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Here’s the latest update on this weeks episode “Chuck versus The Other Guy” which represents the mid season point for Chuck this year.

I hope you find it helpful and fun, but ask what are we going to do until the Chuck Hiatus is over? Watch more Chuck with the return of Chuck Versus First Class this evening on NBC!

2010 Chuck -Chuck and Sarah Kiss
Chuck believes that Shaw has kidnapped Sarah to kill her. He gets help from a tactical team to trace her location. Shaw and Sarah arrive at the Director’s office, only to find Sarah’s “Red Test” video playing on a large screen. This confuses Sarah until Shaw tells her that the woman she killed was his wife, Evelyn Shaw. Chuck arrives on scene with the tactical just in time to see Shaw and Sarah hugging. Apparently Shaw doesn’t blame Sarah for the death of his wife, and is still one of the good guys.  Yet, Chuck’s team continues with their rescue mission.

2010 Chuck Verus the Other Guy - Stunned
General Beckman is not happy with Chuck taking things into his own hands. Chuck apologizes to the General, Shaw and Sarah. However, Shaw stands up for Chuck and says that he would have done the same thing. There are no documents about Sarah’s Red Test explaining why she was ordered to kill Evelyn Shaw. Shaw’s goal is to bring down The Ring and he has no problem working with Sarah in doing so. Sarah agrees to this, but Chuck isn’t thrilled with the news.

In the rush to save Sarah, Chuck agrees to let Morgan be a spy, so Morgan quits the Buy More. Meanwhile, Chuck has a private conversation with General Beckman to try and convince her that putting Shaw and Sarah back to work together is a bad idea. Beckman doesn’t agree with Chuck and tells him that she is moving Shaw and Sarah to D.C. to head up The Ring there. To the General, Chuck’s emotions get in the way, while Sarah and Shaw’s don’t.
2010 Chuck - General Beckman
Casey confronts Morgan about his new spy job and Morgan only wishes Casey can come with him.

2010 Chuck Verus the Other Guy - Col Casey comtemplates

However, when Morgan comes home to Chuck, he is drinking scotch and has given up — Sarah is leaving with Shaw. Morgan tries to help his friend by taking the scotch bottle away from him, but Chuck uses his skill flash to detain Morgan and continue to wallow in his intoxicated depression.

Sarah goes to see Chuck and he asks her one question: Does she love him? Surprisingly to Chuck, Sarah answers “yes” and admits that she fell for him a long time ago. Then, she kisses him. She reveals that Casey told her the truth about the Red Test. But there isn’t much time to celebrate, Shaw has found The Ring’s headquarters and Chuck needs to pull himself together to help out his team. Morgan, thinking he is a spy, is more than happy to help Chuck sober up.

2010 Chuck Verus the Other Guy - Chuck discusses with Sarah

Sarah and Chuck get ready to climb down an elevator shaft to find the Director, while Shaw stays behind to pull them back up once they apprehend The Ring’s leader. But, Chuck does not trust Shaw at all. Sarah and Chuck get into the elevator, capture the Director, who says that they will never get their hands on the new Intersect, but with a little persuasiveness, the Director and his body guards give it to them.

The elevator opens and Shaw comes running in, he’s a man on a mission, to save Sarah. Shaw orders Chuck and Sarah to leave while he takes care of the Director. The elevator doors close and a gunshot is fired, making Sarah and Chuck believe that Shaw has killed the Director. However, just the opposite has happened: Shaw is working for The Ring and everything was a setup to trick Sarah and Chuck.
2010 Chuck Verus the Other Guy - Shaw tells Chuck at Castle
Back at Castle, General Beckman reprimands Shaw for killing the Director, but Sarah and Chuck stand up for him. Beckman says the Intersect that The Ring was building had a number of flaws in it. Beckman orders Shaw and Sarah to go to Paris, where The Ring first started making their version of the Intersect.

2010 Chuck Versus the Other Guy - Beckman orders the team to Paris

Sarah promises Chuck that when she gets back from France, everything between them will happen. There’s only one more mission left.

Morgan tells Chuck that Shaw is going to win Sarah, but Chuck thinks Shaw is a hero and that he saved their lives on the last mission. Chuck replays the video of Shaw fighting The Ring agents for Morgan to prove his point, but Morgan sees a huge flaw in the footage: The Ring agent pulled the punch, and the roundhouse kick didn’t even land on the agent’s face. It’s a fake action sequence and Chuck realizes that this means Shaw is working with The Ring.
2010 Chuck Versus Other Guy - Morgan & Chuck explain to Beckman
Chuck tries to inform Beckman of the new information, but she is upset that Chuck has brought Morgan down to Castle and suspends him. Getting no help from Beckman, Chuck has no other choice but to hire Morgan as part of his team to help save Sarah. There’s one last thing to do: Morgan convinces Casey to help them, because he isn’t a Buy Moron, he’s Casey, the ultimate spy.

On the flight to Paris, Casey tells Chuck to calm down and use his smarts to find Sarah. In Paris, Shaw takes Sarah to the exact place of her Red Test and tells her that she killed his wife and there’s no way he can forgive her. He lied to her to get her to come to France with him. The Director hits Sarah with a tranquilizer dart laced with a special toxin that will keep Sarah conscious, but immobilize her nervous system. Shaw wants her to see what happens.

The Director tells Sarah that she and the C.I.A. are responsible for the death of Shaw’s wife. The C.I.A. believed Eve Shaw turned into a Ring Agent; Shaw wants the C.I.A. to know that they betrayed the wrong man. This is why he needs to kill Sarah. On top of this, Shaw gives the Director the details and materials that The Ring needs to complete their Intersect. Sarah learns the truth.
2010 Chuck Versus Other Guy - Tears as Sarah learns truth
Before Shaw can take Sarah down to the river to kill her, Chuck comes to the rescue. He knew Shaw would be at this location because it’s where he goes every year to remember Evelyn’s death. He places Shaw under arrest, but Shaw wants Chuck to kill him. Shaw’s not going down that easy though and Chuck skill-flashes on close-quarter combat, but it’s no use, Shaw is just as good as Chuck and he takes him down, absconding with Sarah into the night.
2010 Chuck Versus Other Guy - The moment of finality
Shaw takes Sarah to the river, where Chuck finds them. Chuck does his best to try and talk Shaw out of doing this, but Shaw leaves Chuck with no choice and Chuck shoots him. Shaw’s body falls into the river and Chuck saves Sarah. Later, Casey gets in touch with General Beckman and shows her that he has captured the Director. He asks to be reinstated as a spy and for Morgan to be part of Operation Bartowski.

Morgan gets his assistant manager job back at the Buy More — as his spy cover. Meanwhile, Sarah rests and Chuck tells her that Shaw is dead. Sarah realizes that Chuck shot Shaw, but Chuck tells her it’s because he couldn’t her get hurt. Even though Chuck had to kill Shaw, Sarah doesn’t care; he saved her. She still loves him and they are going to be together, with no interruptions this time.

The next episode airs on April 12th which is a repeat of “Chuck versus First Class. If you need to feed your Chuck addiction has videos of complete episodes for you to watch online. Once again I hope you are finding my recaps of the episodes, interesting and helpful. You can always leave a comment here or send me a reply on twitter or facebook (Magekittie).

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