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Welcome back Warehouse 13 fans,

Oh, dear! We have left the Last episode with our intrepid Pete Latimer (Eddie McClintock) and Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) in Egypt, after New SyFy Logo Chain Linksthey successfully shut down Warehouse 2 and saved Mrs. Frederick from a fatal ‘download’ from the ancient Warehouse 2!

Seems SOMEONE hired three students to go on an archeological dig there, but because they were detected by the Warehouse as ‘Intruders’, the three boys wound up dead and in a mummified state in Alexandria, Egypt.

All this to the utter incredulity of the Warehouse team heroes Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti), Mrs. Frederick (CCH Pounder), Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek), Myka (Joanne Kelly), H.G. Wells (Jamie Murray), and Pete Latimer (Eddie McClintock) were stunned to say the least!

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Desiccated Student1

Of course, this drew attention from the warehouse 13 team when their ‘Supervisor’ Mrs. Frederick started to become almost ‘Possessed’, speaking in Demotic-The tongue of Ancient Egypt. They discovered in the archives, that when the ancients were under siege by the Romans in 31 B.C. The Ancients did not have time to shut it down properly… so they buried it all, lost to the ages, until now.

Our Team; H.G. Wells, Myka and Peter were off to Egypt. The mission? They had to properly shut down Warehouse 2 or IT…Yes, IT would take over Mrs. Frederick and result in killing her. You see, a Warehouse of this nature is more Organic than your average structure. When Warehouse 2 was ‘awakened’ by the students who entered it, it started to seek out its’ caretaker. However, as the caretaker of Warehouse 2 had been dead for over two-thousand years, it went in search of the current caretaker…. In this case, that would be Mrs. Frederick. As Warehouse 2 became stronger and establish a link to Mrs. Frederick, the current Warehouse would… Die.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Mrs. Frederick getting eclipsed

We saw some wonderful Egyptian artifacts and tests that Warehouse 2 laid out for its’ protection and our team was ultimately successful in shutting Warehouse 2 down. Right in the nick of time, I might add. If Mrs. Frederick became ‘Eclipsed’ a new Agent would have to be appointed. At the modern warehouse, Claudia was the only likely candidate. She and Mrs. Frederick were bound at the wrists by Dr. Caulder and just as the final ‘tick’ of the proverbial clock was about to strike, our team in Egypt successfully shut down Warehouse 2!

Mrs. Frederick and Claudia made a discovery about how the students wound up in Egypt. Money had been used from Warehouse 13’s own funds! By none other than H.G. Wells!!!

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Money came from Warehouse 13

Myka and Peter were summoned to another part of the Warehouse 2 by H.G. Wells. When they got to her and started to excitedly tell her about stopping the demise of Mrs. Frederick and Warehouse 13, Helena said “I hope you can forgive me” as she turned to them, aimed her gun and stunned them both. She walked out, leaving them in the now deceased Warehouse 2, leaving Poor Myka and Peter on the stone floor.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Helena walks out.


Myka is coming to to hear Peter calling to her in Warehouse 2. They find the warehouse is filling up with sand!  Myka remembers the modern Warehouse has a back way out, surely this one must have a back way as well. as tey see a way out, Peter sees it is quite high up. There is a hatch in the ceiling. As they are trying to find a way to get up to the exit, Myka is looking at the original ten books of Plato!

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Books Of Plato

I would have LOVED to go in and look all those artifacts over…Such rich history and art, All I could think is “Wow!”. Peter asked about a snake around a rod, and Myka said it is probably the rod of Aesculapius. Maybe a form of Healing devise! Although that turned out to not be the case when the snake came alive and hissed at Peter, Myka found a magnificent treasure, The Wings of Daedalus!! Daedalus was the father of Icarus who in legend flew too close to the sun.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Flying to the Hatch

Pete put the wings on and they started to shimmer beautifully and he lifted up off the ground with Myka holding onto his back as the wings caught the wind… In fact, the wings seemed to generate their own lift! As they went higher and higher, the Farnsworth started to work and Artie tells them H. G. is a bad guy. “WE KNOW!!”

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Artie on Farnsworth

Peter and Myka said in unison. But Artie was right outside the hatch, he got it open and Peter, with Myka flew up to the outside and Artie. As they landed on Terra Firma, Peter said “‘You’ve got to let me keep these!” Artie replied “Oh, right, because they worked out so well for Icarus!” Turned out, according to Artie, the Farnsworths were designed to work deep underground but when he lost their signal he realized Helena had jammed the Farnsworths somehow. Farnsworth ‘rings’ again, it is Claudia: “Hey guys? H.G.’s a bad guy!” All three yell back “WE KNOW!”

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Back On Surface

Now our team is back at Warehouse 13. Warehouse 2 is -again- buried and lost to the ages. I would have loved to go through that place and bring back some of the mystical, magical artifacts! Artie is saying how H.G. Wells has been planning this for a long time. Mrs. Frederick as if by magic, appears. She is asked about an inventory system at Warehouse 2 and then explains how they could tell if an artifact was not in its’ correct place if the sign had a seated Anubis, it was OK. If the figure of Anubis was running, The artifact was not in its’ place.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Mrs. Frederick speaks

Mrs. Frederick is able to see the sign of Anubis running by the “Rack Of Spears”. Then she loses memory of anything more about it.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Something amiss in Warehouse 2

Claudia remarked how Helena had hacked into the account to fund those students and found the location of Warehouse 2. Even before she was “Bronzed”. She must have wanted an artifact from WH 2, but what was it? Checking the inventory from Warehouse 2 via Mrs. Frederick, they found it was from the rack in Warehouse 2. Helena has accessed the account and Claudia sees H.G. has booked a flight to Paris!

Peter is now getting set to leave with the others and talks to Dr. Kelly Hernandez on the phone as she tends to a Labrador dog in her practice. He tells her he does in fact love her and they plan to see each other after this trip.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Kelly talks to Pete

Back in Warehouse 13, Claudia is telling Artie about almost becoming an agent while Vanessa and Mrs. Frederick were there in the last episode. Claudia almost became a bona-fide Warehouse agent and she is frightened about this. “I can’t even buy a wine cooler in this state and… well…” Artie assures her that nothing will happen without her complete and total consent. Claudia is relieved and they get back to business at hand.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - In Paris France

In Paris, France, Myka and Peter are going to find Helena’s daughter’s resting place. They speculate whether or not the spear has resurrection properties. Could Helena be trying to bring her daughter back from the dead? I somehow do not think so. Even in the sore state of grieving, people know there are boundaries. They found out from a local man that the cemetery has in fact been moved. Helena is talking to an attorney about Christina and  Then Pete and Myka find the paperwork about Christina in the lawyer’s office.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Papers aboout Christina

Meanwhile in the crypt where Christina is interred, H.G. and the lawyer are there. She affirms that Christina’s been taken care of to her specifications and the lawyer said she had. They stand as Helena reverently gazes at her daughter’s final resting place.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - In crypt with Christina

He asks her if he may leave now, but H.G. tells the lawyer to remove his shoes  and step into this…As she pours a tar-like substance onto the marble floor of the crypt. He ultimately does. The tar-like stuff starts to come up onto the lawyer’s feet.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Primordial Ooze

H.G. spills water onto the gunk and he starts to sink into the ooze What she called a Primordial tar from Pitch lake in Trinidad. When the water was added, the goo became like a tar pit, taking him down to a fate like the prehistoric wooly mammoths of old met up with.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Lawyer sinks

Pete and Myka come in right in the nick of time to save the lawyer from his fate of the fossils and Helena gets away. They find a handle is missing from the coffin holding Christina.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Missing handle

Back at Warehouse 13, they had used Mrs. Frederick and her memories of Warehouse 2’s inventory to find out it is not a SPEAR, so figuring out the shape of the handle from the coffin, they did in fact figure the pieces are separate and when joined is one disastrous item: the Manillan Trident! This prehistoric Weapon of mass destruction was responsible for the destruction of the Manillan civilization in the fifteenth century B.C.E. by a catastrophic volcanic eruption. The Fara volcano which formed the island of Santorini.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Shape analyzed

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - They figured it out-Trident.

The first artifact to be housed in Warehouse 1 by Alexander the Great. It seems Mc Phearson knew about this and had debronzed H.G. to get it all together and was going to tell the others about her. The Trident, when jammed into the ground three times causes a fissure in the Earth’s Surface. This was why the Romans invaded Egypt. Cesar wanted this power for himself.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Image of manillan Trident in book

H.G. found out about all this and went on the hunt for the parts of the Trident. It seems she has all she needs now! A ping alerts and they see that H.G. has bought a plane ticket to Wyoming.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Helena's in flight again

Meanwhile, Dr. Hernandez receives a parcel, containing a lovely compact. The compact has the letters “L.A.B.” on it which Kelly thinks means “LAB” as in Labrador Dogs. Kelly uses the compact and takes a picture which she sends to Peter. Peter showed the picture to Myka  Then… He receives a call from H.G.!!

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Compact of Lizzie Bordon

H.G has a bit of villainous banter with Peter. She tells him she has closed all her accounts. She recommends he check up on Kelly. Claudia is tracking H.G. on a Farnsworth-type GPS and finds H.G. is heading to Bryson Reservoir…. in Yellowstone! The Yellowstone Caldera! Artie brings out the seismic maps and finds the six known volcanoes in the world… The most powerful of these is thought to be in Yellowstone.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Seismic map-volcano activity

If H.G. gets to this area and jams the trident into the ground, this would have an effect of monstrous proportions!! Millions would die immediately, but the far reaching consequence would be far worse. Last time a volcano blew like this, seventy-five thousand years ago, it created the ice age from which only six thousand humans survived. H.G. hid the part of the trident on her daughter’s coffin back in 1899. Now, she apparently has the whole Manillan Trident in her possession! It seems H.G. Wells’ nefariousness knows NO bounds!! Our heroes go to find H.G. Wells and the WMD (Weapon of Mass-Destruction).

Peter, by this time has left to go to Kelly. he never sent her a compact and now knows H.G.Wells did. Oh, Nothing good can come from that gift… Except, maybe, INSANITY! Peter arrives at the veterinary practice to find Kelly standing there, looking at him. Peter starts to talk to Kelly, He frantically looks around for her and Kelly enters the room, holding the compact up to herself. She speaks softly and lovingly to Peter. Then, she brings out a knife and tries to stab him!

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Kelly entranced

She doesn’t seem to be aware of this. She is emotionless as she attempts to kill Peter. As they both stand off for a bit, Kelly say “Oh, Pete, I love you!…. And that’s why I have to kill you!” Peter gets her under control and when he takes the knife from her, she is unaware of what she tried to do. Peter looked at the knife, calling it “Lorena Bobbets’ knife”. Kelly says she is very thirsty. She weakly asks Peter to get her some water and he goes to do so. But it was a ruse by Kelly. As he is getting her water, she shoves a syringe into his buttock and he falls out, sedated.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Kelly sedates Pete

In Yellowstone, We are with Myka and Artie, who use a subterranean heat sensor to find the most vulnerable spot for the trident to have its’ full effect. and H.G. Wells comes up behind them. Helena is holding the Trident. When asked what she could possibly want with this… Money? Power? Helena tells them “This is not a Bargaining Tool! I intend to use it, right here and right now!”

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Helena in Yellowstone

Back in Kelly’s practice, Peter is restrained and gagged on the metal exam table. He is coming around as Kelly stands looking over him. In the quiet way that only Warehouse agents have, Claudia …behind Kelly, starts to speak with her. Kelly tells her “You can’t be here right now. I have work to do…” as she uncovers an old axe on a nearby table. Kelly lifts the axe aloft and goes toward Peter. Claudia fights Kelly, and the mystery artifact is indeed the compact. It belonged to none other than Lizzie Borden!

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - News about Lizzie

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Lizzie's work

Just as it looked like Peter was going to get his “forty Whacks” Claudia but the compact into the artifact de-activation bag and Kelly is back to normal. She remembers nothing at all about trying to kill Peter. Apparently, when one looks into the compact, one wishes to kill the one they love. Kelly is totally confused. Kelly is completely torn up in remorse. “I… I tried to kill you!” she says and runs out of the exam room.

Back in Yellowstone, H.G. Wells is holding the Trident and Myka asks why she would want to kill millions of innocent people. “Innocent?!” Helena replies “Open your eyes, Myka, haven’t you looked at the world in which you live??” Myka continues “So because you lost your daughter… because you’re angry…” Helena interrupts her: “No, Don’t you dare!” …Now, is just me, or does anyone else know when “Don’t you Dare” is said with a proper English accent, that one is in deep doo-doo? But, I digress…

Helena continues: “This may have begun with Christina’s murder, but it’s not about THAT! I foolishly believed if I were able to go back in time that things would have improved! A utopia would have emerged, but here we are, over a century later, and things have actually gotten worse! The divide between rich and poor, hunger and famine, war and violence and hatred… all flourishing beyond control… Indeed, men have found NEW ways to kill each other that were inconceivable in my day, even by FICTION writers!”.

Myka pointed out that millions are struggling against that every day! Helena goes on: “This planet needs a rest from what you’ve done to it!…It needs a chance to repair itself.” Myka understands now and says “Oh, my God, you seriously intend to start another Ice Age!” Artie looks about for something as Helena replies “The only way to save this world is by destroying the parasite who are eating it alive!” as she raises the Triad. Artie quickly pulls out a gun and saying “I don’t normally do this” shoots Helena in the shoulder. But HE is the one wounded, because H.G. is wearing the Corsican Vest. Once owned by the Corsican brothers who were twins, when one got hurt, the other one felt it. H.G. Wells then plunges the Trident into the ground, Strike One!

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Trident plunged!

Helena has now achieved the first plunge of the Triad into the ground. Fissures start and the famous Yellowstone Geysers all start to spout off. The skies start to fill with clouds, speeding along and Artie, still over on the ground, wounded, reminds Myka “Three times. Don’t let her do it three times!” Myka tries to talk to Helena. “What about the millions of mothers who will lose their daughters just as you lost Christina?” Helena replies “this is no world for a child.” Mykas said “I don’t think you believe that.” Helena tells her “NO? Watch me!” and the second plunge into the Earth is administered.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Geysers started!

Geysers, new ones, also start up, thunder rumbles in the skies as they darken ever further. Myka is talking to Helena saying if she had wanted to kill them she would have done so in Warehouse 2, Artie would have been killed in Russia… That is why she called Pete this morning “THINK, Helena! THINK!” Helena does in fact look bemused as she pulls the Triad out of the ground. Myka is beseeching Helena’s good side. Helena grabs Myka’s wrist saying “NO! Stay away from me!”

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Then Kill me now!

Myka takes Helena’s hand and places her gun into it “Then go ahead! Kill me! I mean we’re all going to die anyway, right? Just Shoot me! Shoot me now!!” She stands to Helena “Kill me. But not like a coward! I want you to look me in the eyes as you take… my… life!” Helena does not fire, and as she is distracted enough for Myka to grab the Trident from her. Helena is defeated!

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Helena G. Wells defeated

Now we are back at Warehouse 13 and one of the Regents is talking to our heroes as H.G. Wells is taken into custody. Peter asked him “So, if you’re not going to rebronze H.G. Wells, where’s she going to go? Some…weird… place that we don’t know about?”

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Regent speaks
The Regent replies “The less you know, the better you will do your job.” He also told them they had done an excellent job in retrieving the artifact and preventing worldwide disaster, ” is the Prime Directive of the Warehouse agents. H.G. Wells was a formidable opponent. She fooled us all” Myka tells him “She didn’t fool Artie.”

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Helena in custody
As the Regent leaves, Claudia and Artie are in the Warehouse office and Claudia asks “Are you gonna die on us every year? Because, You know, it’s getting kinda boring.” Artie looks like he is going to say something with a finger pointing up and Claudia says “No finger wagging at me, old man….” She breaks off and looks like she is about to cry. Artie looks at Claudia “Hey…heyheyheyhey….kiddo… I plan on making your life Hell for a very long time.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Artie and Claudia touch fists

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Myka is leaving

Peter walks into Kelly’s practice. Peter and Kelly have a bit of a farewell scene, Kelly is leaving. She is (I believe) frightened of what Peter is involved in. No saving it, She is leaving. She kisses Peter and say goodbye as she leaves to finish packing up her practice. Peter stands alone, bemused in the exam room.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Pete left alone by Myka

Next, Peter and Myka are in the loft by the main Warehouse office and Peter is talking about leaving this job..  Myka tells Peter he would have left already if he was going to leave. Peter goes to talk to Arte, and after that, Mrs. Frederick shows up and Myka gives her a letter for Artie. This last case upset her enough that she is now leaving. She feels terrible that SHE trusted H.G. Wells when others did not. Myka never wants to be in that position again!

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Myka gives letter to Mrs. Frederick

Mrs. Frederick enters the office where everyone – except Myka – is gathered. She seems to feel sadness at Myka’s decision to leave the Warehouse team, but knows this is what Myka wants to do. Sitting down among the team, she  now reads Myka’s letter to the rest of the team as we see Myka walking out.

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Mrs.Frederick reads letter to the team

“Artie, It breaks my heart to write this – we both know the Warehouse is my happiest place. I’ve thought a lot about this and I can’t stay here. If I do, I’ll second guess myself into oblivion. Please forgive me, but I have to go.

Pete, you’re the big brother I never had. I wish I had your strength. I know I frown at you and punch you a lot, but I’ll always love you. Please be careful.

Lena, you’re the only mom they have. Watch over them and make sure that Artie eats right.

Claudia, Take good care of Pete and Artie. Let’s face it, you the only real adult in the group. I wish I could be there to see you grow into the amazing woman you’re going to become. I love you all….


Pete then runs out of Warehouse 13 in hopes of catching Myka, but instead only observes the dust in the fields as her car is leaving. 🙁

Warehouse 13 S2x12 - Myka leaving

My Take…For what it is worth…

I’m really impressed with the artifacts and how all the details (Fact and fiction) are interwoven in the stories of Warehouse 13. The way the agents get so close, like a family, their happiness and tears shared by the group… Warehouse 13 returns on July 11th and I, for one, hope to see Myka come back. If not, there will be a big void to fill by the writers and team of this amazing show!

H.G. Wells’ breakdown is I am sure, not new to many. The state of this world and the people within it breaks my own heart at times. We pollute the heck out of this planet, we consume and consume, expecting our resources to always be there. H.G. Wells … like many of her (his) day were visionaries. They all thought by now, we WOULD in fact be a Utopia. Flying cars, Amazing healing technology, self-sustaining fuels, clean air and happiness!

Well, We DO in fact have many of these things, but the greed of Corporations, Governments and so on, seems to stop us from realizing the ultimate world. We could have those flying cars and clean energy, but Oil is big business. We could have amazing healing, but Medicine is big business. The list could go on, but it is simply best put that when the greed of a few outweighs the good of many, just how ‘advanced’ are we really?

Warehouse 13 returns for it’s third season tonight July 11, 2011 9 PM E/P 8 central with “The New Guy”. In the meantime below is the full “Reset” episode video courtesy of Syfy via Hulu! !

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