Mike Dopud – The Magical Man of Many Talents!


To all the Mike Dopud fans out there.

I have been given the privilege to do a little write up on Mr. Mike Dopud after discussing some aspects of his career with him. The concept was actually another friend’s idea to do this, so she deserves all the credit on this one.

If you are on Twitter, you can catch Mike Dopud tweeting there regularly. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever get to tweet with, and if you’re ever lucky as to meet him, then that’s better still.


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Mr. Dopud is perhaps best known as Varro from the unfortunate short-lived SyFy show, Stargate Universe, produced by MGM Studios at Bridge Studios of which many of the SGU fans, I being one of them as well, are still holding out hope for another season or perhaps SGU movies!

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Make sure to
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But in actual fact, he was also in two episodes of Stargate SG-1 (one of which he forgot about until I showed him a picture of him in character) and one episode of Stargate Atlantis. Taking on four different characters in the same series might have been difficult, but it only goes to show just how much talent this gentleman has.

Here we see Mr. Dopud as Ruselin Chernovshev, a Russian Colonel from the episode Full Alert – Stargate SG-1

Here we see him as Odai Ventrell, a bounty hunter in the episode Bounty – Stargate SG-1.

Then we had the pleasure of seeing him again as Kiryk, but in Stargate Atlantis this time in the episode Tracker. Shown in picture with Jewel Staite as Dr. Jennifer Keller.

Along with those great characters, we also had the privilege of seeing his talent again in the episode Taking Ame’s from another hit TV series “Human Target“, which he played a “hit man” named Chicago.

He was also in the critically acclaimed series “Dunham County” as Detective Glen Stuckey, in which he informed me was a “great role to play.” As well as, he was also a regular on MTV’s series “Kaya“, where he played Kaya’s dad and a manager of a rock band, Don.

I am sorry to say that I have not seen either of these last two series, so I guess this is where my masters degree in Google comes in handy and my surfing through the Internet to find legal viewing of the series.

I believe there is nothing this gentleman can not do in his acting career! With his many talents in both the TV and movie scenes like X-Men Origins, he’s definitely someone to be watching out for.

And speaking of movies, by request, I am including his performance in the epic movie “300“. I was told that I just HAD to add this to my movie collection and mention in this news article. Judging from the picture alone, I can understand why. OMG!!!!

Though he was more in the fighting scenes and mostly wore a helmet, so if you did not know who or where to look, you might miss him.

Currently he’s been cast in the pilot of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome as Deke “Minute man” Tornvald where he is one of the regulars. Congratulations Mike!! I am sure your fans cannot wait to see you in action!

He’s just recently wrapped filming Mission Impossible 4 “Ghost Protocol” , albeit a small rolClick to visit and follow RedOne68 (Sandra) on Twitter!e, but still exciting. As well, this past summer, Mr. Dopud has also played a role as a Commander trying to stop the apes from escaping in the new movie Caesar: Rise of th e Apes.

I hope you have enjoyed this introduction to Mr. Mike Dopud. In closing, I have to thank a dear friend and fellow WHR reporter, Redone68 for putting this idea out there for me to do. If there’s something not right, you can leave a message on here or tweet me by clicking on my avatar.

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Thanks for popping by the WormholeRiders News Agency, please come again.

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8 thoughts on “Mike Dopud – The Magical Man of Many Talents!

  1. Hi Sandra and Karen,

    Great idea from Redone68 and a great job on idea by KarenFord1. All thanks to Mr. Mike Dopud for his professional courtesy.

    Best Regards

  2. Awesome article babe!! That OMG speaks a thousand more words than anything. He is indeed a amazing actor. Congrats on a successful article.


  3. Thank you for your lovely comments, really glad you enjoyed it. Though have to thank Mr. Dopud for helping me with that 300 part. Very lovely picture indeed, *wink wink*. I hope I get to do it again.

  4. Karen LOVE this!
    Mike is a really talented man! And I agree with your OMG at the 300 pic!! 😛

    And BTW your AVI is very smexy 🙂

    You rock socks keep up the amazing work darlin’!


  5. I laughed a lot over your OMG of his 300 pic. 😀

    I don’t believe I have seen anything Mike Dopud has done, but your interview has made me want to add some things to my “To be watched” list. So great work. 10 thumbs up (You know if I was all thumbs) :p

  6. Mike Dopud is always a pleasure to watch on screen! The first time I saw him in SGA I liked his capability for making us feel for his character. What a talent! 🙂 He’s great and he is the nicest of guys! So true!:)
    Awesome write up Karen! Aces! I really enjoyed reading this insight into other roles he played! Stellar job! 😉

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