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Hello again convention fans!


Firstly a huge thank you to Massive Events for pulling off yet another fantastic weekend. The guests were both funny and entertaining. We had great access to them, a real plus in my books as other events tend to herd you around with little or no chance of guest interaction. From what has been stated to me by the guests themselves, they appreciate this form of connection, as they get a real boost from meeting their fans and being able to sit and chat. Whoever thought of this type of guest encounters must have had a eureka moment. What a great way to meet the actors in a relaxed manner for all who took part

Thank goodness for Satellite Navigation Systems! If it hadn’t been for my trusty Sat Nav friend, I may well still be sitting on the M1 motorway in the United Kingdom, instead of driving across country to avoid the accident that snarled up the M1 for most of the night.

At least we (my friend Helena and I) made the hotel in time to register and throw our belongings in the hotel room before ringing down to the opening ceremony. By the way artistic licence applies in this report.

Unfortunately in my haste to make a speedy entrance I forgot to bring my pen and pencil. I could forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on sometimes!

Below L-R: Andee Frizzell, Sarah Douglas, Tony Amendola and Kavan Smith

Anyways, the actual ceremony did not last too long, so my brain was not vexed too greatly in recalling the event. First to be welcomed to the stage was the Stargate SG-1 character “Garshaw of Belote”, actress Sarah Douglas. She was warmly greeted, and placed the bag she was carrying beside her feet. Next to be welcomed was the Stargate Atlantis “Wraith Queen” Andee Frizzell, who immediately sprang to her chair, and thanked the organizers for placing a free hand bag at her disposal. A peel of laughter followed as everyone realized she was talking of Sarah’s hand bag.

Rapturous applause followed the arrival of David Nykl (Dr. Radek Zelenka of Stargate Atlantis), Tony Amendola (Master Bra’tac of Stargate SG-1) and Kavan Smith (Major Evan Lorne of Atlantis), and last but not least the beautiful and talented Lexa Doig (Dr. Carolyn Lam of SG-1) graced the stage. Lexa immediately passed on Michael Shanks apologies for canceling at the last minute due to his work schedule. Michael was caught up in filming, and just could not take the time from the production to attend the convention. A fashion discussion then took place between Andee and Lexa, who won the most “points” with her high heeled shoes!

Just as it seemed the cast were going to open up with some delightful banter, the ceremony was called to a halt, and we were all filed out to await the Gold Pass Drinks Reception.

Below L-R: (Half of) Tony Amendola and Kavan Smith and Lexa Doig

Gold Pass Reception

Huddling into small groups, we waiteStargate Atlantis Teamd excitedly to encounter our guests. Andee Frizzell (Wraith Queen on Stargate Atlantis) was the first to enter our group.

My goodness, this lady is a tall one. No wonder she was chosen to play a wraith, as she is as slim as she is tall. Oh my, Andee can talk the hind legs off a donkey. I don’t think she stops to draw breath.

She is funny, articulated and engagingly entertaining. Andee circled around the entire group, asking where we hailed from, only stopping to quip or joke where appropriate. Then as quickly as she entered our fold, she was whisked away to entertain others.Chevron 7.5 Andee Frizzell, image courtesy Gairwyn

Lexa Doig blew into the gap left by Andee. She kept apologizing for Michael’s absence. Lexa shared with us that he really wanted to be here. Lexa talked fondly of her son Sam, who is now 5 (wow, cannot believe that, I can remember Michael announcin g his birth) and ready to take his first steps into school. She commented that Andee was a hard act to follow, and I replied but that she has better taste in shoes, and with that, she was whisked off too.

Stargate Universe - SGU season two wide banner

David Nykl 2010David Nykl was our next companion. He was keen to know if we liked Stargate Universe and our opinions on the third show in the Stargate franchise. The general point of consensus in the audience was that whilst Stargate Universe was a part of the Stargate franchise, in being so, the series commanded our allegiance. Several commented that the show was shot differently, with a darker feel to it.

Click to visit Stargate SG-1 Team at MGM Dot Com!Several others shared that there was not the same family team feeling that Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis managed to portray. The consensus amongst the ladies was that the actors in Stargate Universe were not as handsome as their counterparts in the other Stargate series. David asked about the supporting actors appeal, and I replied that “I wasn’t going to go there”. Thankfully he has rather good sense of humor.

We did not have an opportunity to see the other actors as time had run out, which was a shame. However Andee, Lexa and David had certainly started our Chevron 7.5 convention weekend off with a bang!

Saturday morning found us in the dining hall eating breakfast. Gosh, what hallowed news I hear you say, but let me explain.

Imagine my surprise when Tony walked into the hall apparently in search of an early gastronomic feast. The actors were staying in our hotel. This Chevron 7.5 Tony Amendola, image courtesy Gairwynactually pleased me greatly, not because it meant we were to party to even more exposure, but, these people were happy enough in our presence to not feel threatened by bad behaviour from their fans. I don’t think this would occur at events across the mighty pond, but I would happily be corrected if it’s the case.

Now the fun starts. If you have never been to a chevron event, or ones from our overseas counter parts, then let me tell you a story of stamina and resolve. The Saturday morning consists of autograph signing and photo shoots.

So, depending on your ticket status, here goes the timetable: Lexa 09:00 to 09.30…photo shoot….09.45 to 11:30…autographs. Andee 09:00 to 09:30, signing, 09:30 to 10:00 photo shoot, 10:00 to 11:30, signing… You get the idea I hope, because I’m not going to copy out the whole line up!

You line up for your photo with Lexa, then line up for photo with Andee. Run and line up for autograph from Kavan, Run back to queue for photo with Tony, get back into queue for autograph with Lexa, join queue for Andee’s autograph. Then a game of ping pong between the others so not to miss out on anything.

By the end of the morning my plates of meat, really were humming “an Aunt Nell” (cockney slang for feet that smell). And I was all together cream crackered (work that one out for yourself). Maybe its because I’m a Londoner.


Quips In The Queue During Autograph Encounters


Whilst waiting for Andee to sign my picture, she starts a conversation up with the queue, and I have to put my pennies worth in stating it’s a shame to not be able to take a quick photo when the actors are milling around the corridors. Andee’s retort was that if she was in the corridor it was because she was probably running off to the loo, my reply was that I wasn’t that worried, a good peeing photo shot was as good as anything else. This sent her off into fits of laughter as she imagined herself sitting on the toilet and me bursting in saying “smile”. And a shocked look on her face as she held onto the toilet walls.

My picture was signed: “do not stop me on the way to the john, I’ll kill ya. Andee”.

Sarah Douglas as Garshaw from Stargate SG-1Sarah Douglas is a very down to earth lady. While signing, she was also making conversation with the queue. Apparently she hails from Stratford Upon Avon, so had a very small journey to make compared to some people, during this conversation she stopped to change her pen as she didn’t like fat nibs…… ( I hang my head in shame, as I could not help retorting that some people liked fat nibs. She found this amusing, and from then on I was known as the fat nib lady).

Earlier in the day I met Kavan at a doorway, as he was in a hurry, I stepped aside and said “age before beauty”, he seemed amused by the quip, giggled and said thanks. So when it was my turn for his autograph, he paused and asked “ didn’t we met earlier at the doors”, to which I nodded, and he laughed and said great to meet you, which he also wrote on my picture.

Next was David’s queue. When it came to my turn, I handed him my picture and said, you will be pleased to know, that after a brief discussion, my friends and I have come to the conclusion that you are much more handsome in real life than on t.v. He replied that was great, and he agreed with our findings.

Tony was our last autograph hunt for the day. He was also very talkative to our queue. He was genuinely interested in where we had come from, and was happy to relate a time many years ago when he spent a while in London acting, and some of the places he had been to. He seemed as eager to please as we were to listen to him.

Lexa also was happy to chat as she was signing; I managed to ask her who was looking after the kids. She replied (with a hint of pleasure) that Michael was looking after them in the evenings, but the nanny had them during the day. She revelled in the thought of Michael having to cope with the “MUMMY” situations while she was away. Thankfully Michael is very hands on with the kids.

During the day, there were a number of talks arranged for the stars to entertain us fans. I had planned to attend them all, but in the end, I only managed to sit in on one , as the clever minds behind the scenes had a new teaser to entice us with. A coffee chat with who we wanted to meet. Two ways to gain entry were, 1: bid for a seat, or 2: buy a raffle ticket.

Luck was on my side somehow as every ticket I bought won me a seat to whom ever I bought a ticket for. But first, I will report on the one chat I managed to get to see. I know a lot of these chats are transcribed, but my short hand is not up to scratch, so I will attempt to just essay the event for you.

Talk with David and Andee.


First on stage was Andee, who took her seat and then had to wait for David as he was apparently caught short.

Suddenly from the back of the room, David bursts in and proceeds to run round the chairs acting like an aeroplane. Much to everyone’s laughter he ends up in the middle isle and takes over a photographers camera and tripod pretending to take pictures of Andee.

The first question asked, was, if David had the opportunity to take over from Robert Carlyle in Stargate Universe, what he would do differently. David started to reply about adding a bit of humour, but was interrupted before he could finish his sentence by Andee who was telling him off for holding the microphone in front of his face.

Andee went on to explain that a particular friend takes great pleasure in sending embarrassing pictures of her at these events, when unknowingly she makes a face or gestures inappropriately. Then she makes a funny pose just to embellish the story. At this moment in time, David has pretended to fall asleep, a quip at Andee who never seems to stop talking. Unfortunately David did the wrong thing. He closed his eyes, and Andee took the opportunity to whack him over the head with the mike to wake him up.

Chevron 7.5 Andee Frizzell, image courtesy Gairwyn!

She then went on to explain the funny pose. One shot she had been asked to do was emerge from a tank of water, dressed as the queen wraith, in a dignified graceful manner.

After spending the best part of the morning in makeup she is presented with a tank about three and a half feet deep. Given just how tall she is, and how small the tank was, this was going to be fun. NOT. Andee is told by the crew that she must wait for a tap on the tank, and then emerge. Seconds after submerging herself in the water, she realises the mask is made of foam, and her head wants to float to the surface. The lower part of her suit is also made of foam and that too is trying desperately to make a bid for freedom.

Unfortunately her hair, partly wig is also pushing for the surface. To make matters worse, her hair is tied to her butt, by a clever crewman who didn’t want her hair flying about the tank. At this point, Andee is manically trying to hold herself down grasping a weight at the bottom of the tank, her tied hair is giving her a massive wedgie, and the rest of her is desperately pointing skywards in an attempt to surface. The tap on the tank signals her to let go of the weight and she surfaces from the tank like a torpedo. They didn’t do another take!!!

Her one piece of advice, never wear your contacts home. Apparently your eyesight is badly affected by the contacts, they give a tunnel vision like experience. When she got home and looked in the mirror, Andee had a ring of hiccies, around her neck from the mask where it had tried to make a bid for freedom in the water. Andee also went on to explain that due to the mask, she thought that people were ignoring her, especially at parties until she realised that nobody realised what she looked like because of the make up.

They were asked if they had to do many retakes. Both replied no as they carried their lines in their back pockets, except for Hewlett who wrote his on the back of his hand.

There was little time to redo takes due to the pressure of shooting scenes on time, also, the scenes shot will probably not run concurrently. Therefore many scenes were dubbed in at a later date in the recording studio.

Another question asked was, “in Atlantis, the wraith queen was very dominant, what would you do differently” Andee retorts, “what do you mean do differently”. Poo Poo everywhere, the toilets, 6 cubicles, two wash basins one hand dryer. More washrooms everywhere. Turning to David, she asks his reply: “More naked boobies”.

Also asked was, “what was the atmosphere between Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis while working at the same studio. They both replied that there really was very little crossover between the two. Shooting was so busy that there was no time to sit down and chat.

A question from the cheap seats as Andee remarked with a grin. “Did you ever keep make up on and see if you could scare people.”. Of course Andee has tried, especially in her wraith head gear, but the shops close by are used to this happening, and don’t usually blink an eye. She went into a starbucks with her green makeup on, bald except from a tuff of hair behind, and nadda, nothing, not a blink of an eye. Sighing, she just obviously isn’t that scary. Especially when she was acting a scene from Atlantis, where her teeth actually make her sound like tweety pie. I Thawt I thaw a puddy cat. And the actors opposite her have to act scared. RIGHT.

David likes to wear bullet holes home, he thinks they look really cool, and people do surreptitiously look to see if they are real.

The final question was about practical joking, who was the worst, and who suffered the most. According to David Nykl, Hewlett is well known for throwing food at you out of shot. Joe likes to hit you below the shot line. According to Andee:


We were told that Joe Flanagan (Colonel John Shepard) once kept filling Paul McGillion’s doctors bag with rocks when he was having to climb a steep hill. And with that, the talk was called to a close, and the actors made their way off the stage to rapturous applause.

Chats Over A Coffee.

As you know I could not be in two places at once, so I asked a dear friend of mine to write down her guest encounter with Andee.

Andee Frizell Guest Encounter:

Here you go fairly brief because she spent a lot of time asking each of us in turn our names and where we were from. There were twelve, maybe fourteen of us, four English (including me and Helena), two from the Czech Republic and the rest from France, oh and I think one from Germany. She found it amusing that some of the French people were from wine regions, Champagne and Bordeaux were two I remember.

She asked if we had questions. First question was about the types of roles she gets and does her height influence them. She said absolutely. She tends to get roles playing scary people and of course her height can be problematical when she is taller than the male actors. She made reference to one time when she had to stand in a hole that had been dug in the ground so that she didn’t appear taller than the guy she was acting opposite, but that made her look as if she had ridiculously long arms.

We than asked how she feels about getting so many roles where she has to wear prosthetic. She explained that there’s quite a small niche of actors who can actually cope with the make up process as up to five people can be affixing the makeup at any given time. It can induce a kind of sensory overload that freaks some people out. Also some have trouble when it comes to body and head casts as the process is very claustrophobic. She deals with it by zoning out (Although she didn’t say this I imagine the fact that she did/does yoga might help her with that) She did tell us how on one occasion two of the makeup artists managed to get glue in her eye and basically glued it shut, also very painful as you can imagine.

It was commented on what wonderful imaginations the people who design and create the make up are, and also the same for the stunning costumes. She told us that an incredible amount of detail goes in to the costumes even the ones that might only be seen on screen for a few seconds. She couldn’t speak highly enough of the creativity and imagination of the people who come up with them. She explained that being made up so extensively allows for the chance to really use a lot of expressiveness in the way she can act the part and that in the case of the wraith because she and the Male Wraith were the first two Wraith they were allowed to create the way they moved, mannerisms etc which as actors gave them a lot of freedom which they enjoyed. It also meant they set the tone for actors who later played Wraith.

She explained how long the wraith queen makeup took to apply, five hours after the initial trails for screen tests which were eight, and two hours to remove. Upon being asked if she would like to be in the Stargate Atlantis movie (if it ever got made) she said she’d love to be in it of course.

She said that she would love in the series for the wraith to have been explored more deeply, ie their society, hierarchy, how they interact on a social level etc. She was asked about wraith romance and explained about the birthing chair (of which I know nothing) and laughingly told us that when it wasn’t being the birthing chair it was turned around and had some hoses stuck on it and became the wraith ship control chair.

She was asked about being in Supernatural and said it was huge fun and that the two lead guys are incredibly hard workers and hot too boot.

I would like it to be mentioned what an absolutely cool person she is and highly recommend going to a convebtion where she’s on the guest list. She is very intelligent and quick minded and really takes the time to make us fans feel comfortable and at ease.

My first guest encounter was with Sarah Douglas. I managed to place myself sitting next to her at the table. I found myself in awe of this lady when I realised just how much Television and film work she has done for example: She was in the Original V as Pamela in the Final Battle parts two and three. (a tip for anyone who has the opportunity to interview somebody……look up their filmography before you meet them).

The first question came from another lady in the room. What is the favourite film you have ever done? Her reply was immediate: The People That Time Forgot, with Dougie McClure. Sarah talked of her fondness for Doug, and her memories of the set, where the budget was so tight, they had to act against cardboard cut outs of the dinosaurs, but she loved every minute of making it.

Sarah then went on to talk about her worst film. She would not mention it by name, but revealed it had been made outside Prague. The shoot was in a disused potato factory. The director said roll, and as they went to shoot, all eyes turned to the line up of girls behind Sarah. She turned round to see her servants stripped to below the waist. What made it worse was that they were all ugly and saggy boobed, not the sort of thing you wish to reminisce on.

Sarah then went on to talk of her fans. She has great support from her fan base, one in particular who followed her every move, but she had a great rapport with this person, and she spoke of them fondly. Sarah has had her share of stalkers, one in particular used to follow her and just stare at her. It was most off putting. Sarah had been so fortunate to work with such legendary actors such as Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman.

Half an hour went so quickly, and all too soon the encounter was over. Sarah thanked me for my questions, and then remarked that I hadn’t written anything down.. I reminded her that when we sat down and I went to write down a comment, she had put her hand on my arm. I had taken that as a signal she didn’t want anything written down. She laughed and apologised, she hadn’t been aware she had done that. I replied not to worry I was about to rush off and write it all up before I forgot.

Tony Amendola’s guest encounter was at the same time as Sarah,s. He was running late so I was very naughty and snuck in to the room. Unfortunately I was rumbled straight away, but to my relief Tony just waved me in and gestured me to sit down.

He carried on with the story he was telling about a baby ostrich and how it had pooped on his hand. Immediately he finished the story, he turned to me and told me to ask him a question. I was still reeling from having to sneak in. So I found myself asking the same question I had asked Sarah. What was his favorite film he had made? Easy, he replied, the two Zorro movies. Being able to work with such wonderful actors as Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones, and his favourite Television series had to be Stargate of course. All the crew and actors had been just superb to work with.

David Nykl was the next encounter. He straight away started with a gag. Welcome to the Portuguese for beginners class. David was also interested in David Nykl as Stargate Atlantis' Dr. Zelenka!where we all came from, especially when one lady stated her hometown as Wigan. David asked her if she followed Rugby. Her reply was that you couldn’t help follow rugby if you came from Wigan.

David went on to explain that he was Czech by birth, had been born in Prague and spoke the language fluently. Apparently, Zelenka had been originally written as a Russian named Karpov, but when they heard that David was naturally Czech, they rewrote the part accordingly. David has no problem going from Canadian accent to Czech, as he hears that accent all the time. The fun part for him is that when he walks off swearing at Rodney under his breath, he really is swearing at Rodney in Czech. He has called him a f***ing A****le on film, and nobody realizes. How cool is that?

David went to a convention in the Czech Republic, and was pleasantly surprised to see 700 people turn up. They all watch on the internet. He has been dubbed into Czech and French, which sounds really weird. Apparently Italy has an award for the best dubbers. Dr. Zelenka and Rodney seem to have this onscreen chemistry where they finish each others sentences, was this scripted? David replied that the repartee between them both grew to the extent where they began finishing each others sentences. The scripter’s cottoned onto this and soon started to write the banter between them in. There is very little chance to change lines or wing it.

Somebody asked about Fringe. David replied it was a great series, but he couldn’t say anything about it yet. He went on to say that a lot of these series, you can work out where they are being filmed by the terrain or the colour of the sky. The hardest things to have to blot out are phone lines or man made structures. New Zealand is a great place to work as there is so much natural terrain. Unfortunately, it is also very expensive to shoot there. David is a great sci fi fan himself and watches just about all the science fiction series he can. Apart from the obvious he loves Battlestar Galactica, Fringe and Eureka.

He was asked if he himself had ever been star struck, well no, but once he saw Dan Castellaneta, and had to really down the urge to run up and shout “DOH”. He has worked with Shirley McClaine, he played her son, and she decided to not look at him while shooting a scene, but he ended up having to be backhanded by her, and she was wearing this enormous ring. At least she warned him that she was really gonna hit him. Thank goodness it was shot in one take. If given the chance he said that he would love to work with Johnny Depp and Scarlett Johansson.

David then went on to explain that a lot of the behind the scenes work that we don’t get to see. There is a process when setting up a scene. Firstly you meet on set have a run through of your lines, work out where you are going to stand, the positions are marked, and so on… this is called blocking. When everyone is happy, you go off to make up, and the lighting crew get to work. You are then called back, run through the scene, then go for a take. It’s a very fast and efficient procedure. Close ups is the time when you try to make the other person laugh. There is a cut every 30 seconds, or a scene change as this is the optimum time for a viewer’s concentration to be lost. Joe Flanigan is used a lot for close ups, he is very good at showing a “problem face”. There is always a lot going on in the background, so things are made to look as realistic as possible. This also means there is more to go wrong, or more chance to cause mayhem.

Was David aware of any crossover pranks between Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis? He indicated that he was not aware of any, even though they were at the same studio; there were never any chances to cross paths. According to David, the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge was manufactured on the site of the studio, which is why it has the name Bridge Studio’s.

David was also asked “ if you had the chance to go thought the Stargate for real would you”? “Hell yeah” was his reply. The last question David was asked was about acting green scenes. David explained that when you had to act against something that was later going to be added by C.G.I, then usually there was a green background, this means that you may be acting to thin air. This can cause a problem when setting the addition to your movements or eye contact. An object like a green tennis ball is often used so you have something to focus on; this is called intraocular convergence apparently. David paused and looked at me, now that’s something to write down he chuckled. Carrying on, he remarked how good he had become at working with green tennis balls.

We all seemed to have chatted for ages, and David was just so full of information. We could have sat there for another 45 minutes just listening to him reminisce, but sadly our time had to a close. The last passing comment to David was, “I want my money back, I still can’t speak any Portugese”.

My last guest encounter was with Lexa Doig. Again I positioned myself next to her, and I have to say before I start, what beautiful hair and complexion this lady has (a woman thing to spot). As I sat down, I explained that I had a few questions to ask from fans, would she mind. She was very gracious, and said fire away.

My first question was, would you be returning to “V Series” or “Smallville”. “No” was her immediate reply, the way the episodes had been written she thought there was little chance of any return.

What other career would you have chosen if you had not gone into acting? Lion tamer was her reply, just watch Monty Python if you don’t understand. Someone commented, they were too young for Monty Python, and nearly got thrown out by popular vote.

Have you and Michael managed to solve the squirrel problem or does Kenn at WormholeRiders News Agency have to dispatch Adria the Cat to help out. She was a little perplexed and then replied ooooooooooooh you mean the raccoon problem. Her own cats have made friends the the damned furry things, and they are the bane of her life. A fan had put a toy raccoon on the table, and Lexa proceeded to knock six bells out of the stuffed toy.

Michael and her good friend J.R Bourne (Martouf in Stargate SG-1) have spent many an evening stalking the garden to no avail. The critters know when they are there, and as soon as the boys leave they come out laughing. We then spent the next few minutes talking about swear words, and the best way to discourage the younger generation on using them. Lexa really came through as a sensible mom, with some great idea’s on how to stop the bad language. There was a comment about how the encounter was going to sound if the rest of the interview was full of blaspheming language, so we changed the subject and carried on.

Michael is coming up for his 4oth birthday; apparently he thought he wouldn’t reach 30. Lexa pointed out that theoretically he hadn’t. He is happy the Canucks are doing so well at the moment, but is worried they wont be able to maintain it. Lexa was asked if she watched T.V She replied that she wasn’t a great watcher, she prefers to read more, but is a lover of the “So You Think You Can Dance” series: the dancers are all so dedicated and in fantastic shape.

She thought Stargate the Musical was a great idea: just imagine a line of dancing Goa’uld, and Peter Williams (Apophis) river dancing. When asked why she hadn’t been on twitter for a while she explained that it took her so long to answer people. She feels honour bound to answer as many as she can, and when she gets on she can be there for hours. She should just post and ignore the comments, but she just can’t do that.

The last question asked caused the most hilarity. Somebody asked is they were hounded when they went about their daily activities. Fortunately, they are left alone most of the time, but when you don’t want to be recognised, that’s when you can guarantee somebody will know who you are.

Her amusing account of one such encounter follows: Eight and a half months pregnant with Mia, Lexa came down with a yeast infection (very common in pregnancy I can confirm), Standing in the queue for a tube of Canestan, her doctor has recommended, a young shop assistant, calls out to her, aren’t you Rommie? He asks how he can help her, and she pauses weighing up whether to ask a young man for cream for a female complaint, as she could spend ages in the queue waiting or bite the bullet. So she asks for the Canestan, “whats that for” he enquires”, “a yeast infection” she replies quietly, “oh really is it on the face”, “umm no, do I look like I have an infection on my face”, “well we have to ask, is it for a skin infection”, Lexa sighs, by this time, tired and very pregnant is not the time to interrogate a woman, politeness and calmness has just left the building. “No” Lexa exclaims”, “its for an itchy vagina”. She is swiftly handed her cream!

Now if you know Canadian stores, you pay for everything together, and as she also needed printer ink, decides to get everything in one go, and walks off in search of her ink. At the check out, the canestan will not price up, so the till man, apologises and calls out to his manager, what’s the price of canestan. By this time she wants to go hide, the manager doesn’t know so he shouts to the next in line, who responds, to wait a moment, then over the tannoy comes the announcement, can checkout 3 have a price check on a tube of canestan. Lexa walks through the door at home, and announces she is taking herself to bed, when Michael enquires why, she asks do you really want to know. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW?

Many thanks to Lexa for letting me print this story, I did ask her permission, as it was of a personal nature, and she paused for a second, and gestured with her hand and replied “oh F**k it”, go ahead.

The other event that was new to the ChevStargate Atlantis logoron weekend was the screening of an episode of Stargate Atlantis! It was impossible to write a report, but I will share with you a heads up on the concept as depicted in the images below.


As the episode is being shown, David and Kavan did a running commentary along side it. This was very funny to listen to, as they would add their own views, or talk over the lines to create their own scenes. Poor Ronan Dex got quite few quips for his lack of lines, or one word replies, or that he was just in the scene to make it pretty. I hope the creators of the Chevron weekend include this in the next event, as it went down really well.


We got to see some of the Uniforms and props from the shows. That was fun and interesting! 🙂



This just about sums up the weekend for me and the events I was able to cover. I can not wait until the next Chevron event, especially since Mr. Richard Dean Anderson will be attending. I have purchased my ticket already!

Click to visit and follow WormholeRiders News Agency on Twitter!I hope you have enjoyed my Chevron 7.5 news article. As always thank you for reading and visiting WormholeRiders News Agency. Please share this news article by clicking one of the social media icons below. You may also leave a comment here, or feel free to visit me on Twitter by clicking my avatar or text links below.

Thank you.HonestHunny and her friend Jan

Tracy (honesthunny)


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