Stargate Universe: Alliances Pre Review – Special Guest Stars Kathleen Quinlan, Tom MacNeill, French Stewart and Brian McCaig


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Hello once again Stargate fans,

SPOILER ALERT: Tonight on Syfy is airing a powerfully explosive episode on your screens this week with a hint of the future in the next episode of Stargate Universe. “Alliances” is the episode as the series which continues the epic saga of the Syfy Logo Chain Mail - Click to visit Stargate Universe on SyfyDestiny and its crew but with a terrorist action on Earth. Episode 13 of Stargate Universe, “Alliances” will air this evening Monday March 21, 2011 in the United States. Written by Linda McGibney and once again directed by Stargate legend Peter DeLuise , it is another watershed in Stargate history not to be missed!

“Alliances” follows on with the saga of Stargate Universe after the season 2.5 openers “Twin Destinies” and “Deliverance”. Last week we observed the death of two primary cast / crew. Naturally they were alternative time line versions of Dr. Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) and Col. David Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips).

Click to visit the fabled MGM Studios at their official web site!This week we will see additional special guest stars in addition to the other fine main cast members such as Camile Wray (MingNa) Eli Wallace (David Blue), Lt Tamara Johansen (Alaina Huffman), Col. Everett Young (Louis Ferreira), Lt. Matthew Scott (Brian J. Smith), Chloe Armstrong (Elyse Levesque), Adam Brody (Peter Kelamis), and Dale Volker (Patrick Gilmore), all in this weeks Stargate Universe episode “Alliances”!

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SGU S2x13 - Alliances - Patrick Gilmore and Peter Kelamis

Alliances include the continued presence Varro (Mike Dopud) also known for his legendary roles in all three Stargate Series including his roles as Kiryk in Click to learn more about Varro at MGM Dot Com!Stargate Atlantis “Tracker” as well Odai Ventrell (Bounty) and Colonel Chernovshev (Full Alert) in Stargate SG-1!

Mr. Dopud is joined by acting greats Ms. Kathleen Quinlan (The Event and Apollo 13), French Stewart (Castle, original Stargate movie and Days of Our Lives) Tom McNeil (Fringe and Caprica) and  Brian McCaig (Sanctuary)!

While we typically do not deal in pre-review episode full spoilers here, we can share with you that the long awaited Lucian Alliance attack will take place. When you find out how this occurs and who is involved, we are sure you will enjoy “Alliances”! We suggest that if you are a fan of Stargate please tune in to learn what lies in store for Earth and the Destiny crews! Moreover…

SGU S2x13 - Kathleen Quinlan as Senator Michaels

SGU S2x13 - Alliances - Kathleen Quinlian and Alaina Huffman
We can also say that the developments and attack are both shattering and epic! The performances of the quest stars are superb  and should not be missed by fans of the Stargate Franchise. Are these enough spoilers for you to get you to tune in this evening in the United States? We certainly hope so!

As is typical of my behavior, I have watched “Alliances” via screener DVD courtesy of Syfy several (5) times already. In fact I am watching it for the 6th time now! ! As the promotional trailer above begins to illustrate, the reasons the Lucian Alliance is attacking is quite certainly obvious to Stargate fans who have watched the series unfold since the original days of Stargate SG-1! The Lucian Alliance is a group of criminals driven by pure evil and lust for revenge to get even with Stargate Command!

SGU S2x13 - Disaster for Greer and Wray

SGU S2x13 - Alliances -Explosive action
What we can also provide you with a number of “Alliances” images courtesy of Syfy and Stargate franchise owner MGM Studios mixing these a touch to add to the spoilery fun of “Alliances”! The images are not in exact chronological order, however if you look closely, you will figure out a bit of the plot line and story arc of this great episode!

SGU S2x13 - Varro to the rescue

SGU S2x13 - Rush and Covel on Destiny

SGU S2x13 - Greer and Wray face off

SGU S2x13 - Alliances - French Stewart on Destiny

SGU S2x13 - Alliances - Search and Rescue

SGU S2x13 - Jamil Walker Smith as Sgt Greer

SGU S2x13 - Senator Michael portrayed by Kathleen Quinlan

SGU S2x13 - Chloe with Senator Michaels

SGU S2x13 - French Stewart as Dr Andrew Covel

SGU S2x13 - Kathleen Quinlan with the Destiny crew

SGU S2x13 - Alliances - Camile Wray works on solution

SGU S2x13 - Alliances - Greer and Camile Wray now friends

I hope you tune in to learn about the Stargate saga continuing on Syfy March 21, 2011 at 10 PM EST/PST or March 22, 2011 on the Space Channel in Canada. United States folks can watch on Comcast ON-DEMAND to help boost the Stargate Universe ratings. Please do. Thank you!

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