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Spoiler Alert: The following is a complete recap/review of Being Human, Episode 107 (I See Your True Colors…And That’s Why I Hate You). If you have not yet seen this episode and prefer to watch it without spoilers, stop reading now and check your local listings for opportunities to watch the episode. Right now only episodes 1-3 are posted at, with a promise for more full episodes to be available there starting on April 1.

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We were left at the end of last week’s episode with everyone rushing to the hospital after Emily’s brutal attack. I was personally left curious as to why Marcus (Vincent Leclerc) was content with merely damaging her, and how he managed to keep himself in check when her blood started to flow from her wounds. Now we find Emily (Alison Louder), bruised and stitched but otherwise okay, being interviewed by Bishop (Mark Pellegrino) (as if he didn’t already know what was going on!). Josh (Sam Huntington) is also, understandably I think, very angry with Aiden (Sam Witwer) for his failure to watch over Emily. Josh doesn’t know that Aiden was distracted by Rebecca (Sarah Allen), and we don’t know whether Rebecca was there to distract Aiden for Marcus’s sake, or for her own.

Bishop interviewing Emily

When Aiden figures out that it was Marcus who attacked Emily, he assumes it was on Bishop’s orders. But Bishop puts that notion to rest, telling Aiden that Marcus was merely taking revenge on Josh. (Remember that Josh and Ray attacked the vampires just before the last full moon, and Josh had personally given Marcus a pretty good beating.) Aiden urges Josh to take Emily and get out of town fast while he stays behind to try and figure out a solution. Josh convinces Emily to leave town with him, but she would only agree if Josh promises to take her home, to their parents’ house.

Meanwhile, Sally (Meaghan Rath) goes to Danny’s place and tries to warn Bridget (Angela Galuppo) about Danny (Gianpaolo Venuta), but Bridget doesn’t want to hear it. Sally tells Aiden that she feels responsible for Bridget being with Danny in the first place, since she gave them her blessing (before she remembered that Danny was a psycho). Aiden suggests that maybe Sally has to find a way to make Danny stop before she can move on and find her door.

Aiden talking with Sally

It is an emotional journey home for Josh. Driving through the dark and the rain, Emily asleep at his side, he is flooded with memories of his first transformation.

Mom (Jennifer Morehouse) doesn’t seem to be all that excited about Josh’s unexpected homecoming. She merely thanks him for bringing Emily home, then turns all her attention on Emily, leaving Josh standing at the door with his hands full of their luggage.

Josh driving in the rain

Josh gets stuck with the luggage

Marcus tries to justify his attack on Emily with Bishop, saying that if Aiden had been attacked by “a pack of dogs” he would have done the same thing. But Bishop is not sympathetic. Marcus is reminded, once again, of Bishop’s preference for Aiden.

Upstairs in his attic room, Josh is going through a box of old stuff. His mom calls upstairs to tell him she is cooking chicken and would he like some? Josh has had enough of his mom’s weird behavior and asks Emily about it. Emily explains that their mom is terrified of losing him so she will not say anything. And, by the way, Dad (John Maclaren) doesn’t live here anymore. Their parents split up right after Josh disappeared.

Josh's journal

Josh tells his parents that he is sorry for whatever part he had in splitting them up but that he is fine now. Imagine his complete surprise when his dad asks him, “How long have you thought you were a werewolf?” Apparently, Emily found Josh’s personal journal and gave it to their parents. Josh assures them that he is not a werewolf, and that the journal isn’t really a journal, it is notes for a graphic novel. His parents relent for the moment, and they all agree to eat first and talk again later.

Sally goes to Danny’s house to try and scare him into changing his ways. She messes with the television, the lights, throws and breaks things. At first it looks like he is afraid, but he is more of a psycho than anyone realized. He can’t see or hear her, but he knows that Sally is there. He tells her that she is more pathetic as a ghost than she was when she was alive. He says, “You don’t scare me. Because I know you’re nothing. You’re dead, and I’m alive…and I’m happy. Finally.” He really gets to Sally with that, and she disappears.

As Josh and his dad sit at the dinner table waiting for the ladies, Josh tells his dad, “So, at least you’ve got your next book, right? Mom has a breakdown, Emily starts kissing girls, and your son thinks he’s a werewolf. It’s pretty much the psychotherapy jackpot, don’t you think?” Emily is apologizing for giving them Josh’s journal when the doorbell rings. Surprise! It’s Aiden. What is he doing there? Aiden has come to help Josh convince his parents that everything is okay. It’s going well until Aiden has an unexpected reaction to the food. That chicken was cooked with garlic, and garlic makes vampires become, well, more like vampires. Aiden’s teeth are extended and his eyes go all black. Time for a soothing chamomile bath. [Note the “Celine” tattoo on Aiden’s chest. Television Blend asked about it in a recent interview with Sam Witwer. All he would say was that the tattoo is significant but for now it will have to remain a mystery.]

Being Human S1x07 - Aidens Celine tattoo

Aiden in the bath

But while Aiden is soaking in the tub, yet another unexpected visitor shows up at the door. What the heck is Marcus doing there? Okay, Josh’s family is really going to think he is nuts now. When Josh sees Marcus talking to his dad at the front door, he freaks. He slams the door in Marcus’s face, grabs the carving knife from the diningroom table, and tells his father that if Marcus gets into the house, his dad should cut Marcus’s head off. He runs upstairs to get Aiden, but Aiden is way ahead of him. Aiden goes after Marcus in the yard and they fight, while Josh runs around inside the house, finally grabbing a small wooden table that he breaks into a serviceable stake. But Marcus refuses to finish the fight and walks away. He is not willing to face the consequences of Bishop’s anger if Marcus were to do anything to really hurt Aiden.

Marcus at the door

You need to cut his head off

Josh is crazy

Josh has a stake

Having failed to have any impact on Danny, Sally goes back to Bridget and tries to convince her that Danny is dangerous. She moves Bridget’s hand to write, “Danny killed me” on Bridget’s grocery list. That got Bridget’s attention.

Sally and Bridget

He killed me

As expected, Josh’s family thinks he is completely crazy Of course, they didn’t see Marcus fighting outside with Aiden. All they saw was Josh running around like a lunatic, talking about cutting someone’s head off and making crude weapons out of the hallway furniture. But they are sympathetic and offer to help him with “whatever this is.” Finally, he just tells them the truth. With Emily standing nearby, Josh tells his parents that his journal is not a graphic novel, it is really happening to him. Josh tells his family that he is a werewolf.

Bridget asks Danny again about how Sally died and finally gets him to admit that he killed her. But he says it was an accident. He tells Bridget that Sally was so strong she made him feel insecure. He says they weren’t happy like he is with Bridget, and that he and Sally fought all the time. Tearfully, he tells Bridget the truth, that Sally only fell to her death after he pushed her. But he manages to spin the story in a way that makes Bridget feel sorry for him. Sally tries to intervene, telling Bridget no, that he is not sorry for what he did, but Bridget is not listening to Sally. She sympathizes with Danny and, embracing him, comforting him, Bridget tells Danny that she knows Sally’s death was an accident.

It was an accident

Josh and Aiden relax outside Josh’s parents’ house, talking about recent events. Josh feels liberated by having told them the truth but is not sure what comes next. Aiden shares that he tried to tell his wife and son about being a vampire. He thought that he could somehow make it work, that he could find a way to be a vampire but to keep his family together. Josh is tempted with the idea of staying with his family and living something like a normal life. After all, he is only a werewolf once a month. He could manage that, right? But Aiden insists that staying is a bad idea. He says that even if, one day, Josh’s family come to believe him, they will “build you a cage, and it’ll work. Every month you’ll transform in the comfort of your own home and in the morning your parents will be waiting for you with food and water, and they will clean you, like the day that you were born. Because he’s not a monster. He’s our son. And he would never, ever hurt us. So one day someone will leave the cage unlocked because what’s the worst that could happen? And brutally, against your human will, you will kill them all.” But Josh says, “I won’t let it get to that. I know what I’m doing now. I’ll go to the woods.” Aiden: “No matter what you do, they’re going to want to get involved. They’re your family. Which is exactly why they’re defenseless against you.” Josh: “I’ve already hurt them too much not to try.”

Aiden returns to the city and heads over to Sapp & Sons (the mortuary) where a vampire meeting is in progress. Aiden’s only purpose was to tell the other vampires to stay away from his friends but as he turns to leave, Marcus makes some nasty comments about Aiden’s “doggy stink.” His strategy backfires, though, when Bishop steps in. Bishop is all about his vampire “family” taking care of their own, including the weakest (Aiden) and the mistakes (Marcus).

Emily asks Josh to please stay a while, and promises to come home once a month to help out. Inside the house, his parents are smiling, working together in the kitchen, inviting Josh to eat. It is a lovely, happy family scene.

Bridget goes back to the house to talk to Sally. She tells Sally that she is sorry about how she died, but she will never talk to Sally again. Bridget wants Sally to leave her and Danny alone.

Back at home

When Aiden gets home he finds Sally depressed (again) because she completely failed to protect Bridget or to affect Danny. Josh comes home too.

Mysterious farmhouse

A black hearse, driving down an isolated, country lane toward a small white farmhouse. Marcus gets out and speaks to a woman wearing what looks like some kind of Pennsylvania Dutch costume. Marcus tells her that he has news from Boston and asks if he can see “them.” She looks very disapproving but says nothing, just leads him to a barn. As she leaves him there, she tells him that it’s “two hours until sundown” and Marcus tells her he will wait. He sits in the chair in the doorway, looking in at the shrouded bodies hanging by their feet from the rafters. Ew! What the heck is going on here?

At the barn door


We will have to tune in next Monday to find out, but I would say that Bishop definitely has something sinister up his sleeve.


Being Human returns on Syfy Monday evening at 9 PM EST / PST.

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