Mayans MC Final Season Reviews – Do You Hear the Rain and Do You Feel The Pain?

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As we enter the third episode of the fifth season on Mayans MC, the creators focus on the relationships we have come to enjoy over the past four seasons; Ez (JD Pardo) and Emily (Sarah Bolger), Adelita (Carla Baratta) and Angel (Clayton Cardenas), Hope (Vanessa Giselle) and Letty (Emily Tosta). As well we follow Marcus Alvarez, (Emilio Rivera) and Tessa Alvarez (Lillianna Valenzuela) who are adjusting to life since El Padrino is no longer being President of the Mayans. We also learn more about Filipe (Edward James Olmos) and his relationship with his sons. Last but certainly not least is the evolving relationship between Ez and Angel which is in a state of flux as a result of recent violent events.

There are other relationships developing that are of a non romantic nature. Primary to this is the Patricia Devlin (Dana Delany) who has discovered the questionable inventory of various missing items as she does her job as the Deputy Assistant Inspector General of the Investigations Division of the Department of Justice in San Diego.

What we do know is that Soledad (Selene Luna) and Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) have obtained high technology automatic weaponry typically available only to the United States or other government agencies. Is Potter involved? Is this tied into the inventory issues at the DOJ? Both are highly likely.



Do You Hear the Rain:

Mayans MC actor and director Danny Pino
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This excellent episode was directed by Danny Pino who did an outstanding job in an exciting episode written by Vivian Tse. This episode delineates the return of Potter who is directly involved with the illegal activities we have witnessed in Santo Padre.

Now exposed by Patricia Devlin, a question surfaces about a “rat” that has betrayed the Mayans. Does this refer to Ez who was working with Potter to obtain release from prison known by his deceased prison pal Jay-Jay (Greg Serano). Or is there another person or persons who are betraying the Mayans?

Mayans MC S5x03 Ez prepares to assault the Fentanyl factory
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The episode opens with Ez, Angel, Bishop (Michael Irby), Downer (Angel Oquendo), the new prospect Bottles (Alex Baraone) of the Mayans conducting a raid on a warehouse that contains large drums of the precursor chemicals needed to manufacture Fentanyl. In the process they capture the assistant to the “cook”, a man named Elio (Luis Fernandez-Gil) who will make the deadly narcotic for the Mayans in exchange for his life. The Fentanyl will be used to finance the Mayans war with Isaac (JR Bourne) and the Sons of Anarchy. It is a clear attempt to destroy Soledad and Miguel’s cartel.

Mayans MC S5x03 Inside the Fentanyl factory
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The other critical development in the story arc is that the Santo Padre Mayans have taken aggressive action to replace the narcotics “pipeline” that was destroyed when the warehouse of illegal drugs was burned to the ground at the end of season four episode “When the Breakdown Hit at Midnight”. Although there are many potential suspects at this point, viewers do not know who burned the warehouse.

Mayans MC S5x03 Cole threatens Angel and his family
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In what is a realistic pivot to mirror today’s society in the United States is that the Mayans take up “cooking” Fentanyl at their headquarters to replace the narcotic supply that have been cut off by Soledad and Miguel who are apparently also in process of setting up a cook factory across the border from San Diego. In the episode we learn that Ez will use Fentanyl to lure Cole (Branton Box) away from Soledad and Miguel. This factor raises a real world question; with an epidemic of Fentanyl sweeping the United States causing the overdose deaths of over 110,000 mostly young people so far, and with Border Patrol catching more and more of it at illegal and legal border crossings, how long until the precursor chemicals made by the China Communists are smuggled directly into western nations as depicted in this episode? Is it already happening?

Mayans MC S5x03 Creeper in the prison hospital
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In a shocking development we move to Creeper’s (Joseph Raymond Lucero) who has been imprisoned. Creeper has been told by Kody, an undercover DOJ operative (only revealed to Creeper near the end of season four in “The Calling of Saint Matthew”) that she works for the DOJ and has heard about a “rat” infiltrating the Mayans. Viewers will recall that Creeper was nearly beaten to death in the season five two part opener and put in the prison hospital. Under the new DOJ procedures Kody cannot gain access to the information Creeper wants. However, upon being told she “spit her nasty spit down my throat” by Agent Melissa Lydecker (Carla Gallo) for dealing with Creeper at the prison. Kody is terminated, but not before Kody can steal her boss’s security badge off of her desk during the exit interview gaining access to the Records Room at DOJ where she reads a file to learn about an undercover man named “Kevin Jimenez”. Is this the “rat” the Mayans are seeking? Perhaps.

Mayans MC S5x03 Emily at the supermarket is planning to escape Miguel
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We segue to Emily and her son Critobol who are out grocery shopping at “Food4Cheap” supermarket with Miguel’s faithful security guard Luis (Michael Anthony Perez )and Maria (Monica Estrada) the nanny.

During the previous episode viewers recall that Miguel has told Emily she can leave whenever she wants, but she will never be allowed to be alone with “his” son ever again. During this episode, we witness Emily planning an escape by counting out the seconds it will take to get through the back door of the supermarket, and into the parking lot to flee for freedom!

Mayans MC S5x03 Letty and Hope held at gunpoint
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We are with Letty and Hope who are completung a dangerous mission stealing a huge bag full of money from local drug dealers. They flee the scene after Letty stabs one of the miscreants who is holding them at gunpoint during the theft with machine guns blazing after on their escape. Hope wants to take the money and leave the area, but Letty says this will always be her home. Hope gets sentimental and tells Letty that they can always be “ice cream tasters”. This editor prays that these two great characters do not become victims of the war they have created.

Mayans MC S5x03 Filipe visits Miguel in hopes of bringing the family together
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We observe Filipe going through old boxes of items at his home finding letters and pictures of his wife and their children Ez, Angel, and Miguel when they were young. Filipe decides the time has come to once again let Miguel known they are all brothers and visits Miguel who threatens to kill Filipe if he ever shows up at his home again. Nevertheless, Filipe leaves the letters and pictures which later Miguel who reads and examines after Filipe leaves. Will this development soften Miguel’s hatred? We hope to find out later in season five.

Mayans MC S5x03 Emily and Ez meet in the park
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Later in the episode, Emily and Ez share a tender moment on a park swing where they recall their earlier love for each other. We are left to wonder what would have happened had these two lovers stayed together and not entered the maze or cartels’ drug dealing, gang wars, revenge, retribution and crime? Emily asks Ez to stage an escape vehicle outside the supermarket for her. Ez agrees without asking her any questions. He knows that Miguel is holding her son hostage. On a side note, since this is the last season of Mayans, this editor thinks that it would be nice if Ez, Emily and Christobol could escape the hellish existence. It would be a happy ending that Emily deserves and we hope that it happens.

Mayans MC S5x03 Patricia Devlin reads Potter the riot act for his missing inventory items
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Additionally, we learn that corrupt Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) was not reinstated at the District Attorney’s office, he now works for the Department of Justice! Lincoln is grilled by Patricia Devlin about the DOJ inventory inconsistencies. Potter attempts to bullshit Devlin, makes a verbal threat, but is unsuccessful and falls into line for the time being. McKinnon and Delany are excellent veteran character actors with Potter being a character viewer love to hate and Devlin a character viewers love to admire. We are not given precise information on the missing items, however, Kody aka Katie McNeill (Stella Maeve) of the DOJ was observed in the weapons room and later in the records room. More on that later.

Mayans MC S5x03 Angel asks Bishop for advice
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Back at the club Angel asks for Bishops advice on what he should do about his family and son? Even as Bishop continues his romantic relationship with Maggie (Presciliana Esparolini), while also being flirted with by the beautiful Mayans bar keep Treenie (Augie Duke) who he also used to consume drugs with. It appears that Bishop stay sober deciding to not go on a drug fueled binge with Treenie. Bishop leaves on his motorcycle with tears in his eyes saying to Angel that the Mayans is all he has left in his life. Bishop advises Angel should consider leaving the Mayans to save his son Maverick and heads home to Tessa telling her that he wants to stay “for good”. They kiss to seal the deal!

Mayans MC S5x03 Ez and Angel meet with Cole
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As the episode winds down, two things happen. First we get a behind the scenes look at the Sons of Anarchy, some of whom like Terry (Greg Vrotsos) who tells Jazmine (Zhaleh Vossough), and Jess (Grace Rizzo) that “it’s going to get bad”. Some members are beginning to despise Isaac for his evil ways. Unfortunately, Issac appears to have control of the the majority of the members of the Sons of Anarchy. Or does he? Second, Ez and Angel track down Cole who is the distribution agent for the cartel operated by Soledad and Miguel feeding the Sons of Anarchy. Ez offers Cole kilo of Fentanyl if he will join the Mayans new efforts in the Santo Padre drug trade. Cole says he already has a partner but is surprised that they have come up with a large quantity of drugs since Soledad had cut them off. He also threatens Ez with knowledge that he knows about Ez’s raid and kidnapping of the “cook”.

Mayans MC S5x03 Cole takes the kilo and demands 10 more
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Ez presses Cole (bluffing) that he can get a lot more Fentanyl easier without having to risk border crossings with Mexico to obtain massive quantities of the drug. Cole is reticent but appears to agree, taking the kilo and demanding they produce ten more kilos for Cole, stating “welcome to the big time”. Ez says okay but demands they want control of the prisons, part to avoid Creeper being attacked again and possibly killed, partly to buy time to obtain more chemicals to manufacture more Fentanyl. Subsequent to the meeting, Angel, who has been threatened by Cole at his home is concerned about Ez’s plan to convert Cole to their side. Ez assures Angel that they will succeed and that he will get the ten kilos of the drug.

Mayans MC S5x03 Hank learns from Creeper that a rat is inside the Mayans
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The last scene of “Do You Hear the rain”finds us with Creeper who is calling Hank (Frankie Loyal) from inside the prison.

Apparently Kody has been able to get information to Creeper subsequent to her ransacking the Records Room at the Department of Justice. Creeper tells Hank “you have a rat” inside the Mayans. We do not know who Creeper says is the “rat” or if he actually did during the call. Nevertheless Hank gets a look of hatred on his face as the screen fades to black!



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