Warehouse 13 “Trials” S3x02 A Journey into Healing From Past Memories!

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Hi, Warehouse 13 fans!

It is so great to have Warehouse 13 on TV again! I do not know about some people, but I for one missed this Fav SyFy Logo Chain Links - Click to visit WH13 on Syfy!amazing show while it was off air for a time starring Allison Scagliotti, Aaron Ashmore, CCH Pounder, Eddie McClintockGenelle WilliamsJoanne Kelly, and Saul Rubinek.

As we saw in the last episode, a new guy has joined the team! With a last name of “Jinx”, although it is spelled “Jinks” this could get interesting!

The man can tell when you are lying or being truthful. Come to think of it, maybe he is related to my Mother. She too had this uncanny ability. Jinks really had no idea at all what the job entailed, being a Warehouse agent. but this was a whole new career opportunity for our Mr. Jinks. He just did not know it yet! He was resistant at first, of course who would not be?

WH 13 S03x1 Hendrix's Gutar!
I enjoyed the last episode’s opening, having been a musician for over thirty years…  involving a guitar once played by none other than Jimi Hendrix!  I would have loved to just HOLD that guitar, for just a few minutes!Our Agents Claudia, Artie and Peter were trying to get into the room so Claudia could bend the pitch of the strings.

WH 13 S03x1 Claudia ROCKS out!

Jinks -who, at this time was an agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) could detect truth from lies just like that, he just KNEW if someone was conning him. Artie finally just told the truth and Jinks believed him telling them to go in and fix the problem. Once that was done, Artie had to tesla-stun Jinks so they could get away.

Later, Jinks is in his home and receives a voice-mail from who we know to be Mrs. Frederick. “Turn on your lights. I need to speak to you”.Jinks turns the light switch and there are Mrs. Frederick with two others. Mrs. Frederick is scary in how she can just appear as if from nowhere. Thankfully, my bosses have never been like that! Those words from Mrs. Frederick to Steve Jinks says it all… “A world of Endless Wonder!”. Jinks is being asked to join the Warehouse team.

WH13 S03x02 Steve Jinks
Jinks arrives at Warehouse 13 to be met by Claudia who opens the door for him and -Shades of Peters’ first day, “Artie made cookies”. In the episode, the Warehouse team dealt with a manuscript of Shakespearean writings by an embittered playwright. Whenever someone got a page or passage of the artifact, they started to become cut, stabbed or even in one case bitten by a snake. Key was for the dying to recite the prose in the play to survive. As most people did not realize what to do, they wound up dying. Agent Jinks almost met this fate!  We also saw our favourite BAMF return, our wonderful Myka!!

WH13 S03x02 Myka is Back

Agent Jinks was, I guess one could say, a tried by fire Warehouse agent… After all, he WAS almost killed by an artifact!


We open in this episode with an airline pilot and his colleague coming in to final descent to Seattle. The pilot suddenly loses his ability to fly the plane. It is as if his mind has gone blank.  It would make you think he was having a transient ischemic attack, or ‘Mini-stroke”.

WH13 S03x02 Pilot Memories wiped
As the commotion happens on the plane, we see Myka settling in to her place as a warehouse agent again. Morning meeting is discussing the Pilot. Peter wants to take a train to Seattle as he apparently doesn’t like to fly.

WH13 S03x02 Myka sees morning meeting

Artie is telling Steve Jinks and Claudia that they are going to Boston, as an auction house is going to be auctioning off the butcher knife which once belonged to Mary Mallon (Typhoid Mary) The knife enables its’ owner to transmit its’ disease or injury to anyone. Artie tells Steve and Claudia to go, bid, win! Claudia asks if Artie is not coming along, but Artie is off to a memorial service to a regent who had been killed in a boating accident. Claudia is excited to get her own mission!

WH13 S03x02  Auction Catalogue

Now in Seattle, the Doctor is telling Pete about the pilot. Yesterday this was an accomplished pilot, and now he has regressed to a five-year-old mentality. Physically, he is fine. At that same moment, a surgeon also gets the strange look on her face, as her mind is also wiped. While she has not regressed as severely as the pilot, she too is now like a teenager, asking for her “Mom” and saying she wants to go home.

WH13 S03x02 Doctor talks about Pilot


WH13 S03x02 Claudia Bids

Claudia and Steve are in the auction house bidding on Mary Mallon’s knife. Claudia has also given Steve a nickname: “Poopy-Pants”. It is after the auction they are told by the curator that the artifact was in fact a fake. The real one has been stolen!! They find out a janitor who was working there had left early. He did not go home ‘sick’, he had actually quit the job. The Curator said that the Janitor was an older man, that maybe the work was a bit too much for him. The Janitor’s name by the way? Owen Larson! Off they go to try to find this Owen Larson fellow!

WH13 S03x02 Custodian Left
Pete and Myka find a connection to the two people who are in hospital, they both ate at a place called Jalapeno Harry’s. That is also the scene of a murder of one of the waitresses who worked there. Peter tries to get information from “Ken” the server there. Ken tries to tell them what he can, but the police and all coming around, it is scaring the customers.

WH13 S03x02  Ken at restaurant
The night she was killed was April sixth and that is also the night those two people were there for their dinners. Two customers are being called as witnesses to the murder…. Our two victims! Peter is now telling Myka that the suspect is a Jeffery Sedolia, that he is presently in custody and the trial starts next week.

WH13 S03x02 Restaurant tie-in
Myka tells Peter via the cell phone that they had better work fast. The Pilot is now catatonic and has no memories, the doctors feel the involuntary actions will soon quit as well. Swallowing, and even breathing.

Claudia and Steve Jinks are now on stakeout outside of Larson’s residence. They are hoping to find Mary Mallon’s knife and retrieve it. Claudia is getting a bit big headed about being a senior agent, and Steve is calling her on it. Claudia thinks Steve is attracted to her, but he clarifies that he is, in fact, Gay. Okay, I can see this coming in handy in a future episode, but otherwise I saw no reason to bring that into the storyline at all… Unless he is telling Claudia that to have her back off from him. Who knows?

WH13 S03x02  Claudia and Jinks in car

Jinks is also a Buddhist type and tries to get Claudia to park her ego in the back seat, accept that she IS in fact a good agent. Claudia’s over exuberance about being the lead agent in this mission stems from her own lack of confidence, Jinks knew this from the get-go.

Now, we are in the jailhouse with Jeffery Sedolia. He is telling them he is innocent and that may be a cliche, but he maintains he did not do the murder. Peter and Myka talk to him about why their victims are getting sick. Jeffery’s Lawyer is trying to imply the Warehouse agents are trying something for the prosecution, but they are not. “Shouldn’t you be trying to protect Eric?” asked the lawyer.

WH13 S03x02 With Jeffery and Sawyer in lailhouse

Peter and Myka know nothing about this man. Jeffery Sedola is now giving up a name of someone else: Eric Bell. Jeffery claims he drove Eric home that night. His Lawyer says the prosecution will claim Jeffery drove back to the restaurant to kill the waitress….”Tire tracks match his car” he concludes.

Peter and Myka learn the Mother of the murdered woman is very vocal, having been on the news every night about the case. At the completion of their interview, a reporter named Courtney Moore and her team walk in for an appointment to interview the Mother….Again. Like, ‘Every evening’ “Again”.

WH13 S03x02 Courtney Moore et al
Peter and Myka don’t seem to like this. It strikes me that the reporter and the mother of the waitress already have Jeffery Sedolia tried and convicted in their mindset. I would also point out that has been happening in real life as well. A very famous case in Florida had all these same elements…Art imitating life, perhaps? Media can infect the public opinion, making a fair trial almost next to impossible.

Claudia and Steve Jinks are awkwardly chatting in the car and see Lawson leaving his place. Claudia and Steve approach Larson, but Larson pepper-sprays Steve in the face. The chase is on and as Larson runs up an alley, a car door opens and Artie is there!  The door slams Larson down who now is writhing and yelling “My knee… my knee!!” Artie and Larson both grab for the artifact, we can see the transfer of energy between Artie and Larson.  –I think I spotted a ‘blooper’ The transfer should go from User (Handle) to Victim (Blade).  If it is omnidirectional, that is fine, but the effect is much better, in my humble opinion, if there is a one-way path to the energy transfer.–

WH13 S03x02 Mary's Knife energy transfer

Unfortunately, Larson gets away. Claudia knows Artie was spying on her. She feels in a way, hurt that Artie doesn’t trust her. But he does, really, I think he was looking over her to feel proud of her. I doubt he would have stepped in if there were not a good reason to do so. Artie really does care for his agents and can sometimes come off as a ‘Mother hen’ over their well being.

WH13 S03x02  Eric Bell and Mom Sarah
Peter and Myka are back in the hospital, and we see Eric Bell is also affected! He is like a child wanting to see “Jeffy” as his mother tells him “No, Honey, he can’t come play.” Mrs. Bell says he has been like this all day. They find out that Courtney Moore has been speaking to the witnesses and now feel she is behind their afflictions. Myka is interrupted in talking to Peter as he too falls into a state of confusion and memory loss! He seems to be like a teenager, telling Myka “Aw, man… you’re Hot!…Who are you?” and is no longer the Professional Peter we know.

WH13 S03x02 Peter's mind going
Well, I guess it is NOT the Reporter after all!! As Peter is now in a hospital bed, he is acting like he has just lost his father. His sister is going to college in a couple of years. “Everybody’s always leaving me” … It is as if Peter has gone back to another time in his mind, before Myka, Mrs. Frederick, the Warehouse… Myka goes to see Courtney Moore at the newsroom and while questioning her, COURTNEY is now mentally wiped out!

WH 13 S03x02 Courtney's mind-gone

Seems Courtney tried to get into Jeffery Sedolia’s lawyer’s face, Jeffery told Myka “She folded like laundry.” The attorney, Sawyer stood up to Courtney and it did not go well for her. Seems all of our inflicted people have Sawyer in common and now the connection is being made to him. But…How? How is he doing this?

Claudia gets a ping on the Farnsworth and they have found Larson. Off they go, and they think they know why he took the knife! As our team enter a hospital, we hear the ‘artifact’ sound. We see the handle of the knife in a young man’s hand as he lies in the bed as an eerie light travels from the young man’s hand up through the knife to Larson’s hand.

WH 13 S03x02 Mary's Knife Larson-Son
Larson sees Jinks and Claudia enter the room and tells them “You’re too late. You can take me away now… but you’re too late” “We’re not here to take you away, we just want the knife!” Claudia tells him. Larson says “He’s my son! It’s not fair…Now it is!” Steve looks on the young man in the bed and says “Cancer.” as Larson continues: “Leukemia.” Steven says “I’m sorry…” Larson tells them “I couldn’t just let him die, he has a little boy!” As Larson sets the knife down next to a picture of the young man and his son,

WH 13 S03x02 Knife by son's picture
Claudia says “So you started researching cures.”.  “Anything” Larson agreed. “Even a crackpot theory on an urban myth website about Typhoid Mary’s knife.” Steve concluded “That’s why you took the job at the auction house, to get the knife.”. Larson carried it further: “Sounds insane! A knife that could transfer illness, but when I gave that fella my busted knee, well…!” Claudia said “But that means… now YOU’RE sick” “Now it’s fair.” said Larson “My boy’s life is just starting out. He can watch his son grow up, protect him. Now it’s fair”.

WH 13 S03x02 Dad with Son
Larson looks as if he wants to cry as he asks them if they are going to arrest him for taking the knife. I like what Steve Jinks said “No. We don’t go after bad guys, we go after artifacts” At this time, Larson’s son wakes and sits up in bed looking confused at all of them.

Myka is now in the newsroom and Courtney’s assistant is showing her something he was made to promise not to share with anyone. The video of Sawyer telling Courtney off in front of the courthouse. Myka notices Sawyer is wearing a tie clip of an interesting design. All the people effected were those who had been in contact with Sawyer.”Who wears a tie clip anymore?” Myka asks softly.

WH 13 S03x02 Tie Clip on video
In the jailhouse, Myka is told by Sawyer he had received the tie clip as a gift, no note. He said it sounds silly, but he feels confident when he wears it. The clip is nice looking and has “W.W” on it. They tie it to asking questions… Walter Winchell Winchell was famous for pulling information out of people.

WH 13 S03x02 Close-up of Tie Clip

Myka sees Winchell’s photo on the Farnsworth as Lena tells her about him and she notices that there is also a set of cufflinks on Mr. Winchell as well. Lena asks her “You think this is a bifurcated artifact?”  Myka surmises “If the Tie clip pulls memories out of people, maybe the cufflinks put them back in…! Winchell didn’t leave a trail of brain-dead interviewees… I need to find those cufflinks!”

WH 13 S03x02 Matching Cuff links
Lena has already done some homework. Seems a cub reporter was working at the news agency when Winchell started, a Louis Thompson. Thompson’s granddaughter; Sara Bell and her son Eric are living in Seattle!

Myka goes to the hospital to find Eric is gone, and Mrs. Bell had check him out about an hour ago. “A miraculous recovery!” the doctor said “It’s weird… He’s fine, now!” Off goes Myka to track them down! But she stops to reassure Peter she will be back. Myka is now at the Bell household. Myka has a Tesla gun on Mrs. Bell turns the garbage disposal on, threatening to drop the cufflinks into it. Myka is trying to appeal to her for them.

WH 13 S03x02 Eric and Mom at home
Eric comes in and says “It was an accident! I have to pay for what I did1′. Eric is ready to step up to the plate like an adult and face the fact he killed someone. He is shocked to learn about the tie clip and cufflinks, how his mother used them to ‘protect’ her son. Eric goes to his mother after Myka took a shot at the switch, turning the kitchen dispoal off by bullet… Eric gently hugs his mother, takes the cufflinks and hands them over to Myka.

WH 13 S03x02 Peter comes back!
Peter is restored by looking at the cufflinks. The others will also be back to normal now as a nice song plays in the background. Claudia and Steve watch Larson’s family together in the medical center and the artifact (s) are safely put away in the warehouse.

WH 13 S03x02 Larson and family in Med Center

Now in a meeting area the Regents are speaking to Myka, who has agreed to come back. They needed to know and they needed her to know she was ready to return. The story about the waitress and her murder came out here as well: Eric Bell was dating the waitress in secret and when she tried to break up with him and he had gone to the restaurant to try to talk her out of leaving him. Apparently it “Ended Badly” as one of the Regents put it. Myka had a lot of self-doubt and regret after the trust she had placed in H. G. Wells who turned out to be a bad one. Myka needed to trust herself again. “Welcome Back!” they tell her.

WH 13 S03x02 Myka and Regents

My Take…For what it is worth…

I notice the common theme in this episode is Parental love for their offspring. Parents will stop at nothing to protect their ‘children’. Be it from a criminal act, or devastating illness. But, I also wonder, how may of us go to those old pawn shops and look trough the old jewelry trays of rings, pendents and what-not, thinking perhaps we may find a hidden treasure? When I was younger, I would go with my mom and look through all the old things, hoping to find a “Junk” ring that would turn out to be real gems and gold! Or to find a framed picture, maybe to secretly a map to a treasure chest! I would wonder if the huge pendent in the window had once been worn by a Knight or some hot shot in history.

But, alas, I was not as fortunate as Harry Winston, The Diamond man of Jewelry fame. HE is the one who saw a tray of junk rings and one ring caught his attention. He bought it with his allowance-Legend has it 25¢- and Harry loved the vibrant green stone in it. …I would too. Darn thing was a real emerald and when re-cut fetched a small fortune of that era! I love to go through antique shops, pawn shops and sometimes, albeit not worth a lot of money, I have indeed found nice little things which I still use today.

So, maybe I will never find the elusive jewelry or “Old table” worth thousands of dollars. But maybe, just maybe… our next trip to that little shop could net us an Artifact of a bygone age. I do hope we would know how to wield that kind of power.

Join us next week for Warehouse 13 on SyFy channel when Sasha Roiz and Lindsay Wagner join the show! This will be another great episode!

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