Van Helsing: Coming Back, Don’t Wrap Yourself In A Flag Yet!

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Welcome WormholeRiders and Van Helsing Vampires!

What’s the difference between the insane out of control vampires vs the one’s that give the orders?

The one’s giving the orders are keeping up their strength by draining normal humans of the needed life blood, slowly and painfully.

The others are freely running the streets, attacking randomly. This is the difference.

Do not for a second forget that they can all think and continue to show the tactful art of survival!


Coming Back:

Don’t Wrap Yourself in a Flag Yet!

Van Helsing S1x04 Axel plans their defense against the vampires
Axel plans their defense against the vampires

We’ve seen Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) and his crew planning their defense against Julius to protect Vanessa (Kelly Overton) from the vampires who are hunting her for some reason.

Julius (Aleks Paunovic) seems to have a female counterpart named Rebecca (Laura Mennell). Oh, we see Rebecca alright, and the male she has in her bed. Looks like the only way he can please her, is dead.

This death was witnessed by one of the resistance, Sheema (Naika Toussaint), who was watching from an air duct. Sheema was a little too loud, Rebecca heard her moving through the air ducts!

Flesh formerly the human named Phil (Vincent Gale) is trying to explain Julius to Doc (Rukiya Bernard), how he like to kill his captives slowly, he likes the pain they go through. Flesh tells Doc she was lucky, she was fed and kept safe. Doc is shaking her head, you can see the gears in her head clicking. She doesn’t feel lucky, not yet anyway.

Flesh awakes from a nightmare to a bigger problem. It looks like Cynthia (Avery Konrad) has killed herself while everyone else slept. Vanessa wants to leave, they are all beginning to turn on each other but Axle shuts her down by saying ‘nobody is leaving’!

Van Helsing S1x04 Trezzo Mahoro as Mohamad
Trezzo Mahoro as Mohamad

While Sheema makes is back to the resistance and we learn somethings about what is going on, we meet Mohamad (Trezzo Mahoro).

While Doc is cleaning up Cynthia, canvassing her shoes, and getting her ready for the chute, she notices that Cynthia was in fact killed before she was hung and also, she has a missing finger! Someone inside the hospital killed her! All while Flesh slept in the same area……really?

The vampires are making the humans provide smoke cover to keep it darker longer, they are working 2 shifts at a power plant to keep this smoke cover going. Between working the power plant and being regularly drained of blood, hope is dying.

There’s a guy, Brendon (Terry Chen), he has an American flag he brings out, its neatly folded and he reminds them that he remembers when people were free, before the world was taken over by the vampires! They should never give up hope. Sometimes hope is all you have!

Van Helsing S1x04 Vanessa finds Mohamed
Vanessa finds Mohamad

Axel goes to tell the others about Cynthia when the fire alarm goes off! They find the fire, purposely set as a diversion by Vanessa, so she can escape! Mohamad has followed her and while the code she is using is not working, Mohamad knows the correct one and they are out!

Axle is pissed! He wants to go find her but Doc is advising him to not go! She wants to find out who Cynthia’s killer is and she needs him to stay put, at the hospital! He heads up to the roof and finds Sam, Mohamad has left him a goodbye note, they were friends. One good thing, Axle mentions that the seeds are popping, maybe they can grow some food.

Vanessa and Mohamad have gone back to her apartment, looking for closure, possibly a lead to the whereabouts of Ryan, Vanessa’s daughter. Mohamad has found some cans of peaches! Vanessa doesn’t seem to find anything but they do get to enjoy the peaches! Also, Vanessa has a shotgun stashed in a wall! Good, cause they are going to need it! She does notice bloody footprints, they are Ryan’s, leaving the apartment! It seems Ryan did survive, at least the initial onslaught! Vanessa says they should go to the police department to see if there is any evidence there that could help the find Ryan!

Axle gathers those remaining at the hospital and informs them about Cynthia’s murder, they pretty much start turning on each other! Axle takes control and gets them to calm down, for the moment.

Van Helsing S1x04 Vanessa finds survivors
Vanessa finds survivors

Vanessa and Mohamad come upon a group of survivors being attacked by trolling vampires, Vanessa kills one of them but the other one runs away! These people need help, they are not safe. Then a little girl begs Vanessa for help, her name is Callie and Vanessa promises to take them all to the hospital.

Mohamad is not happy about this! This group has a leader and his name is Brendan, they all feel helpless right now but this group could help them all! You need more than 6 people to start making a difference in this new world, they are going to need more to take back what has been lost!

Julius has been informed about Vanessa and his order is to kill the rest and bring her to him! This is one mean vampire people! Oh, who is the woman giving Julius orders, well this is his momma!

Van Helsing S1x04 Vanessa is captured by Julius and Rebecca
Vanessa is captured by Julius and Rebecca

She tells Julius to keep Vanessa and use her…….guess we will see how this goes! Julius, by his own words is taking orders from another and its not his momma. This web gets tighter and tighter.

Oh my gosh! Maybe it’s Rebecca – giving the orders to Julius! I’m guessing people…..still….could be!

While helping the human group get to the hospital they are surrounded by vampires sent to capture Vanessa! Vanessa orders Mohamad to go —- take them to the safety of the hospital!

Vanessa is left on her own!

Mohamad makes it to the hospital and everyone gets in! Axle is so mad but what can he do now, they are there and then Callie asks if Vanessa is coming.

Meanwhile the vampires overpowered Vanessa and have captured her, chained her to a metal grate, put a muzzle on her and are on the way to deliver her to Julius!

All I can say is they know not what they are dealing with! Our girl has powers!

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