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Here’s the recap of last weeks episode, Chuck Versus The Role Models. Photos courtesy of NBC Universal.

Chuck v rolemadel1

Morgan dreams of his own “Hart to Hart” show with Sarah and Chuck as the spies he’s assigned to look after. In his waking life, Morgan has a hard time with Sarah crashing at his and Chuck’s pad every night, especially since she likes to roam around almost nude. Morgan tries to talk to Chuck about this, but Chuck wants to ask Sarah to move in with him. Sarah accidentally hears this and tells Chuck she doesn’t really see the point in doing moving in together because they’re not a normal couple. When Chuck sees how Sarah’s been storing her guns under his couch, he realizes living with a spy may break his no firearms in the apartment rule.

Elie * Awesome Africa

Meanwhile, Ellie and Awesome arrive in Africa for the Doctors Without Borders program. Ellie isn’t too pleased when she sees how the field clinic is less clinic and a lot more field. On top of that, it’s pouring rain. Ellie gets worried when she notices men with guns standing around the tents. Awesome makes her feel better by asking her out for a date night in the jungle.

Chck & sarah
Chck & sarah

Back in Burbank, Sarah and Chuck get their next mission: to observe Craig and Laura Turner, a famous CIA team who have a long list of spy accomplishments and have been married for the past 30 years. If Chuck and Sarah continue to see each other, General Beckman insists they must learn how to do it from the CIA’s most successful spy couple. Casey’s assignment is to train MorganUpon meeting Sarah and Chuck, Laura and Craig are immediately reminded of how they were 30 years ago. Chuck learns Mr. Turner is a bit of a booze snob and loves his Manhattans.

The Turners marriage hasn’t been all sugar and roses. The two veteran spies have been married three times, and it’s clear Mr. Turner has a record of being unfaithful. There’s not much time to dwell on this though, as Chuck and Sarah learn their new mission starts tonight. They must attend a party and watch the Turners steal a decryption program that could be used to render CIA security useless from a dealer named Otto Von Vogel. Chuck’s excited, but Sarah seems less enthused.

Fred & Swoozie

Morgan’s pleasantly surprised when he learns Casey will be training him – and training starts right away at Buy More. Morgan’s first task is to get a pretty girl’s phone number. The first lesson of being a spy is to show you can manipulate anyone. However, Morgan fails his first test when the girl writes, “You disgust me,” instead of her phone number on the Buy More card.


Sarah and Chuck follow the Turners into Otto’s party. Chuck’s really impressed with the veteran spy couple and thinks the CIA should hire more people like them. Sarah doesn’t think the Turners are that great. When Otto spots Chuck and Sarah, the Turners quickly distract him. Chuck’s feeling romantic but Sarah wants to make sure he doesn’t ask her to move in with him again.


Things take a turn for the worse when Chuck and Sarah notice Laura Turner drinking at the open bar at the party. Craig gets caught flirting with a younger woman and Laura causes a scene. When Craig’s back goes out, the spy couple becomes the center of attention. Chuck and Sarah decide to make their move before the Turners blow their cover.


Upstairs, Chuck and Sarah run into a very large Bengal tiger. Chuck FLASHES on the jungle cat’s collar, revealing the location of the decryption software. Unfortunately, Chuck’s forgotten his tranq gun, and he doesn’t want to kill the majestic animal. Chuck and Sarah argue about what the Turners would do, when they hear the tiger snoring. Chuck takes this opportunity to get the collar while Sarah covers him. The couple barely makes it out of the bedroom alive, but they do manage to steal the collar.


Meanwhile at Buy More, Morgan steals something from another kind of sleeping giant: Big Mike. Casey has ordered Morgan to do so in order to test his stealth skills. Unfortunately, Morgan fails. Awesome’s helping Ellie adjust to the African outdoors when they meet Justin the Camp Security Coordinator, who advises them to set up camp away from where the wild animals are. Although Awesome and Ellie avoid a snake attack, Awesome does get bitten by a mosquito.

Big Mike

Chuck and Sarah leave the party with the software in hand and are met with an unpleasant surprise: Craig and Laura Turner have set them up. The veteran spy couple steals Otto’s software from Chuck and Sarah. Chuck can’t believe it. Down at CASTLE, Chuck tells Beckman what happened, and she doesn’t believe it either. Beckman orders Chuck and Sarah to find an explanation for the Turner’s actions, and tells Casey that if he can’t properly field train Morgan, they’ll both be going to boot camp at Pendleton.


Livid over what the Turners have done, Chuck decompresses, washing the dishes. Chuck thinks Sarah will definitely not move in with him now, since the Turners have turned out to be backstabbers. However, when Chuck mentions Mr. Turner’s love of Manhattans, Sarah gets an idea. The Grand Ambassador is the only place in Los Angeles that serves the drink with the right kind of cherries.


Back in Africa, Ellie tries to contact Chuck and leaves a message on his voicemail about how she’s having a hard time. Justin overhears the message and tells Ellie she can always talk to him if she’s feeling lonely. Ellie tells Justin how she’s homesick and doesn’t think she’s built for the Doctors Without Borders program.

Awesome & Ellie

The Turners are enjoying drinks in their Grand Ambassador hotel room. Laura feels sorry for Chuck and Sarah and hopes they didn’t hurt their career. Craig thinks Chuck and Sarah are in love, and probably don’t have a good future with the CIA. Pretty soon the Turners are arguing with each other, allowing Chuck and Sarah to sneak into their hotel room and steal back the software.


Morgan’s last field test: target practice. He completely fails as the gun flies out of his hand after he shoots. Morgan knows this means he’s fired. On the down low, Casey tells Morgan he’s there for him, as a friend. Chuck and Sarah bring the Turners back to Chuck’s apartment. Chuck’s had enough of the couple’s arguing. Once upon a time, the Turners were great, but they’re not anymore. All four spies are in for a surprise when Otto and his pet tiger come to visit.


Sarah checks the tiger’s collar and finds a tracking device. Otto and his men hide the Turners in the bathroom and Sasha the tiger sniffs around for them. Chuck and Sarah play dumb when Otto concludes that they’re agents and Chuck’s apartment is a CIA safe house. Otto wants Laura and Craig right away, but Chuck and Sarah ultimately decide to stay loyal and don’t give Otto what he wants. Meanwhile, Laura and Craig escape out the bathroom window.

Morgan and Casey come home from field training just in time to see there’s a tiger in the courtyard. Inside Chuck’s apartment, Laura and Craig return to help Chuck and Sarah. The Turners want to prove to Chuck they’re not traitors. Outside, Morgan decides to lure the tiger into Ellie and Awesome’s apartment. Chuck skill FLASHES on Otto’s gun and takes control of the situation before anyone gets hurt.


Morgan barely escapes from the tiger. Chuck and Sarah deem it unnecessary to shoot the Turners so they finally give up. Down at CASTLE, Sarah tells Beckman that the Turners double cross was a triple cross, and Beckman buys it. However, the general is surprised when the Turners retire from the CIA. They inform Beckman that Chuck and Sarah will take their place.Casey tells Morgan he passed his field training because he has balls for going up against a Bengal tiger completely unarmed. However, Ellie and Awesome’s apartment is now in ruins since Morgan locked the tiger in there. But all is not lost. Sarah tells Chuck she’ll move in with him, so they have something to fall back on when their spy life is over.


Awesome suddenly gets ill and must be moved back to the States. It turns out Ellie’s new friend Justin is the cause of Awesome’s ailment.

Justin makes a phone call to an unknown source to let them know “she doesn’t suspect a thing.”


That’s the recap for this week. Remember to watch a new episode of Chuck on Monday May 10th.

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