29th, the day in everyone’s flash forward. Lloyd Simcoe goes on national […]


Hi There Flashforward fans! As promised here is the recap of the latest episode which aired on Thursday April 29th. Images are courtesy of ABC-Disney. GOOD BYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD Two years before the blackout, rookie FBI agent Janis Hawk is approached by people who want her to keep tabs […]

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