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Hello The Event fans,

This episode started off like the others, with a short recap of previous happenings. Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) and Vicky Roberts (Taylor Cole) going to France in pursuit of Dr. Dempsey (Hal Holbrook), Sophia Maguire (Laura Innes) and the “Sleepers”, trying to bargain with President Elias Martinez and getting nowhere, had Gerard activate the portal energy to take down the Washington Monument to the shock of the President and his staff.

The Event S1x16 - The President and the General are shocked
When Martinez realized what their technology could do, he was compliant to Sophia’s demand that the Aliens in the Cathedral be given transportation away from the Cathedral, which culminated in 3 bus loads of Sophia’s people leaving the Cathedral. When a telephone message between Simon Lee (Ian Anthony Dale) and Sophia was decrypted by President Martinez’s White House security team, we found out that Sophia had been bluffing and the aliens were, in fact “Completely Defenseless”.

The Event S1x16 - Ian Anthony Dale as Simon Lee
Upon hearing the message, President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood) became angry at the ruse. Martinez knows now that Simon Lee is one of the sleepers (Aliens). Blake Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek) had his suspicions about this and the phone call proved it. Martinez ordered that Sophia and her people be ‘Taken out’. We saw an Apache Gunship fly over the three buses, and firing missiles at two of the buses.

Gerard said he had enough power to transport only one bus to safety. Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.), in a final act of maturity and courage, placed his bus ahead of Sophia’s. The Apache fired the second missile. Thomas’ bus was blown to smithereens as the remaining busload of Aliens, Michael Buchanan, his daughter Leila and Sophia watched in horror as they passed the wreckage.

The Event S1x16 - The second bus is destroyed
Then we observed as a blue ball of light appear on the street ahead of the remaining bus. As Martinez and his staff watched on surveillance cameras, the bus disappeared into what they call a “Portal” -others might think of this as a “Wormhole”- disappearing from sight as we are treated to a scene on the bus, with Sophia and the others, going through the Portal.

The Event S1x16 - President watches the portal open

The Event S01x16 Through the wormhole

The excellent special visual effects make it look as if the outside is bathed in blue light, distorted images look like this transport is at great speed. Sophia, Leila Buchanan (Sarah Roemer), Michael and the others look like they are being pressed back by this velocity. No one can really stand up or stay where they were if they had been standing, so the impression I got from this was a Portal is super fast and effects ones equilibrium. By the time the action stopped, the bus was on a dark, quiet residential street, vapor rising from the outside of it made me think of something very frozen.

The Event S01x16 Where ARE we

Sophia asked “Where are we?” Another replied “We’re safe. This is where Thomas has been hiding our people” It is a gated community in which Thomas had bought up all the houses for use by their people. we see their people coming out from some of the houses as the scene fades out.

Back in the war room, with Martinez, Blake Sterling (Zeijko Ivanek) , General Armbruster (Blue Deckert) discussing what had happened with the buses. Simon Lee stands transfixed on the monitors showing the aftermath of the two destroyed buses.

The Event S01x16 Aftermath observed

Blake approaches Simon, complimenting him on crippling the aliens’ infrastructure and that his hard work is paying off. Simon thanks Blake and then looks down a bit. Martinez approaches, taking Blake out of the room to discuss a statement to the press. In the hallway, they’re discussing how to find Sophia, using Simon.

The Event S01x16 Blake and Eli Talk

Simon, meanwhile, is viewing the carnage and devastation of what remains of the buses and their passengers.

The Event S01x16 Fatalities

The Event S01x16 More Fatalities

We could see Simon was crying. A tear falls down his cheek as he sees his people, dead in the wreckage.

The Event S01x16 Simon's crying

The Event S01x16 Simon in Grief

Blake comes back into the room, breaking Simon’s revere with news about NASA satellites detecting two unique electromagnetic signatures corresponding to the activation of the portal. Blake tells Simon it could lead to the activation of the portal device

The Event S01x16 Blake baits Simon

Blake tells him this might lead them to the third bus and Sophia. Simon tells Blake he will gather his men and they’ll get on it. Blake nods and says “This could be the killing blow”. Simon leaves, a look of pain on his face. He goes out into the hallway, almost knocking another person over, but says a courtesy “I’m sorry”. The other man asks “Is everything OK?” Simon silently seems to assure him and walks on unaware that he is being watched on cameras back in the war room

The Event S01x16 Simon leaving

The Event S01x16 Seal it all off

This was a trap to see if Simon would call Sophia and they have a trace on Simon’s cell to alert them if he does call out. Simon goes to his office, closes the door and blinds. Simon is looking around his desk and is not calling anyone. He is called instead

The Event S01x16 Simon is contacted

Simon is instructed how to leave without detection by the security cameras. He winds up in an evacuation tunnel leading out to the street

The Event S01x16 Agents chasing Simon

The Event S01x16 Simon escapes

He gets into a car, the distorted voice instructs him to change cars at Lexington. The interaction tells us this is Sophia calling him. Now, we see a newscaster telling the public the government now feels it was a Pakistan terrorist group “Durek E-Saleem” was responsible for the devastating attack on the Washington Monument

The Event S01x16 News report

As we hear the newscaster, the scene pans to the hallway, where Martinez and Sterling are discussing Simon, how his photo has been distributed to all Federal and Local Law enforcement.

The Event S01x16 Eli and Blake coming to conference

They have lost Simon and are none too pleased about it. President Martinez asks “Another Mole??” and Blake agrees it had to be an inside job. On another topic they discuss, identifications of the fatalities on the buses have been established. Many of them had positions of influence in government, Defense technology, Communications… even one who was appointed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by Martinez’s predecessor

The Event S01x16 Sleepers Identified

Talk goes to the subject of how to find any other ‘sleepers’ in the world. So Martinez calls in Senator Catherine Lewis (Virginia Madsen) from Alaska.

The Event S01x16 Discussing the sleepers

The proposal Martinez wants to see done has to be enacted by Congress, not the Executive Branch.. Martinez wants to initiate a program to test every American’s DNA through the guise of tests for a virulent disease. Senator Lewis was a Doctor and spent time with the CDC. She says that tests could be run for a drug resistant form of Tuberculosis.

Leila Buchanan (Sarah Roemer) makes up on the couch at her house. She calls out for her dad, Michael Buchanan (Scott Patterson ) and finds he is out. So she leaves to go for a walk. Their housing area looks unusual in that garages are very clean, few seem to park on the street. In my neighborhood, this would be very anomalous.

.The Event S01x16 Leila in new community

She walks out onto the sidewalk.– I notice they don’t get US Mail service either. Maybe Thomas arranged for all Utility bills to be sent to his business–. Leila starts to head to the gates… I am thinking she wants to escape this place.

The Event S01x16 The Gates

A polite man approaches her and says she is going the wrong way.He knows her name, so she is unsettled at this. She is cordially advised that she has everything she needs here and that she is safe.

The Event S01x16 You are safe here

Leila tells him she does not feel safe, to which he replies “Now, that’s just silly” and continues “You should be heading back now. You know you wouldn’t want to have anybody worry” Leila turns back to go home.

The Event S01x16 Looking at the gates

She pauses, watches the large gates closing behind a vehicle which has entered the community.

. The Event S01x16 Locking them in

Sophia enters a house , also in the community and goes upstairs to what we find is Thomas’ bedroom. I think it is amusing that even aliens don’t seem to make their beds! This is serious though, as Thomas gave his life for their cause. This is like a mother coming to her dead child’s room and memories flooding over her.

The Event S01x16 Thomas' Bedroom

She looks around, gently picks up a photograph of Thomas and herself in happier times off the nightstand, sits onto the bed and cries.

The Event S01x16 Sophia Mourns

We can remember Thomas and his final act of bravery, giving his life to save Sophia’s and others. We should also remember Thomas by my understanding, was Sophia’s own Son.

The Event S01x16 Sad Sophia

In the same house, people are assembled in the living room and it looks almost like a funeral reception. Simon is among his people and they wait for Sophia. She comes from upstairs and looks at her people.

The Event S01x16 The Others Gather

Seeing Simon, she hugs him. Then, she addresses her people: “Our planet is dying. Earth, it seems is our people’s only hope” She sits down wearily and continues: “I swore an oath. We all did… ‘To refrain from harming benevolent civilizations’ like the one on this planet That has been my guiding principle for the last sixty-six years But now, after witnessing the slaughter of our people in Los Angeles, I can no longer consider this population ‘Benevolent’.

The Event S01x16 Earth is our only hope

Her voice gains strength as she says: “The Oath no longer applies”. Sophia stands up now as she says: “What matters now is that our star has begun to implode. two billion lives are at stake. I’m prepared to bring Thomas’ plan to fruition. We will bring all our people here and make this planet our own… No matter what this means for those who call this place their home”.

The Event S01x16 The oath no longer applies

Seems that although Sophia is a wise woman, she is making an unwise decision….by Eartheaon’s interpretation at least. Remember, These aliens never denied having emotions, never really addressed a ‘soul’ like other shows might have. Sophia has lost many of her people to the violence of the government, so I feel Sophia’s grief for their people. It seems the fate of their home world is pushing her hand to act on an actual invasion. I could see it if the tables were turned. If we had the technology that they do and our sun was about to go supernova we would most certainly become the “Invaders” to another world.

We are now back in France. Henri, Vicky and Sean are hovering over a map.

.The Event S01x16 Stratigy

Henri is telling them Dempsey’s camp is deep in the mountains, almost to the Swiss border. Dempsey himself is in a house known as “Chateau De Perrault” in the town of Morez. Henri and Vicky discuss the security and Sean says they must get to Dempsey tonight when Henri says Dempsey’s business here is almost concluded. They plot how to approach the Chateau and what the security is like. They opt for a service road out back of the estate. Henri tells them “Security will be most lax pre-dawn. That will be your best chance.” Later, Sean is in a cozy living-room -at Henri’s I presume- working on his laptop.

The Event S01x16 Before finding Dempsey

Vicky enters and they discuss what Sean plans on doing with Dempsey. Sean plans to turn him in. Vicky knows there is no proof of anything untoward by Dempsey and sarcastically says “And they’ll just take your word for it” and continues to tell him Dempsey needs to die. There is no other way. Sean thinks for a moment and starts to type rapidly on his laptop.

The Event S01x16 Sean frees Vicky

He is deactivating the software that would have exposed the whereabouts of Vicky’s son and shows her, saying “You’re free to go”.

The Event S01x16 Deactivated software

Vicky asked “Why?” Sean replies “You got me this far, and you have a son. A family. I have nothing”. We see a gorgeous home which is the Chateau De Perrault.

The Event S01x16 Chateau De Perrault

Dempsey walks in to a fascinated archaeologist who is laboriously cleaning an Amphora with a soft brush and trying to interpret the glyphs on it. The man cites it at about the third Millennium B.C. That they are telling the story of a tribe of what could be best translated as ‘Guardians’.

The Event S01x16 Amphora Glyphs

Dempsey clarifies the word ‘Sentinels’. The archaeologist excitedly agrees to this word, then tells Dempsey they will know more with further translation.

The Event S01x16 Close up of Glyphs

Dempsey reaches out, brushing over the amphora with his bare hand. The archaeologist adminishes Dempsey for touching the amphora with bare hands. Dempsey agrees, but then tells him calmly; “I think we know enough already, Doctor”.

The Event S01x16 We know enough, Doctor

Dempsey then whacks the amphora with a small tack hammer. He ignores the horrified exclamations of the archaeologist… until he is successful at breaking it open to expose a scroll nestled inside.

The Event S01x16 Breaking the Amphora

Dempsey pulls out the scroll and they both stare at it in awe.

The Event S01x16 Scroll from the Amphora

Sean gets into a car and starts to drive away to the Chateau De Perrault.

The Event S01x16 What are you doing

Vicky comes out of the house and gets into the car with him. Sean asked her what she was doing and why. Vicky tells him that all that she’s done for Dempsey, she wanted to put this all behind her.

The Event S01x16 I am coming too

They drive off to find Dempseys’ Chateau.

President Martinez is now speaking to the Public. He claims that terrorist group who was responsible for the attack on the Washington Monument had a long history of targeting western interest, Saying “You will not win” to the ‘terrorist group.

The Event S01x16 Martinez Speech to the Public

As the speech wraps up, his wife is waiting to speak with him about the DNA tests and she seems pretty irate about it. Christina (Lisa Videl) asks him what is this? mandatory testing? She sited measles, Polio, H1N1 etc so why this? Martinez confides in her about the search for ‘sleeper DNA’ and how this was the only way to find the Others. She snaps at him about privacy issues and that she cannot believe he is going along with this.

The Event S01x16 Why are you going along with this

He says “I’m not going along with anything…this was MY idea!”

Under a starry sky. Sophia and Simon stand looking out over the houses of their community.

The Event S01x16 Starry Night

Sophia says; “It looks so peaceful from here… You would never know the violence in the universe.” Simon comments that they knew their sun would die eventually. Sophia says “…And then we must write the next chapter of our history”.

The Event S01x16 Bringing them here

Simon asks “By bringing them here? Two Billion people… is that even possible? They’re going to need land food, infrastructure…There aren’t enough resources for the human population…” Sophia cuts him off saying “I’m considering solutions to that problem” Simon asks “What kind of solutions?”

The Event S01x16 What Kind of dolutions

Sophia said, without looking at Simon: “Permanent ones”. Then she faces Simon and continues “We need to make room here Simon.” Simon’s expression is indicative that he disagrees with her. She hears him say he disagrees and says she is grateful for his honesty. Sophia doesn’t like this option either.

The Event S01x16 Considering solutions

Sophia clarifies that they are facing the destruction of their race and it is her duty to take whatever action is necessary to make sure that doesn’t happen. She then says he’s always been loyal and has been an asset to their people. She has him swear to her to remain loyal.

Leila and Michael are in their house arguing about Leila being watched. She is sounding like any daughter and asked why all this was happening and why she was bing so protected. Michael tells her they’re Sophia’s orders. Leila is quiet for a minute and continues “How long do you plan on staying here? How long do you expect ME to stay here?” Michael looks at her to answer – as a knock at the door sounds. It is Simon, and Michael takes him outside. Simon is very upset at Sophia’s plans for humans here. Even pointing out to Michael that if anyone should be against this, it is he. Simon tells Michael. “Your wife was one of them, your daughters are half…” Michael tells him “I don’t need a lecture on my family tree”

The Event S01x16 Family Tree

Simon then tells him “I’m leaving, and want you and Leila to come with me. We can tell the government. With what we know, they could know, we could save lives” He glances back at Michael’s door seeing Leila and asks him “What kind of world do you want her to live in?” Michael points out that if they do this, there is no going back. They will be labeled traitors forever.

The Event S01x16 We'll go with you

Simon agrees. Michael tells him “We’ll go with you.” Vicky and Sean drive through the French countryside and follow Henri’s directions to the stone wall.

The Event S01x16 Night driving in France

They turn in to find no Chateau, but instead an ambush. Jeeps with security men show up.

The Event S01x16 AMBUSH!

The Event S01x16 Vicky shelters behind tree

The Event S01x16 Busted!

and a shoot out ensues. Sean keeps most of them busy, yelling at Vicky when she is approached. After all this, Sean got away, Vicky was captured.

The Event S01x16 Vicky is captured

Next, we see Dempsey looking over the scroll with a little magnifying glass.

The Event S01x16 Dempsey studies scroll

Vicky is then brought in to his study. She is none too gently seated by the ‘escort’.

The Event S01x16 Vicky brought in to Dempsey

Dempsey, looking up from the scroll, greets her. Dempsey tells her he hopes her trip was worth it.

The Event S01x16 Hope your trip was worth it

She says “My trip’s not over till you’re dead! Someone needs to put you down!” But Dempsey maintains his civil demeanor “It may be difficult for you to understand this, but we are on the same side. The truth is, Miss Roberts, I am part of a long line of people… Sentinels… who’ve been given the task of securing us against …” As he points upward; “Them”.

The Event S01x16 ...Against...THEM!

Vicky repeats “Them?” Dempsey nods to her. Then he changes the subject, asking Vicky what she can tell him about Mr. Walker. “What type of connections does he have? How did he co-op you into joining him in this…crusade?” Vicky asks Dempsey why he cares so much about Walker. Dempsey seems almost impressed with Sean’s ability to surmount obstacles that Dempsey has put in front of him. “Very curious” he states and finishes; “However, it’s…becoming clearer. Part of the uh, Tapestry”.

The Event S01x16 Part of the Tapestry

As he turns back to the scroll on a large table, he instructs the henchman “Kill her.” and goes back to his study of the glyphs.

Henri comes home, walks through his door to be struck soundly by a shovel to his head. Sean is there and next we see Henri tied up to a strong chair. Sean asks him where Dempsey is. He tells Henri they were ambushed and Vicky has been captured.

The Event S01x16 Henri in the Barn

Sean tells Henri “you’re going to tell me, exactly what I want to know, or you’ll wish you were dead”.

The Event S01x16 Bloodied Henri

Back at the White House, Martinez and Senator Lewis are discussing the implementation of the testing. She has a friend in the CDC she knows she can trust, who has been planting reports about a drug-resistant strain of Tuberculosis

.The Event S01x16 Senator Lewis and President Martinez

This will look like a possible epidemic and make it easier to enact the testing for the Sleeper DNA. Martinez asks here where they are with the staff and those who have been asked to sign the agreement to get tested. If one did not sign, they were ‘threatened’ with a mandatory quarantine. Sen. Lewis tells him there was one who did not sign it, The First Lady.

The Event S01x16 Your wife refused the DNA test

Martinez said they did not need to test Christina. Sen. Lewis started to argue, but he looked at her directly and said “You want to cross my wife’s name off that list”

Sean is not what I would think as a professional torturer, but he does a good job at making Henri feel pain. A hard strike to one hand and Henri screams, cries as Sean is apparently being sick.

The Event S01x16 Sean and Henri face off

The Event S01x16 Sean and Henri torture

However Sean is resolute in getting the info he wants from Henri and ultimately gets it when he hammers the mans’ hands, Then readying to strike Henri dead.

The Event S01x16 Henri's Hand

Next, we are in the sunlit streets of the Others’ Community. Simon is loading water, a bag and other supplies into his car, and checks a gun to make sure it is loaded. Michael comes up his driveway and they chat a little.

The Event S01x16 Michael arrives

Simon asks if they are ready. Looking around Simon asks where Leila is. “She’s not coming” Michael replies. “You can’t leave her here alone” says Simon, but Michael states “She won’t be alone.”.

The Event S01x16 Simon knows

Simon knows something is up. His face changes and he seems to understand just when two ‘Others’ show up and try to arrest him.

The Event S01x16 Security comes

Simon resists and is beaten to the ground as Sophia calmly walks up to the group. “Is this your idea of Loyalty? Turning others against me?… You lied to me Simon”.

The Event S01x16 Loyalty?

Simon is allowed to stand, as Sophia comes closer, saying “We’re adapting to changing circumstances. This is how a species survives”.

The Event S01x16 We're adapting to changes

Simon tells her “What you’re talking about is killing hundreds of millions of innocent people” He looks like he is about to cry with the horror of this prospect.

The Event S01x16 I can't go for genocide

Sophia looks at his face and asks “What about your people?” She continues “We’re going ahead with the plan. If you aren’t with us then you’re against us” Simon tells her “I’ll never go along with genocide” Sophia looks a bit sad as she says “And today I’ve lost a second son”.

The Event S01x16 Sophia Loses a Second Son

She then tells the security men “Take him”. As they escort him to the car Simon is calling to Sophia saying “This is not who you are!!” Leila walks out of the her house and watches Simon being put into the car and taken away.

The Event S01x16 Leila watches Arrest

The Event S01x16 Simon arrested

Sophia looks at Michael and say “You did the right thing”. Michael replied “I know”.

The Event S01x16 Sophia and Michael

Back in France, Dempsey is taking notes about the scroll he is studying.

The Event S01x16 Sentinel Scroll

He pauses and walks over to the odd, lined table.

The Event S01x16 Dempsey's Table

He picks up one of the little stones that seems to indicate a person (Maybe walker? Could be Vicky?) and tosses it lightly into the fireplace, watching the flames lick the wood and the stone.

The Event S01x16 Dempsey picks up stone

The Event S01x16 Stone is cast

The scene then goes to what could be called a guest house where Dempsey’s henchman is dousing the place with Petrol and Vicky is bound and gagged in an ajoining room as a fire there is getting closer to her.

The Event S01x16 Vicky Struggles

The Henchman lights a match and starts the petrol he just poured alight and walks out. We see Vicky struggling to get way. She seems to fall from the screen into the flames.

The pale, cream colored walls of the White House are lit and Martinez walks through the main hallway past a door where he sees Christina instructing the housekeeper about a dinner menu. She looks up at him and smiles slightly.

The Event S01x16 58 Christina discusses menu

He smiles a bit in return, then he walks on out of camera.

The Event S01x16 Eli Martinez in Hallway

This has indeed been a story! We now know “The Others” plan a massive housecleaning of our planet by killing humans to make room for their people to take it as their own. Before everyone gets all heated up, place this in a bit of role reversal. If it were US landing on a less advanced planet and our earth was soon to become a chunk of space-dust, would we not do the same thing? Sometimes, through history, we HAVE done things like this, albeit on a nation to nation level. I liked what Simon asked Michael outside of the house; “What is ‘enough’? a third, two-thirds? When is it enough?”

I can’t help but wonder what if they’d been freed say, fifty years ago and started to gradually bring their people here. Would we have noticed? Would we have cared? Perhaps the blow of a mass-invasion can partly rest on our own heads for keeping them detained until it was almost too late. I do see on Twitter that some people criticize the writers and a slow plot. They think perhaps it is just ‘Boring”. I do not think it is ‘boring’, but for a Science Fiction program… perhaps it is just too ‘Human’ and not ‘Alien’ at all in many regards.

Note that next week, NBC will not have an episode of The Event, due to a special screening of Law and Order programming. The Event will return the following week, April 18, 2011 9/8 Central. In the meantime here is the episode in its entirety for your enjoyment!

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