Chuck Versus the Business Trip – The End of the Intersect or a New Beginning?

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When we left the last episode, “Versus the Frosted Tips”, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), Chuck (Zachary Levi) and a reluctant Casey (Adam Baldwin) had thankfully saved Morgan (Joshua Gomez) from the clutches of Gertrude Verbanski (Carrie-Anne Moss)!

Chuck Versus the Business Trip:

Yet another fun episode with Chuck investing a portion of the two million dollar check from General Beckman (Bonita Friedericy) on some “team building” activities by some of team Buy More on a “vacation” at an exotic location, a convention hotel in Riverside California! The humor was good as part of the story arc, even though “poor” Riverside, the brunt of the humor is really a nice place!



Chuck S5x04 - Morgan unawareIt sure would be to have a couple of million in the bank, eh? Naturally, money does not buy everything and things are certain to go awry, but let us start back at the beginning shall we?

We begin “Versus the Business Trip” where we left off with Morgan about to get into his vehicle which has had a bomb planted under it. Morgan blithely saunters over to his vehicle unaware his life is now marked by CIA assassins.

Just as he is about to get in the vehicle, Chuck appears from nowhere and knocks Morgan to the ground before he is blown to smithereens! The Chuck S5x04 - Chuck saves Morgansituation about Morgan being targeted by the CIA is a clear indication of seeking to destroy the evidence by killing the principle witness (victim) of the corrupted Intersect still in Morgan’s brain.

The cloak and dagger sequence is not too far from the truth of real life where powerful forces in the world will use any means, including murder to achieve their goals. The tongue in cheek Chuck version of this is made slap stick when Morgan is about to head back to the office.

Without thinking Morgan says he needs something from the vehicle, presses the door lock remote control, and KABOOM no more fancy sled for Morgan!

Chuck S5x04 - Morgans sled goes KABOOM

The malcontent philosophy concept of destroying people in real life is often not associated with actual murders. Most often, people with a grudge, mostly miserable in their own lives, will at times seek to destroy the reputation of others as an outlet to fulfill their own failed lives. One must sincerely feel sympathy for these creatures as they flail in frustration. This reviewer offers a bit of advice: Avoid these people lest you become their target as well.

Chuck S5x04 - Team Chuck meets General BeckmanWe segue to Team Chuck, informed by General Beckman as she is visiting Sarah and Chuck that if they remove the Intersect from Morgan’s brain, then perhaps he will be safe from the CIA assassins.

True to form, the creators of Chuck treat us to one last “Intersect” Morgan moment requesting that Sarah and Chuck hurl a bunch of assassins “stars” at him. Sure enough the Intersect works!

It was nice to see Morgan super powered one more time before Beckman attached a pair of high technology “Intersect Removing Glasses” to save Morgan. In a few seconds it is all over and Morgan is once again 100% Morgan, Chuck S5x04 - General Beckman before Intersect extractiongeeky and annoying, but with no more Intersect powers!

Although this reviewer was happy for Morgan, as I mentioned in my last review, I was hopeful that Morgan could be “fixed” and that he would join Chuck as a second super hero in season five.

Perhaps this will be a surprise that is in store and still coming by the creators later this final season of Chuck? I hope so!

Chuck S5x04 - Morgan goes Intersect one last time

Chuck S5x04 - Morgan is Intersect extracted

Chuck S5x04 - Devon with baby ClaraWe move to a touching set of scenes with Eliie (Sarah Lancaster), Devon (Ryan McPartlin), Chuck and Sarah. Ellie and Devon are with baby bundle Clara doing yoga in the apartment complex courtyard.

Referred to as “Mommy Awesome” by some, Ellie is as limber as a wet noodle in her Yoga moves! Devon not so much, but the screen time with baby Clara are endearing.

Sara and Chuck look on fondly as Ellie gets ready to leave for work. She tells Chuck and Sarah that she is Chuck S5x04 - Sarah and Chuck with Devon and Clarapleased to be back at work at the hospital.

Ellie is like any young mother, she wants more “face time” with her new little baby Clara.

The pleasant scene is interrupted as General Beckman calls ordering Sarah and Chuck to Castle.

Chuck S5x04 - Sarah and Chuck think about normalcyOur two protagonists had been comparing their lives as spies to the seemingly blissful life of Ellie, Devon and baby Clara. This reviewer always enjoys the scenes between Sarah and Chuck, their on-screen chemistry works so well! Now back to work you two!

At Castle, General Beckman is on remote video. She informs the Team Chuck group that almost all of the assassins trying to kill Morgan have been called off. When I heard this I knew there was going to be a problem!Chuck S5x04 - General Beckman on video conference

Evil agent Decker (Richard Burgi) originally sent out the order desk, and part of that directive is still in effect. Yikes! Decker joins the video chat informing the team he had also hired a relentless outside contractor known as “The Viper” to complete the job. Double Yikes!

Sweating bullets, Morgan is obviously and quite understandably anxious. We then observe Chuck, Sarah and Casey trying to remove Morgan’s name from the assassin’s hit list. Why do we know this will prove fruitless. Yes, I suspected Decker and his minions too!

Chuck S5x04 - Trying to help Morgan

Chuck S5x04 - The new JeffsterLast review I did not spend much time on Jeffster (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay). As viewers are aware, Jeffster has turned over a new leaf becoming a model citizen and employee subsequent to concerned urging from Devon to get away from the carbon monoxide he has been inhaling for years.

I for one like the new Jeffster, or should we say Jeffrey? What do the fans think of the new “Jeffrey”? Based on the giggling tweets, it seems they like him too! What about you?

Lester is not quite as pleased that his trouble making buddy is now a clean cut person. He tries to Chuck S5x04 - Lester has a new schemeseduce “Jeffrey” with a scheme to cheat the Buy More “Sales Employee of the Year” award. Much to Lester’s disappointment, “Jeffrey” shows disdain and lectures Lester that he is “gaming” the system! Poor Lester. YAY “Jeffrey!”

Back to Morgan, Sarah and Chuck, we find that the corrupted Intersect, although now removed, has had consequences. Morgan has lost a portion of his memories during the removal process.

Chuck S5x04 - Chuck gives DVDs to Morgan

Reminding me a bit of Star Trek “The Changeling” when Lt. Uhura had her memory erased by “Nomad”, Morgan will need to be exposed to the past memories he has lost. In another humorous moment, Chuck is all set with a large bag of DVD movies to help his friend recover his memories.

Chuck S5x04 - Star Wars, BTTF and more DVDs for Morgan

Chuck S5x04 - Switching Morgan on FacebookNaturally the first choice is Morgan’s favorite of all time “Star Wars”. This reviewer chuckled knowing this would keep Morgan busy for many hours as he watches the extended edition six episode Star Wars DVD box set and all the other movies too!

The plan is to use Morgan as bait for “The Viper”, but not to put Morgan in danger. Heck Morgan has movies to watch! To accomplish this, Chuck’s picture is uploaded to Morgan’s Facebook account. A nice touch. This reviewer only wonders why they missed Joshua Gomez’ (Morgan’s) Twitter account too?!Chuck S5x04 - Buy More Salesperson of the Year convention

Our next sequence is at a convention center hotel. Chuck checks in as Morgan Grimes and guest (Sarah). The trap has been baited as we segue to a nearby room where “The Viper” is using a computer with Chuck’s image on the screen. One cannot help but notice that the room is filled with weapons!

Chuck S5x04 - The new Morgan GrimesMorgan and Casey, safe in Castle are providing support services to Chuck and Sarah in the field who are searching for clues about “The Viper”. The Chuck writers did a wonderful job setting up the two (Casey and Morgan) adversaries after the way that Morgan behaved towards Casey’s daughter Alex (Mekenna Melvin).

The “I despise Morgan” sub-plot is amusing. Morgan asks to be forgiven for the terrible way that he treated Alex. Casey will have none of it and instead hands Morgan another Star Wars DVD. Poor Morgan! No Alex (yet)! Well at least he has his Star Wars blanket and Darth Vader to play with!

Meanwhile Chuck and Sarah are trying to get a lead on “The Viper”. No dice, they are having about as much luck as Morgan is convincing Casey to allow access to Alex. We observe Chuck and Sarah at a cocktail party socially working the crowd to get a lead on the assassin. In the middle of the mingling, someone manhandles grabs Chuck and pulls into the pool! Naturally Sarah jumps right in and low and behold it is a Team Chuck a pool party! The sight of a wet Yvonne Strahovski certainly raised my interest!

Chuck S5x04 - Sarah gets wet to save Chuck

Chuck S5x04 - Chuck and Sarah party by the pool

The Buy More “Sales Person of the Year” party continues as Chuck and Sarah mingle and have “fun” with their co-workers. Although on a mission, the moment reminds them to reflect back to the earlier scene of what “normal” life is with Devon and Ellie.

The party comes to an end as one of the characters named “Crazy Bob” (David Koechner) escorts Chuck to his room. Can this person be “The Viper”. Casey’s equipment confirms that “Crazy Bob” is hiding something.

Chuck S5x04 - Sarah knocks out Crazy Bob the Bunny Man

Sarah is dispatched to “Crazy Bob” room. She knocks at the door and is invited Bob informs Sarah that he is aware she is not who she says she is and neother is he! In a hugely funny moment, we learn that “Crazy Bob” enjoys dressing up in bunny costumes! Sarah quickly knocks out the kinky “Crazy Bob the Bunny Man!”.

Chuck S5x04 - Choking Chuck

In the next second we hear a loud noise. It turns out that the bartender from the party has attacked Chuck! Our hero Sarah knocks the bartender out cold. Do they have “The Viper”?

Chuck S5x04 - Sarah saves Chuck

Chuck S5x04 - Casey goes to convince the bartenderBack at Castle Chuck and Sarah work on the bartender to get him to understand the contract on Morgan has been called off. We witness Casey as he enters the holding cell to “convince” “The Viper”.

When I even thought of being in a holding cell with Casey, I immediately knew this is not exactly where I would want to be under any circumstances!

How about you?Chuck S5x04 - Morgan uses Caseys cell phone to text Alex

The scene switch allows the writers a chance for Morgan to get a hold of Casey’s cell phone. Morgan sends Alex a text message to meet “him” at the Buy More. A perfect foil, Alex thinks the text is from her father.

Chuck S5x04 - Devon examines JeffsterBack to Doctor Devon, he happily informs Jeffster that he is made a lot of improvement from his days of carbon monoxide-poisoning.

To this reviewers delight and Lester’s chagrin, Jeffster has become a more normal and healthy person now!

Just as we are about to cheer for Jeffster, Ellie enters the room and takes Clara from him. She really Chuck S5x04 - Ellie wants to hug Clara(REALLY) wants more time with her baby! Awwwww. Devon takes notice and is thankful for what being normal means.

With this accomplished, Morgan is desperate to explain his terrible behavior to Alex at the Buy More. Morgan spills the beans stating: “There was a super computer in my head melting my brain”.

Chuck S5x04 - Alex does not believe MorganSadly Alex does not believe Morgan at this point being completely unaware of what he has been through. This reviewer felt sorry for “poor” Morgan. *Sniff*.

A quick scene switch at the Buy More: Lester has figured out a way to get his old buddy Jeffster back. He inserts a hose under the lunch room door where Jeff and Big Mike are at. Lester has attached the hose to the tailpipe of Jeff’s van to “restore” his friend to the way he was. Poor Big Mike! Will he become another Jeffster?

Chuck S5x04 - Lester hooks up the hose

Chuck S5x04 - Big Mike and Jeffster get gassed

Chuck S5x04 - Chuck realizes it was far too easyAs Chuck is finishing interrogating the bartender, he suddenly realizes that the capture was far too easy. Chuck puts two and two together and figures out that someone else is involved! We then find out that a car bomb has been put under the gas pedal. The entire thing is a diversion to get Morgan!

The seemingly innocent Jane (Catherine Dent), who Sarah had met at the “Salesperson of the Year” convention party appears at the Buy More. “I’m looking for Morgan Grimes,” she tells a sales associate. OMG Jane is “The Viper”!Chuck S5x04 - The Viper asks where is Morgan Grimes

The whole magic of Chuck kicks in as all hell breaks loose! Morgan gets a text from Chuck who s busy saving Sarah. Chuck warns him about Jane. Morgan quickly grabs Alex and drags her through the Buy More! In true slap stick comedy, Casey thinks Morgan is kidnapping his daughter and goes non-linear.

Meanwhile Jeffster virtually immune to the carbon monoxide saves Big Mike. The Buy More fills with the noxious smoke as a worker sets the fire alarm off causing mass confusion. Morgan stashes hides Alex in a closet to keep her safe.

Chuck S5x04 - Morgan safely stashes Alex in closet

Sarah calls Jane to divert her attention as she continues her mission to kill Morgan. As Jane closes in on Morgan, Sarah sneaks up on “Jane The Viper”holding a gun at point blank range on her. YAY! “The Viper” is caught and Morgan is saved to once again try to convince Casey to allow him to see Alex again!

Chuck S5x04 - Sarah sneaks up on The Viper

Chuck S5x04 - Lester is arrestedAs the episode winds down Jeffster confronts Lester about his recent bad deeds calmly informing him that he has agreed to Lester’s arrest. Lester is shocked by this revelation as he is about to head to jail!

As General Beckman and Decker are observed at a video conference, “The Viper” and her side-kick the bartender are with Sarah, Casey and Chuck. General Beckman compliments Team Chuck for their accomplishment while evil Decker seemingly agrees, however this reviewer noticed that something is amiss here. Decker is obviously not sincere.Chuck S5x04 - Caset gets the vibe with Sarah

Colonel Casey picks up on the vibe. Both he and Sarah know that Decker has not called the hit off! Casey assures Sarah that he will attend to the details.

A sad moment then occurs for Morgan as he and Alex are seen at the apartment complex. Alex informs Morgan they are not going to be getting back together, but perhaps they can still be friends. Morgan is visibly crushed, but Sarah comes to his rescue and invites them over for hors d’oeuvres. Alex, a bit wary, asks if her father Casey will be there. Sarah knows why indicating that that “Dad” is likely to be a little late for the gathering.

Chuck S5x04 - Casey in action
Why? Casey is on a mission of his own: Retribution on Jane “The Viper”. Surrounded by a team of her men, Decker has let her go! We see her talking with Decker on the phone about eliminating all who know of her cover. Sorry “Jane The Viper”, Colonel Casey is on to you and before she can bat an eye, Jane and her crew Casey quickly eliminates the entire compliment of bad players.

Chuck S5x04 - The end of The Viper

Chuck S5x04 - Dinner is called earlyWe near the end of the episode with what appears to be an upbeat note. The entire Team Chuck is gathering at his apartment drinking wine and enjoying the hors d’oeuvres. Always late to the party “Dad” Casey comes in and apologizes for being late. With the whole crew now there, Sarah raises a glass to toast to their friendship.

Morgan, although still in love with Alex gingerly approaches Casey about his plan to not see her again. Morgan promises Casey to not bother Alex. However we all breathe a sigh of relief when Casey softens and forgives Morgan!

Chuck S5x04 - Indiana Jones DVDs

To my surprise Colonel Casey invites Morgan to live with him again. Crisis over, Casey gives Morgan a set of Indiana Jones DVDs. YAY! Morgan wins and is back in the family!Chuck S5x04 - Decker at the door

Hors d’oeuvres and cocktail wine time now over, the Chuck gang sits down to enjoy dinner and each other’s company. Suddenly there is an unexpected knock on the door breaking up the party.

The episode ends with dear agent Decker coming to arrest Casey for murder! The cliffhanger does a nice job of setting up the next episode where Carrie-Anne Moss will once again guest star and enjoy the “company” of Colonel Casey while Chuck works to free his friend!

Chuck S5x04 - Stunned at the Casey arrest news

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