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As the Wormhole Turns

As the Wormhole Turns – Illegal Downloading, Just Say No!

Hi WormholeRiders, Before doing so, have you witnessed some of your friends bragging about illegally downloading and uploading copyrighted programs or digital material? Do your friends offer excuses that they just want to see the programs? Did you know that such activity is stealing the property of others? Did you …Read the Rest

Primeval New World: Exclusive Martin Wood Interview on a Potential Season Two

Welcome to our dedicated site to Primeval New World! MAJOR SPOILERS FOR NON CANADIANS: The “non-renewal” of the Primeval New World series by Space Channel is definitely a huge disappointment to all the cast, crews and creators! Martin Wood, one of the Executive Producers who works closely with Gillian Horvath, …Read the Rest

Falling Skies: Why Is It So Popular As the Wormhole Turns?

Hey Falling Skies fans! Falling Skies, an apocalyptic science fiction drama from Dreamworks Studios, is entering its second season on TNT. It stars Noah Wyle as a father of three sons doing his best to keep them alive and fighting back against an alien invasion force. As a teacher of …Read the Rest

Twitter Force: A Guide on How To Save Your Favorite Programs Before They Are Canceled!

Hello science fiction and television series fans, As promised by the WHR Team, we present a positive guideline on how to support the science fiction and or any television programs we all love. The model used is focused on Sanctuary which we here at WHR have been working on for …Read the Rest

Stargate: “Liquidating the Gate—Everything Must Go…” An Exclusive Pre Event Visit!

Hello Stargate Fans, A sad day for all of us is about to occur. This weekend at The Bridge Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia the Stargate may be dialing its last gate address and close for a final time, ending over 14 years of entertainment from the much loved franchise. …Read the Rest

Stargate Liquidation: WormholeRiders to Witness End of Era in British Columbia!

Hello Stargate Fans, It is with great sadness to bring you this news: After 15 episodic years, 3 series and 3 movies that WormholeRiders News Agency will be covering live at the Stargate liquidation by Maynards Auctioneers in which everything we all know about all three franchise series will be …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe: Reasons Why Stargate Fans Should Watch SGU Live from March 07 Onward with Full S2x10 Resurgence!

Hello once again Stargate fans, I say Stargate fans because there is something you the fans of all Stargates can do to perhaps help support and save the MGM Studios franchise from being put on the shelf for the foreseeable future. Let’s set the record straight. WHR put out a …Read the Rest

Spreading the SGU Love, Jamil Walker Smith, Brian J. Smith, Patrick Gilmore and Beyond!

My apologies for my cyber-silence as of late. I am a full-time student at the Academy of Acting, and it seems like tonight Wednesday February 09, 2011 is the first night I’ve had to myself, away from my studies…other than of course having the assignment of lifting a frying pan …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe: As The Wormhole Turns – Go To The Mirror and “Share The SGU Love” Status Report!

Hello again Stargate fans! Well, it’s been one week since my first blog was posted regarding my idea for the “Spread the SGU Love” (or “Share the SGU Love”) fan campaign to help garner positive feedback regarding Stargate Universe to The Powers-That-Be (TPTB) at MGM Studios. So far, what I’ve …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe: As The Wormhole Turns – Share and Spread The SGU Love!

Hello Stargate fans! It is an unfortunate fact some individuals out there have been cruel with their hate campaigns regarding Stargate Universe. However, we are putting that behind ourselves and only focusing on positive things. With the “Share the SGU Love” fan campaign, the purpose is to help the Metro-Goldwyn …Read the Rest

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