Primeval: Enter the Anomaly and Discover the Secrets of Series Two, Episode One

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Below we continue catch up coverage of Primeval Series two, episode one.

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Episode One:

Episode one of season two opens in a bowling alley. A young lady throws a ball, but as it hits the pins, a mysterious light shines above the deck. The ball is seen rolling down a stony hill. As it stops rolling, a large claw taps it ponderously, and a snout appears to examine the ball closer.

Nick Cutter gives a brief synopsis of the previous series, and the new series begins where series one left us. Cutter realises that they have somehow changed the past, and Claudia is not known to the team. In desperation he tries to re-enter the anomaly, he is held back by Steven, and the anomaly disappears before his eyes. Cutter tries to explain again, but Sir Lester puts him straight, Oliver Leek runs the day to day running of the A.R.C.

instead of the home office; Sir Lester in his compassionate state asks for an ambulance if Cutter is having a breakdown, he has a meeting, and isn’t interested in time wasting.

At a local shopping centre, two security guards are drawn to the monitors. A bowling ball is rolling back down the gutter. One guard is sent to investigate. An intruder sends down a half eaten pin. Going behind the machines, the guard gets the surprise of his life, and an invitation to dinner. The other guard is dispatched with just as economically.

After an uneasy meeting with Leek, where Cutter has to admit to knowing him, the team are called to the shopping centre to investigate the new anomaly. Before they leave, Connor and Cutter chat about what has happened; Connor believes him much to his relief…

The team assemble at the centre, and load their tranquillizer guns. Connor isn’t happy about not being given a gun, they don’t trust him. At the entrance, the metal shutters begin shaking and rattling, but to their relief, it’s the duty manager, responding to an emergency broadcast from one of his operatives, screaming about monsters.

Steven wants to talk about the situation between him, Cutter and Helen. Cutter wants to forget about it, there is nothing to be gained by going over the past; Helen cared for neither of them, only herself and her obsession with the anomaly. At the monitor desk, they screen the cameras looking for clues. Suddenly a flash of something passes a monitor. On replay, its clear, our guest is a Velociraptor. Searching the bowling alley, they come across the anomaly, and Connor sneaks off to raid the slushy machine. As Connor fills a cup, a noise distracts him, and he comes face to face with a gum chewing raptor. Connor cries to Abby to close the door shutters. As she runs to close them, Conner is hot on her foot, followed by the raptor. It’s a close shave, and Connor makes it by the skin of his teeth.

Another night worker is almost shot by the team as he cleans the shop floor. Abby and Connor escort him away. Sir Lester calls for an update, and is not happy to hear of the raptor invasion, how is he meant to explain that to the owners. The suggestion of a P. R person to cover these events is enthusiastically met by Sir Lester.

Steven and Cutter enter a quasar centre, it littered with noise, and moving targets. Through a porthole, the raptor startles Cutter, it then goes for Steven, and he loses the gun, and is pinned down by the raptor. He shouts for Cutter to shoot the reptile, but the gun jams and Steven is only saved when a moving target startles the raptor, and it runs off. Steven is not impressed that Cutter did not shoot it.

The night worker wants to get his jacket from the locker room. Connor is let lose with the tranc gun, and he searches the locker room commando style. He gives the all clear, but as the worker opens his locker, he is attacked by a baby raptor. Abby shouts for Connor to shoot it, but instead he shoots Abby, and she falls to the ground asleep. Finally he manages to shoot the baby with another dart.

They are still tracking the adult raptor. In the shopping arcade they are surprised by it. Sliding down the escalators, the gun jams in Stevens hands. As he retraces his steps back up the escalator, the raptor jumps past him to Cutter. The gun fires, and the dart falls from the raptors body, just as it is about to attack Cutter, the anaesthetic works and it falls at his feet, much to the relief of Cutter. Connor wheels a sleeping Abby up to Cutter and Steven. They go back for the raptor, the worker is missing, but the baby is still there, and it’s up to Connor to take it back to the bowling alley, along with sleeping beauty.

Whilst dragging the adult raptor back to the alley, Cutter notices interference on some radios that are playing station music. In the guards monitor station, they realise there is another raptor out there, and Connor has left Abby sleeping in the bowling alley on her own. Cutter and Steven rush to her aid, leaving Conner to relay the raptors movements. The reptile is on its way to the alley, and the race is on to get there before it. It’s decided to leave the baby as bait, but this has disastrous results for the baby as the father pounces and eats it. Abby chooses this moment to awaken, and the raptor goes for Abby. Connor grabs her hand, and they run to the pool tables. A vending machine suddenly blasts out music, and the raptor attacks the machine instead. Cutter and Connor shoot two darts into the creature, this has no effect, and it runs off. Steven returns to the van. He wants to shoot it dead. Cutter is reluctant as he does not want to run the risk of changing the past again. Steven promises to only use the gun as a last resort. It’s too dangerous to not have the gun as back up.

The raptor has escaped, and some local kids are motor bike riding in the car park. Cutter and Steven take to their bikes to hunt the raptor down. This has the desired effect, and the animal chases them back into the shopping centre.

Escaping into a lift, Cutter punches the raptor in the face, it clings to the bottom of the lift as is ascends to the second floor. The raptor jumps behind the two, and Connor jumps between them and shoots the last dart into the animal. As it approaches them, Cutter prepares to punch it again, but the anaesthetic takes effect, and it falls to the floor asleep.

The team discuss taking the raptor back through the anomaly. Cutter refuses help; this is something he must do on his own. Before he takes the raptors back, he takes Connor to the radios. Connor must tune them all to a certain frequency. If the noise stops, then they have found a way to track the anomalies as they appear. It’s up to Connor to get it operational if Cutter doesn’t make it back.

Cutter has a touching moment with Abby when she asks him to describe Claudia, its clear she meant a lot to him, and Abby is sorry he has lost her, and that she’s finding it hard to accept his version of events.

Cutter pushes the raptors through the anomaly; they are close to waking up. The trolley cascades down the hill, with Cutter trying desperately to get it under control. Eventually it comes to a stop, and Cutter releases the ropes tying the animals down. He decides not to go back through, but Steven, guessing his intent has followed him, and persuades Cutter to return with him, the anomaly begins to fade, and as they look back to the raptors; realise the trolley is empty. They make a dash for the anomaly, but just as Steven is jumping through, a raptor clasps his foot, and a tug of war begins. It’s a close call, but they manage to haul Steven back as the anomaly closes leaving a dead raptors head on the floor.

The radios are back to normal, they have found a way to detect the anomalies. Back at the A.R.C. Sir Lester prepares to announce the arrival of the new P.R person as she arrives; Cutter turns around to meet her. He stares at the woman in disbelief. “Claudia Brown”, he exclaims.
She holds out her hand to greet him.
“Jenny” she replies.

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