Cliff Simon, The Loss of Ba’al a Stargate Legend Ascends As The Wormhole Turns!


Cliff Simon

2021-03-07 Cliff Simon
Image courtesy Cliff Simon

Hello fans of Stargate SG1’s most famous “Bad Guy”, Cliff Simon,

It is with great sadness that I write about my dear friend, Cliff Simon.

When I first met Cliff Simon in 2008, he struck me as the kind of man who would grab life by the fistful! When an opportunity presented itself, he took advantage of it, eagerly following in whatever direction it took him. Although he seemed open to many things, I never expected that one of them would be me and my ideas.

So, when he agreed to work with me on the creation of two audio C.D.s, I was quite surprised. I was a nobody with a vision. He was interested in my ideas and made himself available whenever I needed him to be there.

Cliff and his dog
Image courtesy Cliff Simon

Cliff found time to talk with as many of his fans as he could. I would watch him work. He never seemed to get tired, interacting with people from all over the world. There were times when a fan would approach him with apprehension, thinking he was like his Ba’al character in the MGM Studios famous franchise, Stargate SG1. Cliff would be patient with that person and encourage them.

Nobody was unhappy when Cliff was in the room!

Cliff loved animals. He usually had a dog as a pet and would often volunteer for rescue organizations that would find homes for the various “Bully Dog Breeds” in the Los Angeles area. He spoke of how Karma Rescue, his favorite charity, would enter dangerous areas of Los Angeles to save dogs from fighting rings. Cliff looked for the organization that would have the greatest difficulty finding homes for their dogs, and he gave them his voice. That’s just who Cliff Simon was.

Cliff in Uncharted Mysteries
Image courtesy Travel Channel

Cliff Simon was also a bit of an adrenaline junky. He loved to test his limits to see how much he could do.

It was as if he was born in the ocean. Cliff took to the water with more enthusiasm than anyone I have ever known. Surfing, swimming, boating, were all his passions based on his young life as a competitive athlete since he was trained and qualified as a swimmer for 1984 Olympic’s for the British International team.

A highlight of his life while kite-surfing was when he accidentally flew over a whale. Cliff told me afterwards that he was just at the right height where he could reach down and slide his hand over the animal’s back as it rose over the surface of the water before the whale then headed back down into the deep!

Cliff with a Koala
Image courtesy Cliff Simon

It was a shock to me and many of his friends, as well as his many fans when we learned that he had been killed in a kite-surfing accident at Topanga Beach, California on Tuesday, March 9th.

I spoke with Cliff for the last time on Monday, March the 8th. We were working on the early stages of another project to share his Stargate Ba’al memories with his fans.

We had just completed announcing the first phase, reissuing “Oh My Ba’al”, an extremely fun radio play that Cliff starred in with Andee Frizzell (Wraith Queen), Jacqueline Samuda (Nirrti) and Peter Williams (Apophis) in 2013.

Cliff Simon at Stargate Convention 2009
Image courtesy WormholeRiders News Agency

Cliff, I, along with Kenn of TeamWHR had just completed retweeting a number of tweets that night before the terrible accident that took Cliff’s life the very next day (click here to listen to the remastered version of Oh My Ba’al).

That evening, on March 08, 2021, I had asked Cliff to create a brand new “shout-out” video for WormholeRiders News Agency. Cliff, as always, was happy to comply and let us know what was going on in his life.

Sadly, this is probably the very last recording that Cliff Simon has ever done or will ever do on Earth.

Rest in Peace, Cliff. We grieve with your loving wife Colette and the rest of your family.

Where ever you are Cliff, enjoy your next adventure As The Wormhole Turns!



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6 thoughts on “Cliff Simon, The Loss of Ba’al a Stargate Legend Ascends As The Wormhole Turns!

  1. I’m still in shock ….Thank you Patricia for this lasting memory we will always have.

    Kenn, you stayed this beautifully and as we all mourn, we will have this bad ass to always hold close to our hearts 💔

  2. Dear Patricia,
    It’s Saturday four days after Cliff’s tragic death. Still cannot believe it since we were working with him the evening before the accident
    Thank you for sharing your personal, yet professional perspective experiences with Cliff.
    Best Regards,
    Kenn of #TeamWHR

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