Mayans MC Final Season Reviews – I See the Black Light in the Supermarket and in Shadow Secrets!

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Hello my fellow Mayans MC fans;

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As the final season starts to unfold more and more, the layers become more exposed.

We are almost halfway through the last season, and situations are becoming desperate and dire.

The title of this episode is “I See the Black Light,” which gave me cause to remember the prominent blacklight posters from 1967-1969. The posters often had hidden images or messages that could only be seen under a black light.

This Mayans MC episode was literal the “black light” of what is happening to the club, what is coming to light for everyone to see, and what will stand out leading to the conclusion of season five,

The preview showed scenes from an earlier episode where Ez (JD Pardo) had helped Emily (Sarah Bolger) once again and tried to intimidate Marlon Buksar (David Clayton Rogers). The meeting turns tragic, with Marlon accidentally getting shot. This incident will come back again indirectly in this episode.

Mayans MC S5x04 JD Pardo as Ezekiel Ez Reyes
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We also learned in the previous episode “Do You Hear The Rain” that Creeper has been told there is a “rat” in the Santo Padre chapter that will be revealed to the core club members. This news is huge, as it will undoubtedly bring the downfall of the Mayans, and I fear a bloody end to some of the characters. The “black light” will reveal what has been hidden for so long.

This episode was the directorial debut of JD Pardo. He did a great job at capturing the tension and dire consequences the club faces. I do hope that JD will continue to direct. He has a beautiful knack for it. The episode written by Meredith Danluck upped the ante regarding moving the story forward and adding more tension to the already tense situation.



I See the Black Light:

Mayans MC S5x04 Bishop learns that Creeper told Hank about the rat
Image courtesy FX Networks

Bishop (Michael Irby), the actual vice President of the Mayans, seems to be a de facto President even though Ez usurped him in season four. Bishop is the one who is negotiating more and understanding more the position the club is in and where the club needs to go.

With his VP status, he can watch from the sidelines but still has a significant hand in the club; whether Ez will allow Bishop courtesy remains to be seen. Bishop has the knowledge and the experience; Ez does not. Although Ez has book smarts, when it comes to the streets and running a club, Ez’s intelligence is a detriment instead of an asset.

Mayans MC S5x04 Hank tells Ez and Bishop about the rat
Image courtesy FX Networks

Hank (Frankie Loyal) drops the “rat” bomb to the inner leadership of Ez and Bishop of the information that has been provided by Creeper (Joseph Raymond Lucero), that there is a “rat” in their midst.

With this sensitive information now known by the core group of Angel (Clayton Cardenas), Bishop, Ez, and Hank, the tension and trust amongst the family is being tested. No doubt the trust between the Mayans leadership and the entire club will be tested further as the series winds down to a close this season.

Mayans MC S5x04 Elio becomes friends with Bottles
Image courtesy FX Networks

Despite the language barrier, I enjoy seeing Elio (Luis Fernandez-Gil) and Bottles (Alex Barone) become friends. In the world of the Mayans, seeing a glimmer of good can be a refreshing thing. I chuckled to myself as I was watching the drug-making scene; I could not help but compare it to Breaking Bad.  While getting ready to take a break, Elio notices the clear path to escape his captivity and gestures to Bottles, who had gotten up after being thrown to the ground by Lobo (Loki). Bottles reassure Elio that he (Bottles) isn’t a prisoner and that the club is his “familia.”

Mayans MC S5x04 Bottles becomes friends with Elio
Image courtesy FX Networks

While the men are taking a break, Bottles talks about how he didn’t have many friends and had 43 surgeries growing up. I couldn’t help but think of Alex’s life and how it paralleled Bottles’ circumstances. Alex makes it his mission to advocate and empower performers with differences in the industry. I applaud him for that and hope more actors do the same thing. With the mention of the family by Bottles and that being a running theme throughout the series, we, the viewer, must re-examine what we the viewer actually to be consider family.

Mayans MC S5x04 Sarah and Cristobol held hostage by Miguel
Image courtesy FX Networks

There are many different facets of family, and Mayans explore those facets. Because of family and that love, Ez was hurled into that world. Bishop started to head down a dark path in the past season because of a family.

Family in Mayans also means Miguel keeping Emily (Sarah Bolger) and their son Cristobol hostage, in fact prisoners in their home, unable to escape the situation with only brief encounters in the outside world of the local park and supermarket that offer only a small chance at fleeing Miguel’s cage.

Mayans MC S5x04 Sofia is unable to save Lobo from the overdose
Image courtesy FX Networks

With Lobo’s curiosity getting the best of him about what Elio and Bottles are doing, he enters the area where the fentanyl is being made, inhales the fumes without a mask, and overdoses. As Bottles panics and runs to the clubhouse to get rags, just as Sofia (Andrea Cortés) pulls up, he tells her he needs help, and she runs to find Lobo on the ground convulsing from an overdose. Screaming to the club members to call 911, they all stand around and watch Sofia desperately try and save him.  The club members standing around and watching Lobo die is a massive sign of how fentanyl overdoses are seen in society today. With the horrific epidemic of overdoses across the country, standing back and not doing anything to stop the spread seems to be the consensus. Mayans once again bring social issues to the forefront of the series.

Mayans MC S5x04 Nails surprise appearance
Image courtesy FX Networks

It was so incredible to see Nails (Justina Adorno) again. The writers kept that secret well, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who yelled “NAILS!” when she appeared on screen again. The scene with her and Hank was great. The two actors have a natural, tangible chemistry shown in the scene. I hope that by the end of the series, Hank and Nails finally get the happy ending they deserve. As mentioned in a previous review, I am pleased to see the minor characters getting screen time and storylines. It helps break the insanity of the story, and for me, as a writer and director, sometimes the supporting characters are better than the main characters. They help breathe life into the stories and give us a glimpse of what it is like to be them.

Mayans MC S5x04 Ex visits Johnny Panic to make a deal
Image courtesy FX Networks

Ez visits Johnny Panic (Caitlin Stasey) to strike a deal that would benefit all of them. Panic makes it clear to Ez that they can handle situations on their own, and Ez agrees and adds that with the guns and drugs, it will be a beneficial deal for everyone. One of the members of Broken Saints Motorcycle Club asks Johnny how mother will feel about the deal, when I heard that, my ears perked up. Mother? Who is this mother, and who will she be played by? I hope they do reveal that in the next upcoming episodes. That scene also had Ez confess to her, “My hands are covered in blood. It’s fucking getting exhausting,” showing that he’s not as in control as he lets on.

Mayans MC S5x04 Sarah is ready to escape but is called a murderer by Marlon Buskars mother
Image courtesy FX Network

Emily once again goes to the grocery store, this time under the pretense to buy ingredients to make Bolognese for dinner. Before entering the store, she spots the non-descript car she asked Ez to get for her escape from Miguel. She sends the maid and bodyguard in different directions to get items for dinner as she wheels the cart toward the door. She is so close but gets thwarted by a woman yelling “murderer” at her. We figure out that the woman is the mother of Marlon Buskar, the one that Ez accidentally killed. Despite this aborted attempt, I hope Emily can escape with Cristobal and finally be free of Miguel (Danny Pino) and that life!

Mayans MC S5x04 Adelita is told she has to do one more thing
Image courtesy FX Networks

Adelita (Carla Baratta) killing Señor Villa-Fuentes at his home was what we were waiting for. She got rid of the competition for the LNG pipeline and showed a bit of who she used to be. What she did not anticipate was the granddaughter hiding behind a couch, hiding during a game of hide and seek with her grandfather. That shook Adelita, and what followed was a fantastic scene between Angel and Adelita. Carla’s monologue about going to the beach with her father and him holding her as the waves crashed around her-“so loud, so big” she said she wasn’t scared because he was holding her; she felt safe. She made Angel always promise to keep Maverick safe, no matter the cost. The way the scene was shot was beautiful; the light on Carla’s face illuminated parts of it and kept parts in shadow. It showed what her character is like now, half in shadow. I liked that decision by JD to do that.

Mayans MC S5x04 Ez refuses to call 911 despite Sofia pleading
Image courtesy FX Networks

The scene between Ez and Sofia, where she rages against him when he enters the trailer after he refused to call 911 is excellent. We get a little further glimpse into what Sofia went through before she met Ez and the PTSD triggered when she was trying to help Lobo.

That kind of trauma stays with a person, and when she expresses herself to Ez, you can see that broken part of her; Andrea Cortes did an excellent job at conveying that emotion in her acting. Her “no more secrets” comment to Ez will be tested as the series progresses to its finale.

Mayans MC S5x04 Kody listens to the rat tapes
Image courtesy FX Networks

Kody (Stella Maeve), aka Katie McNeill, searches out Kevin Jimenez (Maurice Compte) to see if she can get answers to her questions about who the rat is in the Mayans. Once she seeks him out, she finds out he has been missing for a while and combs through his notes and taped conversations. Hearing the conversations between Jimenez and the “rat” she finds out that Jimenez is related to that person. Continuing to listen, she finally hears the name that will change the show’s course and possibly get her back into good graces with the powers that be. With that last scene of us finding out that Katie knows who the rat is and seeing this week’s episode, the stakes have become higher and more dire. I am hoping that we will see some characters we didn’t get to see in this episode like Letty (Emily Tosta), Hope (Vanessa Giselle), and Potter (Ray McKinnon). With Isaac (JR Bourne) and the other SOA members challenging Ez in a fight club setting, loyalties will be tested, and bloodshed will likely be the result.

Lastly, as we approach episode five, I hope we get an answer to the question of who burned down the warehouse at the end of season four. Enjoy this week’s episode “I Want Nothing But Death”. I know I will!



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