Primeval: Enter the Anomaly and Discover the Secrets of Series Two, Episodes Two to Four!

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Series Two Episode Two:

Helen, in a prehistoric era, climbs through the rock. She stumbles upon a pterodactyl nest. She unwisely steals an egg, and Mother Pterodactyl is not happy, she dives at Helen, they both come off worse for wear. Helen’s leg is cut badly.

Cutter can’t help but think back to the past. He replays the scene in his mind, when being introduced to Jenny. He did not handle the introduction well. Nobody can understand his confusion over Jenny not being Claudia. Whilst remembering her first experience of the A.R.C, and her disbelief over the existence of dinosaurs, Cutter is called back to the present.

A smartly dressed gentleman makes his way into work. This is an important day for him, and his team. They are on the verge of sealing a deal with new clients. On the top maintenance floor an anomaly opens leaking noxious fumes into the atmosphere. Slug like creatures fill the fumes. A maintenance worker comes a cropper, when he stumbles upon the anomaly. Two fire workers pick their way through the top floor. One is attacked, the other flees to safety.

Cutter explains how to detect the anomaly when it appears, Leek, impressed, tells Sir Lester the operation should go ahead. Connor is in put in charge of the development. The lad has a knack for inventing, and computers.

The fumes begin to fuse through the building, causing the fire alarms to sound. This happens during the conference call to the new clients, cursing the bad timing, the team leader urges his team to complete the meeting, and ignore the alarms. They have to stop, when the smell becomes too bad. The team leader goes to investigate. He is thrown against the glass panelling, screaming, in front of his colleagues, it is the last they see of him

Abby and Connor argue over what DVD’s to watch. Abby gives up, and walks off. In the shop, Connor gets picked up by a young lady called Caroline.

Steven walks into his apartment, spotting blood on the floor, he traces it to Helen slumped on the bathroom. She begs for respite, a place to recover.

Connor brings Caroline home to meet Abby, and watch a DVD together. The date is scuppered when the call comes through from the A.R.C. Work comes first. The call from Cutter interrupts Steven and Helen, she lays in his bed, presumably naked, Steven has to leave her for the A.R.C. He tells her to be gone by the time he gets home.

Cutter and Jenny arrive at the anomaly site. Jenny disquieted by Cutters staring, asks him not to, it’s as if he knows her. After a quick debriefing from a fireman, Steven and Cutter enter the building. The fog like fumes are seeping further along the corridors.

Ascending the stairwell, Cutter and Steven encounter the fog; it’s a Precambrian atmosphere, plenty of sulphur and carbon dioxide; enough to make a pretty awful stink. They hear a woman shouting for help. It’s the “fire woman” from earlier. She has taken refuge on top a kitchen work top. They make a dash for the corridor, but a slug follows, only to be stopped in its tracks by the normal atmosphere. It seems air is a natural poison for it. Cutter sends the “fire woman” back down the stairwell to safety. He and Steven go to find the trapped workers.

By the 12th floor, the fog is too thick to venture further, a suggestion by Steven, to use the lift, turns out to be a bad idea, when the doors open to reveal two slugs. Thinking that Steven is behind him, Cutter dashes back to the stairwell. When he realises Steven has not followed, he scans the corridor. Steven is nowhere to be seen.

Connor, Abby and leek are in the ammunition room. There appears to be nothing suitable for Connor to use against the slugs, much to the annoyance of leek. This room contains equipment that James Bond would apparently envy. Instead a trip to the local garden centre appears in order.

On their way out, Connor seem to recognise on of Sir Lester’s soldiers. Can it really be the janitor from the shopping mall they were at recently?

Steven is still not having much luck. The corridor he is in is infested with slugs. One gets a little to close for Stevens liking. Distracting it with his watch, Steven escapes into the lift shaft. The only way is up!!

Jenny calls Cutter; she is impatient for answers, and demands to be in the thick of it. Cutter relents but warns her not to use the lifts. Her heels seem more important, so she goes against Cutters advice. This decision nearly costs Steven dearly, as the lift stops only as it is about to plaster him against the lift shaft.

Jenny’s lift opens to reveal dense fog. As she steps out she calls for Cutter, the calls turn into screams. Cutter rushes to her, to be met by a slug trying to eat her hair; it is dispensed with quickly with the use of a samurai sword. One manages to attach itself to Cutters leg. Jenny swipes at it causing Cutter momentary angst, wondering what will be cut off in the process. He is not impressed she ignored his warnings. They are joined by Abby and Connor wielding leaf blowers. Poor Steven cannot shake the slugs; they corner him in an office.

In the office, the client, impressed by the presentation, offers the team the job. They have to call back later as there are more urgent problems to sort out, as in the slug that’s just pushed it s way through the door. Armed with a lap top, a ballsy young lady attacks it, and batters the slug to death. Cutter and co. arrive and escort the two down the stairwell. Connor assumes they have escaped until one decides to plant itself on his head. Cutter takes a measures swipe, and severs the slugs head. Connor is left very grateful but extremely slimy in the process.

Now the workers have been escorted to safety, he team turn their attention to the anomaly and finding Steven. Somehow they must make their way to the 15th floor, where the anomaly is. They spilt up. Connor and Abby are to make their way to the 15th floor, and reset the air conditioning so it can clear the fog. Cutter goes in search of Steven.

Jenny wants to help. Cutter suggests she go bully some traumatised bystanders. Hurt by his disapproval she remarks that he does not approve of her. Cutters reply is still not friendly; the person he knew was really something, a marked response for a lady he once knew.

Seven is still having major slug problems. He phones Cutter, but gets little joy. He will have to make his own way out. Connor and Abby climb the stair, Connor needs to revisit the gym, and he is far too unhealthy. As they reach the top, it’s clear the leaf blowers will not be enough. Instead the air conditioning ducts are used for them to crawl along. Despite Connors manly attempts to map read. Abby manages to reach to temperature controls; resetting the controls works and the fog is vented out of the building.

We all want Connor and Abby to get together 🙂

Cutter and Jenny join up with Steven, just I time as he has been having a few slug issues to deal with. The higher temperature is making the slugs swell. They suddenly burst, expelling mini slugs that try to attach themselves to Cutter, Jenny and Steven. Cutter triggers the sprinkler system to reduce the temperature and the little slugs perish in the water.

When all the commotion has died down, Cutter and Steven have a philosophical debate over the anomalies. Steven is all for making everything public, if the natural order of things has been disturbed then the new way of life with the anomalies should be tackled differently. Cutter disagrees, too little is known about the anomalies at the moment. Trying to maintain a natural order should be what they must fight for.

Abby and Connor return to the flat, Caroline, looking for her mobile lets herself in, Conner and her go for a drink. Steven returns to an empty flat. Cutter arrives at Jenny’s flat. He tries to explain why he keeps thinking of her as Claudia. Unfortunately, the fiancé interrupts and Cutter makes his apologies and leaves. Helen is watching from a car. Is she tailing Cutter or Jenny?

Series Two, Episode Three:

Two young girls are part of a paint balling group; they hear strange noises from the forest and become scared. Suddenly a member of the opposition appears and shoots them down. The girls are unimpressed with his scaring tactics, and politely tell him to get lost. He runs off laughing, but the stalker is unaware he is being stalked. At first the stalker thinks the girls are trying to get their own back on him, until something nasty takes a chunk out of him, and he is carted off into the forest as dinner.

Conner meets his supposed girlfriend Caroline at a river side café, he apologises for having to run out on their date. Teasingly she beckons him back to try and chat about his presentation, Abby waits impatiently by the car as he agonises over leaving. Connor leaves reluctantly and returns to Abby.

Rushing through the corridors of the A.R.C Abby and Connor burst through the doors of the ops room to discover Sir Lester, Cutter, Jenny and Steven waiting for them. Connor proudly unveils his newest invention, an anomaly detector. Programmed to signal the arrival of any new anomalies, Leek looks unimpressed when he reveals a new creature attack.

Cutter and Abby discuss the wounds on the dead man, they appear to resemble marks from a like a cat like creature. Danny is confused, his device is working but there are no signs of an opened anomaly anywhere. Could an escaped predator from a private collection be the answer? Abby goes off to find out. Steven receives a text from Helen, hiding it from Cutter; he walks off into the forest to search for clues.

Valerie Irwin, deputy parks manger get a grilling from Jenny. The woman seems nervous but willing to help, is there a reason for her edginess? The parks manager however is a different kettle of fish. Difficult and unfriendly, despite the motto of his theme park, he refuses to close the park, and will only concede to close off the forest area where the body was found. This situation appeases Jenny, but incenses Cutter who wanted a complete ban.

Abby and Cutter respond to a call from Steven, who has found fresh tracks. Connor is left behind to keep an eye on the area.
Halfway through the trail, Steven reports the tracks have doubled back towards Connor and the park. On hearing screams from the public, he sees a tuft hair and fires on a target. The public panic and run, and a distraught worker dressed in a lion costume emerge from the bushes inconsolable.

Suspicious of a farm close to the creature’s tracks, Cutter takes a quick look round, and is soon faced by an angry owner. Jenny turns up to appease the man, and he shows the nature of his business. Guard dog breeding. The pair walks off together and Cutter playfully accuses Jenny of flirting.

It’s now night time, and the team decide to go hunting with heat sensitive cameras. The team splits up. Connor finds Abby hot in the infra red setting of the camera. Steven hears noises and tracks it back to Valerie’s van that has mysteriously broken down. He proceeds to drive her home. She wants answers to the secrecy of the situation. Frustrated, Steven can’t reveal what is happening.

The disgruntled worker that Connor took a pot shot at is waiting for a train to take him home. He feels unsafe, and rushes into a waiting room, where he knocks a jukebox into playing. The noise reverberates round the train station. Kitty wants his dinner, but the poor man tries to make a run for it. Unfortunately outrunning a sabre toothed tiger is an unlikely event. Steven, alerted by the man’s screams, turns up too late to help. Valerie (ignoring Stevens’s orders to stay in the car) distracts Steven, and the creature gets away.

In the warmth of a station room, Connor deciphers the pictures taken by a train spotter. He is reluctant to hand over his SD card. Jenny once again proves her flirting abilities to be of immense help, and soon has the man eating out of the palm of her hand. Steven takes Valerie home, she once again asks him to reveal the truth about his job. Steven declines and leaves. Next day at the park, the team decide on the best places to lay traps. Valerie turns up, and gets upset by their involvement. She leaves, and the team return to discussing their tactics, ignoring her antics.

As Abby digs a large hole with a mechanical digger, Cutter motions her to stop; he can see a hand in the dirt. Kitty emerges from the forest and takes swipes at Cutter who has decided the hole is now a safer refuge. Abby tackles the cat with the digger and Cutter then decides to run off, enticing the animal away with him. Climbing to the top of a tree, (Cutter should make note to self “cats climb trees too”) he is chased by kitty. Using his leather belt, Cutter slides down the zip wire closely followed by kitty (running along the forest floor, cats don’t use belts). Only a shot across the bows from Abby’s gun saves Cutter from being the next victim.

A quick analysis of the body indicates it has been there for at least a week. Connor seizes the opportunity to point out his detector may well be working perfectly. Now the problem is Jenny who has returned to West’s farm to extract his help by creating a story to feed the press. Could this man be the person who buried the body? Abby, Steven and Connor rush to the rescue leaving Cutter behind to gather more evidence. Soon enough, Cutter unearths the victim’s wallet, and inside is a picture of himself and his girlfriend: Valerie Irwin.

Valerie feeds her pet, and promises to protect it. Cutter walks into her home. Putting down his gun to look at a photo of her and the boyfriend, Cutter calls Steven to inform the team of the change in events, he turns to find Valerie holding the gun at him. Urging her to put the gun down, she refuses. She will not let anything happen to her pet. Valerie mistakenly thinks the sabre toothed tiger is the product of mistaken engineering, and Cutters team are there to return it to a lab for research. No amount of reassurance from Cutter will work, and eventually she steps away to let her pet into the room. Valerie apologises and leaves closing the door behind her. Cutter is now faced with a territorial cat hell bent on protecting its lair.

Using a coffee table and a can of hair spray as weapons against the animal buys Cutter enough time to escape through a window. Running for a trailer he seizes a long handled fork. Valerie runs out screaming for Cutter to not hurt her pet. Instead it turns on her, and she dies under its paws. Steven and the team arrive to dart the animal. Steven is not happy. He turns on Cutter claiming the outcome could have been avoided if they had been able to tell people what was going on. Cutter does not agree.

Back at the A.R.C Leek gives Cutter more distressing news, the sabre tooth died on the way back to the A.R.C. Trying to blame Abby for a wrong dosage, he explains the animal was destroyed so there is no body to autopsy. Cutter is livid, he knows too well Abby would make no such mistake, and cannot prove it without the animal.

Aimlessly walking back into the ops room, Cutter discovers Connor rechecking the equipment. The device sounds and it looks like an anomaly has been detected. This turns out to be bummer news for Connor, who has to turn down yet another date with Caroline.
She seems to be quite happy with her substitute date. Mr Leek, who it happens to be paying her off for something, Leek reminds her to stay close and contact him if she gets any more revealing stories. What is Leek up to, and who is he working for?

Series Two Episode Four:

A group of youths are playing basketball, when a manhole cover close by appears to be flooding. As the ball is put out play, one of the lads goes to retrieve it. The surrounding grass is wet, and the manhole has blown its cover. The young lad grasps the ball, just as he is grasped by an entity, screaming for assistance, he is dragged helplessly back to the manhole, and disappears, leaving his trainer floating behind him.

The alarm bells at the A.R.C ring. An anomaly has been detected, but disappears almost straight away. At Abby’s flat, Connors phone goes off, and Caroline switches it off before anyone can hear it. It looks like she has an interest in Connor, having made him dinner. Unfortunately, Abby’s phone starts to ring, and before Connor can enjoy his food, she calls him out the door to an investigation. What seems puzzling, is that Caroline appears to be trying to stall them going out following a mysterious phone conversation.

Where is this new anomaly? Cutter and Steven descend into the manhole to trace it. They still want to believe the young lad could be alive, and when they hear strange noises, follow the direction of the sound, They are too late, and it seems whatever is out there has escaped into the canal. Abby, Connor Steven, Jenny and Cutter meet up at the river bank. Hours of searching provide no proof until Abby s boat is hit by something from beneath, and jenny falls into the river. Behind her, a fin appears, and she desperately tries to swim back to safety. Just as it looks like she is about to become shark sushi, Cutters boat rescues her, and shoots the shark dead.

An autopsy back at the A.R.C proves the shark has not killed the young lad, but this raises the question, what did? Sir Lester is not in his happy place (but then when is he). As the scathing head of A.R.C comments,” they are looking for “a deadly skin shedding aquatic animal predator with the neat line in Charlotte Church impressions”. Aptly summed up, but with the usual sarcasm we expect of Sir Lester, he orders the dredging of the canal.

Abby and Connor return to the flat to find Caroline asleep, apparently waiting for Connors return. A weak bleat from the fridge alerts Abby to Rex’s whereabouts. Caroline denies any knowledge, but leaves quickly while Abby is trying to save her reptiles life. Cutter and Steven prepare to drag the canal, but as is usual for Cutter, he changes his mind, wanting to search the surrounding land area. While combing an abandoned warehouse, he chases an intruder to a canal barge. The prowler turns to Cutter, and knocks him out cold.

While dredging the canal, a casual chat between Connor and Cutter, leads them to ponder whether Sir Lester is having them followed. Abby still has not forgiven the assumed attack on Rex. Conner and her bicker just as the creature leaps up and snatches Abby from the boat. Cutter jumps frantically into the water to find her, and calls for Connor to get help. Divers and helicopters are brought into the search, but nothing comes up. Cutter prepares to call off the search, and Conner, overwrought, begs him not to make the call.

Sir Lester is even less impressed and sacks Cutter for not calling backup sooner. He hands authority over to Steven, who carries on searching the canal, despite Cutters warning that they are in the wrong place. Steven disagrees, and Cutter walks off. At the flat, Connor breaks down in tears; he can’t believe Abby has gone. An image of her floating in the water soon comes to life when she is pulled out of the water by the young lad who was originally taken. They are imprisoned in a massive water filled manhole covered by ironworks.

Jenny, it seems is not the petty minded bureaucrat type, as she gives Cutter important information as to where the anomaly may be found. He calls Conner and passionately pleads for help, while admitting it was his fault for losing Abby. Connor, still grief stricken, refuses to answer to him, so Cutter leaves the conversation, but not before informing Connor where he can be found.

The warehouse basement is sealed off with a lock and chain. As Cutter sits on his haunches pondering his next move, Conner turns up and hands him a crowbar. Together they search the basement. The anomaly reopens. A brick wall stands between the anomaly and Cutter. As they break it down, they hear Abby’s screams for help. Too late, they break through to find Abby taken again, but at least the young lad is safe and sound.

At the canal, Steven is having no success. The underwater sub cannot locate the creatures or the anomaly. Steven then spies an opened underwater sewer, and orders the sub into the pipe.

Now Connor knows Abby is still alive, he runs off to find her. Abby resurfaces in another part of the warehouse. With the creature seemingly about to make her lunch, Abby drop kicks the creature back into the pipe work system. Thinking she is safe for the moment, she rests on the floor to recuperate. Connor appears and shouts to her, but one of the large beasts emerges and swipes him away. Abby screams, and then disappears. As Connor resurfaces, he climbs out, and runs through the anomaly after Abby

Cutter has problems of his own, when one of the creatures emerges from the pipe works. The lad saves the day, by knocking it unconscious with a brick. Another creature launches itself through some overhead pipe work, and pushes Cutter into the water. As he asks “what was that”, it surfaces behind him. Stevens sub surfaces and saves Cutter from being attacked, Steven sees Cutter in trouble, and jumps into the water armed with rifle and hand gun. He emerges in time to shoot dead the creature about to kill Cutter and the youth.

Connor emerges into a rocky water cliff setting. He clambers along the rocks and manages to find Abby. She is in danger of being set upon by three of these creatures. Connor knocks one out, and encourages Abby to climb up the cliff to her. They grab hands, but she begins to fall. She begs Connor to let her go to save himself, he refuses blurting out he loves her, and won’t give up.

It looks like Abby is going to fall to her death, when help comes from nowhere. Cutter grabs Conner, and together they haul Abby to safety. Steven throws the rifle to Cutter who shoots the creature dead. The youth, who is about to be wheeled away for more tests, gives Abby praise, especially for her boyfriend. She quickly put him straight, he is not her boyfriend. Cutter is given back control of the team, after another scathing conversation with Sir Lester.

At Abby flat, she confronts Connor over what he said to her. Connor, embarrassed, denies their conversation. The look on his face gives away his feelings. Caroline chooses this moment to interrupt, and drags Connor away to the theatre. In car, Oliver is talking to the soldier who knocked cutter unconscious. There is something going on. It seems Oliver is acting as a double agent. Helen Cutter wants no more slip ups.

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