San Diego Comic Con 2010 Overview: I Survived!


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Hey there Comic Con fans!

Comic-Con-IntlAfter preview night I had a feeling I had gotten myself into something massive.

I had no idea how right I was.


Ludo and me at preview night


I was up early but slow moving. Not a good start for the first full day of the convention. Not surprisingly, parking was hard to find. We went to five or six full parking lots before we found a space.. We almost missed getting into Hall H, the biggest panel room at the convention center. I think it holds over 6,500 people. When I finally DID make it in, I couldn’t believe how many people were there. It was standing room only for the entire day. I could feel the excitement. They don’t clear out the panel rooms and there was plenty I wanted to see in Hall H, so I decided to keep my seat and watch the panels there all day. It meant missing some panels in other rooms, but these are the decisions you have to make when going to a larger convention. It’s impossible to see and do everything.

Hall H

Megamind was the first panel of the day. I didn’t know much about it aside from knowing it is another DreamWorks movie. I’m a huge DreamWorks fan so I had a feeling I’d love what I was about to see. Also, I was given 3-D glasses when I walked into the theater. Everyone was really excited when the MC came out and said we had a special guest. I was sitting a bit far from the stage but I saw a guy in blue paint and a funny costume come running out onto the stage. He said he’d brought donuts for everyone and wasn’t aware there’d be so many of us. I realized he was Will Ferrell badly dressed as Megamind. Ferrell stars as the villain in the DreamWorks movie. It’s their first superhero movie and from the 3-D clip I saw, it looks hilarious. Not only that but I definitely think I can bring both my nine and sixteen year old daughters to see it.

Will Ferrell as Megamind

Tina Fey with cutout Brad Pitt

What is Megamind? Many people have asked. It’s DreamWorks’ first super hero movie. It stars Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt. After seeing the preview, in 3-D, I have to say it looks AWESOME! Basically it’s a “what if the bad guy wins” story. Tina Fey then joined Ferrell on the stage. She looked beautiful and was dressed nicely, no surprise there. Jonah Hill looked adorable in his blazer and pants. He was the last one on the panel. Well, that’s not totally true. They did bring Brad Pitt out—in cardboard cutout form. Megamind will be out in theaters this November. I can’t wait!


Tron was next. I have to say I have been geeking out over a new Tron movie. I did love the first one. To call this version a reboot is an understatement. As Jeff Bridges put it, the new movie makes the original look like an old black and white film. This is another 3-D movie that I cannot wait to see in the theater. The few minutes I saw have completely sold me on it. I love that Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner are both in the new version. Patton Oswalt was the moderator for this panel. I loved that the original creator of Tron, Steven Lisberger, was also a guest. It seems they have tried hard to keep the integrity of Tron in the movie but improve it so it fits in with this millennium instead of the last one.

Tron panel

It’s been 27 years since the first Tron was in theaters. Wow. That makes me feel old. I’m not going to lie. Starring in the movie are Michael Sheen and Olivia Wilde. After we saw the movie clip we were told if we were a good audience we’d get to be in the movie. They needed crowd noises. We were instructed to look at the screen and say exactly what was on the screen with the bouncing disk (get it, not a ball because it’s Tron) landed on the word. So… if you listen closely in the movie you may be able hear me yelling. We had to say things like, “Disk! Wars!” and “Rinz! Ler!” and “Dee! Rez!” Then they wanted foot stomping. It may not sound exciting but just trying doing that in a room full of 6,500 geeks and not get excited. I could not help myself. It was fun even if we’re not actually used in the movie.

Tron vehicle

Tron will be coming to theaters December 17, 2010.

Jack Sparrow interrupted our break in Hall H to tell us he was not looking for pirates to sail with him on a new Adventure. Apparently Disney will be releasing the fourth pirates movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, next May. Also, Gillermo del Toro came on stage to let us know about a new “Haunted Mansion” reboot. They won’t be calling Eddie Murphy for this one. Del Toro said it will be scary so be sure to bring your children. I’m a Haunted Mansion fan, I love the ride. I’ve grown up going on it. I really hope the reboot is an improvement over the last version.

Gillermo del Toro

During the break between panels, Pauly Shore walked in and signed autos for people. That was bizarre. Although, as I would later find out, not terribly bizarre. Guests have a habit of walking in on other panels and surprising the fans. That’s certainly a cool thing about Comic Con.

Next up was the “Salt” panel starring Angelina Jolie. She looked gorgeous as ever. I was impressed to learn that she did her own stunts for the movie. I saw the preview and I think the woman has no fear. If you’re an Angelina Jolie fan and/or an adrenaline nut you’ll probably want to check out this movie. It’s already in theaters.

Angelina Jolie

I have to say the fan oddly dressed as Spider-man that went to the Q&A mic surprised us all by asking a serious question about stunts. What did he ask exactly? I can’t remember. I just know we were all so distracted from his outfit that we were laughing. All of us, that is, aside from Angelina Jolie. She listened and answered him. She was very respectful of the fans and gracious, too.

Spider-man dressed fan

I’d never heard of Battle Los Angeles. I do like the whole “aliens invade earth and we have to fight them or die” type of movie. Like Independence Day or even Signs. Battle Los Angeles is this type of movie. It stars Michelle Rodriguez and Aaron Eckhart, is produced by Neal Moritz and will be out in theaters March 11, 2011.

Battle Los Angeles panel

Battle Los Angeles helicopter and me

I took a break from Comic Con because I was invited to take a tour of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln. How could I pass that up? Captain Mueller was kind enough to get us on board and show us as much of the carrier ship as we could handle in about two hours. I feel like I crawled all over every inch of that place.

USS Abraham Lincoln

I’m guessing that we only saw less than a sixth of it. We were very spoiled as we were allowed into the bridge. What amazed me is how high-tech it all is. Don’t mess with the Lincoln. With five thousand troops on board and people watching both the surface and the skies, not to mention all the fire power, you’ll regret starting a fight with that ship.

I'm in the Captain's chair of the USS Abraham Lincoln

After such a long tour of climbing up and down stairs (hey! It’s a workout! You try it and then tell me it’s not!), we went for dinner on Coronado Island. Then I was done for the day. Even though Thursday was a crazy busy day I knew that Friday would make Thursday look like a cakewalk. I needed all the rest I could get. What I wondered as I went to bed was, “Will I survive Friday?”


Another early start. Up and out of the condo before 6:15 am. I’d spent part of the previous day running around one of the largest conventions in existence and the other part of the day running around one of the largest carrier vessels ever created. I really didn’t want to miss any panels, so I was up and ready to start the second busiest day of Comic Con. And according to TagHive on Twitter, I was already the top tweeter for the convention. I had my work cut out for me.

Of all the things on the agenda for Friday, I was most looking forward to the Tweet House party that night. We realized that while parking near the U. S. S. Midway was a good idea it meant a very long walk to the convention center. Luckily we found a rickshaw for hire! So we hopped in and our driver got us to the convention in record time. Plus, he was kind of cute.

rickshaw driver

Today we would spend the majority of the day in Ballroom 20. I think it’s the second largest panel room. The Stargate Universe panel was up first. I noticed that Louis Ferriera’s name was not up on the table but Alaina Huffman’s name was. Although I was sad about missing Ferriera, I was excited to see Huffman again. She’s absolutely a wonder-person.

SGU Panel

The guests were Alaina Huffman, Ming Na, Robert Carlyle and last but certainly not least, David Blue. The moderator was none other than Robert Cooper. I could not wait for this panel to begin. Finally, Mr. Cooper introduced the guests and the fun began. Ming Na cracked us all up by petting her iPhone and calling it her iPrecious.

Ming Na and her iPrecious

David Blue said that nerds need love too. As a nerd I could not agree more. I think nerds may even need more love than non-nerd people. The news that surprised many people is Eli finally gets love. Apparently he winds up involved with a Lucian Alliance woman. I’m hoping Eli is treated well.

David Blue and his charming smile

Alaina Huffman was asked how she can play a character who seems the complete opposite of her. I have to agree. TJ is very serious and even sad. In contrast, Huffman is bubbly, happy and fun to be around. Huffman explained that she lives in the moment. She also said that “work is a relax” for her. She juggles three kids, a husband and a brother at home. She is one busy woman. Ming Na had us all applaud Huffman for being able to handle all those responsibilities. There is no doubt that this cast greatly appreciates and respects one another.

Alaina Huffman

Robert Carlyle directs an episode in the next part of season two. It will be called “Pathogen.” I also here we will get to see the bridge, finally, of the Destiny. And emotions are escalated. It sounds like season two is just getting started.

Robert Carlyle

The biggest news of the entire panel is that David Hewlett and Robert Picardo will be making guest appearances on Stargate Universe as a crossover type episode with Stargate Atlantis. I’ve mentioned I’m a squirrel. For those of you who haven’t heard me shout that from the rooftops, being a squirrel means I’m a fan of David Hewlett’s. I have missed Rodney so much! That should be a fantastic episode. And honestly, I’ve missed Woolsey, too. It will be great to see both of them.

Robert Cooper

All too soon the SGU panel was over. Next up was Caprica. I’ll be honest. I don’t watch Caprica. Nothing against it. I just watch way too much television (if there is such a thing) and cannot watch everything. Although I’d really like too. Anyway, the Caprica panel was cool. I think it’s the first James Marsters panel I’ve seen. I was excited about that because I’m a fan of his since I saw him play Spike on Buffy.

Caprica Panel

The cast says to expect great things for the next season of the show. Alessandra Torresani says that you won’t expect what’s happening. Sounds like there is definite girl power to be seen. Marsters made a joke about being on Buffy and how maybe, just maybe he’d seen tough girls fight. He said he can actually identify with his character, Barnabas Greeley, but thinks he carries things too far. And Alessandra says that she has to show most of her character’s emotions through her eyes which is tough to do. Sasha Roiz also stars on the show and was at the panel. Caprica sounds like a complicated, thought provoking show.

Bazinga! I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was UBER excited about the Big Bang Theory panel. I’ve been watching this show since the pilot and have been hooked ever since. In fact, I’m in major withdrawal without new episodes to watch each week. I knew that something was different about this panel because they brought out instruments like a cello, accordion and an acoustic guitar. I’d never seen that before and couldn’t figure out what they were up to. Not even when they handed us all lyrics to the theme song for the show. It’s performed by a band I love, The Bare Naked Ladies. The panel was being introduced and we were asked if we liked the theme song. Of course everyone in the room is agreeing when all of a sudden the Bare Naked Ladies were introduced! They jumped out on stage literally just feet in front of me and started playing the theme song. I could NOT believe my eyes. Fortunately we had cameras with us. I have pictures to remind myself it did happen.

Bare Naked Ladies at the Big Bang Theory panel

We got to sing along with one of my favorite bands to a theme song to one of my favorite shows. Does life get any better than this? It does! Because then they brought out almost the entire cast of the show. All the big names were there, Penny, Sheldon, Wolowitz, Raj and Leonard (Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, and Johnny Galecki respectively). Not only that, Wil Wheaton was the moderator. Wheaton plays an evil version of himself on the show. It was a fantastic panel.

Big Bang Theory panel

I was surprised when Wheaton said he believes Cuoco is the geekiest one on the set. I’m still not sure if that’s true or not. Although she’s a massive Harry Potter fan and was the first one on the set to have a Kindle, she didn’t know who Wheaton is when she was told he would be guest starring on the show.

Kaley Cuoco

A fan wanted to know if there would be any chance of The Big Bang Theory going to Comic Con. The producers gave one of the best answers, “We’re an indoor cat.” They said they are so used to filming on sets and in controlled environments that they would not be sure how to attempt filming at Comic Con. That’s too bad, though. It would be a funny episode, I’m sure, if they could figure out how to be an outside cat.

Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki

Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helberg

Expect to see the evil Wil Wheaton appearing at some point. I’m looking forward to that. I think Wheaton has brought something extra geeky and special to the show. For any Star Trek/Big Bang Theory fans out there I’m sure you know what I mean.

Wil Wheaton

Then the cast treated us to a live performance of “Soft Kitty.” Although at first Parsons complained when the request was made, saying it’s only for when you’re sick. Mayim Bialik is also expected to appear in the upcoming season. All too soon, the panel was over. I was actually sad. It was the first Big Bang Theory fix I’d had in weeks. Now I have to wait for the new episodes beginning this September.

I decided to take a break from panels and go check out the Exhibitor Hall again. I did some shopping and more window shopping. Then I was hungry. I decided to try out Café Diem. I’d heard it was pretty cool and also had good food. The thought of sitting down at a restaurant a bit away from the crowd sounded very appealing, too.

cafe diem

Café Diem was a lot of fun. Syfy seemed to go all out transforming the place into the restaurant on Eureka. Even the menus were all Syfy foods. I rested my tired feet and filled my empty belly. It was a much needed break from all the crazy chaos of the convention. I was done eating and doing some writing when someone caught my eye. I looked over and had to laugh to myself. There was a guy walking around who looked just like Eureka’s Sheriff Carter. The fabulous and talented Colin Ferguson. But I knew it wasn’t him. I mean, if I were him would I show up at Café Diem? Well, actually that is something I would do. Then I realized a girl with a remarkable resemblance to Zoe Carter, the sheriff’s daughter, was standing next to him. Finally it dawned on me: I was looking at THE Colin Ferguson and THE Jordan Hinson! How crazy is that?!

Me, Colin Ferguson and Jordan Hinson

I had to run over and introduce myself. They were very gracious and allowed me to take a picture with both of them. I have to say that both Ferguson and Hinson are wonderful people. Plus Hinson is even more adorable in person, as if that’s possible.

I went back and sat down and just as I did so in walked Sasha Roiz and Alessandra Of Caprica! While Alessandra was busy getting her picture taken in the Syfy picture machine, I asked Sasha if I could have a picture with him. He generously agreed. As you can see from the picture he’s a very short man. And I told him so. I think I confused him at first but then he laughed and said that somehow he looks so tall on camera but is actually very short in person. I’m guessing he comes in at just under 6’ 6”. Small fry.

Me with Sasha Roiz

Next up was the Tweet House party aboard the U.S.S. Midway. I know, I know, TWO carrier ships in the same number of days. I was a lucky girl. I wanted to arrive at the party on time because rumor had it none other than William Shatner would be landing a helicopter on the ship. Wasn’t I bummed to find out that Shatner landed almost an hour before the party started. However, he did stay and talk a bit. So that was good.

William Shatner

There was also a Pixar panel and a couple of bands played including Heavy Young Heathens. I was exhausted at this point. So it was time to call it a night. After all, the biggest day, Saturday, was still ahead of me. I had been warned that it would make the other days so far pale in comparison.


I was surprised I woke up for my alarm. And I hurt all over. I was so tempted to sleep in and miss half the day. Comic Con is like running a marathon. Or so I would guess. I’ve never actually run a marathon. I felt like I had, though. Or that I’d been hit by a truck. However there were places to go and people to gawk at! I got up and forced myself to get dressed and ready for the day.

To be honest there was one word that kept me motivated: Chuck! First up was the Chuck panel. I’m a huge Chuck fan, haven’t missed an episode yet, and could not wait for the panel. I’d been told that Jeffster actually performed at last year’s Comic Con. We were told to expect something different. Some of us speculated if someone different would be performing. I was hoping that wasn’t the case, I did want to see Jeffster live.

Turns out there was a Jeffster video done to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. Naturally it was hilarious! As we’re watching the video and laughing, I start hearing people cheering. I look away from the video screen and see Jeffster on stage! They were dancing for us! EPIC!


They danced for a bit and had the entire crowd laughing. Then the entire cast of Chuck came out! I mean basically EVERYONE I would consider a major or somewhat important character. Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Lancaster, Adam Baldwin, Joshua Gomez, Ryan McPartlin, Mark Christopher Lawrence joined Vik Sahay and Scott Krinsky on stage. And that wasn’t all! After they all danced for us they threw “Nerd” tee shirts out into the audience. Thanks to the great arm on Jeremy, I am now the proud own of a “Nerd” shirt thrown by non other than Chuck himself! Woohoo! I’ll wear it with major geek pride. I mean nerd pride.

Chuck cast dancing

More Chuck actors dancing

They certainly gave us some spoilers. Such as who will be playing Chuck’s mother, will Jeffster return and what guest stars we can expect to see on the show. The answers are Linda Hamilton, yes and the Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa respectively. The next season of Chuck is going to be everything I’ve come to love in the show and more. I will certainly be tuning in to watch.

Chuck actors dancing

Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski of Chuck

Yvonne Strahovski and Joshua Gomez of Chuck

Family Guy followed the Chuck panel. What I will remember most is how Seth MacFarlane sang as the voice of Stewie while we watched a video of it, live. That was pretty amazing. I don’t think he made a single mistake. Singing is hard enough, but add to that singing in another character’s voice live in front of 4,500 people AND timing it right so it’s in sync with a video is nothing less than fantastic. I kept looking back and forth from the video to MacFarlane. It was very weird — and also extremely cool.

Seth MacFarlane

I was about to watch the Cleveland panel when I got a phone call. It was time for my Robert Cooper interview and I had to leave the convention center and find the hotel where the Stargate Universe cast was. I practically ran with all my stuff and made it there fairly quickly. The rest of the Wormholeriders team was there, too, accept for Rigel, aka SciFiFanGirl616. We would be interviewing Cooper, Ming Na, Robert Carlyle and David Blue. My interview with Cooper was first.

Robert Cooper

Actually, this was my first ever interview. Was I nervous? No. Not at all. Am I lying right now? Oh heck yeah! I was so nervous. However I was also excited to be the one interviewing Cooper. He is a pillar in the Stargate franchise and someone I personally think is wonderful. He’s had a hand in some of my all-time favorite Stargate episodes and has worked on all three shows. The news that he is taking a step back from Stargate is sad. You can see the interview here: (

I thought the interview went fairly well since I didn’t lose consciousness, cry, or run away. And thankfully, neither did Mr. Cooper. I do want to thank Robert Cooper for his time and for allowing me to interview him. Also, thank you Syfy and MGM Studios. It was such an honor.

I was wandering the hotel and happened to run into some of the cast from Warehouse 13. I could not believe my luck! I got to hug Saul Rubinek as well as Eddie McClintock. I also got to talk to Allison Scagliotti. Seriously good times. If you don’t know, I happen to cover Warehouse 13. If you don’t watch the show, why not? It’s a fun show! What are you waiting for?

I had to go back to the convention center because I had press room access for the series “V.” I am a fan of the show and had the pleasure of interviewing both Morris Chestnut (Ryan) and Laura Vandervoort (Lisa). Both lovely and talented actors. It sounds like there are some very cool things in store for us “V” fans in the upcoming season. Why am I getting the feeling that I’m going to have way too many shows to watch in the coming months? Stay tuned to the Wormholeriders site for my interviews with Chestnut and Vandervoort.

After the “V” press room I was free! I had survived Saturday! HORRAY! I was happy but so exhausted. And starving. I think aside from half a yogurt at like five in the morning I’d eaten a cookie. So on the way back to my in-laws condo we got sushi. Delicious, filling sushi. And then I pretty much crashed. I had to get up early yet again for Sunday. I did not want to miss the Smallville and Supernatural panels.


I was up bright and early again. Even before the sun. I seemed to be making a painful habit out of it. However it was for a worthy cause. I was excited about the Smallville panel. Good thing I was up early because literally thousands of other Comic Con attendees were excited about the Smallville panel too. I was able to get in line and eventually, after a two hour wait, get a seat inside the room. It wasn’t the first row but I didn’t care. I was in the room!

John Scneider and Tom Welling of Smallville

First I want to congratulate Smallville for holding the title now as the longest running science fiction show. As a steadfast Stargate fan this is a sad moment for me; I’ll be honest. Smallville has now passed up Stargate SG-1. However, I congratulate Smallville. Science fiction shows are starting to finally have the longevity they deserve. However, the tenth and final season of Smallville looks astounding. I think this show is going out with a bang. In a good way. As they said at the panel they are throwing everything including the kitchen sink into the final season. They showed us the sneak peak and I have to say it looks like a very meaty season. Even Clark’s father, Jonathan, will be back. And, the question most Superman fans have been waiting for: Will Kal-El fly? We were told that we know how the comic book turns out. So that’s a yes. Finally we get to see him fly!

Erica Durance and Justin Hartley of Smallville

Supernatural: My final panel of Comic Con. I’ve been a fan of this show since the pilot. This show seems to be that cat with nine lives. I’m told this is the final season of Supernatural, however I am pretty sure I’ve heard that in past seasons. Still, the upcoming season looks very interesting. What are fans to expect? Weekly monsters returns, the brothers still work on their relationship, Cass may have a Russian accent (ok not really) and no more kissing for Bobby. When asked how Sam will get out of Hell, Jared Padalecki said he wasn’t sure but maybe he gets out with practice. He was alluding to the fact that this isn’t Sam’s first trip to Hell. In fact, Dean and their father have been to Hell. Trips to Hell, and getting out, seem to be a family trait.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles of Supernatural

When asked if Chuck, the prophet, was actually God, the panel would not give an answer. Apparently the writers want each person to interpret who God is on their own. So for all you fans out there thinking Chuck is really God, well, keep thinking that. It’s your prerogative.

Supernatural panel

Gag reels can either be hilarious or lame. I had never seen a Supernatural gag reel before and I have to say I have been missing out. We were shown a sneak peak of the gag reel and I literally laughed so hard I cried. Of course, with fantastic premier episode music and a hilarious performance of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” to rule ALL “Eye of the Tiger” performances, I should have known the gag reel would be epic. Even if you’re not a Supernatural fan you should check it out. I have a feeling it will win you over. Supernatural’s final (as far as we know) season seems to keep that snarkastic sense of humor that gives the show it’s edge over other horror type shows.

Sadly the gag reel and Supernatural panel had to come to an end. I had just one last thing to do before my Comic Con experience was over: interview the Scooby Doo people.

Scooby Doo Mystery Inc

Me and Spike Brandt of Scooby Doo

I’ve been a Scooby Doo fan literally my whole life. Not only did I grow up watching the show, I grew up with Great Danes. When we bought our house I turned my oldest daughter’s bedroom, playroom and bathroom into Scooby rooms. I painted the characters on the walls and decorated with whatever Scooby knick-knacks I could find. To say I was excited about interview the people making the newest Scooby incarnation was an understatement. I was thrilled!

Dan Krall and me

Matthew Lillard, the voice of Shaggy, and me

I had the pleasure of interviewing Matthew Lillard, the voice of Shaggy, supervising producers Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, producer Mitch Watson, and art director Dan Krall. My interviews will be up on Wormholeriders soon. I will say that I loved speaking with these people and picking their brain about one of my favorite shows. They certainly have me excited about Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated airing Mondays at 7pm on Cartoon Network. Many of these talented people have worked on classic shows like Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain and Freakazoid! Need I say more.

The Scooby Doo gang

And with the last of my interviews, my work was done at Comic Con. As I walked away from the convention center I realized, happily, that I had survived! Yay! I also knew I’d need about a week of sleep when I finally made it back home. Unfortunately, I had an early flight back home the next morning. One more painfully early wake up call for me. I could sleep on the plane though. And I did.


Waiting in line
No more waiting in lines… that is until the next convention!

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