Primeval Series Four, Episode Five with Video Promo

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Click to visit Primeval at ITV!Spoiler warning for United States Primeval fans: This review discusses episode five of Primeval series four. If you do not like spoilers and have not yet seen episode five, please stop reading now. You have been advised.

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The special BBC America Primeval promotional prequel for episode five is included below. The trailer video as included will play in either the United States, Canada and or the United Kingdom. We believe the trailer in Australia as well, but have not tested it from there yet. Let us know will you? Thank you.

An observation for Primeval fans: Isn’t Alexander Siddig of Star Trek Deep Space Nine (Dr. Bashir) doing an excellent job rocking the Primeval character named Phillip Burton? He certainly seems to be to me!

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Series 4 episode 5:

On the edge of a cliff top, a young man is making a visual diary of the evening’s events using a video camera. Whatever he has been tracking catches up with him, and he is dragged off to his death.

Philip has an interesting proposal for Connor; join his company Prospro as lead scientist on a team investigating the anomalies. Philip feels Connor is wasted on the field and should be in a lab, where his talents lay. Connor is flattered by the praise and attention, but will not make a decision till he can talk it over with Abby.

Primeval-S4x05 - Phillip and Conner

Matt’s attention is drawn to the conversation between Connor and Philip, much to the annoyance of Sir Lester who is trying to reprimand him for not handing over Emily.

As they discuss the topic, the anomaly detector warns of another opening. The signal fluctuates, a sign that the anomaly is weak. Intrigued by its uniqueness, Philip orders the team out, but backs off when he receives a glacial stare from Sir Lester, who will not have his authority overstepped by anybody, even Philip. Matt (preferring to be out searching for Emily) is ordered to investigate.

Ethan has Emily kidnapped, he wants to give Charlotte a proper goodbye; it seems strange that after all the gateways and millions of miles they had travelled, Charlotte should die in the very city of her birth. Just who is this band of travellers?

Abby and Connor arrive in the picturesque seaside village of Witchfield. The pub locals are a tad testy in the reception of the pair. Matt swans in and launches straight into questioning about the mysterious Witchfield Worm. The barman retorts “only children and drunks believe in the worm”.

Primeval S4x05 - In the pub

Retreating outside, Connor relays the job offer from Philip to Matt, who seems vaguely interested in the company Philip has set up to study the anomalies. He would like to take a look around that company. Connor cockily responds, “I’ll see what I can do”. Abby and Connor go off to search the local countryside, Matt heads for the cliff top, where the young man was last seen, in search of evidence.

Scouring through a deserted farm holding, Abby spies their first clue that a creature maybe lurking; a puddle of yucky mucus. They stumble upon an outhouse that contains up to date equipment (not so deserted then!) including gallons of petrol.
An unhappy local threatens them with a pitch fork, and forces them to drop their guns and earpieces, but given the distraction of her son walking into the barn, gives Abby the perfect moment to kick the pitch fork from the woman’s hand and make their escape.

Primeval S4x05 - Abby Maitland's Mucus

All Matt can find out on the headland, is the tattered remnants of the camper’s tent and clothes. Heading inland, he takes the river banks, passing a fisherman intent on landing his first catch of the day. Further upstream, he stumbles on some body parts, and calling Abby and Connor to him for backup, runs back to the angler just in time to save his life from an encounter with the worm; which is in fact a labyrinthodont (I prefer worm, its quicker to type).

Sir Lester pulls Matt from the worm search to hunt down Ethan, when evidence of Emily’s abduction is found by Jess.
Philip, still intrigued by the actions of the anomaly, plants himself at the controls, and sits there scrutinising the screens. The A.R.C. Logo - Click to Visit Primeval-on ITV!detector picks up the weak anomaly again, and Philip orders the team to search it out. Sir Lester counter orders him, pointing out that saving lives is the priority.

Philip still wants Connor to go after the anomaly, so Abby decides to split up against Connors wishes, he feels its far to dangerous on her own. Meanwhile, scared they may be found out by the police; mother and son remove their equipment from the outhouse, and purge the area of any evidence.

Tracking the worm, Abby reaches a trailer park. Spurred on by screams she runs across two young lads playing, who are much more interested in her cool gun than running for cover. However an encounter with the worm spurns them into hiding. Abby then feels the full brunt of the creature’s wrath when she takes refuge in one of the trailers.

Connor radio,s through to Abby, he has found the anomaly in an underground cave on the beach; she must bring the worm to the fading anomaly.

Jess stomps into Sir Lester’s office; she cannot coordinate Matt in his search for Emily; Abby and her on going encounter with the worm; and Connor at the anomaly with Philip hogging the console. Sir Lester resolves the situation by taking over Matt’s situation. Stunned, Jess asks him if he even knows how to operate the computer. He reacts by saying “if you can manage it, then how hard can it be”, and straight away needs help with the volume. He soon knuckles down to directing Matt towards Emily’s black box signal.

Primeval-S4x05 - Jess and Sir Lester

Ethan stops his car at Tower Cemetery. Emily wants to know how he can drive a car. While Sir Lester gives Matt directions, Ethan throws Emily into the Cameron family crypt; Charlottes family’s tomb. Pushing open a stone coffin, Ethan places Charlotte’s ashes inside, then turning to Emily, eerily whispers in her ear that after all that time on his own, he plans to hunt all his family down and make them pay. What is this mans secret?

Connor discovers the site of the anomaly along with some strange mucousy sludge and acid seeping down the walls of the cave. Philip concludes, the sludge must be bismuth. Bismuth plus energy from the anomaly and the acid is making an electrolytic circuit, which is actually making the anomaly weak and unstable. He calls Abby and tells her to lure the worm back to the cave.

Attempting to get the worm to the anomaly, Abby drives the trailer down a country road, but the creature is not making it easy. It attacks Abby from the driver’s door window, and she swerves off the road crashing the motor home. Abby lies slumped across the controls unconscious while the worm circles round the car.

Primeval-S4x05 - Abby with the worm!

Connors concern for Abby grows as she will not respond to his hails. There is a second smaller worm that is being harmed by the acid; its cries alert the larger one still circling the motor home. As Connor surmises the acid must have been dumped by the local woman and her son, the son arrives and knocks him to the floor.

Matt spots Ethan in the cemetery, who promptly makes a run for it. Strangely, as Matt chases after him, Ethan suddenly appears from the side and attacks Matt with a spade. A scuffle ensues, and as they stop to drawer breath Matt implores Ethan to tell him where he has left Emily. Ethan snidely remarks “its too late”. He then goes on to explain that he is home, he is the future and the past, and with his knowledge of the gateways, he is going to make them suffer. I can only assume he means his family.

Connor stares down the barrel of a shotgun. The mother joins her son. They have been stripping the dye from cheap farm diesel and selling it as commercial fuel. The used up acid, having been dumped down the storm drains has ended up in the cave. Before the pair can escape, the worm turns up and wreaks its wrath upon them. Abby is still not answering, but when Connor asks for her position, Jess replies, “she should be standing straight in front of you”, the only thing standing in front of him is the worm. Connors eyes fill with tears as he assumes the worm has eaten Abby.

Matt tracks down the Cameron family vault. Calling Emily’s name, he pushes open the lid of a coffin only to reveal Charlotte’s ashes. Thudding can be heard from deeper inside a part of the crypt. Frantically pushing aside the coffin lid, Emily’s gagged face is revealed. Gasping with relief she cries into matt arms,” you came looking for me”.

Primeval S4x05 - Emily in tears

Connor has his hands full dodging the worm round the cave. Throwing a drum of petrol at the creature, it bounces off into the pool of electrolytic acid. The mix slows the electrolysis down long enough for the anomaly to gain some power. To Connors relief, Abby shows up to join him, and together they flood the cave with diesel long enough for the worms to flee back into the anomaly. Connor cannot hide his relief and kisses Abby. “Please don’t do that to me again” he pleads. “I’ll try not to”, Abby responds.

Matt, in a meeting with the mystery man, gets chastised for letting Ethan escape. Helen Cutter almost wreaked havoc with her antics. This man could do the same. Matt is told he must use Emily as bait to lure Ethan out, a move he is not happy at executing.

Connor declines Philips offer working full time in the labs. Connor feels he is needed out on the field with the team, his work saves lives, and he couldn’t sit back while the others risked their lives. Philip is not happy till Connor gives him an alternative choice. Let him work with the team as usual, and in his spare time, he will devote himself to the lab work. Philip agrees to set up a lab in the A.R.C

Primeval S4x05 - Shake on it

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