The Listener: Season 2, Episode 4 – “The Brothers Volkov”

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“Special Guest Star: Dmitry Chepovetsky (ReGenesis)

Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) and Michelle McKluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) investigate a suspicious homicide when a Russian Consul General is found dead and his son, protected by diplomatic immunity, confesses to his murder.” Quoted from

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you have not seen this episode, then stop right now. If you do not mind, then by all means, enjoy the read.

I am so sorry that I have not had this review out when I usually do, but with the circumstances, I just could not get my thoughts into the right frame of mind with the tragedy in Japan. I needed to focus on my friend who has family over there in the midst of all this. I’m happy to report that they are all safe. Now  I can focus on the job at hand.

When Mr. Esmer portraying Osman ‘Oz’ Bey first put out the tweet of a link showing a short video of clips to all the episodes for this season, one stood out for me. That was one with the autistic young man. I tried asking to get a heads up as to when this episode would actual air, but it did not get answered. And low and behold, the episode I have the pleasure to write on right now is just that one. So let me apologize right now during this as I might divert off, as I am a mom of an autistic son. So a lot of my emotion may reflect in this review.

So let us get started. First of all, where this show is based in Toronto, I cannot help but to show off yet another beautiful shot of this amazing city.

I will continue on with the things that stuck out for me. With so many aspects as to what went on in this episode, trying to pinpoint one thing over the other was hard. There was so many different things going on.

First we have what appeared to be a slam-dunk case of a son confessing to his father’s murder, to a cover up, to what really happened. Then we have this young autistic boy, another son of the deceased, who Toby seems to want to try and help. I think I will touch on a bit of both of them.

When we meet up with Toby and Oz, they were called to a mansion that housed a Russian diplomat Fyodor Volkov (Kresimir Bosiljevac). That is when Toby first got a “reading” that there was something more to what Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) was being told.

Of course, poor Michelle was pulled away from a gallery opening to take over. The other Sgt. wasn’t that pleased, but if you want to solve cases, you need to have a secret component. Unfortunately, Michelle’s open-shut case has gotten complicated from what Toby has “seen”.

Back at IIB’s headquarters, Toby tells Michelle that if she could just get some sort of response out of Dmitry, (Elias Toufexis) he would see if he could “see” what really happened. From what Toby could gather was that there was indeed someone else in the house at the time of the murder and that Dmitry was protecting someone else. Who will become apparent later.

Of course, this is where my attention started to focus towards a different route. When Toby and Michelle decided to go and visit the younger brother, Pavel (Jesse Bostick). He shares the same father, but a different mother from the other two. So excuse me if I divert off a bit.

I wished to goodness that I had a house big enough that I could have this set up for Brett. He loves train sets, though his is more of the wooden type. But I am sure that if we had the actual space, he would no doubt have this set up.

This was a brilliant scene. I can not really say how many autistic kids are really like this, but I know a few from the camp we attend every year. They are all in a different place on the scale. Some are like this character, some are more outgoing and verbal, and some are like Brett, know enough words to let you know what his needs and wants are. Some kids like this character can’t stand to be touched. They have a big problem with sensory, weather it is touch, sound, or sometimes even the taste of certain foods can make them flare up.

But thanks to his worker, for a lack of a better word, Katja (Vlada Verevko), she was able to get his mind off the incidence and focus back on his train again.

Toby was needed again to go see Pavel. To see if he could “see” how he thinks and perceives his place in this world.

With a gift in hand Katja lets him in.

This was a nice scene as well. This time when Toby dropped by, Pavel did not back away from his train set, but instead let Toby into his space. A lot of the time, autistic kids will make noises or tantrum to let you know that you’re invading their space and to go away. Least, that was the case with Brett, and it still is to some degree.

After adding in the two new characters into Pavel’s “world”, Toby was able to “see” a bit more into Pavel’s head. This is when Toby seen that Pavel knows a lot more then what everyone is giving him credit for. And sadly, that is still going on. These kids are very bright, if you just sat back and watched what they can do, they will amaze you. Trust me, I know from watching Brett, and seeing what he makes come to life as he creates things from just cardboard and tape.

Later when Toby was back at the station talking with Oz, he asked how Oz’s uncle managed to “break through” the wall? He was told, “find one common ground” and that should help to get the message in. That’s when Toby had an idea.

At the IIB headquarters, Michelle and Dev Clark (Rainbow Sun Francks) were going their own investigation to the murder. They found out that there were more then one person in the house, and that they (meaning Dmitry and Katja) were protecting someone. But what they didn’t know was that Pavel seen the person who really done it. This is where the “common ground” comes into play.

They bring Pavel in for questioning.

After much coaxing, Toby was able to get Pavel to look up at the person really responsible for what had happened. To Toby’s surprise, it was the oldest of the other two brothers, Yuri (Dmitry Chepovetsky)

With this new knowledge, Michelle questioned how she was to arrest Yuri when they only have Toby’s word as to what he seen when no one else knows his gift. Toby informed Michelle that the statue was wiped down twice. Once by Dmitry to protect Pavel, and once by Yuri, who actually killed their father. Toby told her that she find that cloth, she will be able to arrest Yuri.

With that, they did in fact find the cloth used to initially wipe off his prints, and plant it in Pavel’s hands. Michelle and Dev persuaded Yuri that it’s safer for him to stand trial here in Canada, then it would have been if he went back to Russia. So he stayed.

Toby visiting Pavel to bring back his things he borrowed from the train set at IIB

Pavel actually saying “Thank You” to Toby.

This is the best of all, the look on their faces that Pavel “connected” with someone outside of those he knows.

Toby feeling up with a bit of tears that he was able to help. This is the part that made me cry the most. Thank you for that by the way. 🙂

I wish to thank you all for taking the time to read this very hard review. And I do apologize for just concentrating on the autism aspect of it.  With my background, it could not be helped since it is an important subject we should all be aware of. I do hope that you enjoyed this review nonetheless.

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