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The profound questions that were raised made us all vibrate with anticipation for the next episode! We therefore begin with a video featuring Lance Reddick and Jasika Nicole discussing the coming war and things “breaking down”. Also included for your pleasure below is the latest “Noble Intentions” installment featuring John Noble discussing “Concentrate and Ask Again”!

Fringe Season 3 Group Photo

Click to visit Warner Brothers Studios!Nina Sharp {Blair Brown} begins “Concentrate And Ask Again” with a walk through nostalgia. As Nina walks through the room and you can see the artifacts belonging to William Bell {Leonard Nimoy} displayed like in a museum. A refection of her relationship with him perhaps? Did Nina love him?

Fringe S3x12 - Blair Brown as Nina Sharp
Or is she perhaps more like an artificial intelligence encased in a human body? When I see Nina I think of someone analytical and a little unfeeling. Her right hand to me is a metaphor. In {season one, episode one} it is revealed to us that her right arm and hand is cybernetic, which she lost due to a wormhole accident we find out about much later in the series. The hand is made to look human but yet grasps the fate of others with the steel grip of control.

Fringe S2x01 - Nina Sharps Robotic Arm

Fringe S3x12 - At Massive Dynamic
As Nina caresses her hand across the spines of the books, we smirk as we read the tiles of the books. The one book that readily catches my gaze is “Dr. Spock, Baby and Child Care” . The dual reference was not lost as the book refers to the children that were experimented on in the Cortexiphan trials and also the allusion to the character of ‘Spock’ on the well respected series of Star Trek and subsequent movies.

Fringe S3x12 - Nina examines the book shelf
The other titles were of great interest to me as well. These books were no accident. They were an intelligent set of props placed ever so carefully to stimulate our thoughts. They caught my attention as they are the answers of what did William really think about and how much did he really know. Or did they create questions? “A Separate Reality” refers to the alternate Universe. The other title that caught my attention was the “Second Ring of Power” I think this is clearly a reference to Walter Bishop (John Noble) and Walternate.

Fringe - Over There Walternate

Nina continues on and the statue breaks her from her trip down memory lane and reminds her as to what her purpose truly is, The First People. Nina opens the safe to take out pictures and the first drawing of Massive Dynamics logo.

Fringe S3x12 - Massive Dynamic Logo drawing

Fringe S3x12 - Young Walter and William

Fringe S3x12 - William and Nina in younger days

There were photos of William Bell and Nina, and William and Walter of when they worked together in the 80’s. She takes out a wrapped book with the words “Die Erstern Menshen” inscribed in German on the front. Some of us suspect ‘The First People’ to be the Observers.

Fringe S3x12 - The First People

Who knows for sure? I am reminded of the original manuscript of ’ZFT’ or “Zerstorung durch Fortschritte der Technologie”, or Destruction Through Technological Progress also written in German. This is a reference of how Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) is connected to the machine through the advances in technology.

This document created a group named ‘ZFT”.  Some believe William was the founding member of the ZFT organization that dealt in the trafficking of scientific progress. ZFT is explained in the episode “In Which We meet Mister Jones’. This ‘ZFT’ documents meaning was discovered in the episode ‘Ability’ . ZFT explains the existence of a parallel world, how to travel between the Universes. Also how scientific and technological progress will lead to the Apocalypse.

Nina utters ”William and his secrets”. I think Nina is never amazed by what he knew, but in awe of what she could have learned from him if he just told her all what he knew.

Fringe S3x12 - Nina talks to William

Fringe S3x12 - Olivia and Nina at Massive Dynamic
Nina calls Olivia Dunham {Anna Torv} to meet with her. They begin a discussion about the books and believe them to be indisputable in their authenticity.

Fringe S3x12 - Olivia and Nina discuss The First People books

The conversation progresses to the topic of Bolivia. The most revealing of this conversation between Nina Sharp and Olivia is the expression in her face revealing the feelings of inner hurt. We like to believe she is tough and capable but Olivia shows her self open to vulnerability. Olivia feels herself to be lacking in various aspects of her own life and personality. Olivia was experimented on as a child and lacked the guidance of loving parents.

Fringe S3x12 - Olivia confesses her inadequate feellings

Olivia feels she has inadequacies in comparison to Bolivia. In Olivia’s opinion, Bolivia is undamaged by her childhood experiences and realizes (or visualizes) Bolivia to be happier and more capable of being a sociable individual. Bolivia even wears a dress from time to time. This leaves Olivia vulnerable to the question whether it could be a possibility that Peter might indeed be more inclined to choose Bolivia.

Fringe S3x12 - Nina says do not make my mistake

Fringe S3x12 - Olivia wonders who Peter will choose

This possible belief steers me back to the statement that Olivia makes at the beginning of her conversation with Nina, saying “she is like me, but better” this introduces the question : Is Bolivia really better for Peter? How can that question be answered when no one knows what Peter is thinking?

Fringe S3x12 -The birthday party at Intrepus
We begin with Dr. Warren Blake R.D. and he surrounded by his colleagues who are throwing him a birthday party. Most notable is the company Logo that is engraved on the wall. The visible name of the Company is Intrepus. Intrepus is a major Pharmaceuticals Company and a major competitor of Massive Dynamics. Intrepus was first introduced to us in the episode The Cure in season 1, also it is a reference to Olivia, in the Lab with the Revolver’ in season 2. Intrepus’ s logo ‘is to treat and cure your family for over 20 years.’

But Intrepus is also involved in some rather controversial areas of research and development that Agent Charlie Francis (Kirk Aceedo) had called ‘all the fun stuff’. Talking about fun, Blake is pleased with his party but not so much with the singing. He opens his gift where receives a magic 8 ball. The magic 8 ball reveals a statement of ‘Outlook Not so good’ I’ll say!

Fringe S3x12 - Outlook not so good

Dr. Blake opens his next gift and has a creepy doll blows a blue chemical into his face. The result is the disintegration of all the bones in his body and killing him quickly and painfully. Dr. Blake is the first our victim. The fact that he is a executive of Intrepus makes me wonder if there is something to consider as a direct correlation between the rivalry between the two competing companies. Is there a plot to consider?

Fringe S3x12 -The birthday gift that kills

Philip Broyles {Lance Reddick} Is on the scene to explain who the victim is to Olivia Dunham {Anna Torv} , Peter Bishop {Joshua Jackson} and Walter Bishop {John Noble} as they arrive. Walter is confounded as to why anyone would wish to kill a scientist. Peter of course gives Walter the ‘look’ as to why not? Walter’s innocence always makes me laugh! The play by play between Father and son is epic!

The Fringe team, are able to establish their first lead from the parcel that was delivered. The doll, a gift from someone named Madison was delivered in a parcel to large to fit in the drop box. From this lead they are able to locate the sender of this deadly chemical. Walter is nauseated, not by the body, but from the fact he might have passed wind in his hazmat suit! *laughing* I love Walter! He is a dose of laughing gas himself!

Fringe S3x12 -Laughing gas in a hazmat suit!
While Olivia and Peter are researching the lead, Peter brings Olivia a cup of coffee. He gets her Bolivia’s taste in coffee. This just raises another question in Olivia’s mind as to whether Bolivia is paramount on Peter’s mind. Does he think about Bolivia? Olivia questions Peter when they are in the suspect’s house. She wants to know if the other ‘Olivia’ is on his mind. He says yes and answers that he thinks about her betrayal all the time. Maybe Peter is not willing to entertain the idea of forgiving Bolivia for her deceit? That makes me feel encouraged for Olivia and her chances with Peter.

Fringe S3x12 -Coffee with Peter

Fringe S3x12 -Walter and Astric in the lab
The scene switches to Walter and Astrid working together. They are always a highlight in the show for me! From the very beginning, Walter would always get Astrid’s (Jasika Nicole) name wrong and still does. He has this propensity to call her Astro! The camaraderie between the two characters is as endearing as Walter is himself.

Fringe S3x12 - Walters greasy chicken

Walter is explaining to Astrid the importance of his work but taking the opportunity in his bone experiment to cheat on his diet with greasy chicken legs. I think we all can relate to cheating on the diet! As they talk about different things Walter worked on he confesses to Astrid he worked with Nixon! When Walter told Astrid that it was uncomfortable experience because Tricky Diciy’s wife used to come on to him, I nearly choked. Hilarious!

The team hits a snag from the results of being unable to apprehend the suspect safely. The suspect is an ex-marine named Aarron Downey (Todd Scott). As Aarron was fleeing from the scene he was hit by a car and suffered severe brain trauma. Olivia, Peter and Walter must some how gleen his thoughts. Walter is the one that feels that he can accomplish this.

Fringe S3x12 -Peter Brolyes and Walter discuss situation

However Walter must decide if he wishes to approach his past failures once again. Walter is thinking of a child from the Cortexiphan Trials, that he and William Bell were intricately involved in .

Fringe S3x12 -Omid Abtahi as Simon

The child, Simon Phillips was a unique subject as he could read minds. Simon Phillips (Omid Abtahi from ’24’, The Event, Flash Forward, and Nikita) is someone that Walter dropped from the trials because Walter was afraid that Simon would be able to find out his secret of him crossing over to the other Universe and kidnapping Peter.

Fringe S3x12 - Jody Thompon as Sara
Arron Downey, the suspect, has a wife named Sara (Jody Thompson from Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Sanctuary). Olivia and Peter are able to talk to her and learn the full extent of the reasoning of the attack and that there could be more. The elaborate military attack was for the revenge of a lost child. Madison was the name of Arron’s and Sara’s unborn child .

There were three men that were hired by a private contract. The inoculations the men in his group received caused their children to have no skeletal system. These trial experiments were carried out by these three men and they were compensated generously for their participation. However with great consequences that inspired them to plot revenge.

Punch Buggy Blue! Olivia, Peter and Walter are off to find Simon and see if he can help them or not.

Fringe S3x12 - Blue Buggy Punch

Simon Philips has his ability intact but it has ultimately ruined his chances of a normal life. Simon must isolate himself from the world because of his mind reading abilities and the incapability of shutting out other’s thoughts. Olivia understands the isolation he must feel. Olivia’s feelings of being damaged by the experiments separate her from fully relating to others as well.

The clock is ticking as the next attack at the Canopy One, Defense Corp. takes place and kills three men. A gift of revenge from another lost child named Carla.

Fringe S3x12 -Peter and Olivia evacuate the hospital
The FBI evacuated the hospital floors for Simon to be able to read the suspect’s mind and not be overwhelmed by anyone else’s thought’s. Simon is helpful in reading the suspect’s mind. I think he was willing to leave his sanctuary of silence and do this for Olivia because of a connection he felt to her. Will he become an important character? Someone with whom Olivia is able to identify with and connect with?

I am always curious when another Cortexiphan child is introduced, and will they in someway be the true warriors that they were once intended to be when the two Universes collide? Peter did ask Walter if there were going to be any more Cortexiphan children crawling of the wood work. Could there be more children?

Another attack has taken place and Simon with great effort, was able to come up with a list of leads for the Fringe Team to follow. Project Jelly Fish was a clear indicator that this was the lead that they were looking for. Agent Broyles would need Nina’s help with the Defense contract information. Of course we know that woman has her hand in every cookie jar!?

Simon and Olivia are discussing the finer points of whether or not it is best to know what someone is thinking. Simon firmly believes that people should not know others thoughts. Olivia feels that she would like to have the ability. As Simon looks at Peter he knows why she would like that ability.

Fringe S3x12 -Agent Broyles at the hospital

Philip Broyles and Nina Sharp have a meeting to discuss her findings of the Jelly Fish project. Nina’s contact is Agent Edwards of the CIA! Agent Edwards (J.R. Bourne from SG1) did some digging for Nina with the implication that if Nina asks, then he couldn’t say no. I would like to know what she has on him, for her to say“jump”, and he asks “how high”?

Fringe S3x12 -J.R. Bourne at CIA Agent Edwards
Agent Edwards points the team to a parcel of farm property near Pembrooke that Aarron received with his payment for his participation in Project Jellyfish. They find the suspect’s have been testing for a much larger operation. They discover Congressman Thorn and his fundraiser at the Mary Ann Douglas Wing at the museum of Fine Arts to be the next target. Congressman Thorn is the four star general who approved project Jelly Fish. Mary Ann was another name on Simon’s list.

It’s time for Olivia to show her skills as a kick butt FBI agent! Olivia needs Simon to help her identify the suspects. So much is riding on Simon and I hope he can hold up under the pressure of all those thoughts. Phillip Broyles does too! Olivia is going to go to work wearing an evening gown and heels! She looked really hot and Congressman Thorn’s taller blonde body guard was thinking just that! {Note to male fans: Sorry guys I didn’t drool but I know you did.} She looked awesome!

Fringe S3x12 -Lovely Olivia in dress helping Simon
Simon was able to identify the first suspect in the basement of the museum and Olivia was hot on his trail! With her exemplary prowess as an FBI agent, a toss of her gorgeous locks of hair and a swish of her beautiful dress she takes the suspect out. Only one problem. He is not the one. The suspect with the chemical bomb is still out there! Walter is sure to console Peter that she will be all right. I think Walter is rooting for Olivia to be Peter’s as much as we are.

Fringe S3x12 - Olivia in a gown likely with revolver!

As Simon and Olivia make their way back to the fundraiser another guest joins the party! You can see the Observer come in the door from a downward view off the balcony. There he is…… right on cue!

Fringe S3x12 - Olivia in a lovely gown with Simon

Fringe S3x12 -The observer on the balcony!

He is there to watch the out come. Ever since ‘The Arrival’ of The Observer we have been watching for him as much as he has been watching events unfold. He has been the Fringe’s Character Easter egg hunt or to my mind, Where’s Waldo? The Observer’s are a mystery to every one but they are here and they are watching. What is their purpose? What is their agenda?

Who are they and what is there reason for saving Walter and Peter? Are they neutral for both Universes or do they have a side they favour? The time is now! Simon has found the last suspect and Olivia runs up the staircase in her gown & shoots him before he can deliver the deadly toxin.

Fringe S3x12 - Olivia takedown in a lovely gown!

Fringe S3x12 - Olivia dead eye makes the takedown!

Fringe S3x12 - Olivia dead eye stops the toxin

Olivia has accomplished what they all set out to do and Peter is there to congratulate her and make amends from his earlier mistake of getting her the wrong coffee. Peter compliments Olivia on her dress. Perhaps Bolivia is not the only one who looks fabulous in a dress! I’m thinking Peter noticing is always a good thing for Olivia!

Fringe S3x12 - Olivia admired by Peter

Fringe S3x12 - Olivia smile says she loves Peter
While Peter is admiring Olivia, there is moment where Walter and Simon look at each other. You can see the apology written on Walter’s face, however I do not think Simon was ready to forgive the destruction of his humanity.

Fringe S3x12 - Walter contemplates what could have happened

Fringe S3x12 - Simon moment as he looks at Walter
The suspects are dealt with and the plot is foiled but the ever, clever Nina Sharp, is hard at work. Nina is able to decipher the words in the beginning of the “Die Erstern Menshen” The first Peoples book. It is an anagram.

Fringe S3x12 - Nina begins to figure it out

Fringe S3x12 - Nina has a revelation

Fringe S3x12 - Nina knows the answer is here

This takes her straight to Sam Weiss’s door at the bowling alley where he is a manager. Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan) is a character that leaves us with more questions than answers every time he is brought into the picture. Sam Weiss has had reoccurring parts in Fringe but this information is profound.

Nina believes that Sam may be the author of the book of ‘The First Peoples.’ Sam tells Nina that the ‘Machine” is a device of creation or destruction. Sam states that he is not Nina’s worry, Peter is. The frequency at which Peter vibrates when he uses the ‘Machine”, will determine the fate of the two Universes. What frequency IS Peter vibrating at? Who will he ultimately choose? Is the ‘Out Look Not so Good’ as Sam Weiss implies?

Fringe S3x12 - Sam Wiess discusses Peters vibrations
These questions have a measure of panic to them as Olivia reads the note Simon gave her. Simon gave into Olivia’s desire to know what is on Peter’s mind. He gave her a note saying, “He still has feelings for her”. Those 6 words sent shivers down my spine.

The writer’s and producer’s certainly capture our attention with this episode. “Concentrate and Ask Again”. I know that I did concentrate and ask again! How about you? Would knowing the ramifications of his choice alter his decision? Could Peter really be thinking of Bolivia as a choice? I’m vibrating in anticipation for the next episode of Fringe February 11, 2001 on Fox!

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