Van Helsing – Nothing Matters….. But Hey, Ya’ Got a Pencil?

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This weeks episode “Nothing Matters” is written by series creator Neil LaBute and is directed by one of our favorite creative people, non other than actor, now Director Amanda Tapping!

Last week Vanessa (Kelly Overton) turned Susan (Hilary Jardine) back to human, so we know that Susan is safe… for now!

Anyhow, now they have escaped and are seemingly safe, running through the sewer system!


Wait for it.

There are a different type of sewer vampires, literal monsters living down in the sewers of Seattle. It’s a nightmare!

They seem to sometimes run on all fours, like rats and they are fast, mean and one just bit Vanessa in the leg causing her to pass out!



Nothing Matters:

Van Helsing S1x06 Callie at the door that says keep out
Callie at the door that says keep out

Back safe at the hospital, Callie (Macie Juiies) is with her friend Catherine (Sarah Desjardins).

The two young girls are exploring on their own without permission and almost get chopped in half in the process because Axel has set booby traps all over the hospital to stop the vampires from getting inside.

By the way, the door was clearly posted and did say ‘Keep Out’!

Hello girls, are you paying attention?!

Van Helsing S1x06 Axel is confronted by Brendan
Axel is confronted by Brendan

Then they pull Axel out of the cell and question him to the whereabouts of any other booby traps.

That’s when he asks Brendan (Terry Chen) if he has a pencil, then suggests what he can do with it!

Brendan then tried to wail on Axel…..

This is not going to go well since Axel is a trained military fighting expert!

Van Helsing S1x06 Campbell and Quaid search for weapons
Campbell and Quaid search for weapons

Campbell (Ben Cotton) and his group, along with Quaid (Jennifer Copping) have found the bank and are searching for the cash of weapons that could be stored there. Campbell is feeling that something is up and getting weird and when Quaid goes ahead as lookout it seems he is correct! When she returns and turns around to face Campbell, it seems she has turned! Campbell, Sheema (Naika Toussaint) and his crew unload on her and other vampires appear from open doors! They open fire on the vampires who go up in puffs of smoke when shot!

Van Helsing S1x06 Vanessa and Susan in the sewers
Vanessa and Susan in the sewers

We’re now back with Vanessa and Susan, in the sewers. Susan is sharing that she too has a kid, lost in the vampire mess and her and Vanessa bond over that! I still cant figure out if they knew each other before all this happened or not. While running from these rat vampires! After Vanessa kills the one that bit her, she knows they need to hurry up and get out of there! As she is turning to get out she collapses and Susan drops to the ground holding her head in her lap. We hear the rat vampires screaming through the sewers! We see Vanessa and Susan finding a door to an outside ladder as they escape up a ladder to the outside!

Van Helsing S1x06 Catherine and her home made Katana
Catherine and her home made Katana

Back at the hospital Catherine is attacking Axel and stabs him with her hand made Katana!

Catherine is poking the Katana through the grating on the cell and wants blood for what happened earlier.

Poor Axel!

Brendan runs up and stops the attack and promises it won’t happen again – Axel threatens to kill them all if it does again!

Van Helsing S1x06 Sam reads Brendans lips
Sam reads Brendans lips

Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl), who has been watching Brendan and his crazed group then sees them taunting Axel. Sam figures out what everyone is saying by reading their lips.

Brendan is talking about killing Axel and everybody being held in the cell!

The group begin to develop a plan a way to escape their confinement !

Vanessa and Susan make it back to the hospital! Brendan agrees to get the Doc for Vanessa who is still not healing after getting bitten down in the sewers…..what is going on? Why is she not healing?

Van Helsing S1x06 Vanessa is not happy with Brendan
Vanessa is not happy with Brendan

Vanessa is not happy about Brendan locking up her people after she saved him and his group! Brendan is trying to explain, she agrees to stay out of it by saying her and Susan will be leaving as soon as she heals and gets better! Vanessa has been filled in by Doc as to what is going on between the groups. Susan and Doc manage to fake an argument and Doc is returned to the cell where she fills in Axle and they have a plan!

Axel is going to escape through a vent that Flesh has managed to get the screws out of and he is going to wait for dark. Then the escape on!

Van Helsing S1x06 Vanessa tells Callie to play hide and seek
Vanessa tells Callie to play hide and seek

Brendan let’s Callie come and see Vanessa and she suggests that they play a game, hide and seek, Callie needs to hide until Vanessa says ‘I give up’, Callie runs off to hide! This should keep her safe during Axel’s escape!

Brendan has left a couple of guards on Vanessa and Susan and when one of them tries to hit on Susan while she is making some food she knocks him out with a frying pan, then the other one comes in and she takes him down too, and grabs his gun! Now they are armed!

Van Helsing S1x06 Axel escapes
Axel escapes

Axel escapes, its dark and he starts his rampage, killing most of Brendan’s group and then takes the keys away from Brendan! ‘

Whoever is left after the massacre of Brendan’s group is now in the cell with their fate in Axel’s hands…..

Axel has decided that Brendan and his remaining group are to be put out! Just then they all realize that Callie is not around and run off looking and yelling for her! She’s come of hiding and with Vanessa, who is still in the dining hall, resting and still not really getting any better. What is up with that?!

Van Helsing S1x06 Sheema is the traitor
Sheema is the traitor

Campbell then suddenly realizes that only Sheema had the plans to the building and that she must be the traitor that led the vampires to the safe zone of the resistance!

They have Sheema bound and tied down on a table, she is pleading that she didn’t know, when Rebecca shows up, grabs Campbell, who gives it the good fight.

Van Helsing S1x06 Rebecca shows up to deal with Sheema
Rebecca shows up to deal with Sheema’s failure and Brendan

Rebecca is stronger and she IS a vampire, one that can think and has superhuman powers!

She slits Brenabn’s throat with her fingernail and the last we see is him bleeding out on the floor!

Rebecca unties Sheema and instructs her to lead her to the rest of the resistance!

Van Helsing S1x06 Axel exiles the rogue group
Axel exiles the rogue group

Axel forces Brendan, Catherine and his remaining group from the hospital, the door is almost closed when Callie run up and slips out too! OH NO! CALLIE! I didn’t expect that!

Also, it didn’t look like Brendan or any of them saw that Callie was there behind them! I hope at least they see her before something horrible happens! Axle refuses to open the door back up so it is done, that is it.

Van Helsing S1x06 Doc tends to Vanessa
Doc tends to Vanessa

They get Vanessa moved back to the infirmary and Doc lets her know that Callie slipped out! Vanessa needs to rest, Doc says she doesn’t really understand why the healing is taking this long.

Doc has some test tubes with blood in them and grabs a glass slide to check the samples and cuts her finger……then we see her…….put her cut, bleeding finger to her mouth and close her eyes!

Ohhhh! She likes it! What is going on here!?

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