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It has been eighteen exciting months, two full superb seasons since we began our journey from the present tense future in September 2021 back to 10,000 BC when our hero Harris family, and many others fell into a wormhole sinkhole, trapping them all in the past due to meddling from a further distant time in the future from the year 2076.

During the past twenty episodes our adventures have encompassed trips to 1988 where Gavin (Eoin Macken) finished growing up until he met and fell in love with Eve (Natalie Zea), fathering two children Josh (Jack Martin) and Izzy (Zyra Gorecki) until he began drinking heavily subsequent to experiencing visions from 10,000 BC that Gavin believed were hallucinations.

During Gavin’s period of alcoholism and terrifying visions from the past, Eve was consoled by his best friend Levi (Nicholas Gonzalez)whom she entered into an adulterous affair with assuming that Gavin would never recover from his alcohol addiction.

La Brea S2x07 On the beach in 1988 Santa Monica
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

During the past two years, both Gavin and Levi traveled to 10,000 BC attempting to save Eve and the children. Their time travel adventures took us back to 1988 where the Harris family had ventured to ensure that Gavin would grow up as he was supposed to to avoid a time paradox that might result in all of them becoming nonexistent in present time.

Levi decided to stay in 1988 after the events of the episode of the same name when Eve admitted that she was still in love with Gavin, but returned to 10,000 BC when his wife was killed as a result of an accident with the wormhole sinkholes occurred driving Levi to seek revenge when he was able to return to the prehistoric past, but from 1998, not 1988. .

La Brea S2x09 Gavin and Caroline his mother
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

Along the way we became involved with, invested in the lives of the survivors, and learning that others including James Mallet (Jonno Roberts), Gavin’s mother Dr. Caroline Clark (Melissa Neal) and a doctor named Kira (Simone McAullay) were all competing for control of the Lazarus Time Travel Facility that Rebecca Aldridge (Ming-Zhu Hii) claimed she built before she passed away in 10,000 BC. Viewers have been taken on an emotional roller coaster ride with the surviving antagonists mentioned above with ever expanding wormhole time travel sinkholes that have adversely impacted hundreds, if not thousands of lives across the timelines.

The most interesting aspect of “The Wedding” and “The Storm” episodes is that we finally learn who of the future visitor’s from 2076 should not be trusted and there is more than one! “The Wedding” and “The Storm” set a foundation, in effect a two hour movie for the season two finale called “The Journey” to be aired February 28!



The Wedding:

La Brea S2x11 Caroline and Silas discuss the time travel notes
Image courtesy NBC

The episode opens with Caroline and Silas (Mark Lee) who are examining time travel notes that dovetail the book of time travel equations that can be used to repair the equipment in the Lazarus Time Travel Facility built by visitors from the year 2076.  

While Silas is reviewing the notes he is shot by someone with a silencer pistol who steals the notes. We do not know who this person is at point nor if Silas has survived.

La Brea S2x11 Silas is shot
Image courtesy NBC

“The Wedding” is the eleventh excellent episode of La Brea written by David Appelbaum and Jerome Schwartz and was directed by Tara Miele primarily focused on a joyous event; the marriage of Ty (Chiké Okonkwo) and Paara (Tonantzin Carmelo). The fun part is that the bride and groom were appropriately dressed for the ceremony in their finest garments!

La Brea S2x11 All dressed up thanks to a wardrobe truck
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

In fact virtually everyone at the wedding looked perfectly dressed as if it was the present day. How is that possible in prehistoric times? Simple! A Hollywood wardrobe truck just happened to have fallen through the wormhole sinkhole landing safely in 10,000 BC. Naturally, this is a perfect plot ploy for our heroes and villains alike who all look rather dashing in their wedding clothes!

While everyone is getting dressed for the wedding ceremony, Ty seeks out Eve and Gavin explaining to them that Kira told him that James is apparently planning to undo the loss of his young son Isaiah (Diesel La Torraca) who went to 1988 to become Gavin. Ty also shares that his psychotherapy of James confirms that he is obsessed with a project named “Blue Moon” that is somehow related to a drawing that Isaiah made before he went to 1988.

La Brea S2x11 James tells Gavin he is on his families side
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

This of course would change all history resulting in Gavin never meeting Eve who would never have Josh and Izzy as children as well as other devastating changes to the timeline in 10,000 BC and in the future impacting everyone involved.

Ty shares that he has invited James to the wedding in order to give them a chance to question James and get to the bottom of the “Blue Moon” mystery. Levi gets wind of the discussion Ty shared with them and requests that Eve support his plan to kill James. Eve is reluctant, stating that she gave Gavin her word to allow Gavin to question James.

La Brea S2x11 Lucas and Veronica study the time travel notes
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

Meanwhile, Lucas (Josh McKenzie) and Veronica (Lily Santiago) are studying the book with time travel equations that everyone needs in order to be able to fix the computer equipment at the Lazarus Time Travel Facility.

Veronica discovers some hand written Bible scriptures written by the man who kidnapped her and when she was Lily before she became Ella (Michelle Vergara Moore) before Ella was sent to 1988 with Isaiah when a wormhole opened in 10,000 BC as it was supposed to.

La Brea S2x11 The survivors enter The Fort for The Wedding
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

Lucas promises that he will help Veronica, who is upset that she cannot make sense of why the Bible scripture are in the book of time travel equations. Lucas says they will  figure it all out just as Scott (Rohan Mirchandaney), Riley (Veronica St. Clair), Judas (Damien Fotiou) and everyone else, including Sam (Jon Seda), Izzy and Josh are heading off to The Fort for the wedding ceremony. Next we find ourselves with all the survivor’s entering the front gate at The Fort which is Paara’s and Ty’s home. The festivities are beginning to take shape. Ty and Paara are beaming with joy as Paara welcomes everyone with a heartfelt “Thank you for coming”.

La Brea S1x11 Scott interupts Josh
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

Riley and Josh swept up in the moment are sharing a kiss when our resident worrywart Scott interrupts them saying that The Exiles, not at peace with everyone since Scott killed Taamet (Martin Sensmeier) are giving him presents for doing so. Eve spies Levi picking a poisonous flower seeds that he is determined to use to kill James. At this point it has become obvious that Levi has become an obsessive compulsive person over the death of his wife who will stop at nothing to extract revenge on James even though it has not been proven that Levi’s wife’s death was James fault. Levi gives Eve the container with the poison seeds to placate her, however later in the episode Levi will try again to kill James due to his obsessive behavior.

La Brea S2x11 The harris family at The Wedding
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

Speaking of James, he arrives for the wedding ceremony thanking Ty for helping him. The psychotherapy Ty provided appears to have dealt with the emotional issues that have plagued James since Isaiah was sent to 1988 to become Gavin. Sam and Riley are keeping an eye on James since they do not trust him despite what Gavin and Ty have told him. Riley shares that Caroline is working on the time travel notes as they speak. Unexpectedly, Kira, who administered Ty’s brain tumor cure, and two Lazarus agents show up at The Fort demanding to have access to the time travel notes that Caroline and to James as well. Ty tries to reason with Kira since he had spoke with her previously about James being given therapy in his own right. It appears that Kira is obsessed herself threatens Ty “that things will not end well”.

La Brea S2x11 Ty and Paara are married
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

Kira and her henchmen are locked outside The Fort and the happy wedding takes place with Ty placing a sparkling wedding ring on Paara’s finger. We can only assume that Ty found the ring in the wardrobe truck along with his equally sparking white tuxedo jacket.

The wedding reception begins with everyone drinking fermented corn liqueur, dancing with happiness for Ty and Paara’s wedding, including, oddly enough, James, who meets with Josh and Gavin happy that three generations of James family are together.

La Brea S2x11 Levi tries to poison James
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

Eve stops Levi from his second attempt to poison James after Izzy tips her off. Gavin finds out and ends his long friendship with Levi “I don’t want you anywhere near my family”. James also meets with Caroline who accuses him of sending assassins to 1988 to kill her. James denies he was involved.

Based upon Kira’s behavior, it now seems she has been behind all the trouble at the Time Travel Facility, setting people at each other’s throats since the beginning!

La Brea S2x11 Lucas and Veronica carry Silas to The Fort
Image courtesy NBC

Young lovers to be Veronica and Lucas slip away to a nearby natural hot spring to enjoy each other’s company, a wounded Silas approaches them on his way back to The Fort. Veronica and Lucas help Silas who tells them that they are “all in terrible” danger. Viewers can only assume Silas is referring to Kira since she exposed her hand earlier to Ty.

La Brea S2x11 Eve enters to learn that Caroline has been killed
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

Suddenly, more bad news strikes!

Whoever had shot Silas has penetrated The Fort and kills Caroline, stealing the time travel notes that she was deciphering. Unfortunately, James is the one who found Caroline dead making him appear to be guilty.

However, Eve enters the hut to report that Silas has been shot by Kira. James convinces Gavin that Ty’s therapy, and meeting his family helped him give up on the “Blue Moon” project to stop Isaiah from going to 1988.

La Brea S2x11 Kira takes Ty hostage
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

It is at this point that viewers are led to believe that Kira is the only evil one since she has been at the heart of the Lazarus Time Travel Facility the entire time and easily connected to all the people who have been killed so far. This is apparently confirmed when Kira and her henchmen are witnessed fleeing The Fort taking Ty hostage in the process!

The episode draws to a conclusion when Eve, Josh and izzy are with Gavin who is seen kissing his dead mother Caroline goodbye. Paara enters informing them that she is gathering her forces to free Ty in an attack on the Time Travel Facility that will be coordinated with Gavin and the survivor’s. Eve and Gavin review what happened on The “Wedding” day with Eve apologizing to Gavin for not being forthright about Levi.

La Brea S2x11 Veronica figures it out
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

The last scenes finds us with a recovering Silas, Lucas and Veronica. Veronica has talked with Silas who confirms that the man who kidnapped her and Lily before she became Ella in the future actually worked in the Time Travel Facility. The Bible scripture numbers turn out to be longitude and latitude coordinates that will, hopefully, help them return to their own time period. Finally, Eve and Gavin seek out James who reveals the truth about Kira who has been attempting to wrestle control of the Lazarus Time Travel Facility for her own purposes. The three of them bury Caroline and make a pact to stop Kira, save Ty and use the time machine to save Eve’s life from the vision.

However, we must ask, what of Levi who has not been seen since he was at The Wedding and is Kira really the only villain in 10,000 BC?



The Swarm:

La Brea S2x12 James Eve and Gavin bury Caroline
Image courtesy NBC

“The Swarm” is episode number twelve, an outstanding episode of La Brea written by David Appelbaum and Christopher Hollier, directed by Rose Troche, opening where we left James, Eve and Gavin; at Caroline’s grave in 10,000 BC where they confess that Levi tried to kill James. James indicates that he knows of a secret passage back into the building, and has an ally that will help them gain entrance. James is sincere, promising to fix the Time Travel Facility and get them all safely back home to their present day reality.

La Brea S2x12 Sam trends to Silas
Image courtesy NBC

Eve and Gavin return to the hut in The Fort where Silas is recovering under Sam’s care with Izzy and Josh assisting. Izzy declares that they must help Levi since without his help in the past two years, many, including themselves would not have survived.

Gavin on the other hand is adamant that Levi is no longer the man they knew, now being consumed by rage and blind hatred over the death of his wife which he blames solely on James. Gavin and Eve head out to meet James and Paara to save Ty.

La Brea S2x12 Water tower for the survivors camp
Image courtesy NBC

In the survivor’s encampment Lucas, Ella and others are working on an enhancement to make life easier for everyone, a water tower that will become very handy later in the episode. Lucas slips and materials come crashing down into the ground. Suddenly, the sound of thousands of winged insect are heard sending panic through the crowd.

The survivor’s trapped in the camp, with the exception of Riley and Veronica who were out walking, flee the encampment, but not all.  Scott scrambles into a vehicles and seals the doors. When Riley and Veronica return, they see dead bodies and hear the sound of the insects in a swarm heading towards them. Scott motions them to get into a truck where he has been hiding.

La Brea S2x12 The Swarm of prehistoric wasps
Image courtesy NBC

Scott, Riley and Veronica barely make it inside the truck safely. Scott identifies them as the stinging and deadly Vespula maculifrons, otherwise known in modern times as wasps.

However, the wasps in 10,000 BC are larger and appear to be much more aggressive than our modern day variety. Scott also notes that the prehistoric version are far more toxic since people died from only a few stings The trio wait for the wasps to calm down and then move to the safety of a larger vehicle.

La Brea S2x12 Riley Scott and Veronica make it to safety
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

Scott notes that they can use the water in the tower by mixing it with soap to kill the wasps when he sees that Ella appears to be alive outside the door to her vehicle safe spot. Ella is apparently unconscious having been stung by some of the giant wasps.

It is not known if Ella will survive at this juncture as Scott, Riley and Veronica look on in horror realizing that if they try to help Ella, the wasps would be disturbed by their vibrations walking and likely doom Ella as well as themselves! Nevertheless, they will attempt to obtain an Epinephrine autoinjector (Epi-Pen) in Sam’s medical bag and use it to save Ella.

La Brea S2x12 Kira lets Ty go free but warms him
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

We segue to the Time Travel Facility where Kira is flexing her muscles informing her henchmen to secure the area while Ty is bound nearby. Kira tells Ty that she has been successful in putting the facility back on track to helping her future world of 2076 now that all resistance to her have been eliminated. Ty asks Kira what will happen to any who disagree with her? In a surprise move, Kira pulls out a knife and cuts the tie strap telling Ty that “You are free to leave”. Ty begs Kira to help the members of his time return home since it is the Lazarus Project that stranded them in 10,000 BC to begin with. Kira wants nothing to do with them informing Ty that she has a greater obligation to save the people in her time. Ty warns Kira that if she does help his people will try to stop her. Kira walks off to secure the Time Travel Facility telling Ty that if they do, “they will suffer more than they already have”.

La Brea S2x12 Levi threatens Sam
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

We move to Sam who is looking for herbal medicines to help Silas. Sam finds Levi digging up boxes he stashed from his trip to 10,000 BC from 1998. We learn that the boxes contain explosives and detonators that Levi plans to use to destroy the Lazarus Time Travel Facility.

Sam attempts to talk sense into Levi but without success. Levi, with a wild look in his eyes, tells Sam to “walk away” and “if he doesn’t he won’t have another choice” (but to harm Sam). Levi knocks Sam out when he tries to intervene and heads to the Lazarus Time Travel facility. Josh and Izzy find Sam. Izzy tells Josh to take care of Levi because she must stop Levi using the same technique he used on her when she was in need of help. The question then becomes; how will Levi be able to get in the Lazarus Facility to plant the explosives?

La Brea S2x12 James takes Eve and Gavin to the secret entrance
Image courtesy NBC

Next we are with James who will meet his ally named Elliot (Nicholas Coghlan) who will help Gavin and Eve gain entrance to the Lazarus Time Travel Facility. Ty finds them and explains that Kira has let him go. On his arrival, Ty is complaining of a headache which James says is because his brain tumor cure treatments were not completed, but promises to resume them once they retake the building.

In the background an alarm is going off which Elliot says is because the security systems are failing in the Lazarus facility allowing dangerous prehistoric animal to roam outside the garden enclosure in the building. As a result, most of the scientists inside are temporarily evacuating.

La Brea S2x12 Levi is obsessed
Image courtesy NBC

This development will help James, Gavin, Eve, and Ty achieve their mission to retake the building, who enter the secret door while Elliot resumes his post with the Lazarus Security.

The question of how Levi will get inside is answered when he jumps and knocks out Elliot. Levi, with a maniacal look on his face, is observed taking Elliot’s security card and following James, Gavin, Eve, and Ty inside!

La Brea S1x12 James takes gavin Ty and Eve to the executive lounge
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

James takes Gavin, Eve and Ty to a computer console located in the executive lounge. James will be using Gavin’s hand print since Kira locked James out out of the system. What Kira doesn’t realize is that James built a backdoor into the computer system using Gavin’s hand print which would remain fundamentally unchanged from when he was Isaiah to access the system.

Gavin, Eve and Ty move to seal the manually seal all the the doors leading to the computer core and power generation areas. While doing this, Gavin bumps into Levi who has locked the room where parts of the wormhole are actually created, the power distribution room. Levi is in process of planting the explosives to destroy the building!

La Brea S2x12 Levi enters the portal room
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

Kira and her security henchmen are in the wormhole portal room when they discover that James has used Gavin’s hand print to access the computer systems in the Lazarus facility. Levi, armed with an automatic pistol that appears to be a silver plated Model 1911, jumps the security team in the portal room ordering everyone except Kira to leave immediately.

Back at the encampment, Scott, Veronica and Riley have located one of Sam’s Epi-Pen’s to try to save Ella. They fill the water tower with soap and feed a hose into the wasp tunnels to try and kill the insects. Veronica heads to Ella but the Epi-Pen falls out of her pocket landing on the ground surrounded by a swarm of wasps just outside the vehicle they hide in.

La Brea S2x12 Scott creates a flamthower
Image courtesy NBC

Scott gets a brilliant idea and converts a super soaker waterr gun into a flame thrower to drive the wasps away. Scott’s plan works and they make it to where Ella is.

Tragically, Veronica was also severely stung in the process and Ella, who knows that she is much farther along in wasp venom shock poisoning her system, is not going to make it.

La Brea S2x12 Veronica is attacked too and sadly Ella passes away
Image courtesy NBC

Veronica witnesses Ella begging Veronica to take the shot since Ella came to 10,000 BC to save Veronica’s life.  

With tears in her eyes, Ella’s passing away from her wasp stings since there is only one Epi-Pen is a tear jerker! In a bittersweet moment, Riley and Veronica become close friends as a result of their mutual loss of Ella.

La Brea S2x12 Saber Tooth corners Gavin
Image courtesy NBC

The episode draws to a conclusion when Gavin encounters a Saber-Toothed Tiger roaming the halls of the Lazarus Time Travel Facility. Ty, hearing Gavin yelling for help, grabs a large ax and runs to help his friend, saving Gavin at the last minute. Both realize that the immediate problem seems to be Levi who is hell bent on destroying the building.

In the final sequences at the Lazarus Facility, we are with Eve and James in the executive lounge. Eve has become suspicious of James since he is not answering her questions. It turns out that James is hiding some details as to what he is working on. Eve swings around the desk and observes James working on “Project Blue Moon” that will reverse sending Isaiah to 1988 to become Gavin and which will erase her family from history so that his wife will not die and his family will be saved in 10,000 BC and 2076!

La Brea S2x12 James is a villain after all
Image courtesy NBC

Eve is held at gunpoint but gets a lamp to use as a weapon and knocks the gun from James hand and then hold him at knife point. James counters with a bottle of booze and knocks Eve out. Talk about plot twists. Just when we thought James was a good guy, he too has an evil, selfish side and leaves the executive lounge!

La Brea S2x12 Levi gets the drop on Kira
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

In the portal room Levi orders Kira at gun point to divert all power generation equipment to the portal room.

Kira is reluctant, but decides to comply with Levi’s instructions rather than be shot just as Gavin and Ty come running into the room begging Levi to stop his plan to destroy the Lazarus facility.

La Brea S2x12 The Lazarus Facility is blown to smithereens
Image courtesy NBC

While they are arguing, Kira slips away and Izzy arrives in the portal room reminding Levi that she helped her and begs him to stop. Levi reconsiders to save Izzy and goes to shut off the detonator.

Unfortunately, the device made in 1998 has a failsafe built in and continues the countdown!

The final scene is that of the Lazarus Time Travel Facility being blown to smithereens!

Among the questions that remain unanswered this season or to be answered in season three are the following:

Where did Kira go?

Where did James go?

Were Gavin, Levi, Ty and Izzy able to get outside to safety?

Join us on Twitter to live tweet the two hour special, two part season finale named “The Journey” on February 28, 2023 when we will find out what will lead up to season three in 10,000 BC in order to save everyone from the La Brea wormhole disasters!

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