Mayans MC Review When I Die, I Want Your Hands on My Eyes – Fates Have Been Sealed!

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Hello my fellow Mayans MC fans,

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I am back with another detailed Mayans MC review and analysis.

As we pass the mid season with a war having been declared by the Sons of Anarchy, we are at a pivot point in the sixth episode of season four episode 6 entitled “When I Die I Want Your Hands on My Eyes”.

Directed by a newcomer to the series Melissa Hickey, an actress and scriptwriter, Ms. Hickey does a wonderful job in an episode written by Elba Román-Morales, also a newcomer to the Mayans MC franchise. This episode was a little bit less action-packed than the previous episodes. And that’s fine since things needed to be put into perspective after the Oakland attack.

This episode almost seems like a filler as a lot of the content doesn’t necessarily move the story forward. However, a lot happens that we need to talk about as it affects what is coming up in the second half of the season.



When I Die, I Want Your Hands on My Eyes:

Mayans MC S4x05 Coco face down in a pool of blood
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The episode starts with the news that Coco (Richard Cabral) has been shot up in Oakland by another faction of MC. Although it’s not 100% confirmed that he’s dead since Hank (Frankie Loyal) had mentioned that there were five dead and four in the ICU, there is no absolute 100% confirmation that Coco was among the dead. I hope that Coco happens to be one of the four in the ICU and that he was somehow misidentified as one of the deceased since he’s not from Oakland; he’s from Santo Padre.
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It would be a real tragedy to have Coco’s character be killed off because Richard Cabral is such an integral part of Mayans and such a brilliant actor that not having him part of that cast would be, I think, a detriment to the series. When you have such a strong actor like him who knows the material and knows how to give the best performance, it would be a slap in the face; why get rid of someone so popular and so beloved. But I’m not the writer or creator, so it’s not my decision. I’m hoping, though, that I am right that he is one of the ones that is still yet identified.

Mayans MC S4x06 EZ hears the news from Oakland
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EZ (JD Pardo), now being the vice president, of course, wants to retaliate immediately in retribution and revenge for Coco. However, Marcus (Emilio Rivera), being down this road many times, knows that doing that in a vulnerable state will be bad for the club and do more harm than good. Alvarez wants answers before he strikes. He wants to save more lives, not destroy them “your job is to unite, not divide,” Alvarez says to EZ.

Mayans MC S4x06 Nails will lose her baby
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One of the parts of this episode that I knew was inevitable was Nails (Justina Adorno) losing the baby. That whole relationship from the get-go was doomed to fail. I don’t think that Angel (Clayton Cardenas) is truly over Adelita (Carla Baratta); I don’t think he ever will be; I believe that he has just been drowning himself in booze and women to get over that, and when Nails became pregnant, that just made the matter worse. Unfortunately, I knew that something would give, and something would happen. I thought maybe that Nails might have gotten shot and then lost the baby, but in actuality, she had a miscarriage.

Mayans MC S4x06 Filipe shows up to help Nails
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Fortunately papa Filipe Reyes (Edward James Olmos) came by and helped Nails by taking her to the hospital.  Sadly, you never want to see a character go through that pain, but I knew it would happen. Because I feel that the writers will have Adelita somehow back, she was not part of this episode, but she will be back in full force and have her son with Angel in tow. It’s always been, I think, part of Angel’s nature to not honestly give his heart to anyone else but Adelita.

Mayans MC S4x06 Galindo is told it is time to go
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One person we get to see again is Miguel (Danny Pino), who is still at the convent with his aunt, Sister Teresa (Reneé Victor); however, she tells him to leave for his safety; otherwise, he’ll be found out soon, which I had a hunch that he was hiding there from the cartel that he was apart of for a while. And that if he doesn’t leave now, they will surely come and find him and kill him. He said, “I won’t forget what I learned here,” to his aunt, to which she replied, “I pray that’s true.” But being his mother’s son, his aunt knows better she does hope that he does take what he’s learned and what he’s confessed to heart and change his life. Although the viewer knows that that’s not going to happen, he’ll return to what he was doing. We see Miguel call someone to make arrangements that I assume he always had in place. We don’t know the person he calls, but he must be a part of his extraction crew.

Mayans MC S4x06 Hank tells Marcus he is 100 percent certain it was the SOA
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Hank does tell Marcus that the men that hit the faction in Oakland, even though they weren’t wearing kuttes, were indeed Sons of Anarchy, and that he is 100% positive. Marcus then instructs Hank not to tell the club quite yet. He wants answers first, and then we’ll move; otherwise, it would be an all-out civil war which makes sense. You can’t just go off half-cocked as they say to retaliate against something you don’t know the reason for. Many wars have been fought, and many lives have been lost before for this very reason. It would be irresponsible of him to do that and wage an all-out war for something that could be just resolved within the clubs, yeah, and there will be some bloodshed; there always is, but it may not be necessary to make a full-out war.

Mayans MC S4x06 EZ is ready to go to war with the SOA
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Ezekiel is itching to go to war with the Sons of Anarchy, and he doesn’t seem to care about the consequences. He doesn’t care how about much bloodshed will result. Marcus gives a little bit of history to EZ about going to war and how for two years, it was nothing but death and destruction, funeral after funeral and widow and orphan after widow and orphan. It gets just too much after a while, and he wanted to reiterate that to EZ and make him understand that he’s not the only one that will lose something. There’s more at stake than just the club again, and he reiterates we need answers, then we’ll move that there’s already a divide between Northern California and Southern California. They wear two different patches when they should be one, and as the saying goes, “united we stand, divided, we fall.” As cliched as it is, it’s true in this situation.

Mayans MC S4x06 Emily reaches out to EZ
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My favorite scene in the episode is between Emily (Sarah Bolger) and EZ; as he is sitting on the porch of the clubhouse, he gets a phone call from an unknown number. Answering it, no one speaks at first. You can tell the tone In EZ’s voice is not friendly until he hears her voice. As soon as he hears her voice, he is alert, knowing that she has left because of what Miguel did to her. Even though Emily didn’t outright tell him what Miguel did, EZ is smart enough to know that it was something pretty terrible for her to leave. He is concerned about her and wants to know where she is, whether she is safe or okay. Of course, the only thing that Emily tells him is that the “favor” that he did for her a few years back has come back to haunt her and to watch his back because if they found her, then chances are they know that he did it or they will soon find that out. Again he tries to coax her to tell him where she is. He’s worried about her. He always has been.

Mayans MC S4x06 EZ tries to get Emily to allow him to help
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I know that it’s not a popular opinion that I want Emily and Ezekiel to find each other again. Still, my reasoning is based on a quote from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream “The course of true love never did run smooth,” and I agree with that. They always have had a history together. And that no matter what or who comes into their lives, they will have that deep connection and that deep history and that ultimately, they will find each other and find their way back.  “People linked by destiny will always find each other”The Witcher. That quote is pinned to my Twitter profile as I loved that quote from The Witcher. And it’s a quote that I believe applies to Emily and Ezekiel and to Angel and Adelita. I think that the Reyes brothers have found their true mates. It’s a matter of time before things will finally come to fruition. It will get ugly, that’s for sure, especially with Adelita on a warpath of revenge against the people who took her son away. I don’t think she’s done. I don’t think she’ll ever be done until those who made her suffer, suffer themselves.

Mayans MC S4x06 Galindo leaves the convent
Image courtesy FX Networks

Miguel leaves the convent with a man who I assume is part of his team before he went into hiding with. I am sure he is on his way to find Emily and his son Cristobal. No doubt he will want to get his family back, although after what he did to Emily last season when he nearly poisoned her, it is doubtful that she would like to get back with him. I am also sure he will want to start his business again. We shall see.

Mayans MC S4x06 The group agrees to send a mission north
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Manny (Manny Montana) shows up to help the club retaliate for the hit on Coco and the North Cal faction. He informs EZ that the Sons had hit them and that Marcus knew. With the club at the table, the decision has been made to send a tiny garrison of three, EZ, Angel, and Manny, to send a clear message from the Mayans. It is an excellent strategy to send a small trio instead of all of the club. Marcus reluctantly agrees to send them to send the message. Marcus knows that the factions are too divided and too vulnerable, warning that “if it goes wrong, it affects a lot,” to which EZ counters with “if it goes right, no one will think of coming after Santo Padre again.” Let’s hope EZ is right.

My prediction is that the last four episodes will contain some of the best material yet. I do not doubt that the writers and showrunner (Elgin James) have exactly how he wants to end season four all planned out. I am always surprised when my predictions are wrong or are exceeded by the writers. I am so grateful that I found this series and have been a fan since the beginning. So, my fellow Mayan fans, I hope you enjoy the last three episodes and continue to support this fantastic show. Until next time here is a sneak peek of the next episode “Dialogue With A Mirror”!



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