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Click to visit and follow WormholeRiders News Agency on Twitter!Known as Team WHR around the world, WormholeRiders is an international entertainment news agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area with reporters world-wide in an arc from the United Kingdom, Asia Pacific, including across the United States and Canada with over ~1,000,000 unique visitors.

Team WHR focuses on Science Fiction, and Convention celebrity news, episodic reviews (including series that feature celebrities that have gone on you other scripted series. We specialize in tweets “Live From the Convention” live tweeting series that we follow, and reporting including exclusive audio and video interviews at our multi-media based news sites.

Team WHR has been deployed at various convention sites world-wide and will continue to do so in the future with the wonderful people who have contributed for over 14 years. Team WHR used to operate on Instagram and Facebook, however we suspended posting on our account there in mid 2018 due to numerous breaches of private data being deliberately sold to hackers by the Facebook criminals as evidences by a $5,000,000,000 fine recently imposed due to their lawless ways. We may reactivate our accounts there in the future should Facebook repent, apologize to the users for their theft, and return to honest methods on their social media sites.

WormholeRiders News Agency was created for YOU, the science fiction movie, convention, television, and entertainment industry fan who demands quality entertainment news and analysis!


La Brea Broadcast BannerTeam WHR supports many aspects of entertainment news including studios and networks like SYFY, MGM Studios, ABC Studios, Turner Network Television, USA Network, Dark Sky Entertainment, Disney Studios, Fox Studios, Henson Studios, NBC Universal Studios, PBS, Summit Entertainment, Warner Brothers and many others!

Mayans MC banner 2021Team WHR has covered dozens of series and conventions including new series like “La Brea“, Day of the Dead, Mayans MC, Debris, The Expanse, Treadstone, Van Helsing, Pandora, Killjoys, 12 Monkeys, Alphas, Stargate, Falling Skies, Caprica, Chuck, Sanctuary, Fringe, Eureka, Primeval, Revolution, Supernatural, Warehouse 13, The Event, The Neighbors, The Vampire Diaries, Body Of Proof, Once Upon A Time, V Series, Terra Nova, and many more. Team WHR has also makes Public Service, and Charity announcements.

With so many more adventures coming in the future, feel free to contact us by email or visit WormholeRiders on Twitter to join the team or engage in the conversation about science fiction series and convemtions. Thank you!


Visit often to get updated news on our continuing journey to entertainment conventions such as Calgary Expo, AT6, Armageddon in Asia Pacific, BayCon in San Jose, Chevron in the United Kingdom, many of Creation Entertainment’s great conventions, DragonCon Atlanta, Origins Game Fair Ohio, WonderCon San Francisco, Comic-Con International San Diego, Charity Events and many MORE!

Expect new announcements from WormholeRiders News Agency about ‘Live From the Convention‘ reporting with ever MORE series franchise news reporting in the future. All it takes are dedicated individuals like YOU!

While we have added many new active reporters and contributing authors since we formed our team in 2008, all of who have been ready and willing to bring any and all of their ideas and resources to the table, WormholeRiders News Agency has room for you! We would appreciate your contributions as a convention news or episodic convention, science fiction, movie reporter as Team WHR continues to grow into one of the best possible convention, and science fiction news community sites.

Our entertainment news is dedicated to fans whom can never attend science fiction, movie, drama or other interesting entertainment conventions. If interested, YOU can become a convention news reporter too and share your experiences as well!

To do that, we also need to know what you, the internet active science fiction, movie and or drama fan desire to have reports on! We humbly ask for your continued help to spread the word and thank you for your continued support!

Write us anytime about how to become an episodic series franchise and or convention report on our community news site or with any suggestions to support the fans at: Thank you.


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