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Episode 3

Its dinner time! A young man jumps into a swimming pool and cuddles with his girlfriend, she leaves to get changed, the young man goes to make another dive… straight into the jaws of a waiting dinosaur. His girlfriend, hearing a noise goes to investigate, and can’t find him. From the other side of a pool window, a still hungry dinosaur scares the young lady.

Back at the home office, Cutters team and Sir Lester’s team are discussing the anomaly. Perhaps; history having written of monsters and dragons proves that anomalies have always existed in one form or another. Sir Lester prepares to waive away Cutters team, when it seems another anomaly has been sited.

Connor is at the hospital with Hart, he confirms he cannot remember a thing from when he was bitten. Hart is packing to leave, when Abby walks in dressed up with makeup, and perfume. She is flattered by Harts attention, but it is short lived when he reveals his girlfriend (Alison, who has spent 2 years in the rain forests researching infectious diseases (here’s hoping she doesn’t bring her work home)) is picking him up from the hospital to take him home.

At the swimming pool, the police think the young girl has murdered her boyfriend and the A.R.C want it to stay that way for the moment. While Abby tests the water in the swimming pool, Connor tries to gleam information about Alison, Hart refuses to respond. Fortunately, we are treated to an eye candy event; when Hart strips down to enter the water. Well worth the gander.

Back at the home office, Claudia argues with Sir Lester. The young lady is being charged with her boyfriend’s murder, and Sir Lester (a slimy unsavoury pen pushing type of civil servant) thinks it’s a necessary step to avoid the truth getting out. Claudia feels the injustice. Sir Lester is unmoved.

At the local reservoir, the public are enjoying the facilities, some are boating, when all of a sudden a rather unpleasant ball of vomit surfaces. It turns out to be the remains of the pool swimmer. At the home office, Sir Lester want explanations, it seems the anomalies must move rather than disappear.
Divers are searching the reservoir, when Connor makes the discovery that water is seeping out of the reservoir. The anomaly is there still somewhere underwater, and it seems our wee beastie could still be lurking in the depths.

While cutter is talking to Claudia, he realises that steam rising from the lake is pin pointing where the anomaly can be found. Cutter, Hart and Ryan prepare to dive down. Abby and Connor have to reside to taking water samples.
Immersed in the water, Connor and Abby realise they are not alone. They make a dash for land, closely followed by the wee beastie, who would like to make them his lunch date.
Connor becomes an unlikely hero and attacks it with an oar. The beast returns to the reservoir. Meanwhile cutter has finally found the anomaly after a diver accidently swim through it when the anomaly suddenly appears. The dinosaur, wanting to return, swims past cutter back into the anomaly. It closes up behind the dinosaur, without the diver returning. Abby gratefully hugs Connor for saving her life.

At the home office, Cutter explains (a direct quote from the episode, as there was no way I was going to explain this one without help) there is a times equivalent to an earthquake, strong enough to rip apart the boundaries between dimensions (I told you!!). This would cause a traceable fault line, where another anomaly could appear on it. Sir Lester is, as usual, unimpressed.

A mother is preparing her children for school; she carries her washing down to the basement and loads her washing machine. In her conservatory, she notices wet footprints, and returns to the basement to find it flooded with water.

In the university, Connor is reading up about the Mosasaur (our extinct reptilian wee beastie) when Tom starts reading over his shoulder. Conner won’t discuss what’s happening, and refuses a pizza and DVD evening. Tom and Duncan smell a rat, and decide to keep a closer eye on him.

While cutter is in a meeting at the home office, Hart starts to remember previous events. He remembers Helen, and when he reveals this to cutter, is hurt to find cutter has kept from him that he too has seen her. Cutter is annoyed with Helen. After all, if she was that bothered, she would have gotten in touch and not made him think that for eight years she was dead.

A plumber turns up to repair the leak. Something is enjoying a swim with him. As he turns to the table, a prehistoric bird attacks him, and he falls into the water. He manages to scramble free, just as the owner returns, unfortunately, he is pulled back underwater.

In the basement, the lost diver has been found, in his hand is a handkerchief bearing the initials HC. As he is being bagged, tagged and taken away, Captain Ryan calls Claudia at the A.R.C. Our favourite slimy pen pusher now wants the most recent anomaly attack put down to an escaped crocodile. The anomaly is on the “mythical” fault line that Cutter predicted much to the annoyance of Sir Lester.

Everyone converges on the house with the anomaly in it. Claudia shows Cutter the handkerchief, and he admits its Helens, and she is waiting for him the other side of the anomaly. Hart and Abby unload equipment, and he admits to remembering what happened between them in episode 2. Abby, hurt, gives him the cold shoulder. Sir Lester turns up, and after an argument with Cutter, gives his permission for Cutter to go through the anomaly and bring her back, without force.

Hart helps Cutter “gear up” with an hour of air, a mile of rope, and a spear gun. He swims through the anomaly, and surfaces in one of the lakes. Making his way to shore, he is greeted by a beautiful prehistoric scene, with snow capped volcanoes and waterfalls. Helen is waiting for him, skinny dipping in a lake.

Cutter is still angry with her for letting him think she was dead. He wants her to return with him, but she refuses. She is unrepentant. Her discovery of the anomaly outweighed her devotion to Cutter, although she wants him to give up everything and share what she knows. He turns his back on her offer, and returns to the lake. As he nears the anomaly, a massive Mosasaur swims over him, quickly followed by the smaller one. This one rounds up on Cutter and he has no choice but to spear it. In retaliation, it cuts his air pipe, and Cutter has to ditch his equipment. With Cutter running out of air, the team, haul him back via the rope line. But is it too late.

Claudia gives Cutter mouth to mouth, and he revives, confirming that Helen is out there. Claudia sends the team through to retrieve her, without cutters knowledge.
Sitting in the ambulance, Cutter is stunned to see his wife being manhandled into Sir Lester’s care.

Episode 4

Children are playing in their courtyard, a young child is bathing……something is watching him from the toilet. But what is it.

Helen Cutter is being interviewed by Sir Lester, when a call comes that another anomaly has appeared in a block of flats.
The specials and cutters team rush to the abode. To find an escaped python lurking in the toilet….false alarm. Helen though, was aware it was a false alarm. Sir Lester presses her for information, but only Cutters presence will loosen her tongue….

It appears Steven doesn’t like snakes, as he leaves to find another larger sack. Connor presses Abby for a place to stay.

Back at the home office, Helen is convinced that Cutter sold her down the river, she relays information that a pride of sabre toothed tigers are going to rampage through the streets of London.

A yellow camper van drops Connor off at Abby’s flat. Unknown to him though, Tom and Duncan have planted a tracking device in a key ring. They want to keep tabs on what he is up to. Not such a good idea, as they come to learn.

Abby’s flat is overly warm due to the inhabitancy of Rex, a flying reptile Abby befriended in the first episode.

Making himself at home; Connor strips down to the bare essentials along with Abby. Seven knocks at the door and is somewhat taken aback to see them both in their underwear. Urging them to get dressed, he informs them Helen has come up with some necessary information.

Cutter brief the committee on the behaviour of The Sabre Tooth, trusting Helen is an issue, but it appears there is little choice given the circumstances. Along for the ride, Helen leads the team to a kitchen. Drawing the short straw to open the locked freezer unit, Steven pulls the freezer drawer open, and immediately the encased anomaly starts pulling metal objects into in. Grasping the opportunity, Helen makes a break, and jumps through the anomaly, closely followed by a soldier and Steven.

In the car park of a local football stadium, Tom and Duncan have followed the tracker, and assuming they are in a British version of area 51, begin dreaming up all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Steven and the soldier pass through the anomaly, to find themselves in a field, surrounded by anomalies.

Unfortunately, emerging the other side is a flock of dodos. Who turn out to be very elusive? They give the team the run around. And in the confusion, one eats the tracker on Connors bag. It escapes, only to be rounded up by the two conspirers.

One dodo has died in the process of herding the others back through the anomaly. Its body is taken back so an autopsy can be carried out.

Tom and Duncan’s dodo starts to behave oddly as the other one is being autopsied. A worm emerges from the body of the dead dodo, and is caught after going for Abby. Both the worm and the dodo behave aggressively. Unfortunately for Tom, he is bitten by the increasingly aggressive bird, and it is imprisoned in the bedroom.

Results confirm the worm is a parasite that enters the bloodstream as a larva. It destroys the internal organs and attacks the nervous system. After laying its eggs, it moves up the body and destroys the host and itself.

Tom lays seriously ill. Duncan panics and turns to Connor for help. By the time they return Tom has disappeared and the dodo lies dead. Tom makes his way to the local hospital; a ct scan shows the parasite. Scared, Tom bites the doctor and runs. He phones Duncan, but refuses to say where he is.

Guessing where Tom has run to, they track down the doctor.
In the process of trying to figure out Tom’s next step, he follows the tracking device to the dodo in the home office, where Abby is preparing for the next autopsy. He demands to be returned to the site of the anomaly, where he can determine proof of his conspiracy theories.

At the stadium, Abby opens the freezer door to find the anomaly has dissipated, leaving no proof for Tom. He thinks she has purposely betrayed his confidence, and he chases her through the stadium. Just as he catches her, and prepares to bite her, Cutter and the team turn up. Connor talks Tom into letting her go. Connor and Tom have a touching conversation, and, aware that Tom is not going to live, confirms his thoughts on the conspiracy. Hugging each other, it looks like Tom is about to lunge at Connor, instead he dies in Connors arm. Distraught, Connor wants out, and in an act of kindness, Cutter comforts Connor, and refuses his request to leave the team.

Episode 5

On a golf course, two mates are having a round of golf. Not exactly professional golfers, they at least seem to be enjoying themselves. As one of the players retrieves his ball from the woods, he is attacked from the air by an unknown source.

Connor plays oblivion on the TV while Abby goes off to yoga. She warns him about keeping all the doors and windows closed so Rex doesn’t escape.

At the golf course, Cutter and Claudia discuss the process they are making, as Sir Lester is getting anxious. Cutter is unsure there is an anomaly as he hasn’t any proof that one exists yet. On inspection of the body, it is clear something large and savage has ripped the golfer to pieces. Conner gets called by Cutter to the scene, but forgets Abby’s rule. He leaves the window open, and Rex Escapes, following Connor into his car.

Abby and Steven join Cutter. As the team investigate the golf course, they realise there is no usual background noise. What has managed to scare the birds away?
The anomaly is above them in the air, and the predator is a Pteranodon.

Connor arrives at the course, only to discover that Rex has joined him on the car journey. As Rex runs onto the golf course followed hotly in pursuit by Connor, the Pteranodon spies the pair of them, and has a spot of lunch in mind. Cutter, Abby and Steven shout warnings to Connor, but it is Rex’s behaviour that warns Connor to the approaching bird. Running full pelt, they manage to outwit the flying reptile. Cutter finds himself on the wrong side of Steven and Claudia when he physically stops a rifleman from shooting the Pteranodon. Also Abby has some explaining to do in regards to the appearance of Rex. Claudia is unimpressed with the antics of the team.

The team concern themselves with hunting down the Pteranodon. They have lead, an empty building a mile away in town. Cutter still refuses to shoot it down, instead choosing to try and drug the reptile first. On top of the building Steven manages to shoot the Pteranodon down. Unfortunately, for Claudia, as it falls into a deep sleep, it knocks her unconscious.

Back at the golf course, Claudia wakes up, and realises she is blind, an after effect of being knocked down. Connor and Abby find Rex, but also manage to stumble on some rather obnoxious looking bats. They smell the blood accidently knocked on the floor by Claudia, and swarm to the hotel situated in the grounds.

After tasting the dung of the Pteranodon, Steven concludes that it is not to blame for the attack on the golfer. Cutters phone dies on him, and Claudia’s relief that the Pteranodon didn’t kill the golfer is short lived, when Cutter reminds her that whatever did, is still out there, and dangerous.

Unfortunately for the paramedic treating Claudia, he becomes the latest snack attack for the marauding bat like creatures, when he returns to the ambulance for more oxygen. Realising the danger, Cutter close the doors and windows surrounding Claudia, and prepares to track down a working phone. They are not working, sabotaged by the bats.

Spurred on by the smell of blood, the bats begin an attack on the windows where Claudia is hiding, she panics and falls into the pool of blood, Cutter picks her up, and they escape into another room. The ceiling is made of glass, and soon the couple are deluged with shards of falling glass. Sanctuary is found in another room. Cutter still determined to find a working phone makes plans to dash to the ambulance for its phone. Before leaving he promises Claudia she will be ok, and romantically kisses her. Her reaction is one of pleasant surprise (and I don’t blame her, my toes managed a small curl at the ends too).

As soon as he rushes outside, the bats swarm. Cutter reaches the ambulance just in time. He contacts Captain Ryan, who tells him to sit tight. He ransacks the ambulance looking for a suitable weapon. Choosing a lighter and a gas cylinder, he prepares to leave the safety of the ambulance.

Claudia, still in the room, is aware the bats are trying to enter through the chimney; she manages to find a golf club, and uses it to rather good success. Time is running out for her, as they swarm down the chimney, and Cutter is occupied with bats still outside. At the last second, Claudia is saved from a surprising source. Helen grabs her, and pulls her into the kitchen. Turning all the gas taps on, Helen prepares to cook bats. Giving the command, Claudia escapes into another room, the kitchen turns into an inferno. Cutter is devastated by the blast thinking Claudia has perished in the flames, until he realises she is standing behind him. She admits that Helen saved her life.

Connor, feeling guilty, tells Abby he will move out of her flat. Though to his relief, she admits to liking him around, and relents to let him stay.

Episode 6

Claudia enters Cutters office to find him playing golf. At first it seems she is interested in Cutters feelings for his estranged wife, and with the kiss he gave her in the previous episode, am not surprised. However it’s clear, he still doesn’t want to be pressed. Changing the subject, he wants to know why she is there. The home office want more results, Sir Lester is becoming impatient.

In the Forest of Dean, an animal has emerged; there is no sign of it. What is this cunning predator? Hungry, it turns to the local zoo for easy prey.

Abby is trying to teach Connor the gentle art of flirting; however things don’t go so well (I can’t help envisaging Tony from Men Behaving Badly, not that am complaining, I’ve taken to Connors clumsy attempts in engaging the fairer sex). Abby gets a call from the zoo, something is amiss.

At the zoo, they are puzzling over a damaged roof, and a missing lion, Connor thinks it’s runaway to join the circus. Abby punches him, her response to his witticism.

Steven walks the university grounds, something has stirred his senses. Helen Cutter stands next to him. She wants a meet with Cutter and Sir Lester. For someone who refuses to share information, why the turn around? She leaves Steven with a kiss on the lips, something feels understated between them.

Claudia, it seems, is having her own problems. She is plagued with nightmares. With dinosaurs chasing her, she wakes up just as she is about to be eaten. What is wrong with her?

As Abby feeds the elephants, she scans the area; something is paying her too much attention. Her boss, his attention taken on a phone call, becomes the next victim of the creature.

Abby and Connor are at the home office. She suspects something is going on between the bosses. A report comes back; Lion D.N.A has been confirmed on the sample, along with a bat like D.N.A, which cannot be explained. Sir Lester agrees to the meet with Helen, but is wary. Anymore funny business will have consequences for Helen.

The meeting takes place on a bridge, where Helen explains the seriousness of the situation. This new creature is a predator of exceptional quality. It hails from the future, and will be hard to take down. Helen cannot say where it came from, but states she is back to help, just out of the goodness of her heart. Later she reveals to Cutter, that the creature followed her, and it’s her fault the creature is in our timeline.

Conner and Steven are talking about the creature, when Steven hears the details, and that Abby is on her own in the zoo, he flies out the door, shouting to Connor to get the team down there straight away. As he predicts, the creature has stalked Abby, and the specials team turn up just in time to save them both.

Claudia thanks Helen for saving her life, but the conversation turns to Cutter, and the relationship between them all. Claudia changes the subject and draws Helen into discussing the traits of the creature. Dogs are suggested to help track down the lair, they seem to be able to detect the beast better than humans.

In the zoo grounds, the team are hunting with the dogs, Captain Ryan is given the order to shoot to kill. In the woods, a soldier is snatched from the group. It is hardly detectable, so Connor and Cutter deduct the creatures hunting skills, and how best to win an edge over it. An oscilloscope can detect the sonic noises, which the dogs can hear. Conner runs back to the car to retrieve one. The scope bleeps a warning sign, and Conner finds himself in a battle for his life. Abby steals up, and diverts its attention long enough for Steven to shoot it.

The dogs lead the team to a food storage facility. Inside are the creatures young. The creature is not best pleased at the intrusion. To save the team from the creature, Cutter grabs one of the young, and runs into a glasshouse. Shooting the glass confuses the creature, as it disturbs its echoing system. The creature is shot dead. The young are boxed up. Helen wants them alive as they can detect the future anomaly. Cutter agrees; this is the best way of ensuring the future anomaly is kept safe. Claudia is now having day mares, what does this mean for her.

Cutter, Helen and the specials prepare to take the young back though the anomaly. Claudia, has a moment of doubt, she begs Cutter not to go. Reassuring her everything will be fine, they begin the move through. At the last second, Claudia, rushes forward and plants a lasting kiss on Cutters lips, Helen, bemused, steps through the anomaly with Cutter. Sir Lester, snidely remarks on her professionalism, and she tells him curtly to “stuff professionalism”.

When Cutters team reach the other side, Connor gets a phone call. Apparently the lab has determined the sex of the creature. It’s male. What follows the team through the anomaly when they aren’t looking?

Helen asks Cutter to take a photo, when suddenly to his dismay, he realises the camp they first found was the camp they have just made. They have created their own past. Helen wants Cutter to join her in the future, but again he refuses as he knows where he belongs. The young become agitated, and the mother attacks the camp. In the struggle with the creature, the specials are killed, and when it looks like Cutter is next, a dinosaur comes to the rescue, and engages with the creature.

This ensuing battle sees the creature killed, and the young apparently destroyed.
As Captain Ryan lies dying, he realises the body they first found was indeed his. Cutter buries him as he was previously found, then returns through the anomaly, followed by Helen unaware of what they leave behind.

Her reason for returning becomes clear. If Cutter won’t join her, then she will take her lover with her. Steven appalled by her brazen admittance of their affair, refuses to join her. He chooses to stay with Cutter and the team. She returns through the anomaly alone.

Cutter asks where Claudia is. The team, puzzled, are unaware of any team member called Claudia. Cutter desperately tries to jog their memories, and then realises something they have done has somehow changed the present. He turns to the anomaly just as it appears to swallow him, he cries out, “oh no, oh no”, and series one ends.

When I was asked to review this series, I have to admit to knowing little about it. I remember watching one episode only, and that was my only recollection of the show. Episode one raised my interest, by episode two, I was hooked.
Now having finished the last episode of season one, My teeth are already tearing at the packaging of series two in order to satisfy the need for my next fix of Primeval.

Analysis and Thoughts:

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I did a little research, and was pleasantly surprised to find the maker of this series is a British one. Impossible Pictures. The C.G.I quality that brings the episodes to life is outstanding. Realistic looking dinosaurs walk across my screen, and bring a new vision to a timeline, that in real life can only be accurately presented to a certain extent. The rest is educated guesswork and an understated talent for imagination. However they do it, they do it damned well, and I for one, am very pleased they do.

I have fallen in love with Steven, like Cutter for his brains and that lovely Scottish accent; hate Abby for her fantastic figure, and beauty. Connor is cute, and still reminds me of Tony in Men Behaving Badly. Helen is underhanded and untrustworthy. Claudia is attractive and talented. Sir Lester is slimy and obnoxious.

So I guess the point I’m trying to make is; they all prick at my senses. The actors have infused into my subconscious, and I have a real affinity with them. This affirms to me of the superb quality of the acting, writing and filmmaking. For me Primeval is realistic as hell. And if I ever see a disjointed Mirror-esk, glistening looking light in front of me. I will run, like the wind, in the opposite direction, and without shadow of a doubt, I will not be looking behind me.
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