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With the seventh episode of the fifth season on Mayans MC, the series pilled out the body bags in large numbers after last episode “My Eyes Filled and Then Closed on the Last of Childhood Tears” when viewers began to realize that things were going to come to confrontation subsequent to Ez (JD Pardo) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas) taking out and burying Sons of Anarchy (SOA) member Happy Lowman (David Labrava). Viewers will recall that Happy was the person responsible for the death of their mother Marisol Reyes many years earlier. No doubt this killing action will accelerate the war between the Mayans and the SOA.

That the body count in this episode climbed quickly was not unexpected as the series enters the final stretch to end of the Mayans MC program as we know them only three episodes in the near future. What was shocking to many viewers including this editor was that two revered characters were killed, including Creeper (Joseph Raymond Lucero), Luisa “Adelita” (Carla Baratta) in specific. Other characters that were taken out were Jess (Grace Rizzo), Diaz (Alex Fernandez) and his sidekick Jinx (Giovanni Rodriguez) who were visiting from the Oakland Mayans to protest the killing of Happy Lowman.

Mayans S5x07 Emily in shock after killing Mrs Buksar
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One of the main Mayans character we never suspected of violence, Emily Thomas (Sarah Bolger), totally lost it and killed Mrs. Buksar (Kathleen Quinlan) whose son had been killed as a result of actions by Ez who then threatened Emily and Ez when she made a visit to honor her dead son with a charitable donation. The rage on Emily’s face was palpable when she smashed Mrs. Buksar’s skull during the encounter.

Following in the footsteps of the iconic SOA series that was the precursor to Mayans, viewers must realize that almost all main SOA characters were killed off, and so it will be that many central Mayans characters will also be killed off. The real question then becomes which of the series main characters will be fortunate enough to survive the next three episodes? Before proceeding we include a very interesting feature courtesy of FX Networks about JD Pardo directing “I See the Black Light“.



To Fear of Death, I Eat the Stars:

Mayans S5x07 Letty found on the side of the road by the Broken Saints
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The episode written by Vivian Tse and directed by Elgin James opens with what appears to be a miraculous escape by Letty (Emily Tosta) from the clutches of evil Isaac (JR Bourne). We observe Letty on the pavement, at night, just as the Broken Saints led by Johnny Panic (Caitlin Stasey) come down the road and encounter Letty. There is no sign of Hope (Vanessa Giselle) with viewers rightly becoming concerned that Isaac has killed Hope and left Letty for dead on the side of the road. The Broken Saints appear just in time to save Letty’s life and take her to their ranch where Ez has moved the Mayans Fentanyl Factory to escape detection.

Mayans S5x07 Does Letty follow orders
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As we learn later, it is all a deception. Letty is still following orders from Isaac to save Hope’s life. Isaac knows all about this since Letty is observed spying on the drug factory peering through the walls witnessing the Fentanyl fabrication taking place. No doubt this is what Isaac was taking about when he threatened Letty that he would kill Hope unless he got something back that was stolen from him (Isaac). Obviously, with the Mayans now in charge of Fentanyl distribution in the San Bernadino area, Isaac is blackmailing Letty who is doing this to save Hope’s life!

Mayans S5x07 Ez takes notes from the On War book
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We are next with Ez who is taking notes from a famous book called “On War” by General Carl von Clausewitz about what the Mayans are going to do about the war with the SOA.

Speaking to himself while writing Ez says “You can’t beat your enemy without bloodshed” and “The only route to peace is complete annihilation”. There is no doubt that complete annihilation is precisely what Ez plans to do.

Mayans S5x07 Angel wakes up alone tries to call Adelita
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A segue finds us with Angel in bed alone. Adelita has already left on her mission dictated by Soledad (Selene Luna) to kill Ez. Angel calls Adelita to no avail, but while picking up their son Maverick from his bed, Angel finds a fortune is cash hidden underneath the mattress in Maverick’s bassinet. Viewers know that Adelita has told Filipe (Edward James Olmos) that she has been stealing drug sales cash from Soledad. What viewers are about to find out is that she plans to disobey orders and kill Soledad instead of Ez.

Mayans S5x07 Bishop messes up his relationship with Maggie
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Next we come to another tragic scene with Bishop (Michael Irby). In previous episodes he had promised Maggie (Presciliana Esparolini) to be loyal to her while he gave up drugs he had been doing again with Treenie (Augie Duke). Maggie comes to visit Bishop as a surprise at his home. When she enters the bedroom, Maggie finds Bishop in bed with Treenie. Bishop tries to explain, but it is too late. Maggie leaves them both saying “I don’t know you, I don’t want to know you”. Maggie slaps Bishop stating as she leaves “We did it, we fucked it up”. I and many viewers had truly hoped that Bishop would find his way clear and be loyal to Maggie, but alas, this is not to be.

Mayans S5x07 15 kilos pressed
Image courtesy FX Networks

We then move to Ez, Gilly (Vincent Vargas) and Hank (Frankie Loyal) who are meeting with Cole (Branton Box) to deliver the next shipment of Fentanyl, this time even more. Now the Mayans are delivering some fifteen kilos in total that Elio (Luis Fernandez-Gil) and Bottles (Alex Barone) are producing in ever larger quantities at the secret Broken Saints ranch Fentanyl facility.

Cole confirms that Ez now has complete control of the California prisons “up to the Oregon border” meaning that Ez can now have Creeper executed to seal the leak of the few people who know that Ez cooperated with the authorities to obtain early release from prison himself many years ago. In exchange for this power, Ez is told that he must pay off the prison authority motorcycle clubs Iron War and Storm 88 with fifty percent of the gross revenue from “everything” to maintain control of the prisons.

Mayans S5x07 Emily is spattered with blood when she kills Mrs Buksar
Image courtesy FX Networks

Now comes one of the most frightening scenes in the episode where Emily meets with Mrs. Buksar at her home to help others to avoid the tragedy of gang related violence. Emily is sincerely offering to set up a charity to honor the loss of her son Marlon (David Clayton Rogers), a death that was made to appear to be a suicide, but Mrs. Buksar was really a murder. This effort seems to be going well with Mrs. Buksar listening intently until she turns of Emily letting her know that she plans to seek revenge on Ez and Emily herself. Emily in obvious loyalty to Ez, loses it and kills Mrs. Buksar in an act of violent rage. Bodyguard Luis (Michael Anthony Perez) and Emily then cleans up the murder scene at house making it appear to be an accident.

Mayans S5x07 Bottles and Guero happy to see Elio at the Broken Saints ranch
Image courtesy FX Networks

All seems to be going well for Letty at the Broken Saints club who is doing her part in working by salvaging copper wire from appliances and electronic device by smashing them to bits when the Mayans show up with Bottles and Guero (Andrew Jacobs) who are happy to see Elio when they deliver more supplies and chemicals required to make the drugs. Ez delivers Johnny Panic’s weekly cash “cut” while Letty hides to not be seen, but now knows that the cash payoff and building where the chemicals are being delivered is what Isaac has ordered her to confirm. That evening Letty sneaks outside and peers into the drug fabrication facility to make certain that she has correctly identified Isaac’s target.

Mayans S5x07 Will Creeper survive
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Another shocking scene occurs when we are with Creeper at the prison who is in process of making a phone call to Hank to reveal the details of “the rat” (Ez) in the Mayans. As he is calling, just as Hank picks up his cell phone and hears the call is coming from the prison, a large group of inmates attacks Creeper, apparently beating and stabbing him to death. What we do not know is if Creeper was actually killed or could he have survived the ordeal as several fans conjectured after the episode? If Creeper did survive, then it is possible that he could still let Hank know that Ez was the (another) “rat”?

Mayans S5x07 Adelita takes aim at Soledads HQ
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During the episode Adelita launches her raid on Soledad’s headquarters, kills several of her henchmen, steals more duffle bags full of cash and tries to kill Soledad. Unfortunately, Adelita is wounded in the process and barely makes her escape from the area. She heads to seek aid from Mini (Melany Ochoa), someone Adelita believes she can trust. Tragically, Soledad has turned Mini to her side and kills Adelita when she least expects it. I was saddened by the loss of Adelita and her attempt to make a life for Angel, herself and their son, but this too is not to be.

Mayans S5x07 Angels visits Filipe seeking answers about Adelita
Image courtesy FX Networks

Angel goes to visit Filipe with his son Maverick who is not feeling well. Angel tells Filipe that he has been calling Adelita all day without success and found huge amounts of cash under Maverick’s mattress. Angel wants to know if Filipe was told anything by Adelita. “I don’t know son” says Filipe but in reality Filipe does know and doesn’t want to break his son’s heart. It is at this time that Adelita is visiting Mini who betrays and stabs her to death. Many fans including myself were very disappointed that Adelita did not survive. We had hoped that she, Angel, Maverick and Filipe could live happily ever. No happy ending for Adelita my friends, a memorable character portrayed by an excellent actress during all five years in the series.

Mayans S5x07 Nestor kills Jess
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Outside the club, Nestor (Gino Vento) has taken Jess on a ride to the hills under the guise that he likes her. Hank had discovered that that Jess was a “rat” on the Mayans and Nestor kills her in the car.

Hank shows up to congratulate Nestor on taking care of the situation and to clean up the crime scene by pouring gasoline on the car to destroy the evidence of the murder.

As a result of this development it looks like Nestor will no longer he a “Prospect” and earn his Mayans patch for this.

Mayans S5x07 War rages on but Hank Bishop and Guero survive for now
Image courtesy FX Networks

The last mind blowing scene that is important to moving the story arc along occurs when Ez and the Mayans call a leaders meeting at the club. Ez announces that they will pay the fifty percent to Iron War and Storm 88.

Suddenly, Diaz, leader of the Oakland Mayans and his bodyguard Jinx show up entering the board room complaining that the Mayans should not have killed Happy Lowman since it only serves to escalate tensions between the Mayans and the SOA.

Mayans S5x07 Planning the future in the Mayans boardroom
Image courtesy FX Networks

Ez lays out the strategy for the future, explaining that it was required to send a message to the SOA, then offers Dias his chapters cash cut from the drug sales as they walk into the bar. Just when it seems to be settling down, Guero pulls pistol and kills Dias in retribution for the loss of his father. Bishop, with no choice left to him, kills Dias’ henchmen so that there are no witnesses to the slaughter.

Perhaps the only good news for a specific character in the episode is for Hope who is featured in the preview for the next episode “Her Blacks Crackle and Drag” included below. Our sincere hope (pun intended) is that Letty is actually setting Isaac up and that she and Hope will lure him into for a trap!



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