Mayans MC Review The Calling of Saint Matthew – Some Will Be Saved Others May Not Continue!

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As we approach the end of a superb season four of Mayans MC, the creators brought in Gerald Cuesta who also wrote “Self Portrait in Blue Bathroom” this season in conjunction with Mayans veteran writer Sara Price. Mayans veteran Brett Dos Santos directed this great episode setting up what will no doubt be an explosive season four finale leading to what is hopefully an expected season five renewal.

Several aspects of episode nine “The Calling of Saint Matthew” deal with the return of Mayans MC villain characters and the rise of Ez (JD Pardo) in the ranks. The first villain is the corrupt law enforcement, former District Attorney Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) who threatens Adelita (Carla Baratta) unless she cooperates with his nefarious agenda. Potter was suspended as a District Attorney due to his exposed corruption in previous seasons,  but appeared at the end of last season tip off Adelita that her and Angel’s (Clayton Cardenas) son was alive. What is unknown if Potter is acting as a rogue individual or if he has been reinstated as a law enforcement officer now working with agents that are blackmailing Kody (Stella Maeve)?

Mayans MC S4x09 Galindo stakes out Marcus Alvarez
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The second villain is the return of Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) to a dominant position in Mayans MC story arc when he allies himself with Soledad (Selene Luna), sister of El Banquero (Guillermo Garcia). We learn Soledad is the real power behind drug smuggling operations into the United States. It is suspected that subsequent to the passing of their mother, that Soledad will put El Banquero to death because he had ignored repeated requests to visit his mother on her during her final days on Earth.

Mayans MC S4x09 Marcus Alvarez gets the drop on Galindo
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The third area of interest in “The Calling of Saint Matthew” is that we will witness a direct disagreement between EZ and Marcus Alvarez, El Padrino (Emilio Rivera) regarding a path forward regarding dealing drugs supplied by Soledad. Galindo will be the ambassador in the United States to look after her interests. Ez agrees with the arrangement while Alvarez is of the opinion that drugs has nearly ruined the club. The last person this season who disagreed with Alvarez was Bishop (Michael Irby) who was demoted from the leadership of the Mayans.

Mayans MC S4x09 EZ and Sofia chat after making love
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The remainder of this extremely fast moving story arc in this episode deals with the many romantic interactions in Mayans MC. Here we witness Ez and Sofia (Andrea Cortés) strengthening their relationship. In a gut wrenching scene when Letty (Emily Tosta) brings the news confirming Coco (Richard Cabral) is indeed dead to Hope (Vanessa Gisselle). All Mayans viewers were overcome with sadness as a result. Gilly (Vincent Vargas) and Rae’s (Erica Luttrell) platonic relationship is also explored briefly. Angel and Adelita, after some haggling, decide on the name for their child; Maverick, no doubt inspired by the recent movie release to ground the time frame in the present. Subsequently Angel meets with Nails (Justina Adorno) after she suffered a miscarriage of their child and they make peace with each other.



The Calling of Saint Matthew:

Mayans MC S4x09 Galindo at gun point by Alvarez
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The fast moving episode opens with Galindo, who has cleaned up his scraggly appearance, shaving his beard a bit. We are with Galindo in a Ford truck who has been staking out Alvarez’s house for as yet some undetermined reason. Alvarez sneaks up on Galindo, holding him at bay with a gun to his head. Galindo reveals to Alvarez he is on a peace mission that will restore the Santo Padre Mayans to a position as the predominate club in all of California and beyond. Alvarez decides to not kill Galindo on the spot and agrees to attend a meeting to discuss the details.

Mayans MC S4x09 EZ shows Sofia how to use a firearm
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We segue to Ez who is talking with Sofia after love making sharing details with her about his previous criminal lifestyle and is observed showing her how to use a weapon. Sofia puts Ez’s mind at ease sharing with Ez that whatever has happened in the past stays in the past and she loves him nevertheless. Ez’s prison pal Jay-Jay (Greg Serano) shows up outside EZ’s trailer with an ulterior motive. Jay-Jay reveals that he is aware that Ez was not actually transferred from prison, but had made a deal with the authorities but is willing to keep this a secret for a price.

Mayans MC S4x09 Jay-Jay shows up to blackmail EZ
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Jay-Jay explains that he has not been able to find work to support his family and begs Ez for a job with the Mayans because he needs money. In essence, Jay-Jay is blackmailing Ez. Sofia overheard the conversation and tells Ez that Jay-Jay is going to be a problem. How this will all work out remains to be seen, However Jay-Jay may not be in Mayans world much longer since Ez does not take kindly to threats!

Mayans MC S4x09 Soledad and Galindo team up
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We are next with Soledad who has convinced Galindo to cooperate. They are meeting with Ez and Alvarez at an undisclosed location. This leads to Galindo talking with Ez. Ez does not trust Galindo since he is aware of what happened between Galindo and Emily in the past. Miguel inquires of Ez what he knows about Emily’s whereabouts seeking information on the location of his son. Ez reveals nothing, not saying anything about his recent communications with Emily.

Mayans MC S4x09 Pallets of product are revealed
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In the meeting, Soledad lays out the terms of the new drug distribution deal which includes tripling the output. When Ez asks if she has the available quantity of the drugs, a couple of minions remove a tarp to display pallets of narcotics stacked to the ceiling. Soledad shares that due to El Banquero messing up their bank accounts when the accountant was killed, she needs larges amounts of money to recover from the El Banquero fiasco. The initial meeting is adjourned when Soledad states that Galindo will be the ambassador to protect her interests.

Mayans MC S4x09 The Mayans leadership meet to discuss the new drug distribution deal
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Alvarez and Ez go to the Mayans headquarters later to discuss the drug distribution situation with the full board of directors. Despite general enthusiasm by the groups, Alvarez surprises everyone when he states his objection to the new deal. Alvarez’s reasoning? Illegal narcotics trade have damaged the Mayans over time as we as viewers have witnessed in season three and four. Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo), apparently not happy with recent developments, states he is leaving Santo Padre, will remain a Mayan but without a charter. Ez tells him not to do so, but Alvarez grants him “nomad” status.

Mayans MC S4x09 EZ is in favor of the new drug distribution deal with Galindo and Soledad
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Endorsed by Ez, the rest of the Mayans embrace the new drug distribution deal that will restore their power, prestige and financial situation. It is here that we begin to see, that since the death of so many members, that Alvarez may not prevail as the leader in this regard. Is this the beginning of the end of Alvarez as the leader of the Mayans? It would seem to be the case. Who will assume the leadership? Although it appears that the new leader will be Ez, the matter will likely be settled in the season five finale.

Mayans MC S4x09 Potter shows up to blackmail Adelita
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Corrupt former District Attorney Lincoln Potter, apparently reinstated, shows up at Adelita’s home to harass and intimidate her about Anna Linares’ (Efrat Dor) death. Potter suspects, but does not appear to have proof that Adelita killed Linares and her husband. In any event, Potter is willing to look the other way, if Adelita will cooperates with him, Potter ensures her there will not be the investigation into their murder will be closed. With this blackmail Potter makes it clear that he set her up when he first told Adelita that her son was alive to begin with. The real question is how long will Potter remain alive? Messing with Adelita has proven to be fatal in the past!.

Mayans MC S4x09 EZ points the gun at his own head
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After the Mayans meeting on the new drug distribution deal, Ez returns to his trailer. Somewhat surprised, EZ find his father, Felipe Reyes (Edward James Olmos) waiting there for him with a pistol. It appears that Felipe, who takes feels responsible for the what Ez has become, plans to kill his own son! This situation has been brought to a head after Ez confessed to killing Gaby (Sulem Calderon) in the previous episode “The Righteous Wrath of an Honorable Man”. Ez, perhaps feeling his own guilt, but more than likely knowing Felipe’s doesn’t have the guts to pull the trigger, point the gun at his own head. Sure enough, Filipe backs down, leaving Ez’s home very sad over what has happened to his son.

Mayans MC S4x09 Kodys bedroom is video monitored
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In an unexpected development we move to Creeper’s (Joseph Raymond Lucero) love interest Kody who is meeting with the authorities at her apartment! We learn that Kody has been an undercover cop for some time. Her assignment? Spy on the Mayans! Viewers expressed outrage on social media when learning that Kody is a spy! There are two officers, who figuratively twist Kody arm to extract more information about the Mayans from her lover Creeper. They even install electronic monitoring devices in the bedroom of her apartment! While it seems the authorities are specifically interested in the Mayans war with the Sons of Anarchy breaking out across California, this editor cannot help but wonder if Potter is somehow involved with this intrigue? Only time will tell.

Mayans MC S4x09 Emily and Erin discuss their escape plan
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Our analysis of the Mayans story arc moves to a character we hope to see more of in the future; Emily Thomas Galindo! Emily barely escaped from being tracked down in the last episode. We find Emily with her sister Erin (Holland Roden) who is taking care of her son Cristobal.  Emily warns Erin to follow their plan to flee to Europe with Cristobal to stay safe. Erin is scared to death and is afraid to follow through with Emily’s plan. We are then with Emily in a hotel who calls Erin. Emily gets no answer. In a shocking development, we find Luis (Michael Anthony Perez), one of Galindo’s evil team members who in Erin’s apartment where it appears Luis to be about to murder Erin and retrieve Cristobal for Galindo! Viewers hear gunshots, but did Luis succeed in killing Erin or did Erin get the upper hand and kill Luis? While it is not completely clear, we hope that Erin and Cristobal survived, otherwise it means that Galindo had Cristobal captured by Luis!

Mayans MC S4x09 Letty breaks down in tears when she finds her picture in her Dads wallet
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Before the episode winds down, we follow Letty home after she has gone to Oakland in a scene we had hoped would never happen. We had believed that Coco had survived the Oakland massacre and was still in the hospital recovering. No such luck. Letty is seen in the morgue to identify Coco, to retrieve remains and personal effects. Letty returns home with a box of Coco’s effects. She is heard calling out for Hope. Letty goes to Hope’s room only to find that she has left the premises. As Letty goes through the box of Coco’s personal effects, viewers break down into tears with Letty when she sees a picture of herself among her Dad’s possessions. It is still hard to believe that Coco is gone and for that matter so is Hope!!

Mayans MC S4x09 Bishop and Maggie hit it off
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Another important Mayans relationship is touched upon in the episode. Bishop strikes up a new romantic relationship when he bumps into Maggie (Presciliana Esparolini), the woman he was rude to when Bishop was invited to Alvarez’s home for a birthday party when at first he seemed interested in the blind date. Maggie tells Bishop off that he is a one rude dude. Bishop is taken aback and changes tact. Bishop asks Maggie out on a date to go bowling. Both are horrible bowlers, but enjoy each other’s company.  This reviewer is happy for Maggie and especially for Bishop who had been doing drugs with Treenie (Augie Duke) ever since he was removed as vice president of the Mayans.

Mayans MC S4x09 Kody tells Creeper the truth
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The episode ends at Kody’s apartment on an upbeat note. Creeper begins sharing more information about the history of the Mayan’s and the Sons of Anarchy war, his family and a passion that he learned from his Mother, cooking that he became better at when he was in prison. Kody inquires of Creeper if he’s concerned about his Mayans activities that could result in him going back to prison? Kody seems genuinely concerned for Creeper just as she begins to reveal incriminating information. In a turnabout move, Kody takes Creeper into the bathroom spilling the beans that she is an undercover cop there to spy on the Mayans! A collective sigh of relief poured out on social media since many fans like Kody. The real concern is what will happen to her now? Will Kody join the Mayans?

We shall see in the season four finale!



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