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“The Road Home, Part 1” sets up the series finale “The Road Home, Part 2” airing next week on NBC after the awesome excitement of “Fire Storm”, we move to the fabulous fifth episode of La Brea, the first of a two part series finale named “The Road Home, Part 1” after the final remaining unrevealed character named Helena (Emily Wiseman) who surfaced in the previous episode “Fire Storm”. We learned that Helena is Gavin’s (Eoin Macken) half sister in 2021 after she took him to a bank safety deposit box to retrieve the prototype Time Travel Computer Chip. We also learned that Time Travel was invented by their father who finished setting up the technology in 1965.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of La Brea are the plot twists that the writers develop on who the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ characters are. As an example, Gavin and Helena knew each other for decades before they stole the Time Travel Computer Chip technology from Maya Schmidt (Claudia Ware) in 2021 to put an end to her abuse of time travel that originally resulted in a wormhole sinkhole opening in late September 2021 and the creation of dual colored aurora time travel wormhole portals that have resulted in our heroes and their acquaintances being sent to 10,000 BC. The outcome was that Maya erased Gavin’s memories of the work that he did to create time travel jet aircraft that have caused ripples in the Space Time Continuum actions.

La Brea S3x04 Ty and Sam catch up with Gavin and Helena
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Helena, against her wishes, is forced to let Ty (Chiké Okonkwo) return to 10,000 BC with the prototype Time Travel Computer Chip in an effort to save Eve (Natalie Zea) who we have learned was taken to 1965 by Maya. In “Fire Storm”, Maya also took Scott (Rohan Mirchananey) prisoner for her nefarious purposes of taking control of the Time Travel Facilities created by Gavin and Helena’s father.

Before beginning our review and analysis of “The Road Home, Part 1” we will share that one major character will sadly perish in this episode. Additionally, what we suspected last episode is that since Helena apparently knew where the wormhole portals would manifest themselves, she would follow Ty back to 10,000 BC to stop Maya and help Gavin’s family and friends determine a way to restore them to their timeline, find Eve, Levi (Nicholas Gonzales), Riley (Veronica St. Clair), and Josh (Jack Martin). Based on this episodes story arc, other supporting characters including Paara (Tonantzin Carmelo), Silas (Mark Lee) and Maya’s daughter Petra (Asmara Feik) may be written out of the series entirely. We shall see.



The Road Home – Part 1:

La Brea S3x05 Gavin and Ty discuss their plans to find their missing family members
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The fifth episode of season three, written by Jerome Schwartz and directed by Nick Gomez, opens in 10,000 BC with Gavin walking in the forest while he thinks about saving Eve. This is the morning after Gavin Sam (Jon Seda) met with Ty has returned from 2021 with the Time Travel Computer Chip.

Subsequent to chatting with Izzy (Zyra Gorecki), Ty joins Gavin to discuss their viable options to create a plan to not only rescue Eve, Paara, Riley, Josh and Levi, but perhaps use the aurora wormholes to return home to their own time in 2021.

La Brea S3x01 Scott provides Gavin Potato power
Image by Mark Taylor courtesy NBC

Both agree that they cannot trust whoever has been sending the messages via the potato powered computer they obtained at the Time Travel Facility before it was destroyed last season. Gavin and Ty ascertain that whoever is communicating with them is part of the Time Travel conspiracy that created this fiasco in the first place.

Ty shares that Paara and Silas are missing and “should have returned days ago” reinforcing that we may not see these characters again before the series completes it run next week as mentioned above. However, both express hope they will get their families back.

La Brea S3x05 Izzy shares with Veronica that she is attracted to Leyla
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Meanwhile in the safety of the village fort in 10,000 BC we are with Izzy, Ruth (Chantelle Jamieson), Veronica (Lily Santiago), Leyla (Edyll Ismail) and Lucas (Josh McKenzie). Izzy confides to Veronica that she likes Leyla who has asked Veronica to go on an overnight “stargazing” camp out. Veronica shares that she and Lucas “figure it out one day at a time”, encouraging Izzy to do the same. With the series ending next week, it is a shame that these two romantic relationships will not be explored further in a fourth season.

La Brea S3x05 Maya sends more cryptic messages to Gavin about Time Travel Computer microchip
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With Maya watching their every move, there is now no doubt that she is an evil influence with an agenda that cannot be trusted. This is once again proven accurate when Maya once again shows up immediately after a message appears on the potato powered computer asking “Did you find the microchip?” referring to the Time Travel Computer Chip prototype she needs to complete her corrupt conspiracy to control history utilizing time travel.

La Brea S3x05 Lucas is concerned about Maya
Image by Mark Taylor courtesy NBC

Sam is with Lucas who is visiting his mother’s grave when they discuss the kidnapping of Scott during the “Fire Storm” episode wondering how anyone could have figured it out during the emergency. Lucas is certain “someone is feeding them information” providing viewers with further proof that Maya is the likely culprit. Gavin is ordered via the computer to take the chip to “Cahuega Peak before sunset and you will get Eve”. Gavin suspects that it is a trap setup by Maya. Leading her into a sense of overconfidence when he says he needs to think about it. Maya follows Gavin who threatens him at gunpoint. Sam and Ty show up to save Gavin.

La Brea S3x05 Veronica finds a radio marked Ladera Air Base
Image by Mark Taylor courtesy NBC

Back at the village fort Veronica is setting the table for a scheduled council meeting when she discovers a military grade waterproof box containing radio equipment stamped with “Ladera Air Base”.

Veronica immediately seeks out Lucas to inform him of her discovery of the suspicious equipment found under a rug in the council chambers.

Veronica determines that Maya was never allowed in the council chambers sharing this detail with Lucas. This confirmation proves that this clue leading Veronica and Lucas to suspect that someone on the village council must be in league with Maya.

La Brea S3x05 The enigmatic Ladera Air Base in prehistoric times
Image courtesy NBC

We move to the enigmatic Ladera Air Base where we find Scott and Levi being held captive. Scott reveals to Levi that Maya lied to everyone and was responsible for kidnapping him as well to obtain archeological knowledge documented in a white paper Scott wrote called “Universal Flora – A Study of What We Leave Behind” that is somehow linked to whatever Maya is up to.

La Brea S3x05 Maya is captured by Gavin Sam and Ty
Image courtesy NBC

Speaking of Maya, we segue to Ty, Sam and Gavin who have tied her up demanding that she reveal where Eve is. Unfortunately, Maya is wearing a tracking device that looks like a wristwatch which spells trouble for Gavin, Sam and Ty.

Our heroes are captured by Maya’s soldiers from the Ladera Air Base. Maya quickly takes possession of the Time Travel Computer Chip prototype.

La Brea S3x05 Maya escapes by military jeep
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We then learn that Helena did indeed follow Ty back from 2021 when she ambushes the soldiers holding Sam Gavin and Ty at gunpoint killing several of them. Maya is not hit by weapons fire, escaping in a military jeep to leverage her knowledge about the Time Travel Computer Chip and complete her nefarious plan to control time. At this juncture, we can only hope that our heroes will still manage to help save Eve? We shall see.

La Brea S3x05 Helena comes from 2021 to rescue Gavin Sam and Ty
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Helena shares with the group “you have no idea what that woman (Maya) is capable of” revealing that Maya is the head of a private corporate contracting group that built the time travel aircraft Gavin flew before his memory was erased by Maya. Once Maya stumbled on the time travel technology as a contractor, she kept it secret, hijacking it to solidify their corporate dominance not only in 2021, but across all time forever! Gavin, Ty, Sam and Helena head to the Ladera Air Base to take back the Time Travel Computer Chip before Maya can execute her plan to sell the technology to the highest bidder. At this point the viewers should consider this to be a plot hole since selling the technology could lead others to be able to change history in their favor over Maya’s wishes.

La Brea S3x05 Ruth and her henchman
Image by Mark Taylor courtesy NBC

At the council meeting Veronica reveals the military radio she discovered to Ruth and her henchman telling the group they must take a break to consider Veronica’s serious accusation.

Instead Ruth flees the village indicating that she is a prime suspect cooperating with Maya’s plans.

The question viewers asked is why? Ruth always appeared dedicated to the people in the village fort. Veronica and Lucas follow Ruth to get to the answer of what the heck is going on.

La Brea S3x05 Levi disables the security camera in Scotts cell
Image courtesy NBC

In a series of stunning story arc reveals, Levi had been taken from his cell for more what viewers believed was more interrogation. Levi actually meets up with Maya claiming he is in process of extracting information from Scott for her plan. In fact, Levi is a spy against Maya.

Disabling the security camera in Scott’s cell, Levi tells Scott they must work together to stop Maya from completing her plan and help save his one time lover Eve. Levi details that he was sent on his spy mission to investigate “Maya who has operations throughout time, including 10,000 BC”. Levi turns the security camera back on, punching Scott in the gut twice to fool Maya. Levi tells Maya he must move Scott to the “long term detention center” which she agrees to. Scott and Levi then make good their escape from Ladera Air Base in 10,000 BC.
Image courtesy NBC

As the episode winds down to the end viewers enjoy another fun scene when a prehistoric alligator attacks Ty, Sam, Helena and Gavin who are traveling to Ladera Air base on a raft to rescue Eve.

Naturally they dispatch the giant beast using automatic weapons fire and proceed on foot to the base. However, they are all being monitored by another security camera mounted in a tree!

La Brea S3x05 Ruth admits she was protecting Leyla
Image courtesy NBC

When confronted by Izzy, Veronica and Lucas, Ruth finally admits her guilt regarding the radio equipment that Veronica discovered in the council chambers.

In fact, Ruth was covering up for her daughter Leyla and Maya so that her daughter could escape with Izzy Back To The Future. Of course, Maya was lying to all of them.

La Brea S3x05 Levi passes away after saving Izzy Gavin and Sam
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Sadly Levi is killed when he moves to save Helena, Gavin, Ty and Sam. Izzy, following Levi, almost saves him by shooting an arrow at the last soldier tracking them down. Unfortunately, the soldier gets off a round shooting Levi is the gut. Gavin, Izzy, Sam and Levi share a last few moments together. Levi and Gavin share “they are brothers to the end”.

Gavin, Izzy and Sam learn from Levi that Eve is in “long term detention” before he passes away in 10,000 BC. This was perhaps one of the saddest scenes in the series because everyone liked Levi who acted like a father during the time that Gavin was suffering from alcoholism during his periods of memory loss induced hallucinations.

La Brea S3x05 Gavin Izzy Sam and Helena enter the wormhole aurora portal to 1965
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The final sequence finds us at the coordinates of where Eve, Josh and Riley are supposed to be held in detention. Instead we see a double aurora wormhole portal open in the clearing. Checking the coordinates on a handheld device that Levi had, we learn via a notation pointing to the red side of the aurora, confirmed by Helena, that the long term detention facilities are in 1965. Gavin, Izzy, Sam and Helena enter the wormhole portal to not only save their family members, but to destroy Maya’s insidious infrastructure once and for all time!

Join us on the next week on X (Twitter) to enjoy a fun live tweet for the final episode of La Brea when we will find out the remaining secrets of season three and hopefully find “The Road Home” for all the survivors. See you next week for the series finale!

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