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WormholeRiders News Agency Gates to The Future in 2012 and Beyond!

Happy New Year fellow WormholeRiders! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! During the past several months we have reorganized. Below we have prepared a fun music video documenting and outlining where the WHR Crew is going in 2012 and beyond for your enjoyment. Additional web sites have been …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe: “Blockade” with Special “Gauntlet” Sneak Peek

Greetings Sci Fi Fans! It is hard to believe that the last new episode of any Stargate flavor will air so soon, at least for the foreseeable future, and I am personally very nervous about how Stargate Universe will end. Our beloved SG-1 and SGA each had the luxury of …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe: “Common Descent” and “Epilogue” Clearly Worthy of the Stargate Lineage!

Hello once again Stargate fans, The latest episodes of Stargate Universe were once again a delightful experience for the supporters of the current incarnations of Stargate by a large portion of the fandom in the United States and an overwhelming majority in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe as …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe: The Hunt Season 2 Episode 17 with Mike Dopud Interview

Heya my fellow Stargate Universe fans. Welcome back to yet another awesome episode of this fantastic series, Stargate Universe. Okay, when I was told that this was the best Varro (Mike Dopud) episode to date. I simply HAD to request that I write this review. Though I am not writing …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe: “Seizure” Season 2 Episode 15 Analysis with S2x16 “The Hunt” Trailer

Hello once again Stargate fans, This has been the most anticipated episode of Stargate Universe ever since I saw the preview over a week ago. Although, I have known about this episode for some time now, I put in my request that I write on this one. As I am …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe Hope; Season Two Episode 14 Critique

Hello again Stargate Fans, Episode 14 of season 2 of Stargate Universe, entitled Hope, aired this Monday evening March 28, 2011 on SyFy, and Tuesday night March 29, 2011 for those of us in Canada who are cursed with having to wait an extra day until we get to see …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe “Alliances” Season Two Episode 13 with “Hope” Sneak Peek Video!

Hello Stargate Universe fans! This past week’s episode of Stargate Universe “Alliances” was excellently directed by Mr. Peter DeLuise. “Alliances” literally kept me on the edge of my seat. We had two special guest stars in this episode. Kathleen Quinlan portrays Senator Michaels who is head of the I.O.A. Off …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe: Alliances Pre Review – Special Guest Stars Kathleen Quinlan, Tom MacNeill, French Stewart and Brian McCaig

Hello once again Stargate fans, SPOILER ALERT: Tonight on Syfy is airing a powerfully explosive episode on your screens this week with a hint of the future in the next episode of Stargate Universe. “Alliances” is the episode as the series which continues the epic saga of the Destiny and …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe: Season 2 Episode 12 “Twin Destinies” Analysis with Full Episode Video

Welcome back Stargate Universe fans!!! Wow, this has been a while since I have written a review for Stargate Universe. Did you miss me? I know that last review I wrote was way back when with the season one tenth episode “Space”. That was a great experience for me as …Read the Rest

Stargate Universe: Twin Destinies Pre Review – Bill Dow, Mike Dopud and Something Rodney Mckay!

Hello once again Stargate fans, SPOILER ALERT: Tonight on Syfy standby for the airing of a blast from the past and a look at the future in the next episode of Stargate Universe, “Twin Destinies” as the series continues the mission of the Destiny. Episode 12 of the second season …Read the Rest

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