Mayans MC Review The Righteous Wrath of an Honorable Man – EZ’s and Galindo’s Reckoning!

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We are getting down to the last few episodes of season 4, and there is no shortage of excitement as we proceed to conclude season four. So many subplots to cover and so little time. With so many areas of the story arc still to be revealed, could this be an indication that a season five of Mayans MC has already been approved? We shall see and hope so!

“The Righteous Wrath of an Honorable Man” was written by Debra Moore Muñoz, who wrote seven episodes of the series since it began in 2018.

We also get the pleasure of having our very own Danny Pino in the director’s chair!

For his one and currently only stint as director (so far), Danny did a fantastic job of keeping the tension taut. Mr Pino also had the pleasure of directing himself, which I always find a bit curious and exciting about how actors and directors can do that!

Galindo gets to to know another pivotal character in a Behind The Scenes look of the actor included below for your enjoyment courtesy of Mayans FX.



The Righteous Wrath of an Honorable Man:

Mayans MC S4x08 Mayan attacked by the SOA
Image courtesy FX Networks

The episode opens with a motorcycle chase with one sole Mayan (from the Nevada charter) being chased by three other men. These men on the motorcycles pull out a bat and chain to prevent him from escaping. As the chain is swung and the bat deployed, the biker spins out and crashes to the ground, with the other men jumping off their bikes to slowly walk to the injured biker. The Mayan then gets shot from above, and we, the viewer, see that it is a Sons of Anarchy biker that has shot him. The feud is still ongoing, and I suspect it will lead to more bloodshed.

Mayans MC S4x07 SOA Kim Coates and Emilio Rivera
Image courtesy FX Networks

I am happy that the writers are incorporating the Sons Of Anarchy again into the Mayans fold.

Many fans have been asking about adding a few characters as cameos from Sons Of Anarchy over the last few years. We have had a few grace us with their presence in season four.

With Marcus (Emilio Rivera) still having ties to them, we will no doubt be seeing more of them in the future. Sons Of Anarchy fans are still anxiously awaiting the appearance of Tig Trager (Kim Coates) from the rumors that have been circulated online.

With only two episodes left, I would love to see Tig come to Santo Padre. 

The question is will Tig come to make peace, or will his presence continue the war between the SOA and Mayans MC? Only time will tell!

Mayans MC S4x08 EZ dreams of Gaby that became a nightmare
Image courtesy FX Networks

We get to see EZ (JD Pardo) dreaming of Gaby (Sulem Calderon) and their time together. The memories are now bittersweet, considering her fate in the previous episode. EZ’s dream is actually a nightmare considering what he had to do what he did to survive and ensure that his brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas) wouldn’t go to jail. He truly is his brother’s keeper. There are times when I forget that EZ is the little brother as he’s taken up the task of keeping Angel in line, giving him advice, and just teasing him relentlessly. EZ has changed so much over these last four years that what he did to Gaby was not shocking to me. I never understood that relationship, to begin with.

Mayans MC S4x08 Adelita and Angel with their baby son
Image courtesy FX Networks

One of the best parts of this episode is seeing Angel being a dad to his and Adelita’s (Carla Baratta) son. It is what he always wanted, and he finally got that with the woman he loves. It will not surprise me if there is a bit of backlash because of how quickly Angel recovered from Nails (Justina Adorno) leaving him after suffering a miscarriage. Again, viewers can remember that Angel has always loved Adelita and wanted that baby with her. Nails was a rebound, and her getting pregnant was an accident, and Angel was not invested in that relationship. Nails was a distraction at best, and with Angel bedding Letty (Emily Tosta) after Coco’s death, he was not concerned with those consequences. It is a quiet scene between Angel and Adelita as he shows that he has at least been reading the baby books he had with Nails. Carla Baratta does a beautiful job conveying the exhaustion and postpartum that mothers go through with newborns. She is frustrated that even though her baby is not a newborn, she insists on feeding him her milk and not some formula. With all she went through the year trying to find him and stressing heavily to Angel that “I am his mother” Carla again shows how mighty she is as an actress.

Mayans MC S4x08 Filipe learns that EZ killed Gaby
Image courtesy FX Networks

One of my favorite scenes in this episode is between EZ and Felipe (Edward James Olmos) in the butcher shop. I love watching these two men act together in scenes; they always have some of the best dialogue, and the interaction between father and son proves palpable. EJO is always a pleasure to watch whatever he is in. His skill as an actor is honed well to be comfortable in any setting, whether comedy or drama. He has expressive eyes that tell the story more than his words. With EZ visiting his father’s shop that Felipe is closing, Felipe says to him, “time to let the ghosts go.” That line has a lot of significance to the Reyes family, as I am sure Felipe meant ghosts of the past which are the ones that put them all in the current situation.  

Mayans MC S4x08 EZ tells Filipe that he is not The Dog drowning
Image courtesy FX Networks

EZ tells his father that in the Francisco Goya painting El Perro (The Dog), which he referred to in a previous episode, the dog is in distress and clearly drowning. EZ always thought he was the dog, but he tells his father he is the ocean.  With EZ’s journey these last four years, it is no surprise that his point of view has also changed. He fought against the proverbial sea, fought against the fates, and came out the other side, a bit scathed and worse for the wear but mightier and a bit broken but pieced back together.

Mayans MC S4x08 Marcus sends the Mayans on a mission to hit the SOA
Image courtesy FX Networks

Marcus sends the Mayans to San Bernadino, California to send a message to Charming that if you hit us, we’ll rain fire and brimstone back on you tenfold. When Canche (Jimmy Gonzales) tells Marcus to sit this one out, I got scared, and I thought Marcus would get killed off in an ambush. Luckily, that did not happen. Canche on the other hand, will not survive the mission as we find out later.

Mayans MC S4x08 Emily goes on the run
Image courtesy FX Networks

Emily Thomas (Sarah Bolger) goes on the run. I am fearful that something may happen to her and that she won’t get the chance to warn EZ, or if she does, it may be too late. This season has not shown Emily too much, and I am disappointed. Sarah Bolger is a beautiful actress, and her character does have a big part in this series, especially the more we learn about who Miguel was and what role she played in the lives of both Miguel and EZ.

Mayans MC S4x08 A Trojan Horse is used when an SOA truck is commandered
Image courtesy FX Networks

The Mayans hijack an SOA truck with a prospect in it and forced him to drive to their compound using him as a Trojan Horse . Once there, hell breaks loose as the Mayans open fire on the SOA, and a shootout occurs. The way it was shot reminded me of those old Westerns from Sergio Leone, brutal but quick and bloody. One person that stands out in that shootout is the Mayans prospect Nestor (Gino Vento), who is no stranger to handling a gun or taking out bad guys. I love that the writers added him back into the fold and made him a prospect. It showed that he is a loyal and trusted person that Marcus was confident would be an excellent addition to the club, and he was not wrong. The shot he lets loose to an SOA member trying to escape on a motorcycle was precise and perfect.

Mayans MC S4x08 Canche is killed by EZ
Image courtesy FX Networks

The result is also EZ finally killing Canche in the SOA clubhouse. It was inevitable because Canche had it out for EZ ever since he harmed Canche’s son. It was a matter of time before he would have taken out EZ; plus, I always thought Canche and the other Mayans from Yuma had ulterior motives. Had wanted to take over Santo Padre and have Yuma be the dominant faction in that part of the West Coast. Although with Manny (Manny Montana) still a part of the Santo Padre club, it is still a mystery why he is still there. There have been theories that he is a spy for SOA or an FBI undercover agent.

Mayans MC S4x08 Angel with his baby boy
Image courtesy FX Networks

Clayton Cardenas has stepped up his game this season. With the additional scene, he had with Carla in this episode where he fulfills the father role perfectly. Adelita was struggling and worried that her son had already seen bad things and that her being a broken soul may somehow infect him. Angel brings the voice of reason to her. He says we are all broken somehow, and it is their job as parents to make sure that doesn’t happen to him, to protect him from that. He also tells her that even though he loves her, if she leaves again, the baby stays. The statement Angel makes about protecting him from being broken is very telling. It is as if he was confessing that his father did not keep him and EZ away from that pain and that because of that, he and his brother became broken despite the efforts of their mother, Marisol. The Reyes men had become more fractured when she was murdered, and Felipe’s sins from his past had become a key and sole factor in the fracture of his son’s lives.

Mayans MC S4x08 Galindo is told Soledad and he have things to discuss
Image courtesy FX Networks

The death of El Banquero’s (Guillermo Garcia) mother put him in a position of power…or so he thinks. His sister Soledad (Selene Luna) is still the head of that family business. Banquero does not accept and, like a petulant little child, throws a tantrum and says that he is in charge and that the old ways are dead. The episode ends with Miguel being held prisoner at Banquero’s compound and Soledad approaching him, saying, “we have things to discuss.” I think that Soledad may ask Miguel to turn against her brother and help get rid of him, striking up a deal that makes Miguel a powerful cartel boss once again.

The preview for the upcoming episodes gives us some food for thought. Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) may be coming back, or could it simply be a flashback? I am so excited for these last two episodes, and fingers crossed, FX will renew Mayans for a fifth season. Stay tuned for that news when it happens.




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