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Hi Flashforward fans!  This is the last installment unless Flashforward is picked up by another network or ABC/Disney changes their mind on the non renewal.  Keep checking our blog for more information just in case.  All photos are provided by ABC.
Olivia & Charlie

There are only 78 minutes until the present meets the future that was seen in everyone’s flash forwards. Many are not where they are supposed to be. Olivia and Charlie are at the beach. Bryce and Nicole are outside an immigration detention center while Keiko is at the airport ready to fly back to Japan. And Mark Benford is in jail.


Aaron is the one person who is in the right spot. He s in Afghanistan with his daughter Tracy, who everyone fears to be dead. But she was alive in Aaron’s flash forward. Khamir realizes that Tracy has a faint pulse. She’s alive, just like Aaron knew she would be on this day.

Demetri, Janis and Simon arrive at the headquarters for the National Linear Accelerator Project. They need a diversion to get past the guard, so a very pregnant Janis collapses before the entry gate. Demetri and Simon sneak inside, but Janis wasn’t acting when she fell. The guard calls an ambulance where the doctor Janis saw in her flash forward says the baby is just fine. Janis is relieved and surprised to learn that she’s having a boy.

Lloyd & his son
Wedeck gets Mark out of jail while learning bombs have been found in FBI headquarters. As everyone is being evacuated, Mark Benford is running inside.  He’s exactly where he’s supposed to be. Lucas Hellinger is still in custody but that doesn’t stop him from giving a signal to assassins posing as SWAT. These killers gun down the bomb squad unit, don masks and head into the building. They’re after Mosaic. They are after Mark.

Lloyd & Olivia

Lloyd tracks down Olivia and convinces her to come back to the house with him. She’s part of the equation that he cannot solve without her. As it turns out, he couldn’t solve it without Dylan.  He’s the one writing the formula Lloyd saw in his flash forward on a mirror in lipstick. The equation somehow links the Quantum Entanglement Device, Dyson Frost’s blueprints and the flash forward together. It’s the Tachyon Constant, aka the greatest mystery in all of quantum physics.  And Lloyd has to solve it right now.

Olivia & Charlie

Bryce tells Nicole that he loves Keiko and needs to be with her at that restaurant. Keiko’s mom realizes that her daughter needs to be there, too. She causes a distraction at the airport, allowing Keiko to flee undetected. Keiko rushes to the restaurant where she finally meets Bryce, just like they saw in their flash forwards. Meanwhile, as Nicole drives home alone, she swerves off the road and into a lake. Before she sinks to the bottom, a man pulls her to safety. Nicole wasn’t being drowned in her flash forward. She was being rescued.

When Wedeck finds out that Mark is inside the FBI building, he and Vreede head in to save him. Meanwhile, Simon sends Lloyd a text that makes him realize the constant he’s been looking for is not a number. It’s a wave. It tells him the next blackout will occur within the next two days. While analyzing the Mosaic Board, Mark realizes the next blackout won’t be in two days. It’ll be in twelve minutes.

Assassins are headed Mark’s way. Vreede is busy shooting it out with bad guys in the halls. Wedeck blows one assassin away as he sits at the spot he saw during his flash forward: the toilet. Mark’s office is consumed by a hail of gunfire. Fortunately, he’s hiding behind a vent. Mark is able to take down several assassins as others chase after him. He catches sight of a bomb set to explode in eight minutes.

Mark calls Wedeck to tell him to let the White House know the next global blackout is minutes away. His next call is to Olivia, telling her to get somewhere safe with Charlie. This is sounds like a goodbye, as Mark seems to believe there’s no way he’s getting out of the building alive.

At NLAP headquarters, Simon is able to download the data needed to track the people behind the blackout. Someone else accesses the mainframe from the outside and is activating the linear accelerator. Simon desperately tries to override the system. He tells Demetri that he may want to put on the QED ring. But Demetri didn’t get to see his future during the last blackout; he’s not going to miss it this time.

As the bomb timer ticks down, the linear accelerator cranks up. There’s going to be an explosion and there’s going to be another blackout. A chopper is seen hovering outside the window of Mark’s floor inside the FBI building. He runs towards it. Time is almost up. Mark lunges forward at the exact moment the linear accelerator is fully activated. The Flash occurs!

On April 29th, the entire world blacks out once again. Everyone is getting a glimpse of the future. The year they see appears to be 2015. But not everyone on the planet has passed out. Lucas Hellinger’s lady friend, Lita, is wearing a QED ring as she wheels an unconscious Janis Hawk out of the hospital. Also, that kangaroo we saw hopping down the street during the first blackout is bouncing around town once more.

We get a glimpse into someone’s flash, as we see a lone female figure staring out a window. An unseen voice calls her Charlie. She’s older now as she turns and says,  they found him.  In the present, the bomb timer expires. BOOM! The entire FBI building is engulfed in flames. Did Mark make it out? Was Charlie talking about her father in her vision? We may never know the answers to these questions. The one thing we do know is that the future can change in a FLASH!

This installment of Flashforward is the very last unless ABC decides to renew it for viewing at a later date, or another network picks it up.  Currently there are efforts urging FOX network to pick up the show for a second season.  Hopefully it works out since this was not a high budget show when it came to special effects.  The cast is excellent, experienced and well liked from other shows they have appeared in, giving FlashForward an excellent chanced for renewal with another network.  Get those stoners out there to add to the campaign, after all they know John Cho from the Harold & Kumar movies.  In the meantime join the campaign on twitter @saveflashforward and @saClick to visit Ceramicat (Jan) on Twitterveff.

Thank you for your support.  It’s been a pleasure bringing you recaps and reviews for one of my favorite shows.





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