V Series: Season Two Episode Nine “Devil In A Blue Dress” Another Perspective

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Heyla V Series fans, loyalists, fifth column and resistance:

And welcome to my review of V Series, season two, episode nine entitled “Devil in a Blue Dress.” This episode was the penultimate episode, and it was pretty terrific!

Because I am stillClick to visit Warner Brothers Entertainment! new at this whole reviewing thing I have enjoyed trying out different approaches to it. This week I decided to try out another new approach. I hope you like. 


1. It Happened in Diana’s Lair

Marcus Visitor (Christopher Shyer) entered Queen Diana’s (Jane Badler) dungeon lair; he appeared dumbfounded to see her alive. I imagined that due to his utter shock at seeing Diana his logic sensors shut off completely, (something which has happened to me quite often).

Marcus asked for her to state her purpose in seeing him. If his logic sensors had been working I do not think he would have had to ask that. I suppose she could have asked to see him because after fifteen years she finally got lonely and decided that she missed him, or maybe she had just made a fresh batch of oatmeal raisin cookies and she wanted him to taste test for her. *giggles*

V Series S2x09 Dumbfounded Marcus

Of course, Diana replied that she was seeking his loyalty to their species, but really she meant herself. Marcus was still loyal to Anna at that moment. I do not think he was ready to pledge his allegiance to his former queen. (Could she be his mother?) He even threatened to tell Anna that he spoke with Diana, but he does not do it.

Diana talked about Anna’s emotions claiming that pride, Anna’s first emotion, was what caused her to overthrow her. She said that Anna’s scream on Red Sky Day was so loud that she heard it all the way down in the bowels of the ship. Okay, she did not say that exactly, but she was aware of it?

Marcus stuck up for Anna saying that this was an isolated incident, and that he had seen no further signs of emotion in her. Diana was smart enough not to argue, and instead chose to plant seeds of doubt inside of his head knowing that those seeds would sprout into suspicion and second guessing of Anna’s every move.

V Series S2x09 Queen Diana

Princess Lisa Visitor (Laura Vandervoort) saw her mother Anna Visitor (Morena Baccarin) blissing Tyler Evans (Logan Huffman); she was so upset by this that she went back down to Diana’s dungeon lair for the second time that day. The first time she went down she demanded that her grandmother tell her about Concordia.

It was at this time she discovered that Dr. Sidney Miller (Brett Harrison)  was about to blow up tens of thousands of people, and why she told Ryan who then went on to save them all, sort of). Diana was surprised to hear that Anna could bliss humans; I wondered if she was jealous because this was something that she could never do?

She was also very interested to learn of Lisa’s human resistance friends. Diana told Lisa that they needed to work together with these humans so that they could all accomplish the one goal they had in common -dethroning Anna. So now you know that if this plan of theirs succeeds that it all began in Diana’s lair.

V Series S2x09 Lisa talks to Diana


2. Anna, bliss, and humans:

Queen Anna Visitor (Morena Baccarin) decided to try blissing a human. Where did this human woman come from? Was she a live aboard or one of the people they have kidnapped for experimentation? Joshua Visitor (Mark Hildreth) and Marcus were with her at the time. Marcus was worried about Anna trying this because apparently when Diana tried the same thing it almost killed her. Anna, showing off that pride her mother spoke of, replied that her mother was weak. Joshua argued with Marcus, seeming annoyed that Marcus was trying to stand in the way of their victory over the humans. Anna yelled at them both to stop. I loved how emotional all three of them were in this scene while they were trying to rid emotions out of this unfortunate human woman

The procedure was not easy or pretty, it involved a lot of screaming by both the human and Anna, and caused the Queen to bleed quite un-regally from her eyes, while losing the strength to stand. But in the end it worked, the woman was so blissed out that she swallowed the immolation pill given her by Anna, even after claiming she understood that swallowing it would kill her.

I was quite horrified yet impressed by Anna’s victory. I liked the idea of her being able to control humans through her bliss. Anna, who seemed to be rocking on the edge of madness, asked Joshua if this meant she could now mass bliss the human populace. Joshua was not certain and Marcus reminded her that blissing this one woman almost killed her. Marcus did not think that Anna should continue to pursue this plan, but Anna was quite drunk with power in this moment and she commanded Joshua to find a way to make it work.

V Series S2x09 Anna screams and bleeds


V Series S2x09 Human woman screams


V Series S2x09 Freaky victory moment


V Series S2x09 Woman is blissed

Anna decided to bliss Tyler and was also successful. This blissing (I imagine) was less traumatic because of the high amounts of phosphorus in his system was less noisy and traumatic. However Anna still bled from her eyes. And the experience was quite draining for her. This human blissing thing is either going to get easier over time or it will be the death of her.

V Series S2x09 Tyler being blissed


3. Anna and Little Amy:

Before Anna attempted to bliss a human she talked to Joshua and Marcus about Visitor Fifth columnist Ryan Nichol’s (Morris Chestnut) daughter, named Amy, who although half human still accepted Anna’s bliss. Anna was encouraged that Amy’s human side did not reject her bliss and she commanded Joshua to find out why.

Joshua remarked that these tests would be intrusive and that they could harm her. Now the last time Joshua remarked that doing something to the then unnamed hybrid could harm or even kill her Anna had coldly responded then she will die serving her queen. But this time Anna actually thought twice about it, Marcus reminded her how important her being able to control the humans was and that they were running out of time, so then she gave Joshua permission to go ahead with it. But still it was progress.

V Series S2x09 Anna thinks twice

In the beginning Anna called Amy a mongrel and wanted her killed. It was only when she realized that Amy could be used as a way to control Ryan did she allow her to live, and then she made her sick on purpose as another means of controlling Ryan. She recently began growth experimentation on her, growing her from a baby to a toddler to a pre-school aged child until this episode where she appeared to be around eight years old. Anna had not been at all kind to this child, but even so she did appear to be warming towards her slightly. She was playing her mother, after all. Not that Anna was ever much of a mother to her real daughter, Lisa, but with her new emotions she was thawing slightly?

Joshua later told Anna he had learned the reason for little Amy’s ability to accept Anna’s bliss easily was that her father had given Valerie Stevens (Lourdes Benedicto) her real mother phosphorus while pregnant with her, and that the phosphorus had given her heightened abilities. Anna was quite excited to learn more about what Amy could do. (Did she just have a proud mother flash or was it simply evil scientist excitement over discovering her latest experiment could do a new trick?)

V Series S2x09 What else can Amy do


V Series S2x09 Amy Hybrid

Later Anna was recuperating on the sofa in her lounge when Amy entered. She smiled at Anna, called her Mommy, which is so sad, and then tried to give her bliss to make her feel better. Anna was surprisingly gentle with her, and she was puzzled as to why Amy would think to do that. Amy replied simply that she loved her. If that cold cold bitch had a heart then that scene was the closest she had ever come to showing it. She hugged her hybrid- stolen daughter, and almost seemed to enjoy it.

I doubt that anyone had ever spoken those words to her; and that previously if they had they would have been skinned, but little Amy just got away with something that I don’t think anyone else on this planet could.

V Series S2x09 Anna and Amy

One note of interest is that Marcus saw and I believe that those seeds of doubt planted in him by Diana sprouted a little bit. I would not be at all surprised to see him helping everyone try to take Anna down in next week’s episode

4. Sid the Science Guy and What He Did:

Dr. Sidney Miller (Bret Harrison) figured out that Concordia was actually Anna’s plan to build landing sites for her invading space ships. He called all of his resistance club members for a meeting. Kyle Hobbes (Charles Mesure) wondered how they could destroy each and every Concordia landing site, because News Anchor Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) informed them all that over five hundred of these were being built all over the world.

We observe FBI Agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell), who was the brains of the operation as well as their fearless leader pointed out that they did not need to destroy these landing sites they just needed to prevent them from being built. She proposed that they blow up the blue energy reactor at the New York Concordia site, hoping that this would cause a public panic making people question how safe the blue energy was. If people and the government believed blue energy was unsafe then they would not allow the landing sites to be built.

V Series S2x09  Resistance Club meeting

Sid, the science guy, figured out how to make the blue energy balls (that Lisa stole for them) to work, and how to use them to safely sabotage the Concordia site reactor. His friends were surprised but proud. They were so proud that they made him dress up as a construction worker and then sneak into the Concordia building site so that he could do the sabotage work.

Poor Sid was really scared, but his mean friends made him do it anyway. (Well he was the only one who knew how to do it, and they were trying to prevent a worldwide alien invasion) They even made him go in alone. But Sid was very brave, and he countered his fears by doing what he did not want to do. I was so proud of him!

V Series S2x09 Sid the science guy


V Series S2x09 Sid the scared construction worker

Lisa told Diana who told Lisa who called Ryan who followed Sid into the blue energy reactor room so that he could tell him. Erica, Hobbes, and ex-priest Jack Landry (Joel Gretsch) saw Ryan and they followed him to. Sid activated the tiny blue energy balls given to them by Lisa, and then he picked up a remote detonator.

Ryan entered and he told Sid that he had to stop what he was doing, but Sid, who remembered that Ryan was a bad guy, did not believe him. Ryan told Sid that there are two kinds of blue energy, inert, and weaponized. Ryan asked Sid if he was one-hundred percent positive that he did not weaponize his blue energy balls. Then Ryan tried to tackle Sid and Sid accidentally hits the trigger detonating his blue bomb.

V Series S2x09 Ryan tries to stop Sid


V Series S2x09 Did Sid weaponize it


V Series S2x09 Blue energy reactor

After the blue energy reactor debacle Sid was playing around with his infra-red binoculars the ones he made to be able to see blue energy, and he made a discovery that they were surrounded by tons of other mother ships, not just the New York one. Sid discovered that the invading army was not on its way, but that it was already there. Way to go Sid! High five!

V Series S2x09 Those are ships

5. Ryan a Hero?


6 Erica Makes a Choice and Regrets It:

Erica, Hobbes, and Jack arrived right after Sid accidentally hit the detonator, with guns pointed at Ryan. Ryan told them all that they needed to deactivate their bomb because if they did not it would blow up everything within one-hundred square miles killing tens of thousands of people. His ex-friends did not believe him, so Ryan told them that Lisa sent him there. He asked how else would he have known where to find them? (He would not admit to stalking all of them)

Erica, as leader of the fifth column had a difficult choice to make. Jack, of course was telling her that they had to shut the reactor down because Sid did not know to deactivate the bomb. Hobbes, of course was shouting at her to not believe Ryan. There were a few very tense moments are the reactor was shooting pretty sparks and getting ready to blow. In the end Erica chose to shut it down. I definitely thought that she made the right decision. Ryan managed to shut it down using his mad V hacking skills. I truly believe that Anna chose the wrong profession for him. He may have been bred to be a hunter, and she may have thought that he did a good job, but he was way better at using computers to blow things up or using them to prevent things from blowing up, in my humble estimation, at least.

V Series S2x09 Ryan the hero hacker
Ryan was a hero that day. Was his heroic action on this day enough to redeem his previous actions of betraying his friends and getting Eli Cohan (Oded Fehr), the previous leader of the worldwide fifth column network killed? I do not believe it was, but still he did do a good deed. And if I can forgive Hobbes and feel no ill will towards him, then I should at least try to give Ryan credit when it is deserved. Although technically Diana and Lisa did just as much in their own way to save the day as Ryan did. And then there is the always the question of did they really save the day or did they condemn the world?

Shutting down the blue energy reactor caused a blackout. The humans believed it was a malfunction in their own power grid. Anna was told the truth by Marcus, but instead of having him confess this to the humans she had him offer blue energy to get power up and running again, which then had the opposite effect that Erica wanted to have and caused the public to cry for the Concordia sites to be built even faster. Erica was sooo not happy about that! She broke a chair and said that they should have blown the site. She said that they were not taking enough risks and that they had just handed Anna another victory. Jack pointed out that had they done that they all would have died, but Erica was too angry and disappointed to feel happy that they were not all dead.

V Series S2x09 Erica is not happy

7 . There is a Solution / Fifth Column and Resistance Working Together:

Lisa went to Erica’s house for dinner. Tyler was supposed to have gone, but he was too busy being blissful to remember. Lisa gave Erica the bad news. (Erica was very upset. She said that they were now defeated if Anna could bliss humans). But Lisa told her no, that there was still a way to win if Erica was willing to take a risk. Hmm, I am sensing a theme here!

V Series S2x09 Erica is not blissful


V Series S2x09 Lisa brings bad news and hope

Erica brought Ryan and Lisa to a resistance / fifth column meeting. Hobbes wanted to shoot Ryan, but Erica told him that even though she did not like or forgive Ryan that they needed him. She told her team that they needed help desperately and they needed to take risks to do it. Then Lisa turned on her V holo communicator thingamajig, and a lovely vision of Diana appeared. Diana shared her story and told them that they needed to work together to overthrow Anna. Erica agreed, and next week is going to be so amazing!!!!!


V Series S2x09 5th column, resistance, and Diana

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