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Click to visit Primeval at ITV!Spoiler warning for United States Primeval fans: This review discusses episode seven of Primeval series four. If you do not like spoilers and have not yet seen episode six, please stop reading now. If you like spoilers, please read on!

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Series 4 episode 7:

And here we are, the last episode in series four of Primeval (sniffles loudly into tissue). The only consolation is that this popular science fiction series will be back on our screens for the autumn. Personally I can’t wait.

Primeval Series Four - The New A.R.C. Team

The final episode finds a group of tourists exploring an old prison. One know-it-all young man is challenged to stay in a cell for a while. Unfortunately for him, an anomaly appears and the sound of a creature is heard. Upon hearing the poor mans desperate cries, the group rush back, but when the cell door is unlocked the young man is nowhere to be seen.

Primeval S4x07-young man in cell

Matt and Emily stroll into the path of Sir James Lester, they argue over the situation with regard to Ethan. Matt still wants to track him down, while Sir Lester is happy to let the security forces to the dirty work. Reluctantly, Sir Lester gives Matt till the end of the day to find him.

Connor shows Abby his new lab and a new piece of equipment that should date the anomalies. Abby is impressed, but Philip walks in on them, and he reminds Connor that the lab is not open to any A.R.C member. The anomaly detector sounds the arrival of a new anomaly.

Primeval S4x07 - Connor shows Abby his lab

A formal sweep of the prison shows no signs of the young man, or any creature incursion. Connor stands at the locked anomaly. The rest of the team regroup around the anomaly. It seems strange that there is no incursion, and the only anomaly is under control. So how did the young man disappear?

Matt and Emily discuss the Ethan situation. What are the implications of Ethan’s possible plans to change that anomalies, and how it will change the future for mankind? Jess interrupts them with a date for the anomaly. “It looks like 1870ish”, Connor informs them. Emily does not seem overjoyed at the prospects of finally going home.A.R.C-Logo - Click-to-Visit-Primeval-on-ITV!

At that moment, the anomaly unlocks, and despite Connors best attempts to relock it, the anomaly remains open. Thinking it may be faulty equipment, Connor requests another locking device. Seconds later a Terrorbird enters through the anomaly, and is unceremoniously shot straight back to where it came from. This means the dating equipment can’t be working properly.

Emily is sitting in her room when she gets the information that the date was a false alarm, she looks relieved.

While studying the evidence left by Ethan, Emily picks up a wind up radio. She explains this is how Ethan manages to locate anomalies. Given this vital piece of information, Matt immediately radios through for the team to be on their guard incase Ethan has tracked the anomaly.

As Matt prepares to join the team, Emily assumes she will be attending also. Matt gently requests she remain behind; his father warned Matt she could be a distraction, and he will be thinking of her well being, and not the subject in hand if she goes along.

Primeval S4x07 - Emily studies the radio

Matt’s premonition proves to be conclusive, as Ethan has managed to track the anomaly to the prison. Seeing a member of the back up team, indicates he is in the right place.

The sound of a Terrorbird, rings through the corridors. It has not come through their anomaly, and there had been a complete sweep of the area, so where has this bird come from. Abby and Becker go off to investigate, leaving Connor to guard the anomaly. Kicking open a cell door reveals another weaker anomaly; how did the detector miss this one? The Terrorbird runs back into the cell, and Becker slams the door shut behind him. Immediately the anomaly closes along with the creature.

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Matt catches up with the team. Connor explains the predicament, and how strangely the anomaly is behaving. Yet another visit by the Terrorbird can be heard coursing through the corridors. It arrives at the anomaly, and rather than shoot the bird, they let it pass back through. Pondering how the bird can seem to keep reappearing, it seems the animal is about to return. Matt shoots on impulse and a man falls to the ground stunned by the blast. Lo and behold if it’s not our long lost friend Danny Quinn, along with his trusty side stick “Molly”.

A quick check of his vitals reassures Becker that Danny will be ok; he calls for Danny to stop faking it, and as Danny slowly raises his body up to Abby who is kneeling in front of him, Danny remarks, “oh Becker, you’re much cuter than I remember”, and gives Abby a big hug. Becker and Connor are overjoyed to see him back safe and sound. Matt gives them all a job to do and they part company for the time being.

Primeval S4x07 - Danny Quinn returns

Its not long before the team are back together, as it now seems likely that Ethan has arrived when Becker stumbles upon a “man down”. Connor believes he can alter the equipment to locate Ethan’s whereabouts. While Connor realigns the equipment, the other go in search of Ethan.

Pulling out a gun, Ethan stalks the corridors looking for the anomaly. The team congregate in the middle of the prison waiting for Connors signal. The radio Ethan is holding generates a feedback noise, and the team move to surround him. Unfortunately the Terrorbird makes an unwelcome appearance, and the distraction gives Ethan the chance to momentarily escape. Danny, who had been left with the anomaly, decides to lend a helping hand.

Abby and Connor chase the bird to the lower levels of the prison, and end up outside a prison cell. As they are about to rush in, Danny stops them, and introduces Molly, his stick to them. “Listen” he explains, “it was just me and those Terrorbirds for 6 months, believe me, you start naming things”. They stalk the bird around a sheet clad room. Abby gets knocked down by the bird, and as Connor tends to Abby, Danny and Molly beat the Terrorbird back through an open anomaly.

Primeval S4x07 - Danny and the Terrorbird

Meanwhile, Matt plays cat and mouse with Ethan, but eventually manages to pin him down. Apparently all Ethan wants to do is go back through the anomaly, and seems genuinely surprised when Matt demands to know what he is planning to do with the anomalies, if he hasn’t already done so. That pesky Terrorbird once again interrupts their conversation giving Ethan the chance to escape again.

As Ethan descends down a level, Danny ascends and they meet in the middle. Imagine their surprise (and the teams) when they realise Ethan is in fact, Danny’s missing brother Patrick. Although why he calls himself Ethan, I don’t know. Ethan is escorted back to the A.R.C for questioning; Danny follows desperate to speak to Ethan himself.

Primeval S4x07 - Danny and Ethan meet

Sir Lester greets Danny in his own irascible way, and asks if Helen Cutter is dead, “as a dodo” Danny replies, “excellent” retorts Sir Lester. He then goes on to explain what Ethan has been up to, but Danny can’t understand why Ethan would behave like that. What must he have gone through on his own for so long?

Matt interrogates Ethan, and it is soon clear that he is not the one who will be manipulating the anomalies. All Ethan wants to do is make Danny pay for abandoning him and leaving him to survive in the anomalies for 18 years.

Locking the Terrorbird in a cell, Abby leaves Connor to work out the strange happenings with the anomalies while she makes a sweep of the area. Returning to the main hall she watches in disbelief while many small weak anomalies open before her. Abby calls Connor over to witness the events unfolding in front of them.

At the A.R.C, Matt bumps into Emily, he is cold towards her, and when she questions his attitude he reveals Ethan is not the one he is after. He doesn’t know who it is, and is back to square one. She realises Matt may now not trust her either.

Danny meets Philip Burton for the first time. Philip is interested to hear about Helen’s death, and Danny would like an explanation as to why Philips name was all over one of her documents. There is more to this story than they are both letting on. Philip casts doubt into Sir Lester’s mind about Danny’s reliability.

Primeval S4x07 - Philip talks to Sir Lester

Danny finally gets to meet Ethan. He tries to explain that he never gave up, and everything he did was a step closer to finding Ethan. Unperturbed, Ethan holds onto to his belief that Danny abandoned him. Shaken by his brother’s revelations, Danny calls a security guard into the room. Ethan overpowers the man, knocks Danny unconscious and makes a run for it.

Connor recounts the actions of the past few hours, then dashes back to the main anomaly. Reconfiguring the equipment he pulls two anomalies apart and locks them down. He explains that the two anomalies were fused together, and the energy that kept them bound to each other had to go somewhere so smaller anomalies were made. Using his new equipment Connor dates the two anomalies as the Pliocene era, and 1867. Abby and Connor head back to the A.R.C, Connor wants all the info they have on the anomalies; he has some serious research work ahead of him.

Jess breaks the good news to Emily, she is not happy. Emily has changed since she entered the anomaly as new bride, she feels she no longer belongs in that era, but also, Matt’s behavior makes her feel she dos not belong in this one either.

Jess spots the breakout and sends Becker to intercept him. Emily walks out just as the two meet in a corridor. Becker has no choice but to put down his gun when Ethan threatens Emily’s life. Becker is shot twice by Ethan. Does this mean the end for Becker?

Primeval S4x07 - Becker shot by Ethan

Ethan heads back to the prison and chains Emily to a column. Somehow he manages to unlock an anomaly, and before running, through it, unbolts the door housing the Terrorbird, leaving Emily to face the animal alone.
Fortunately for her, Molly is lying on the floor within reach, and with a few counting blows Emily manages to down the bird successfully. Ethan has run through to the Pliocene period. Danny makes the decision to follow Ethan, he can’t risk Ethan coming into contact with other people, and he won’t desert his brother. Danny leaves Matt and Emily with a sinister warning; do not trust Philip Burton, he was in league with Helen Cutter somehow.

Back at the A.R.C, Connor is working furiously on the anomaly data, when he realises what could be at stake. Philip has just left the building, so Connor dashes after him in a panic.

Primeval S4x07 - Connor working in his lab

Matt opens the anomaly to send Emily home, she says she would have stayed if Matt had asked her, but realises he has some immense thing to do, and can’t be distracted from it. She doesn’t belong in this era, but then states, neither does he? Matt then reveals he came from the future where everything is dead or dying because of something someone did to the anomalies. In order for this to be reversed, he must stay and work out who did this act, and stop them from repeating it. He can’t let anything else matter to him. The pair embrace, and Emily steps back through to her time.

Primeval S4x07 - Matt and Emily say goodbye

Connor manages to stop Philip in the car park before he leaves. Connor explains something catastrophic is about to happen to the anomalies, they will continue to open and open, and not even he can predict the outcome. Philip leads Connor to his car, and orders Connor to tell nobody about this until they have a way to respond to this threat. The car makes its way out of the building, and the last episode of series 4 comes to a close.

Primeval S4x07 - Connor driven away by Philip

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