Primeval Series Four Episode Six Review

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Click to visit Primeval at ITV!Spoiler warning for United States Primeval fans: This review discusses episode six of Primeval series four. If you do not like spoilers and have not yet seen episode six, please stop reading now. You have been advised.

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Alexander Siddig of Star Trek Deep Space Nine has been doing a tremendous job since being added as the Primeval character named Phillip Burton? The show just gets better and better!

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Series 4 episode 6:

In a rather posh stately looking residence, a wedding planner is making her last minute arrangements. A young man carrying a guitar case enters, and she mistakenly assumes he is a band member for tomorrows wedding; he is, in fact, the groom.
Realising the wrong wine has been brought up from the cellar; she swipes the bottle off the tray, and resorts to finding the right one. Whilst searching the cellar, she finds some cute puppies in a box. However the mummy is not so cute and proceeds to make her the dinner.

Primeval S4x06 - Wedding Planning Bridegroom!

A scene from an unpalatable past fades into Matt’s mystery man sitting in his garden talking to Matt. He was dreaming of home. He begs Matt to use Emily to draw Ethan out. Matt reassures the old man everything is ok, that he has no ties, and Emily means nothing to him.

Sir Lester also wants Ethan caught, Becker (back from sick leave) offers to look for leads from the criminal records. Emily will not return without him, but Sir Lester firmly responds that he will be imprisoned. Matt backs Emily, and insists she has a right to stay as well. The anomaly detector signals an anomaly alert and the team hasten to the coordinates.

Jess leads them to the basement, where they end up being stalked by a hyaenadon. Connor reels off a shot at it before it can attack Abby, but misses spotting the puppies hiding in the wine cellar. Hearing someone calling out he hastens back to the sight of a young woman partially obscured by the plastic sheeting around her. To his amazement the young lady turns out to be Jenny, who’s wedding it is meant to be tomorrow. She is not best pleased that an incursion may interfere with her big day.

Primeval S3x06 - Connor saving Abby shooting hyaenadon!

Becker has dug out some interesting news; Ethan has a record. Ethan Dubrowski apparently killed half dozen women but mysteriously disappeared in 1902. Can Jess find him though? Jenny introduces her fiancé to Abby and Connor. She explains they met at a mad P.R firm where they used to get up to all sorts. Connor explains the guns away as paintballing team work exercise.

Just as Jenny thinks they have covered her past, Emily enters the room and blurts out that she is better off helping the team, and asks if another creature entered through the gateway, at this point the back up team walk through with their guns, and it is obvious something else is going on.

Ethan (in his hideaway) is soldering, putting together some piece of equipment. Becker, guided by Jess, bursts into the room, but it is strangely empty. They have somehow just missed Ethan. Hoping he will return, Becker sets up surveillance equipment, and settles into his car for night of vigilance.

Jenny explains that meeting Michael was the best thing for her, she needed to move on. Connor blurts out to Abby that they should get married here; Abby almost chokes on her drink. Connor realises he has put his foot in it again.

Primeval S4x06 - Abby astonished with Connors outburst

Grasping a bottle of bubbly, Jenny calls the festivities to a halt, but invites the girls to her room for a night cap. Connor jokingly calls her sexist for not including the men, whilst Matt irritates her when he refuses to let Emily out of her sight. Emily, annoyed by his attitude, joins the girls and they head off to Jenny’s room to try on clothes for the big day.

Becker nearly jumps out of his skin when Jess surprises him by turning up at his car window. She was on her way home when A.R.C. Logo - Click to Visit Primeval-on ITV!she thought he might be hungry, she brought a Chinese with her just incase. Becker points out that she lives miles away, but she replies “well I like the scenic route”.

Back in Jenny,s room Emily is relieved to hear her plight doesn’t phase Jenny at all, she has seen enough to never underestimate what complications the anomaly can throw at them. Matt then knocks on the door and asks for Emily to join him, Jenny wanders downstairs to find more ice leaving Abby alone in the room.
As Jenny shuts the bedroom door, she hears a strange noise further along the hallway. Pausing momentarily to ascertain the noise, she carries on down the hallway.

Matt and Emily take an evening stroll in the grounds. They discuss Ethan, and Emily lets Matt know he can trust her. Finally Matt begins to loosen up, and tells her that from an early age, he was brought up knowing something was going to happen with the anomalies, he has been preparing for this his whole life. What he cannot tell her, is what is going to happen with the anomalies.

Becker’s patience pays off as he spies Ethan making his way up a corridor ( am I mistaken, or does Ethan look straight at the camera, as if he knows its there), calling to Jess to radio for backup, he grabs his gun, and races off to locate Ethan.
Stumbling over a trip wire, Becker just manages to catch a weight before it connects with the pressure mat under his foot. Ethan has set an elaborate trap; he must have known they were watching him all the time.

Jess cannot wait any longer in the car on her own, grabbing an E.M.D gun from a case, she goes after Becker. She finds Becker, but he is in rather a predicament, and calls for her to unveil whatever is lying underneath a tarpaulin. Things do not look good, when she unveils the rather impressive looking bomb.

Primeval S4x06 - Jess disarming the bomb!

Connor knocks tentatively at Jenny’s bedroom door, and calls Abby’s name. He also hears the noise, and although desperately wanting to clear up the evening’s mishap, decides he must investigate the noise. Finally he tracks down the puppies, but cannot call for help as his cell phone has no network coverage in the basement. Walking out to find where his mobile will work, he comes face to face with a disgruntled hyaenadon mother. Locking himself inside the cellar, he has to battle the mother outside and the cubs on the inside. Connor looks set for an uncomfortable night alone with the cubs.

Becker demands that Jess should leave the building, but she refuses to leave him, and demands he tell her how to disarm the bomb. They are running out of time. Picking up a pair of pliers, Becker relays the information to her. Unfortunately, just to make matters worse, Ethan has used the same colour wires, making Jess choose which one to cut. Thankfully at the last moment, she cuts the right wire, and she sinks to the floor exhausted (but not before receiving a congratulatory hug from Becker).

Ethan returns home, but is recognised by an elderly lady. He runs off telling her she is mistaken, and the young boy is dead. The morning of the wedding dawns, and people are taking their seats. Emily walks elegantly down the stairs. Matt can’t help but look impressed and remarks how beautiful she is. Taking his arm, he spies a wedding ring on her finger, and disappointedly says “I guess we both have our secrets”.

Primeval S4x06 -  Emily's wedding ring

Connor, still holed up in the cellar, cannot take Abby’s calls to him as the reception on his phone is still not working. Managing to open a small window, he glimpses another cub. Firing a cork from a bottle of bubbly, he strikes the cub causing it to yelp. The mother runs off for long enough for him to open the anomaly and push the two sleeping cubs back home. Unfortunately he lets another through, and is soon running for his life.

Abby is now really concerned as Connor has not turned up for the ceremony. Jenny walks down the aisle a stunning bride. Just as the vows are beginning, Connor bursts in and begs everyone to run for their lives. Stunned by his outburst, the guests stay seated until one of the (cute) cubs walks in. Is this what they are meant to be scared of? Pandemonium breaks out as the adult creatures emerge into the room and create chaos.

Arming themselves with medieval (not primeval) equipment the team battle the two hyaenadons. Abby and Emily search the grounds, and come to blows with one of the animals, but manage to lock it in a van before it can cause any further damage.

The bride groom and best mate run for the stairs, but are soon cornered by the other adult and cub. Jenny with her past training standing her in good stead, lands a reeling blow on the adult with a rather heavy looking candlestick, and sends it plummeting over the stairwell to its death. She gazes down at the body and says “get away from my husband”. Her remark is questioned by a bemused bridegroom who replies that they aren’t married yet. “Minor technicality”, she adds.

Primeval S4x06 - Jenny with the candlestick

The scene of the wedding is a mess, chairs and flowers are strewn across the floor. Matt tries to question Emily about her wedding, but she walks off without answering. Jenny comes clean about her past, the anomalies, Cutter, and the secret government agency she used to work for. Her fiancé is not phased by her admissions, but reveals the minister is not exactly up to marrying them. What will they do? As usual Jenny has an answer to the problem.

Via video link up, Sir Lester performs the wedding ceremony in his usual sarcastic manner, and announces they are man and wife.

Primeval S2x06 - The wedding via video link

Outside, Emily reveals the loveless circumstances by which she got married. Impressed by her honesty, he invites her to meet somebody.

The mysterious man sits in the garden; he is obviously very ill, and still concerned that Ethan has not been found. Matt swears he feels nothing for Emily and will still use her to flush him out. The man is more concerned about the anomaly and Ethan.
His last words before dying are “I Wish”, but he never gets to finish the sentence, distressed, Matt reveals to Emily that this man was in fact his father.

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