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Logo Blue. Click to visit Comic-Con International!Are you ready for the season premiere of Chuck? I know I am! It seems like I have been waiting forever for the new season! Before I start my review, here’s the last part of the Chuck panel from Comic-Con. It was so amazing to be there and see this panel in person. If you noticed in the first part of the panel, they were throwing shirts to the audience and I was lucky enough to catch one from Yvonne Strahovski herself!

The cast was a bit late for the panel, so there wasn’t any time for the question and answer part, but they were still hilarious! Below are a few pictures that I snapped during the panel! So here are my FAVORITE pictures that I took!

Comic-Con 2010 - Vic Sahay of Chuck

Comic-Con 2010 - Chuck Cast as fans goes wild!

Comic-Con 2010 - Chuck Cast dancing at panel!

Comic-Con 2010 - Hilarious Chuck Panel

Okay, and on to the review we go! We left off with Ellie following the truck carrying Team Bartowski to a secluded location in order to, how can I put this lightly, dispose of them. Chuck Vs. The Ring: Part 2 begins with Ellie having flashbacks to when her and Chuck were kids.

Talking about The Necklace

Chuck had broken their mom’s favorite necklace and Ellie was really angry with him. Chuck ran to their dad’s office and banged on the door telling his dad Ellie was going to hurt him. When their dad came out of the office, he told Ellie that she needed to protect Chuck and watch out for him because he had a knack for getting into trouble (as pictured below from Comic-Con).

Comic-Con 2010 - Zachary, Joshua and Yvonne!

Chuck in the armored car

Back to the present: Ellie lost the truck, so she calls Awesome to make sure he can see them, but she gets his voicemail. Meanwhile, Sarah is telling Chuck that what happened to his dad is not his fault, but Chuck seems to think differently. Casey asks, “So, who’s going to get us out of this one?”

Awesome and Morgan of course! Except for the fact that they have no plan… Morgan realizes that they are in Casey’s car, so there must be some sort of spy gadgets they can use. They find a gun in the glove box, but neither of them wants to shoot anyone. Awesome finds a button that he presses which brings up a computer on the windshield of the car. Morgan tells him to un-press the button and hits a different button that fires a missile out from behind the headlight of the car directly at the truck. The truck explodes and gets flipped over which knocks Shaw unconscious allowing Chuck, Sarah and Casey to escape.

Just before the explosion, Shaw had given the keys to the handcuffs to the team because he wanted it to look like they were trying to escape when he kills them. When Shaw wakes up, he sees them getting away. Chuck sees Shaw gets up and flashes on his karate, but because he no longer has the Governor, his brain glitches and Sarah comes over to get him in the car. Shaw starts shooting at them, but they all drive away to meet up with Ellie.

When they are all together, they are trying to decide on the best course of action. They all agree on giving up their lives and “living off the grid”, but Ellie freaks out saying that she and Awesome are just normal people and they were not going to do that. She gets in her car, Chuck hops in with her and she drives off saying that she needs to talk to her brother.

After the explosion - Team Chuck
Back at the Buy More, Big Mike finds out that the stores numbers are down and if they don’t have an increase in sales, the Burbank Buy More is going to be closed. The only people he has there to talk to about it are Lester and Jeffery. When he tells them the news, Lester suggests that they have a going out of business sale.

After the explosion big Sis worries about Chuck

Chuck tells Ellie about their dad and that he was actually a hero. He says that they are going to take down Shaw and The Ring and Ellie agrees with him. But she has a stipulation. Chuck has to quit the spy life once it’s done and because Ellie is the one asking him, he promises her he will. Ellie and Awesome leave to hide out until its safe and Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Morgan try to come up with a way to take The Ring down.

Chuck hacks into the CIA facility in order to talk to General Beckman via the remote interrogation camera in her cell. She tells Chuck that she was in town for the Joint Security Summit which is supposed to be a public meeting of security experts, but in reality, it’s a secret meeting of spies. The team realizes that The Ring is trying to take over the NSA and the CIA! When Beckman tells them that the Five Elders will be at the conference, Chuck flashes and says that the Elders are the leaders of The Ring.

Bonita as General Beckman

To get to the Elders, Team Bartowski has to get into the Summit which is going to be no small feat. The conference is guarded by the best spies in the world. Sarah and Chuck go under cover as Russian diplomats while Casey and Morgan go in as maintenance workers in order to hack into a server.

Shaw resurfaces and confronts Chuck

Chuck has to bump into Shaw and slip a phone in his pocket. This requires him to not only look in the eyes of the man who killed his father and not wring his neck, but he also has to convince Shaw he is who he says he is. All goes well thanks in a large part to what Chuck refers to as his “very convincing facial hair.” Or so we think…

Shaw sends Justin and another goon to catch Chuck and Sarah, but Sarah is able to hide behind a corner before they see her. When Chuck flashes on his karate, he glitches yet again and is unable to fight. Sarah has the element of surprise though, so when Justin comes over to get Chuck, Sarah is able to take him and his man down quickly. Sarah knows something is really wrong with Chuck at this point, so he finally tells her that his flashes are getting worse and he needs the Governor. Sarah has to leave Chuck and continue on with the mission.

Shaw is on stage at the Summit when the phone Chuck gave him starts ringing. Chuck tells Shaw that he is in his office and that he knows the Elders are in the audience. Shaw sends all the Elders a message that says “LEAVE NOW” from his Ring phone, but that is exactly what Chuck wanted him to do. They had no way of knowing who the Elders were, until Shaw sent them the message to leave. Sarah, Casey and Morgan catch them all in the stairwell and Sarah runs up to Shaw’s office to help Chuck.

Chuck gets Shaw to confess to being a Ring operative and killing his father, but to Shaw’s disappointment, Chuck had set up a camera in the room and projected Shaw confessing to the entire conference. Chuck tells Shaw to hand over the Governor or he’ll take it from him, but when Chuck’s Intersect goes wonko again, it looks like Shaw is going to win. Luckily, Sarah bursts in to save Chuck, but Shaw gets away by jumping out of the window, grabbing a flag and swinging down to the floor below. Sarah checks on Chuck and this time, the flashes aren’t stopping. Chuck asks Sarah to help him… As if she wasn’t going to!

Sarah comforts Chuck

She gets him back to Castle and Chuck tells her about his promise to Ellie. Sarah tells him that she’s going to find Shaw and get the Governor, no matter where is might be. Little do they know that Shaw has just walked into the Buy More! Morgan sees Shaw planting explosives around the store and he calls Sarah to warn her, but Shaw gets the drop on him because, let’s face it, it’s Morgan.

Shaw tells Sarah to bring him Chuck. She lies and tells him they are on their way, but she grabs her gun and goes to face him alone. About this time, we find out that Shaw has tied Morgan up in the back room of the Buy More. Morgan calls Casey who tells him that he needs to break his thumbs in order to escape and pull the fire alarm and get the civilians out of the store.

Breach at Buy More!

Morgan actually surprised me by following Casey’s instructions! He breaks his thumbs and is about the pull the alarm when it goes off! Big Mike, Jeffery and Lester pulled it so they wouldn’t be caught having the going out of business sale by the Beverly Hills branch.

Lester astounded at Buy More

Shaw uses the fire alarm to sneak up on Sarah and handcuff her to the Nerd Herd desk. Chuck wakes up from his flash attack, sees that Shaw has Sarah and heads off to help her. Chuck and Shaw decide to fight it out hand to hand, but since Chuck’s flashes aren’t working, it doesn’t look good for him. Chuck accidentally hits play on Jeffster’s new music video which is so wrong, it’s right and Shaw starts to attack. After an awesome fight scene, Shaw knocks Chuck unconscious! While he’s out, Chuck has a flashback to when he was younger.

Chucks showdown at Buy More!
Chuck remembers the day he went into his father’s office when he was a child. He walked up to his dad’s computer which was asking: Activate? He pressed enter and we find out that Chuck had downloaded an Intersect before! His dad told him he was special since he had processed so much data, but was still okay.
Shaw is about to take his final swing at Chuck when Chuck comes to, leaps off of the floor and tells Shaw that he just needed to “Reboot”. Chuck is back to his old self! He beats Shaw down, but instead of killing him like Shaw is telling him to do, Chuck lets him go. Shaw is telling Chuck that he’s weak for not being able to kill him, but Sarah knocks him out with a metal bar and tells Chuck that the fact that he couldn’t kill Shaw is what makes him great.

The police and fire department show up along with Casey. Morgan, whose hands are now bandaged up, helps Casey look for Shaw’s detonator. Morgan is the one who finds it, but because his hands are bandaged, immediately drops it and starts the countdown. Everyone runs out of the Buy More and it blows! Lester and Jeffery take off because they think that they may be somehow responsible and the police think so too.

The whole gang ends up back at Chuck’s for a little champagne in celebration of catching Bartowski Senior’s killer and taking down The Ring. Alex, Casey’s daughter shows up for the shindig and gives her dad a hug. Hopefully she’ll be around a lot more next season. I really want to see that relationship grow.
Chuck reassures Ellie that he is indeed out of the spy game, but just after he tells her this, he receives a text from an unknown number that tells him to go to his computer. He sits down and his computer tells him to press enter. It turns out to be a message from Chuck’s father. He explains that he needs C
Click to visit NBC Dot Com!huck to do something secret for him… He wants him to go to the house that they used to live in and go into his secret underground room where he kept all of his files on everything he ever worked on, including Chuck’s missing mother, Mary Elizabeth Bartowski.

Duhn duhn DUUUUUUUHN! What will the new season bring? Will Chuck find his mother? Why is she missing in the first place? Is she a spy too? Which side is she on? So many questions to be answered! I can’t wait for it all to begin and NBC is the place to be!!

WormholeRiders. Click to visit & follow WHR on Twitter!Tune in on Monday September 20th to find out what happens. I’m not sure what time zones you all live in, so check your local listings for times. And come join us on Twitter where @WormholeRiders and I will be having a live tweet chat about the new episode during the Pacific airing of Chuck on NBC! I hope to see you all there!

As always, feel free to leave comments or questions down below and I’ll do my best to get back to you on them. Or you can follow me on Twitter by clicking on my picture to the right.Click to visit and follow MeaganSue on Twitter!

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