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As we approach mid season of Mayans MC, the circumstances and challenges that several main characters are dealing with comes into focus for the admirers of the series. Each of these challenges revolve around family or interpersonal issues that almost everyone can relate to in their own lives in an exciting episode that features a huge ensemble cast!

Specifically, the episode focus is on EZ (JD Pardo) and the mutual growing attraction to Sofia (Andrea Cortés), Emily Thomas Galindo (Sarah Bolger) who is on the run from the authorities and drug cartels, Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino), ex drug cartel leader, who has been hiding out at a convent, Adelita (Carla Baratta) and her kidnapped baby (Maverick James), and importantly more on Nails (Justina Adorno) who is estranged from her husband Angel (Clayton Cardenas).

Mayans MC S4x05 Sofia shares her PTSD with EZ
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A special much appreciated focus is paid to those suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). One example is Gilly (Vincent Vargas) experiences it firsthand when his friend Paul (C.M. Punk) goes non linear locking himself in a room with his child, begging the youngster to kill him. Another PTSD situation develops when Sofia shares an intimate tragedy from her life she feels responsible for. with EZ that ultimately results in drawing the two much closer together.

Mayans MC S4x05 Hope prays Coco will return home safely
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Tragically, in what appears to be a blossoming relationship between Coco (Richard Cabral) and Hope (Vanessa Giselle), when during the very last scene, when Coco promised to be home the next day, things take a tragic turn at the end of the episode that frankly blew my mind as the entire Mayans fandom went crazy in disbelief.

Finally, for perspective on where the series is going in the second half of the season, viewers must recall that the Sons of Anarchy are planning revenge war with all the Mayans when a leather jacket belonging to another SOA member is found stuffed in a fifty gallon drum. This earlier discovery is what leads to an all out war between the Mayans and the SOA!



Death of the Virgin:
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The episode opens with Anna Linares (Efrat Dor) and her husband. It seems to be a pleasant scene until we realize what we are looking at, they are seen with Adelita’s baby! As viewers will recall, Adelita had tracked down her kidnapped child after learning that it was still alive. As we speculated during our review of Self Portrait in a Blue Bathroom, Adelita was going to kill the perpetrators of the kidnapping to get her baby back.

Mayans MC S4x05 Adelitas mercy to her babies kidnapper
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At that time, and although Efrat has appeared in previous Mayans seasons, we coulfd not know absolutely for certain that Anna was directly involved in the kidnapping. Anna tells Adelita that she is the child’s real mother having raised the waif and to have mercy on them. Adelita buffers out what is being said and quickly dispatches Anna and her husband. Snatching her baby, telling Anna “Here’s your mercy”, as Adelita pumps several more rounds into Anna’s body! No more Anna. Adelita leaves the premises in an agitated but relieved state now that she has her .

Mayans MC S4x05 Nails and Angel discuss baby names
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We segue to Nails and Angel who are coming up with possible names for their baby that Nails is carrying. It is obvious that Angel is continuing to struggle with his forthcoming fatherhood. Nails, although quite aware of his reticence, is as pleasant as possible since she loves Angel. It appears that Nails hopes that things will work out over time. We hope that over the course of this season that Angel will be able to deal with this in a loving manner too.

Mayans MC S4x05 Galindo with young Tomas
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We are then with Galindo who has been on the run at a convent where his aunt Sister Teresa (Renee Victor) has been helping him to deal with his past life of evil doing. Sister Teresa offers to hear Galindo’s confession, but he is not ready. We have observed Galindo talking with a young man named Tomas (Adan Carrillo) who is also undercover at the convent with his father, Martin (Alejandro Cardenas) who is a local gang member. Martin makes it clear to his son to stay away from Galindo.  A bit later, Tomas goes missing with a panicked Martin searching for him. Next we see the local gang pulling into the convent and throwing Tomas onto the driveway demanding “he come out”.

Mayans MC S4x05 Galindo seeks guidance
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At first viewers may have thought it was a reference to Galindo only to find out they wanted Martin, who is taken away to be questioned and likely killed for trying to run away from the gang. Galindo is scared to death by the incident. A bit later Galindo goes to talk with his aunt. She tells Galindo that Felipe Reyes is his biological father. Galindo is suffering shock and shock and breaks down in tears over what has happened. We find Galindo in his aunt’s room, clearly affected by the death of his young friend Tomas. Galindo, admits that he is finally ready to confess his sins.

Mayans MC S4x05 Emily is hunted by private investigators
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Meanwhile, Emily is freaking out when she observes she is being followed by a man thinking it may be Cartel or United States government related which instead turns out to be another nightmare from the past. Emily runs away, but a woman pops out of the bushes and says “they found her”, revealing they are private investigators. Emily learns they are working for a mother of a past Mayans character named Marlon Buskar.

Mayans MC S4x05 Emily is questioned about the past
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Viewers will have to search their memories for season two events when Marlon shot himself while fighting with EZ who was protecting Emily. Marlon’s mother doesn’t believe he tried to take his own life. They continue to press Emily for information, but she doesn’t tell them anything and insists she hardly knew Marlon. Just before the detectives leave, they warn Emily to be careful, as they found her with relative ease. They also make clear they believe Emily hired someone to murder Marlon.

Mayans MC S4x05 EZ and Sofia together at the rescue center
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We move to EZ who is back at the animal rescue center seeking out Sofia. EZ makes up a lame excuse that he is returning the leash that Sofia gave EZ for Sally the pitbull. EZ is attracted to Sofia because she had told him about being patient with Sally. It’s clear that Sofia is having a bad hair day. Sofia opens up to EZ about why she is a mess and why he shouldn’t ask her out. In a past life, when Sofia was passed out and drunk, her daughter drowned in the pool. EZ gives Sofia a hug and decides to wait until pursuing her further.

Mayans MC S4x05 EZ visits Jay-Jay
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On the way back to the Mayan clubhouse, EZ drives to his prison pal Jay-Jay’s (Greg Serano) home.  EZ is concerned about how much Jay-Jay knows about EZ’s past ties to the United States government that EZ leveraged to get out of prison. Jay-Jay’s wife Andrea (Ophelia Montez), an old friend of EZ, arrives home breaking up their conversation. Jay-Jay tells EZ he will contact him later.

Mayans MC S4x05 Gilly intervenes during a PTSD incident
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We are with Gilly who has just helped his war pal Paul who is suffering from PTSD from begging his child from stabbing him. Gilly takes the child to EZ’s trailer with Sally, where he waits during the as members arrive at the Santo Padre clubhouse to make peace by honoring dead members. Canche (Jimmy Gonzales) and Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) tells him that reveals El Banquero (Guillermo Garcia), seeking revenge for the killing of his accountant, hasn’t delivered any shipments of drugs to the Mayans.

Mayans MC S4x05 Alvarez asks the Mayans to move on together
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Alvarez is with the various charters when he delivers a speech to all the Mayans club members that they need to move into the future and not dwell on past situations. To demonstrate this, Alvarez lays down his weapon on the ceremony table. EZ, the new Vice President, chats with members to stay calm as they honor the dead. Each ranking member goes to the gun and ejects a bullet and lays it on the table. However, during their interactions it becomes clear that Bishop (Michael Irby) is not happy with the way things have gone since he was demoted.

Mayans MC S4x05 Sofia makes a move on EZ
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At home that night, EZ gets a surprise visit from Sofia who uses the excuse that she does need the dog leash back. In fact, Sofia plans to seduce EZ. Our newest romantic pairing comes to fruition and the two become lovers. This Editor is hopeful that Sofia and EZ can help heal each other’s mental and emotional wounds since more pain to the Mayans is coming soon! During the seduction, Emily tries to call EZ for help about the private investigators, but his cell phone is on vibrate. As such EZ is unaware that Emily has reached out for help at this juncture. The question is whether Emily will make a play for EZ as well?

Mayans MC S4x05 Alvarez and Diaz conduct a private meeting
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Alvarez conducts a private meeting with Oakland charter President Diaz (Alex Fernandez) who tells Alvarez to disband the Santo Padre Mayans chapter because of the bad blood between the Bishop clan and other members. This after a fight broke out that EZ helps stop. Alvarez seems to agree with Diaz stating “Maybe it’s time to cut out the fucking cancer”. Will this actually take place in the future or will EZ  be able to help avoid the disbanding of the Santo Padre chapter?

Mayans MC S4x05 Coco calls Hope saying he will be home tomorrow
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The action literally moves to the Oakland Mayans chapter where Coco has accomplished his mission to bring a message of peace by honoring the dead to the Northern California chapter. As Coco is relaxing with fireworks to honor the dead Mayans, he calls his best friend and lover Hope. Hope reveals she needs his help with her drug addiction subsequent to an meltdown incident that occurred at her workplace earlier that day. Coco shares that he will be home tomorrow and that they will help each other with their struggles. Hope has a smile on her face as they end their call and viewers are hopeful for these two lovers and friends. It is something that may never happen.

Mayans MC S4x05 Adelita breaks down at what she has done
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We wind down our review of the episode with Adelita who experiences a PTSD episode of her own. We witness Adelita sobbing outside her car after rescuing her baby from Anna. Adelita, who has always portrayed herself, and projected a tough girl image, is obviously emotionally impacted as she screams in mental pain by what she has done that led up to killing Anna and her husband in order to get her kidnapped child back.

Mayans MC S4x05 Coco face down in a pool of blood
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The last sequence is a shocker! While the Oakland Mayans are honoring and remembering the dead, the Sons of Anarchy are waiting nearby to receive the final attack order we learned was ‘greenlit’ last week. Once received, two SOA members Terry (Greg Vrotsos) and another SOA soldier (Angel Rosario Jr.) get out of their vehicle firing what appear to be automatic weapons into the Mayans crowd who are mourning the dead from the earlier confrontation in Santo Padre.

The camera pans among the victims, and then slowly to Coco who is lying face down in a pool of blood! Is Coco really dead? Although it certainly looks that way, viewers will need to tune in next week for “When I Die, I Want Your Hands on My Eyes” to find out if our friend Coco, who overcame drug addiction is no longer there for Hope or the Mayans!



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