Primeval: Enter the Anomaly and Discover the Secrets of Series Two: Episodes Five to Seven!


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Below we are continuing with the second half of Primeval series two. An overview of series three tomorrow January 01, 2011 for your pleasure. 🙂

Series Two Episode Five:

Click to visit Primeval at ITV!A teenager doing house work needs to take her dog for a walk. The dog runs off through a disused warehouse. Sprat then runs through a corrugated drainpipe. He has run straight through an anomaly, the young girl follows him.

She emerges into a dessert night scene. Sprat, still having run off, barks at something she can’t see. Suddenly the ground moves around the dog, and the young girl desperately urges the dog back.

Connor in the A.R.C is watching the monitors, when the warnings go off. As they wait for the system to detect the anomaly, it suddenly picks up interference, and crashes. The system comes back to life, and Connor completes a diagnostic. It has been corrupted, and any feed the system had, has been transferred to another location, leaving them out of the loop. Has the person who knocked Cutter unconscious got anything to do with it. Meanwhile, at the anomaly site, our two timing A.R.C secretary is there with his own team.

As Connor and Cutter sit at the system clearing it up. A very delectable and dressed up to the nines Jenny walk in. She has been called away from her own engagement party. Cutter gives her no time to change, so she seductively informs him to pay for her new shoes if they get ruined. The “other” team go through the anomaly, they identify the young girl, but won’t do anything to help, and after all, they’re not social services. Ignoring the girl’s pleas to get off the sand they carry on searching until something assaults them. All the girl can do is covering her ears till the noise stops.

At Stevens flat, Helen turns up in his shower. She wants his help, and accuses Cutter of keeping information from him. Casting doubt into his mind, A.R.C Logo - Click to Visit Primeval on ITVshe plants a kiss on his lips and leaves. As always, Helen has a hidden agenda. Oliver, aware of Cutter and jenny’s approach has to vacate the area leaving his team behind the other side of the anomaly. He is in cahoots with Helen, and she is not pleased with the situation. Standing at the site of the anomaly, weird noises are heard. Suddenly Scat runs though straight into the arms of Cutter, passing the dog to Jenny, he voices concern for the dog’s owner. The rest of the team turn up.

Connor asks for Stevens’s advice. He knows he told Abby he loves her, but what should he do next. Steven tells him to be confident in whatever he decides to do. As they stand at the anomaly, Connor puts forward his next invention, a hairdryer sized moving monitor. Incredibly, it works and manages to capture the young girl on its screen. Cutter and Steven go through on a rescue mission. Connor tries to strike up a conversation with Abby, and comes to the decision to dump Caroline, but Abby admonishes him when he tries to dump Caroline by text.

Cutter and Steven are puzzled, why the girl has not tried to move, they are distracted by a swarm of rather large centipedes, the sand under, begins to move. The young girl desperately tries to warn them of the danger. A mound of sand moves past them. Joined by another mound, they turn back towards Cutter and Steven. They quickly decide running is the best option, and soon join the young girl on the rocks. Her name is Taylor, a street wise kid from Hackney. Trying not to lose face, she refuses help from Steven who offers to carry her, as she has strained her ankle. Nobody carries our Taylor she is not a piece of baggage.

Connor is surprised by one of the centipedes who have escaped through the anomaly. A chase through Hackney ends in a restaurant ball pool. Abby catches the centipede while Connor wants to play. They throw the centipede back, but the anomaly begins to fade.

It vanishes with Cutter and Steven trapped on the other side. Abby and Connor have to explain the circumstances to Sir Lester. Unmoved he puts the pair in charge of the anomaly operations. They all have to get on with their jobs no matter what the circumstances.

Caroline reads the text from Connor explaining she is dumped. As she packs her things, she coerces Rex from hiding. When he comes out, she viciously takes a swipe t him with a tennis racquet. Rex is left comatose on the floor.

In the dessert, things look bleak for the three wanderers. Taylor is convinced they are going to die, and when Cutter tries to reassure her, she dismisses his comments. All adults lie, just like her mother did before she died, leaving her with her stepdad. Cutter takes a more gentle approach, and reaffirms his promise that they will not perish.
Steven points a suitable direction to take towards clouds. Hopefully this will lead to shelter and water if they are lucky. Suddenly Cutters monitor goes off. Another anomaly has established itself. Unfortunately, before they can pinpoint a direction, a sandstorm blows up and they have to run for cover. In the melee, Cutter drops the monitor.

Abby and Connor wait at the anomaly site in the hopes it reopens, Jenny has to go tell the stepfather there is no more news. She makes them promise to ring her if there are any new developments. At the A.R.C, Sir Lester gets an update from Oliver, who assumes Cutter and Steven are now dead. Sir Lester dismisses Oliver telling him he must have some work to get on with.

Steven, Taylor and Cutter emerge from their hideaways. The monitor is retrieved, and still working. They are not alone. Oliver’s team leader stands before them, He demands their device and water. Cutter, making as much noise as possible, walks onto the sand, demanding the soldier takes the girl. He refuses, and shoots the sand around Cutters feet. This is not a good idea as a creature turns up to claim him. As he lies dying in the sand, the soldier refuses to rat out who he works for. The soldier is pulled under the sand, and they retrieve the water and anomaly detecting device.

Having no choice, the three cautiously make their way on the sand in the hopes that a new anomaly is just over the rise of a sand dune. Taylor stumbles and the sound alerts the creatures. One takes a swipe at Steven and he is pulled under the sand.
Hoping to grab its attention, Taylor jumps up and down on the spot. The creature remerges, along with another creature. They look like mutated scorpions. One creature drops Steven in order to fight off the other. Grabbing the chance to escape, they slide down the sand dune on a make piece tray, and pass through the new anomaly.

This world has the advantage of no sand. There are trees, plants and a good supply of oxygen. Taylor finds a camp fire, a caveman cautiously steps up to them, and Cutter knocks him out. Brightly coloured underpants do not seem to fit the caveman era. Fortunately, they have stumbled back into the present, and a mightily relieved Abby and Connor greet them.

Sir Lester walks up to greet Cutter and Steven. Cutter asks Steven to keep quiet about the “other” team till he can review the information on the camera/scope he bought back through the anomaly. Steven walks straight past Lester, who makes his way to Cutter. Taylor is reunited with her stepfather, and is astonished to realise he cares and has been beside himself with worry.
Jenny reveals she was scared she wouldn’t see Cutter again, and he jokes she must have been devastated. “Inconsolable”, she replies, and they walk away laughing.

Cutter prepares to review the images left on the camera he stole past Sir Lester. The television takes his attention, its reporting a totally made up version of events of Taylor’s misspent day. Unsurprised by the cover up he leaves the room. Abby and Connor return to the flat to find it in a sate of array. There is no sign of Rex. Cutter returns to his desk. The camera has been stolen, in anger, he slaps the table. Any evidence has just been lost.

Series Two Episode Six:

A mother and her child are waiting in a traffic jam; the public in front of her begin to panic. Cars are being swiped off the road, and people are running away. The van in front of the woman obscures her view till a very unhappy mammoth pushes it out of the way.

In the weights room, Abby wants to tell Cutter of Rex’s disappearance. Steven arrives. Why does Cutter want a secret meeting? Cutter turns up the radio, and divulges that there is a mole somewhere in the A.R.C. Until they can establish who the spy is, they must all be careful. The detector sounds, another anomaly has surfaced. They run to the monitors to see a mammoth running amok on the motorway.

The mother is trapped in her car, the mammoth, in its panicked state is threatening to crush the car with them both still in it. Cutter, Abby and Connor rush to the scene; Steven has a shock when waiting for him by the car is Helen. She tries to convince him to join her team. Steven agrees to listen to her side.

On the motorway, jenny has the situation as under control as she can. Cutter makes a quip about her doing all that with her skirt caught in her tights. She pretends to not be drawn in. But as soon as they leave, she checks, and is relieved to find Cutter was indeed joking. The motorway seems clear of people until the trapped mother begins shouting and sounding her horn. This is infuriating the already scared mammoth, and it threatens to trample the car in fear. Using the motorway signals, Connor sends a message to shut up.

Steven wants complete coverage of the anomaly to be made public. Photos, files to be turned over to the press; Helen agrees, but is less enthusiastic when Steven demands she speak to Cutter about it, He must be given a chance to turn away from the A.R.C. She is less inclined to speak to him, but Steven insists it’s the only way. As the mammoth back is turned the team rushes to the mothers aid. Jake, the son is rescued by Cutter. Connor and Abby remove the lad to safety. Abby, seeing a sports car, hands the boy over to Connor and disappears.

Cutter removes a car jack from the boot of the car. His plan is to raise the steering column from the trapped woman’s legs and escape. Her agonised screams infuriate the mammoth, and it returns taking vengeance out on the car. Cutter and the woman are slowly being crushed in the car by the demented animal, when Connor and Jake sound the horn in a truck. Distracted; Cutter and the woman escape.

Abby returns with some female elephant urine to attract the mammoth, as they lure it back to the anomaly, it shrinks and disappears. The only other option is to catch it in the truck. The mammoth follows the scent of urine into the truck, and the animal is caught. A reporter snoops for a story, and Steven and Helen turn up. Cutter is unimpressed to see them together. He fires Steven on the spot. Abby feeding the mammoth is interrupted by Steven, She is unaffected by Stevens notions, and makes her stance quite clear. Cutter has her loyalty, and Steven is out of order bringing Helen into the mix.

Cutter and Steven argue about the situation. Although Cutter admits Steven may have a point, any credibility has been forsaken when he hooked up with Helen. Steven angrily retorts it’s no wonder she turned to him, as Cutter was so unhearing. Cutter lashes out at Steven and knocks him to the floor. Connor and Abby watch in dismay as the fighting pairs friendship lay in tatters. Oliver leek seems overtly interested in the unravelling events. Connor and Cutter are making changes to the systems routine. What are they doing? They try to be inconspicuous, but Oliver Leek watches them from overhead. It’s not apparent if he is aware of their actions.Helen nurses Stevens face. She seems happy that Cutter could still be jealous. He admonishes her, and they end up passionately kissing.

The trap has been sprung. Cutter, Abby and Connor hide in a church. They have set the anomaly device to trigger a response to their whereabouts. Outside, Leek pays off Caroline, she has brought Rex along. Leek offers to show her what all the secrecy is all about. The response unit turns up. The team are stunned to see Jenny leading them. Cutter in a rage, races to her and holds a gun to her head. He will shoot her if she does not come clean. She reveals Leek was the one who told her to come to this destination.

Sir Lester in his office becomes uneasy. He can hear sounds, but where are they coming from, and what is making them. He cautiously makes his way down to the inner sanctum where Leek has placed a white van. The doors to the van are wide open, whatever was inside has vanished. Sir Lester, unnerved turns slowly to see the monitors blinking. Leek leers at him, now he knows how it feels to be on the wrong side of someone.
Sir Lester is all alone. Except for a creature they thought had been killed when it Followed Helen from the future into the present.
This creature seems to be controlled by Leek, and it’s hunting Sir Lester down.

Just as it seems the end is nigh for Sir Lester, he stops by the monitors and tells leek he “really is a tiresome little man”. Leek orders the creature to terminate Sir Lester, as he does so. Lester presses the control panel holding the mammoth’s door shut. As the creature lashes out a deathly blow, Dumbo (aptly named by Connor) crushes the creature, and saves Sir Lester’s life. The team congregate back at the A.R.C. Trying to second guess Leeks motives, they try hacking into his computer. This activates a bomb hidden underneath the van. Ordering everyone out, Cutter keeps Connor back, and together they dismantle the bomb.

Cutter and the team are studying the neural clamp used to control the creature. The remote signal used to control the device can be traced. Cutter refuses to call Steven, he has made his bed. Helen finishes a call that Steven walks in on. She lies about where she is going, leaving Steven to meet her “reporter”.

Connor has managed to trace the signal. Sir Lester denies permission for Cutters team to investigate the signal, and sends in his specials. Instead, Connor traces Caroline’s mobile phone. They move in on the area. It’s not the type of place that Caroline would frequent.
The specials team home in on the signal. Cutter and team home in on Caroline’s phone.
The specials burst into the room. It is empty. Leek has outmanoeuvred them. Cutters and team burst into a room.

Leek and his team are waiting for them at gunpoint. Cutter is knocked unconscious. Helen is standing over Cutter calling his name. He slowly comes to, she apologises for his injury. Her orders were not for him to be hurt. Cutter realises that Leek and Helen are in business together. The lights in the room are switched on. The team is surrounded by caged creatures from the past and present.

Series Two Episode Seven:

Cutter and Jenny are being held in a cell; Jenny admonishes Cutter for not keeping his wife under control. Cutter bemused asks if her fiancé knows her views, and she admits the engagement is off.Helen is watching them over CCTV.

Caroline wants out; instead Leek throws her in a cell with Abby and Connor. Abby and Caroline fight, Abby is still mad about her stealing Rex. Leek watches on, enjoying the fight. Connor grabs Abby to end it. Sir Lester is getting anxious; He cannot raise anybody on their mobiles. At the beach, one of Leeks operatives unleashes the sand scorpion.

Jenny and Cutter discuss Helen unaware she is listening in. Cutter admits to still having feelings for her. They have shared so much; it goes deeper than just love. Helen appears interested in his declaration.

The beach is crowded with people enjoying the day. As a group of surfers plead with a man to turn his radio down, the scorpion takes his first victim. The public panic, and stampede off the beach, except for one poor fellow who has been buried up to the neck by his family. His cries for help only pinpoint his location, and he becomes the next victim.

Steven receives a call from Sir Lester, begging for his help. Cutter and the team are still lost, and he needs Steven to sort out the scorpion. People are dying. Steven agrees, but only if Sir Lester allows him to go it alone, Cutter and jenny are bought before Helen and Leek. She is fascinated by Jenny’s similarity to Claudia Brown. Nature allows small variations in its make up after all. Helen orders Jenny’s removal to keep her friends company.

Alone, she explains her theories to Cutter. Helen wants to manipulate the present. To be able to have that sort of power excites her. Cutter, disgusted by her revelations, refuses any involvement. Connor, Abby and Caroline have been moved to the creature enclosure. It’s feeding time, and as the animals devours their dinner, Abby finds her beloved pet Rex caged. Watching from above, Cutter wants the team released. Helen is more interested in talking about her obsession. Leek arrives, he calls Sir Lester, call off the search for them or he will release more animals.

Steven, armed with a rather impressive harpoon gun, combs the beach in search of the scorpion. A chase under the pier ends with Steven harpooning the creature and tying it to a concrete column. He calls Sir Lester for a clear up. Leek reveals his plans to Cutter, who cannot understand why Helen would involve herself with someone so cold heartedly calculating. Helen shrugs off his disgust. Her motivations are purely research related, how she manages to achieve that is irrelevant. To show off his acquired power, Leek releases a sabre tooth into the cell housing the team. Cutter pours water over the keyboard, and the system begins to break down aided by the result of a virus Connor downloaded into Leeks laptop. The containment facility shuts down, and the animals are released.
Abby and the team escape hoping to make their way to the surface. Cutter intends to hand Helen over to Sir Lester; she does not believe he will do that, as she is aware he still loves her. Cutter admits he was lying, as he assumed she was listening all along.

The mainframe in the A.R.C starts receiving information. The location of Leeks operations is revealed. Meanwhile, the team are desperately trying to keep one step ahead of any predators or Leeks men. Cutter isn’t having as much luck, and manages to engage the senses of one of the creatures from the future. Helen places a call to Steven, lying, she claims Sir Lester has had Cutter and the others killed. She pleads for him to come to her assistance. Devastated, he agrees.

Rex comes to the aid of Abby and the others. He has found the ventilation shaft to the surface. Jenny shows off her shooting skills, and downs one of Leeks men with one shot. They make their way to the surface with a wounded Rex. The creature from the future (I wish they gave it a name Like “Bob”) stalks Cutter. They come face to face, and as it is momentarily attracted to the blood seeping from his hand, Cutter pulls out the neurone dampener fixed to the animals head; it sinks to the ground dead. Leek is not perturbed. As his notions to the ceiling, any defects will be removed in the others. Others? Cutter looks to the ceiling. To his horror, many more creatures are hanging from the ceiling.

Helen stands trapped in a room, outside, animals are attacking each other. She prepares to defend herself, when the door open, and Steven bursts in. He needs to know what happened to the team. Helen swears Sir Lester is behind the killings, and Steven demands he be held accountable. Helen prefers to hide in an anomaly until things settle down. Steven will not listen, he needs to confront Lester.

Leek uses Cutter as a bargaining chip, he wants Sir Lester’s men called off, or he will instruct the creatures to tear Cutter limb from limb. Sir Lester refuses. He has all the information from Leeks laptop that he needs. Cutters life is expendable under the circumstances. Leek begins his count down. At the last second, Cutter throws the neurone dampener into a power box. This causes all the neurone devices to shut down. Cutter makes a run for it, while Leek is cut to pieces by his own inventions. A fitting end to Sleeky Leeky if I may say so.

Helen makes for the surface followed by Steven; he still wants to confront Sir Lester. Sitting on some steps, Cutter catches his breath. Steven astonished to find him alive, realises Helen has been lying to him all the time. She wants to leave, but Cutter has other plans, if the animals are left, they will escape to the surface and cause havoc. Helen comes up with a plan. If they think they are about to be fed, the animals will return to the holding cell where they can be retained and destroy each other.
The plan begins to work, but as they close the safety door, Helen is caught by a Velociraptor. In the struggle to save her, Cutters boot kicks the doors control panel. Steven shoots the predator dead, but the door will not shut. Any hope of containing the creatures hangs on the door being closed from the inside. Whoever does this; will certainly be killed.

Cutter offers his life to get the job done. He whispers to Steven that Sir Lester is not the enemy, and moves to the doorway. Steven, stunned by the revelations, lands a punch on Cutter and knocks him down. He then springs through the door and shuts it. Furiously Cutter bangs on the door begging for Steven to reopen it. Steven refuses, it’s too late. The predators are closing in, all Cutter can do is watch in agony as his friend is cut down.

I am taking a brief moment here to pause for the passing of my Steven. It goes to show that creatures of the past and present have no eye for talent when they see it. I am heartbroken.

In a churchyard, Steven is laid to rest. All his team mates have turned up to say their goodbyes. Jenny asks Cutter to join him for a drink, he refuses, now is not the time. Apologetically (perhaps for the first time) Sir Lester informs them of another anomaly and calls for the team to go into action. Cutter tears up a picture he had of himself and Claudia. Helen also has turned up at the churchyard; it seems she has been busy; she is accompanied by a team of clones. Mysteriously she whispers to the grave, for Steven to be patient, as you never know what the future holds.

And with that…Series two ends. I am now going to watch Series three right away! So should you! 🙂

Tomorrow (January the First 2011) beings the start of series four of Primeval. I am SO excited!

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