Warehouse 13: “Insatiable” or Avoid the Mobile Food Truck Before the Season Three Finale!


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Last Monday we had two repeats of previous Warehouse 13 episodes so we held our review of “Insatiable” until just before the exciting two hour season finale “Emily Lake/Stand” on Monday October 03, 2011.

Editors Note: Rather than place the promotional trailers for the next episode of a series at the end of a review, henceforth (when available), the sneak peeks will be placed at the beginning prior to the previous episodes analysis and review. Thank you.

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Now that we have revisited Jane’s (Kate Mulgrew) past and know she is Warehouse 13 a regent and Pete’s (Eddie McClintock) mother, we also know A-Z Technologies is run by a man who wants the Collodi Bracelet that enabled him to walk and leave his wheelchair. I guess he will never forgive the Regents or the Warehouse team for taking it from him. So far, four Regents have suffered Artifact-related deaths and the perpetrator is still out there.

Warehouse 13 S3x09 Myka, Pete and Jinks
The Warehouse team and the Regents are under threat! Pete is still trying to cope with the fact his own mother is one of the regents and feels in a way, deceived. Worse Steve Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) has been fired by Ms. Fredericks (CCH Pounder), has sadly said goodbye to his friend Claudia (Allison Scagliotti)  before ultimately being recruited by the evil Marcus Diamond (Sasha Roiz)!

Warehouse 13 S3x09 Jinks says goodbye to Claudia


Ithaca, New York may not be the most swinging town, but our opening scene is set there on a couple getting busy with the romance in a car. Okay, I’m old fashioned… At least bring a light Camp set-up or something. A CAR? …But I digress. They are feeling very warm indeed when a sound from the surrounding bushes draws the man’s attention from his date and he goes to investigate the gasping sounds. Seems to be a Zombie-like fellow who is in pain and attacks our good Samaritan. The fellow is thrown against his car and when his date comes out to investigate, she too is attacked.

Warehouse 13 Sx11 - Attacked!

At the warehouse, Pete is still on about his mother being a Regent. Artie explains to him there is a hierarchy in the Warehouse structure. “There’s Mrs. Frederick there’s me, there’s you!” A dog’s whimper sounds and we see Trailer looking dejected.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Trailer Dog

Artie corrects himself quickly. “Oh, I’m sorry,…How rude… there’s me, there’s Trailer, THEN there’s you!” Pete says that Sykes has been after revenge for decades. If someone was gunning for his mother, would Artie not be concerned? He pointed out. Artie replied “You haven’t met my mother.”

Jinks’ became a short topic of discussion between Lena and Artie. After Jinks pulled his gun on Mrs.. Frederick and was fired, he also had a full-on “Persona Non Gratis” standing among the Agency, and his credit rating, along with all his credentials were Tanked.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Claudia Cherry Bomb
Next scene is Claudia, in the coffee house, singing and this time plugged in with an electric guitar. This time, she was singing “Cherry Bomb“, Which was originally done by The Runaways.  Allison Scagliotti did it in a style removed from the original Punk rock. This was more Rock-Ballad, Nice work on her part. I am not the only one who thinks so.

Claudia is approached by a nice young man, Dwayne Maddox (Johnny Pacar) who has a band called “Dead Rent”and they are seeking a guitarist. Claudia is only unsure because of her unpredictable schedule, but they leave it at a ‘Sure, why not? See how it goes.’ Then, Claudia calls “Jinksie” to share. Shehas left several messages but as yet, hears nothing back.

Myka and Pete are now at Ithaca General Hospital, seeing the couple from the opener, Identified as Paul and Amy Gillan (Jenny Raven), Myka talks with Paul and his date, who both have bandages on their necks. Myka looks at Amy’s neck and sees a human bite mark. Off they go to ‘Lover’s Lane’ to check it out!

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Amy and Paul in Hospital

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Human Bite

They look about the area and find a man crouched down over a deer carcass, chowing down on it. Pete uses the word most all of us are no doubt thinking: “That man is a Zombie!” And the aforementioned Zombie looks up, showing light sensitivity and tries to attack our heroes! Pete tries to deal with this with his gun drawn and Myka tries to talk with our hapless fellow of the ‘Living Dead’ persuasion. When this fails, Pete fires the trusty Tesla gun and the guy has been subdued.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Eating a deer

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Man is scared

Myka ascertains the guy is like a Popsicle and gets the man’s wallet. They ID him as Kevin Munroe (Nick Baillie) and he lives in town. As he is hospitalized, Artie and Myka discuss him on their Farnsworth and Artie sees Kevin on the screen “Hmmm, Hyper necrotic skin discoloration and around his mouth hyper stimulation of the salivary glands I would say we have two symptoms of…”

He is interrupted by Kevin trying to jump up from the bed, and says “Peas, Elk, Bison”. Myka tells Artie that doctors said Kevin has frostbite on his toes and ears, but Ithaca has been in a heat wave. Artie tells her he is on the next flight out. “Whatever you do, you keep him restrained!”

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Artie sees Kevin

Claudia, at the Bed and breakfast, is humming the scales as she comes downstairs with her guitar. The Farnsworth sounds and she is irked by this reminding Artie she has two days off. Artie is as usual a hard-nose and tells her to ‘deal with it. Back in the warehouse, Claudia tries Jinks again, this time she gets him! But he tells her to leave him alone.

Claudia asks him why he is being such a ‘Tool’ at the now disconnected phone. Beside her, a fortuneteller’s booth called “Sallah” comes to life and spits a card out to her. The card says “Death comes for you this night”. Claudia wisecracks at the message and starts to walk down the corridor of the warehouse, when a large heavy object falls off a top shelf, barely missing her.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Claudia meets Sallah

Myka and Pete go to Kevin’s house. The heat is on full blast and they find a boy, Kevin’s son, hiding in a closet. It is figured out “Peas, Elk, Bison” Actually meant “Please Help My Son”. Myka and Pete bring the boy -who’s name is Danny- to the hospital and meet Artie there.

The kid has not spoken and so none of them know what he may or may not have seen at home. As they are talking while Pete takes the boy to get a candy bar, a call from a local Fraternity house comes to 911 about a man there who has also got the same symptoms as this man Kevin has. Myka and Pete take off to the Frat house, leaving Artie as babysitter to the boy.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Myka meets Danny

At the campus, the house leader, Fenton Wallace (Carter Hayden) meets Myka and explained how “Moose” one of the new boys went on a burrito run and came back like Kevin. Complaining of being cold and he ate all the food, started to bite people. Apparently, “Moose” was still in their basement freaking out.

As Myka and Pete go downstairs to examine the basement, Pete sees Taco wrappers and comments how he is hungry as well. They hear ‘Moose’ over in a corner and it looks as if he is about to bite into a struggling rat in his hand!

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Moose has rat in Frat house
Moose takes a run for our duo, but after tackling Myka, Pete subdues him with a club to the head. As Myka assured Pete she was alright, another frat guy comes out of a closet and distracts Peter who is then bitten by Moose. As the others from Lovers’ lane are still unaffected, they doubt it will change Pete.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Pete bitten!

During their discussion of the frenzy which is effecting Moose and Kevin, Pete’s stomach growls loudly. He walks over to the Food truck across the street. After a rather inept attempt at Spanish, the Server tells Pete, “I speak English, bro” Pete and Myka are still theorizing about becoming a zombie, and the server comes back to give Pete his Burrito. Mockingly saying: “Seis dólares”. For the size of this burrito, I would call that about right. At least Prices in this show are not fictitious.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Myka tips food man
Artie and the boy are sitting in Kevin’s room as Artie tries to make conversation with Danny. Artie goes to see Kevin close-up as a nurse comes in to change the IV bag. “He’s going through these as fast as I can change them. There’s no sign of infection, bacterial or viral” She tells Artie. “Last reading Body temp was eighty-nine- and dropping. If we don’t reverse this, he’s going to go into organ failure” she leaves Artie standing at Kevin’s bed side.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 In hospital with Kevin
Claudia is in the Warehouse office and hears the mechanics of what I presume to be the climate control making odd noises. She shuts down the apparatus and falls to the floor, just as the Farnsworth is sounding. It is Artie. Asking about the information he wanted about the undead and artifacts. After she finishes with Artie, her own phone sounds from Lena, telling her Dwayne is waiting at the Bed and Breakfast for her.

She meets Dwayne and tries to explain why she had not been in touch. She says she will get her guitar and meet him when she finishes her work. As she goes to climb the stairs, something throws her back against Dwayne, who hits a light socket and sends a current up to the foyer chandelier, which falls, barely missing both of them.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 In hospital with Kevin
Back at the hospital, the nurse is saying Kevin’s Body temp is at 77 and if they don’t bring it up, he will be dead in an hour. She will talk to the doctor about putting Kevin on Bypass. After she leaves, Artie placed a pair of glasses onto Kevin’s face and Kevin looks like he is back to normal. Good coloring and all. Seems the glasses once belonged to Albert Butz -Inventor of the thermostat.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Magic glasses helps Kevin
Moose escaped from the confines of the hospital staff and ran past Myka and Pete. Moose ran to a vending machine trying to break it open to get at the food within. Moose is subdued and falls  Myka has started to show symptoms of the Artifact. Artie and the boy are there as Myka, wrapped in a blanket begins to feel even worse.

Artie and Danny start to talk a bit, when the kid said his father had gone to the food truck for tacos before he got like he is. Seems I can even see a connection, but so do they? Pete does as he asks Danny if if his dad went to Manny’s Food truck. Danny said he had. Pete checked his smartphone because “Manny’s” has a Twitter account and Pete  has started to ‘follow’ Manny’s tweets.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Claudia's mad at Sallah

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Claudia soaks Sallah

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Sallah continues to soak Claudia!
Claudia goes back to the fortune teller machine. She is angry at Sallah and treats him (it) to a de-artifacting wash! and almost gets drowned in a form of water. Lena finds her in time and saves her. Then points out Sallah’s “Artifact way” was to not tell futures, but to instill a sense of dread in anyone who asks it a question.  The way to fight this was to simply ignore the machine.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Food Truck in construction site
Pete and Myka go to a construction site where the Truck is and they find the workers are in a state of ravenous frenzy. Pete gets on the Farnsworth to tell Claudia to tap into the Electricity grid and make all the lights come on brightly, as the ones effected by whatever it is are all light sensitive. Pete gets into the ruck and a bewildered Manny – the owner – is trying to stay alive. During the scuffle, Pete catches Manny’s old tip jar as it rolls off the counter in the shaking truck.

Pete looked at it for a few seconds and shouted over the melee; “Where did you get this?” Manny yelled back “Some place in Utah… I thought it’d make a nice souvenir!” The truck’s doors are forced open by the frenzied crowd and Myka is with them. Pete takes a chance and throws the old jar to the floor and it explodes into streams of light!

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Jar is broken
As the rays of light die off, the crowd stops, and looks at each other bewildered. Their Farnsworth sounds and it is Artie: “I don’t know what you guys did, but Nice work!” As we see a normal Kevin and his son on the hospital bed.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Nice Work

Back at the Warehouse, Artie talks as the shards of glass are placed into a container. “In 1846, a caravan of men, women and children who were stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains, were forced to resort to the most extreme measures to survive. Somehow, the horrific ordeals of the Donner Party imbued an ordinary jar with the power to make others experience what they were suffering.” Myka said “And putting money in the jar… triggered it. Why?”

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Catelogue for Donner Jar
Artie replied “An interesting sidebar.. That jar was one of several that the survivors used to bury their money. Even in the grim shadow of death…” Myka interjected “They were putting a little something away for a rainy day”.

Debriefing over and the artifact now in the inventory, they go off to have pancakes somewhere as we are again back in the coffee house, watching Dwayne playing a song. Claudia came in and Dwayne goes off stage to talk with her. She says she would still like to join the band.

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Dwayne Sings

In a bar somewhere, Jinks’ card was declined. Someone come to his aid, and we see our friend Marcus. Marcus is approaching Steve Jinks to see about joining him and his group. At first, Steve Jinks is not interested, but as Marcus turns to leave, Jinks calls him back to sit down and talk

Warehouse 13 S3x10 Marcus and Jinks

My Take… For What It Is Worth….

Interesting how the Donner Party would have still had their sights on saving money, and even when facing death, they would store what they had away for a rainy day. Speaks of the mindset of pioneers and early settlers before the age of disposable consumerism took over. Those years were hard for many, there was no system like GPS or even airships to search for the Donner Party, and even those in their homes could die in the winters without foresight and a lot of cut wood. Those poor souls lived and died in the most nightmarish scenario I think most of us would rather not imagine.

I also liked how the ‘Fortune teller’ was seen as a hypnotist. Are not most Fortune tellers this way to some degree? Making someone believe that something is going to happen, and many people want to believe them as well, is in my opinion a form of hypnotic suggestion.

Especially when the news is good.

But Claudia was trying to shrug off the Sallah’s cards, and yet, the artifacts seem to get active and she’s in the middle of it all. I am a firm believer in ‘Self-Fulfilling prophecy’, but I still recognize when I go out on the roads, I do not hand over complete control to that. I still accept and use my Response-Ability to be careful of myself and others. I will build my own “Good Fortune” and I hope you will too!

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    Very much looking forward to Emily Lake / Stand this coming Monday. Will Jinks really be a bad guy or is he on secret mission for Mrs. Frederick? I am think the later…. BUT!

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