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We are now on the fifth episode, the halfway point of the fifth season on Mayans MC. The series creators have made a decision to pivot the focus on several questions that the series admirers have been waiting to be addressed.

Ez (JD Pardo) visits Creeper (Joseph Raymond Lucero) who is in prison where he confronts his friend about what he knows about the “rat” that Kody aka Katie McNeill (Stella Maeve) has told Creeper about. Creeper does not believe it, but this is subsequent to Kody listening to the recordings where Ez is discussed during the previous episode “I See the Black Light”.

Soledad (Selene Luna) and Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) have a discussion about the theft of materials from them that has allowed Ez to fabricate Fentanyl after Elio (Luis Fernandez-Gil) was kidnapped from the cartel. Viewers will recall that Bottles (Alex Baraone) and Elio become the Mayans “cooks” to make large amounts of Fentanyl.

The large Fentanyl production allows Ez to fulfill his promise to Cole (Branton Box) to supply him ten kilos of the deadly drug. This generates a fair sum of money for the Mayans and gives Ez the ability to control the prison guards who also operate the Iron War Motorcycle Club.

Mayans MC S5x05 Ez after a fight to the death
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This in turn is how Ez is able to get into the prison to visit Creeper and set him up for retribution. Therefore, even if Ez has Creeper taken care of, it will do little good since both Kody and Jay-Jay’s (Greg Serano) uncle knows the details of the deal Ez made to shorten his own prison sentence.

This pivot point came an episode early in my opinion with a fight to the death between one of Isaac’s henchmen and Ez. However, with only five episodes now remaining, it may be the smart move to pivot in episode five since so many items need to be covered before the series concludes in July. One such item is Emily (Sarah Bolger) escaping from evil Miguel since she was stopped from doing so in this episode.



I Want Nothing But Death:

Mayans MC S5x05 Angel takes aim during the drive by shooting on the SOA
Image courtesy FX Networks

This pivotal episode was directed by Elgin James who did his usual outstanding job in an episode wonderfully written by Sean Varela.

The episode opens with Angel and the Mayans leading a drive by hit squad at night against the Sons of Anarchy (SOA) who are out dining with friends at a restaurant. This drive by hit is the an act of retribution for the murder of Coco (Richard Cabral) that occurred last season in Oakland California.

The situation has become more intense since the SOA has moved into an area of San Bernadino, California, territory long considered to be the sovereign territory of the Mayans in Santo Padre. This incident sets off the war between the Mayans and the SOA that will result in only one thing: “Nothing But Death”.

Mayans MC S5x05 Lucky of the Grim Bastars arrange a meeting with the SOA
Image courtesy FX Networks

However, before the war gets out of control, another motorcycle club named the Grim Bastards arrive at the Mayans headquarters. Bottles is guarding the entrance to the Mayans club when Nestor (Gino Vento) and Ez come to the gate to meet  the Grim Bastards.

Several members of the all black club, led by a man named Lucky (Gilbert Glenn Brown), offer an opportunity to moderate a no weapons meeting between Isaac’s SOA and the Santo Padre based Mayans to settle the dispute. Subsequent to some discussion about the costs everyone has paid in deaths, Ez accepts the offer, seemingly in the interests of peace.

Mayans MC S5x05 Miguel tells Angel he knows about the warehouse fire arson
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Miguel visits Angel (Clayton Cardenas) by catching him on the streets of Santo Padre when Angel is riding his motorcycle. They drive to an area outside the city where Miguel’s tells Angel that he reviewed the security videos of the night that the warehouse was torched by arson.

Miguel lets Angel know that he has proof that Angel is the one who set fire to it. Angel is looking genuinely concerned that Ez is going to find out about this, but Miguel says that if he does his part, the secrets can stay safe.

Mayans MC S5x05 Angel says no to fentanyl drug dealing
Image courtesy FX Networks

We learn later during a Mayans executive club meeting that Angel not only expresses his disdain for selling narcotics, he leaves the money from the Fentanyl sales on the Mayans meeting table at the club. At this point it becomes obvious that Angel does not like the drug aspects of the Mayans.

Angel is no doubt seeking a way to live his life with his wife Adelita (Carla Barata) and their infant son Maverick, which means leaving the Mayans, and his brother Ez, to fend for themselves.

Mayans MC S5x05 Patricia Devlin visits Emily at her home
Image courtesy FX Networks

During the episode Patricia Devlin (Dana Delany) has an argument with her boss who tells her to back off. Instead Patricia visits Emily (Sarah Bolger) at her home.

Patricia’s real purpose to have a chat with Miguel about how the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been paying over $36,000 a month for their home. This comes as a bit of a surprise to viewers to learn  the DOJ has been playing, and paying, both sides of the illegal drug trade.

Mayans MC S5x05 Patricia Devlin offers Miguel a deal to turn on Potter
Image courtesy FX Networks

Devlin offers Miguel a deal to cooperate with her office at DOJ in the investigation of corrupt Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon). Viewers will recall Devlin discovered Potters questionable inventory of various missing items and “inconsistencies in his (financial) accounting” while doing her job as the Deputy Assistant Inspector General of the Investigations Division of the Department of Justice in San Diego.

Based on Miguel’s body language it appears that he will accept the deal Patricia has offered. However, Miguel knows that Potter has extensive connections that could cause him and his family harm that is outlined in the episode six trailer included below.

Mayans MC S5x05 Isaac has no intention of cooperating
Image courtesy FX Networks

As the episode winds down, we are at the meeting negotiated by the Grim Bastards between the SOA and the Mayans. Ez tells Isaac that they can leave the San Bernadino area and all will be taken as a lesson. Ez tells Isacc this three times in a clam voice.

Here we learn that Isaac has no intention of cooperating. Instead Isaac tells Ez he wants a battle to the death for regional supremacy that will be done by selecting proxies.

Mayans MC S5x05 Ez smashes the SOA members head killing him
Image courtesy FX Networks

Isaac selects his strongest and largest SOA member to fight. Ez looks at his members and decides that he will fight for the Mayans. In a brutal hand to hand combat sequence, Ez prevails smashing the SOA members skull into the floor, killing him.

Thinking that this is the end and that Isaac will leave the area, it comes as no surprise that Isaac reneges on his word and defiantly leaves as Ez yells at him to leave the San Bernadino area. It is obvious that Isaac has no intention on living up the bargain, so the war will continue!

Mayans MC S5x05 Hope and Letty
Image courtesy FX Networks

The final scene we would like to focus on finds us with Hope (Vanessa Gisselle) and Letty (Emily Tosta) who are celebrating what they perceive to be a victory having stolen the money from a drug dealer that they needed to pay their back rent and avoid eviction. Unfortunately the dealer named Butterfly (Spenser Granese) knows Isaac (JR Bourne) who finds out where Hope and Vanessa live with a terrifying development during the end of this episode. Letty is told she must “do something” by Isaac while Hope is being held hostage if Letty does not do what she has been told. What precisely does Hope have to do? Viewers do not know and we will all have to wait to find out, hopefully in episode six!



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