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Maya is the third episode of season three of La Brea. The episode makes an important pivot in the story arc for viewers to learn more about an individual named Maya Schmidt (Claudia Ware) and how this development impacts the series final episodes. Maya is the person responsible for Gavin’s (Eoin Macken) memory loss because he became aware of a time travel military operation to 10,000 BC during the time he and Levi (Nicholas Gonzales) were in the Air Force together in their past lives in the future of the twenty first century.

As we will discover, Maya, military code named “Sierra“, apparently has misgivings about the orders she received to erase portions of Gavin’s memory that caused him to suffer visions and hallucinations that led to his bouts with alcohol abuse and estrangement from his friends and family.

A real question viewers should contemplate is whether Gavin should trust Maya at all?

La Brea S3x01 Dual Color Aurora Portal
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In this episode Maya apparently seeks out Gavin in 10,000 BC to correct the wrongdoings she imposed on his life as well as planning to infiltrate the military base where it is suspected that Levi, Petra (Asmara Feik) and perhaps Eve (Natalie Zea) are being held hostage in an unknown time period.

On a parallel time track in 2021, viewers will recall that Ty (Chiké Okonkwo) was sucked into a wormhole portal aurora that sent him to early September 2021 where he links up with Sam (Jon Seda) and Gavin prior to the wormhole sinkhole as originally depicted in the pilot episode. Their mission is to locate and infiltrate the secret military Time Travel Facility base in 2021 that may be at the center of all the time disturbances.

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Major outstanding questions exist in the time periods encompassing the third season. First is whether Eve, Levi and Petra are prisoner in 10,000 BC or has the military used a wormhole portal at their Time Travel Facility to take them, and perhaps others Back To The Future? Second is will Ty, Gavin and Sam in 2021 be able to rescue their family and friends without adversely affecting realities across time?

Much like the famous Back To The Future film trilogy where changes made in the past changed the future, an important consideration is will our heroes make changes in the past that will cause irrevocable changes rippling through time affecting the future forever?

Or is it that whatever happens is what was supposed to occur, therefore not disrupting the future timelines. Could it be that changes made in the future of 2021 (prior to the events in the pilot episode) result in the wormhole time portal sinkholes never happening in the first place? Whatever direction creator David Appelbaum will ultimately choose will be revealed over the course of the remaining episodes of La Brea!




La Brea S3x03 Gavin and Sam from 2021 with Ty from 10,000 BC
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The third episode of season three was written by Rob Wright and directed by Cherie Nowlan opening with 2021 pre wormhole Sam and Gavin at a coffee shop restaurant with Ty from 10,000 BC where the three are discussing how to infiltrate the secret time travel military base to obtain answers on how they can save their family and friends trapped in 10,000 BC.

2021 Gavin, still suffering from gaps in his memory, says he doesn’t remember any secret program he was involved with about quantum physics (time travel) or anything else for that matter, although Gavin says he has been on the base “1,000 times”.

La Brea S3x03 Ty and Sam realize Gavin is not in the restroom
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Ty assures Gavin that his 10,000 BC self was recalling details about the base and they must proceed there to find the connection to the wormhole portal auroras that have caused this disaster stating “the lives of the people you love depend on this”.

Gavin says he needs use the restroom and excuses himself. Actually Gavin is suffering from alcohol withdrawals and escapes to go find some booze. Ty and Sam end up having to track Gavin down. Naturally, they find Gavin in a local bar drinking.

La Brea S3x03 Gavin makes a map in 10,000 BC to find the military base
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Back in 10,000 BC, Gavin is drawing a map from the village fort to the military air base for Sam and Scott (Rohan Mirchananey). Telling them it’s the only action open to them if they hope to find Maya, Eve, Levi, Petra, as well as Riley (Veronica St. Clair) and Josh (Jack Martin) who jumped into the dual colored, dual time travel destination aurora wormhole portal in an attempt to get to a hospital somewhere in time to save Riley who had been wounded by a Velociraptor in the season opening episode “Sierra“.

La Brea S2x10 Levi returns from 1998
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It must be mentioned in our analysis that the cinematography of all the 10,000 BC episodes have been and still are superb. Each is replete with beautiful scenes of the wilderness of Australia where much of the series was filmed.

These scenes, in conjunction with realistic dinosaurs and the time travel portals make the series a wonder to behold each week that many viewers, including this editor, will certainly miss.

Gavin and Sam assure Scott that their mission is only reconnaissance at this point heading out from the safety of the village fort to perform their task of locating the mysterious time travel military base which appears to have been the root cause of all the troubles our hero survivors have experienced.

La Brea S3x03 Giant rhino charges Gavin and Sam
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Speaking of dinosaurs, on the route to the time travel military base that Gavin has pieced together from returning memory fragments, he and Sam encounter a huge prehistoric rhinoceros that is intent on stomping them to smithereens!

Running for their lives, the only thing that saves them is that they unknowingly enter a minefield, one of which explodes, killing the rhino thereby saving their lives. The good news is that they are on the right track because only a military base would require minefields as a defensive perimeter.

La Brea S3x03 Gavin and Sam find a path through the minefield
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Fortunately, Gavin and Sam find a safe path through the minefield thanks to someone who left stacked stones marking a pathway out.

The bad news is the minefield explosion apparently alerts members of the secret time travel program from the military base. Unfortunately this is precisely what happens when military helicopters are soon observed overhead followed by ground troops who easily capture Sam and Gavin holding them at gunpoint and tying them to a tree.

La Brea S3x03 10,000 BC Ty seeks out his wife in 2021
Image courtesy NBC

Back To The Future in 2021 Ty seeks out his estranged wife Sophie (Annabelle Stephenson) who wants nothing to do with him. The encounter reinforces Ty’s resolve to do the right thing to correct his past mistakes of criticizing her, blaming her for their marriage problems.

Viewers cannot help but wonder if Ty of the past will be able to repair his own challenges with his wife of the future? We shall learn more about Ty and Sophie later in the episode.

La Brea S3x03 Gavin in 2021 decides to face his past and help Ty
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Meanwhile Ty and 2021 Sam locate Gavin who plans on boozing it up in a local bar rather than face the difficult choice of infiltration of the time travel base.

Ty shares a story from his past that caused a disaster for his wife in the future but is unable to get her to listen to him any longer.

Gavin agrees to attend an alcoholic anonymous meeting where Ty’s wife will be to share a story in the AA meeting that will change her life for the better.

La Brea S3x03 Ruth tells Veronica she should be on the council
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Segue to 10,000 BC where we are with soon to be parents Veronica (Lily Santiago) and Lucas (Josh McKenzie) who are chatting about Lucas’s desire to join Ruth (Chantelle Jamieson) in the village fort leadership council.

Viewers will recall that Veronica and Lucas are planning on staying in the past since neither had much of a future in 2021. Interestingly, Ruth believes Veronica is a leader and suggests she join the village fort council which at first does not sit well with Lucas. Later Lucas realizes his selfishness and embraces the idea.

La Brea S3x03 Maya tells Gavin she was going to be a whistleblower
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Back to Gavin and Sam tied to a tree, Maya also heard the landmine explosion and has been watching them the entire time when they were captured in 10,000 BC by armed soldiers from the time travel military base located nearby.

Cutting Gavin and Sam loose, Maya is as surprised to see Gavin as he is seeing her. For some reason not delineated at this time Maya decides to share details of the military weaponizing the use of time travel to be able to control events in history to their liking.

La Brea S3x03 Gavin drinks Mayas elixer to remember what was erased
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Gavin, having learned too much about the military use of time travel was subjected to biological memory erasure by Maya to keep the dark secret from being revealed to anyone. Maya, disgusted with the corruption of the powerful time travel secret military program, says that she planned on becoming a whistleblower but was captured with her daughter Petra and sent to 10,000 BC for imprisonment to keep their military secrets safe.

Gavin shares with Maya that he has had fragments of his memory return about why the military are tampering with past history timelines. Maya then shares that she may be able to restore Gavin’s memory before they enter the time travel base in 10,000 BC.

La Brea S3x03 Izzy takes care of Gavin after the Psilocybin
Image by Mark Taylor courtesy NBC

Maya further reveals that she is an expert in psychology operations. She makes Gavin an elixir of potentially poisonous Psilocybin mushrooms to expand his mind thereby unlocking his memories.

Gavin drinks the mixture causing a flood of memories related to his classified time travel military operations that includes the dual colored wormhole portal and a digital safe combination where an advanced computer chip that controls time travel is located. Gavin passes out and is taken to the village fort to recover.

La Brea S3x03 Izzy and Leyla become more than friends
Image by Mark Taylor courtesy NBC

In a side story, we are with Leyla (Edyll Ismail) and Izzy (Zyra Gorecki) who have bonded as result of survivor the pterodactyls together in the previous episode “Don’t Look Up“.  This teamwork is a factor that will become important when a prehistoric boar attacks them and Leyla becomes trapped in a tar pit which the series namesake is famous for.

Fortunately, both escaped, further strengthening their bond of friendship that serves them well later when the boar returns and they work together to kill the beast. In the end it becomes apparent that Leyla and Izzy are becoming more than friends.

La Brea S3x03 Gavin attends AA to encourage Tys wife to seek another path
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At the bar in 2021, Ty and Sam convince Gavin to help infiltrate the secret time travel military base with Ty using psychological techniques of Ty’s mistakes with his wife to encourage him. Gavin overcomes his fears and addiction when Ty shares that it was his own failures that forced his wife to drink excessively and drive, ultimately putting an innocent victim into a coma when she had an drunken auto accident.

The story stuns Gavin back to reality. Sam, Ty and Gavin head out to infiltrate the secret time travel military base but first stop by an alcoholics anonymous meeting helping Ty’s wife avoid the drunken auto accident.

La Brea S3x03 Gavin Sam and Maya are convinced someone wants Gavins time travel memories
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As the episode approaches the end, we are in 10,000 BC with Sam, Izzy and Maya as Gavin regains consciousness from his mind expanding experience that helped him regain more of his erased memories.

Sam, Gavin and Maya come to the conclusion that whoever is behind all this wants the information that has been locked up in Gavin’s mind. All of them vow to find out who it is and why in the future while they are in 10,000 BC.

La Brea S3x03 Sam wishes his ex wife good luck in the future
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The final sequence finds us Ty in 2021 after he helps his ex-wife Sophie decide to seek therapy saving her from the horrible automobile accident in the original timeline.

They hug and Ty wishes her good luck in the future, now that she has a future to live again.

Viewers feel good about this development knowing that Ty has corrected one of the nightmares from his life that has plagued him for a long time. More importantly, Ty has changed the future. What are the ramifications of Ty altering the future? We simply do not know yet.

La Brea S3x03 Helena is following Gavin Ty and Sam in 2021
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Gavin, Sam and Ty head towards the secret time travel military base. Unknown to them, they are being followed by an enigmatic woman named Helena played by famous Australian actress Emily Wiseman in a guest starring role.

All of this leaves the task of infiltration of the secret bases in 10,000 BC and 2021 until next weeks episode called “Fire Storm”. See you then!

Join us on each of the next three weeks on X (Twitter) to enjoy a fun live tweet for the final season of La Brea when we will find out the secrets of season three in 10,000 BC in order to hopefully find “The Road Home” Back To The Future for our heroes trapped in time!

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