In Anticipation of Stargate Universe I Kissed an SGU Errrr a Girl!


Hey Stargate Universe Fans!

Update September 28, 2010 10 PM: Revision TWO of “I Kissed an SGU” with select non spoiler ‘Intervention’ clips!

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While all thanks go to MGM Studios, NBC Universal for SyFy and The Bridge, Stargate Universe season two is here and we on the WHR Team are ecstatic! So much so that I Kissed an SGU Stargate here at WormholeRiders News Agency! Truly an epic saga of our age and worthy of a kiss, or at least a song!

As we previously reported, the addition of Stargate Atlantis celebrities like David Hewlett and Robert Picardo, celebrities as we predicted nearly a year ago should help everyone now clearly see the direction that Stargate Universe has been on all along!

All Stargate fans should (PLEASE) set aside their differences and support Stargate Universe so that there is more Stargate of all flavors for years to come. We hope everyone internalizes this as well. At leasClick to visit Stargate on MGM Dot Com!t we here at the WHR Team hope that you bring yourself to do precisely that. Thank you for supporting Stargate!

All we can say is support your local Stargate and be ready for the return of Stargate Universe on SyFy tonight September 28, 2010! The entire cast and crew listed above in the news header are awesome! So in celebration below is a special song from Katy Perry with clips from the series and the extended promotional trailer!

Stargate Universe is an “A PLUS” series with hard working actors, actresses and crews! These fine people bring quality entertainment to your homes or mobile devices every week whom deserve our support! In the meantime, watch,  listen and Kiss an SGU for yourselves while you hear the awesomeness of Katy Perry!

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4 thoughts on “In Anticipation of Stargate Universe I Kissed an SGU Errrr a Girl!

  1. Hi Woody,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, people do not always understand that almost no show or movie franchise will will last forever. While there are a few notable exceptions like Stargate, Star Trek, James Bond to name a few, these fine people at The Bridge and MGM have been bringing high quality entertainment to us all for decades. Savor it while you can is my philosophy!

    Best Regards

  2. I agree Kenn. Production value is top notch. People will always complain until the day they die while others state a complaint then move on. I’m one of those people. I complained when SG1 was taken off. But stayed with SGA. Then it was canx’d But I enjoy SGU. Each series was a different story based on the same concept. “Gate travel”. This is really the only common thread among all of them. Plus….as much as some people hate the idea that “their” show is taken off the air, they need to realize various factors cause a cancellation. But you and I know this and we would be beating a dead horse. lol Have a great day Kenn and thanks for this little retreat. Enjoy the site very much.
    Always your friend

  3. UPDATED EDITORIAL COMMENT: September 30, 2010

    Hey Woody,

    I could not have said it better myself. Stargate Universe is an excellent production bringing the series franchise well into its second decade. As we have stated for nearly a year, the Stargate TPTB planned to bring back guest stars from both series (SG-1 and Atlantis) from the beginning. Fans should also realize that the creation of SGU did not play a role in the decision to not renew Atlantis. SGA was non renewed when fans did not support the series based on ratings for season 5 (which are available on the Internet).

    Instead since Stargate Universe was introduced a number chose to bicker amongst themselves rather than support the Stargate franchise. This information is available on the Internet using a Google search for those who are interested in doing such research. WHR is not interested in bickering, nor do we engage in arguments. These web sites can be found in a Google search and have names like [something] SUCKS DOT COM and etcetera. We do not put such web site link names in our news posts because such sites do not deserve the attention. Nor will we ever promote such activity. If some people do not enjoy SGU, that is their loss. Simply do not watch it or better yet open a news site and write a detailed analysis in a responsible manner rather than bicker and complain.

    WHR is pleased that sites like Gateworld and others are now finally supporting SGU and we sincerely hope that fans realize that supporting MGM Studios, The Bridge, and SyFy for SGU will be a critical factor in determining whether or not more Stargate will be made in the future, including the desired SGA and SG-1movies in 2011 and beyond.

    Best Regards

  4. Again, Stargate Universe is an integral part of my life. The premiere was an absolute blast. With the worldwide acceptance and love for this series, I would like to have seen a worldwide broadcast of the premiere. And a 2 hour premiere would have been a mouthwatering treat to die for. My hunger was satisfied even though I wanted more.

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