Haven: “Business as Usual” is Anything But, Perfectly Setting Up the Season Two Finale!

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As we approach the Haven season two finale “Sins of the Fathers” we discovered more wild out of our reality events while “and yet another freak walks free” and “dehydration Inconsistent with Exercise”. A pair of classic lines from another outstanding episode of Haven named “Business As Usual”

Haven S2x01 The Haven Lighthouse remains unchanged

Haven S2x11 -Audrey is about to find its not usual

Having become quite enamored with this series in its second season, and being a fan of Stephen King and deciding to follow the series, we must admit that nothing in Haven has gone or is going “as usual”.

During the two years of this great science fiction series, I have read people bitching about the show. In fact we hear a lot about people bitching on the Internet rather than sit back and enjoy the fruits of extremely talent people like Nora Zuckerman and Lilla Zuckerman, series writers and the principle story editors of this fantastic program.

Instead, we here at WHR thank them, Syfy and in fact all involved in making Haven the wonderful adventure it is based on “The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King and are hopeful that the series will be picked up for a third season!

Haven S2x11 - Freeze dried jogger
In the most recent episode, individual are being dehydrated, akin to freeze dried alive and mummified right before our very eyes. The initial sequence is a bit humorous as we observe two joggers with the female sharing “it is all about the hydration”. Despite help from the female jogger, the next thing that happens in the shade tent? You guessed it. Instant mummy! Yikes!

One is only left to wonder could this be how the ancient Egyptians accomplished their task many thousands of years ago in the often shrouded past of human history? Not likely, but who really knows what happened 5,000 years ago! In any event the special effects in the mummification scene were quite convincing. The poor jogger definitely looks like something from King Tut’s tomb! Naturally he is not the only victim as we will find out as the latest phenomena begins to unravel in this haunted town of Haven.

Haven S2x11 -Adam Copeland return as Dwight

Our favorite Haven sleuths Nathan Wournos (Lucas Bryant) and Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) are joined once again by guest star Adam Copeland (WWE Star Edge) portraying Dwight Hendrickson. Of interest is that Copeland has been featured in another Syfy series the past year (beyond Haven) including Sanctuary.

Copeland has become a convincing actor beyond his wrestling career. Loved by all the ladies we know, we fully expect to see more of him in the near future outside the WWE professional wrestling ring.

While Nathan and Audrey work with Dwight regarding the mummifications, our other favorite character Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour) has discovered an ornate silver jewel box with a holographic top cover. The box contains a cryptic message from Evi now deceased related to the mystery surrounding his own mysterious past in Haven.

Haven S2x11 - Duke finds a clue
The text of the note tells Duke she wanted him to have the box in case things “go bad” and to place the silver box under his [fish] “tank light” which emits ultraviolet rays. When Duke does so the top cover illuminates to reveal his last name of “Crocker”! Can things get any stranger in Haven?

Haven S2x11 - A note from Evi

Haven S2x11 - The message in the light

You bet they will! Seeking answers, Duke decides to consult with the towns two resident weirdness experts brothers Vince Teagues (Richard Donat)  and Dave Teagues (John Dunsworth) to help decode the meaning of the enigmatic silver box.

Haven S2x11 - Duke seeks Dave and Vince
In the meantime, Audrey and Nathan questions one of the towns citizens named Colleen (Crystal Allen) to get to the bottom of the why regarding the victims all mummification. She informs them that during a kidnapping of her husband named Stu, where she was tied up, that she witnessed a tattoo with a big number (a 3 or an 8) on their legs. This recollection leads Audrey to deduce such must be like the racers numbers of the joggers we observed before the first “dehydration” victim is murdered.

Haven S2x11 - Colleen tells of the incident

This clue leads them to the man named Patrick Grolesch, the same man who had harassed them earlier at the scene of the gruesome crime. Nathan and Audrey bring Mr. Grolsch in for questioning. No doubt he is somehow involved, but there is no proof or even logic as to why he is the perpetrator. We discover he is an attorney and threatens legal action. Without evidence, Patrick walks free for the time being.

Haven S2x11 - Patrick threatens legal action

Prior to Duke actually conferring with the Teague brothers, we see them refilling their newspaper dispenser a third edition. We can clearly see that newspaper headline is about the town Haven who is in grieving for the “Rev” (Stephen McHattie) recently sent to either heaven or hell by Audrey Parker herself is a previous episode when she shot him at point blank range. Myself I applauded that the evil “Rev” was sent to his maker!

Haven S2x11 - The Rev is dead
After a few chuckles about a “Haven Movie”, Duke reveals the secret “Crocker” message on the top cover using a portable fluorescent light. Vince says it still looks like an old “silver box”, while Dave indicates that the box was the handiwork of one of the towns silver smiths from the early origins of Haven.

Duke asks for their help to find out more since he is convinced the box contains the secrets to his and his families past. It is clear that Vince is being difficult and is obviously hiding something he knows when he refuses to help. However Dave is more than willing to do a little research and accepts the challenge from Duke.

Haven S2x11 - Dave is willing to tackle the task

Perhaps most interesting is we find out the differences between the two brothers is reaching a fever pitch. Vince threatens to stop Dave, while the later says “It is time this town faces realty, all of them”! As the two leave each other after the argument, Vince makes a mysterious call to an unknown party indicating “I have a job for you”! Whoa!

Haven S2x11 -Beverage time for Duke and Dwight

The next thing we know someone is at Duke’s ship looking to steal the little silver box. Duke grabs a gun and we quickly learn that the thief sent by Vince is none other than Dwight! After a fight that does not actually happen, Duke and Dwight decide to have a Scotch and agree “to find out the truth” about why Dave and Vince are at each other’s throats over the meaning to the silver box.

Haven S2x11 - Dwight thinks twice
Over several adult beverages, Dwight and Duke compare their notes. Dwight admits to Duke he is a bullet magnet (his affliction) and that he found this out while serving in the military in Afghanistan during the war on terror! Dwight became a hero because all the bullets from the Al-Qaeda would be drawn to him instead of other soldiers!

Haven S2x11 - Duke thinks it over

While the two are discussing the hidden meanings and discover lost memories Duke then remembers through their mutual recollection where his own boat came from that he thought he had won in a poker game, his father!

Meanwhile, Audrey and Nathan are perplexed when a remote fire alarm goes off at Haven police headquarters. Audrey tells Nathan to investigate further while she goes to see what set of the alarm. Sure enough, it is a formal Barbeque and the missing kidnap victim Stu is to become the main course at the grisly circumstances!

Haven S2x11 - A human barbeque for Stu

After saving Stu this leads us back to Colleen where we find out what his special affliction is and why he was targeted for barbequing! Patrick’s fingerprints were found all over the arson crime scene and he had planned to expose Stu as one of the afflicted whose sweat glands carried the dehydration virus leading to mummification!

Think the episode is over? Not quite people. As Stu and Colleen prepare to leave Haven, we learn that all is left for the citizens “is to choose sides” as Nathan hands Audrey a scrap of paper with Lucy Ripley’s address whom Audrey meet with to learn shocking facts about Haven!

As we see the two nearly kiss, Audrey starts to head out and much to our delight and theirs she thinks better of simply leaving and urns back and plant a big smooch on Nathan’s lips! All fans can say it is about time Audrey!  Way to go!

Haven S2x11 - Sealed with a kiss

We end the episode with Audrey approaching a woman who s fishing off the ban of the estuary in an unnamed town. It is Lucy Ripley herself and she shares secrets including that Audrey had appeared 27 years earlier with her memories, tat she was in a state of panic attempting to get away from whoever was behind the events, and that they had been trying to erase Audrey’s real memories.

It is at this time we finally understand the two Audrey Parker’s when “our” Audrey admits they succeeded in erasing her and this is why she has a jumble of other peoples past memories! Lucy Ripley tells Audrey she herself made her promise not to tell anyone that they had even met, but only if Audrey came back or she would be erased.

Haven S2x11 - The real Lucy Ripley
During the exchange, we are given the greatest clue of all! The man who is tied to much of the mystery, if not all the occurrences is named Simon Crocker! Yep folks, Simon is Dukes own father and he had tried to find Audrey 27 years in the past!

Back in Haven we segue back to Dwight and Duke they find what they were apparently looking for all along aboard ship, a cache of items left by Simon Crocker in a larger silver chest which is a virtual match (except for size) to the original!

Haven S2x11 - Silver box of secrets

While looking inside the larger silver box, guess what? Yep! Audrey returns at that precise moment and informs our two Haven treasure hunters that they “need to talk”!

Well of course they do for goodness sakes. After two years it is very nice to see all the clues from the “afflicted” finally coming together! In a brilliant flash of plot devices, Dwight tries to steal the box, Duke slashes him with a dagger from inside it, blood sprays on Dukes hand and low and behold, Duke own “affliction” is manifest as he displays superhuman strength and launches Dwight overboard!

Haven S2x11 -Duke gains super human strength

Feed from further interference, Duke and  Audrey agree to examine the contents together while Dave and Vince prepare for a town meeting about all the strange happenings in Haven! It is here that we learn that the two Teague brothers are at the heart of the “war” or conflict and we see the animus between the two as we have never witness before!

Haven S2x11 -Dave and Vince go eye to eye

Haven S2x11 -Dwight returns in time for the meeting

To make matters even more complex, Dwight shows up at the meeting location and we confirm that he was sent by Vince to obtain the box of secrets! We also learn that Dwight being cut has some consequence over activating Dukes superhuman powers for a period of time.

Haven S2x11 -Nathan arrives at the meeting

Suddenly Nathan walks in an lets Dwight and Vince know that the secret meeting will proceed and that “risks” pay off! In the final moments, we are back with Duke and Audrey as they are examining the artifacts from Havens past. In the silver box they find a book with a cryptic message from Simon Crocker that he must complete the fathers “mission” and kill Audrey Parker!

Haven S2x11 -Audrey and Duke study Simon Crockers book

Haven S2x11 -Audrey and Duke are concerned by the writings of Simon Crocker

Exactly like Duke and Audrey, we fade to black but are left wondering why Duke must kill Audrey setting up the exciting season two finale “Sins of the Fathers” airing September 30, 2011 on Syfy! We include th epromotional trailer below for your enjoyment

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