Eureka “Lift Off” S4x11 Pre-Review Sneak Peeks Felicia Day Videos and Special Guest Star Ming Na!

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Welcome back Eureka fans,

Today marks an epic day with the return of Eureka for the second half of season four to round out a twenty-two episode season starting this New SyFy Logo Chain Linksevening on Syfy. This series move so quickly it will be difficult to share too much without spoiling. However we will try to share a few details about what is going to happen without ruining the premiere this evening.

Perhaps the most fun aspect of being part of the Eureka review and news team here at WHR is that we have long wanted to cover this wonderful series. However until recently we simply did not have a sufficient number of seasoned writers and mature adults dedicated to the task to do this series justice.

Eureka S4x00 - Cast Promo courtesy Syfy and NBC Universal

You see, in our professional opinion, doing justice to a long lived series such as Eureka (as we have done for others) requires dedicated individuals who understand when to take their “fanboy” and “fangirl” hats off in order to focus on the hard work of sharing creative insights as well as interpreting the single effect of the creators, producers and actors with others not so fortunate to be able to do so.

Eureka S4x11 - Salli Richardson-Whitfield directed by Mike Rohl

Let’s start with a series of videos introducing the great cast directed by Mike Rohl shall we?

Before we begin our season 4.5 coverage with a look at on of entertainments most vibrant celebrity actresses, Ms. Felicia Day of The Guild!

What I can share with you is that Eureka does indeed have a liftoff of sorts if you had a chance to see our sneak peek Comic-Con news story with clips featuring Neil Grayston and Niall Matter and more.

Eureka S4x11 - Grayston and Matter in Lift Off

Eureka S4x11 - The crew at work

Even funnier at the very beginning, Eureka also has several aborted liftoff procedures or events. You will just have to see for yourself!

Eureka S4x11 - Whats this

A bit later in this fantastic episode you will find out why poor Andy had to be carted off on a horse and just what the heck Neil and Niall were doing in the [REDACTED] in the first place! Perhaps funniest of all is a reconciliation at the very end. I am still cracking up watching Colin Ferguson, Erica Cerra, Kavan Smith, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Joe Morton, Niall Matter and participate in the fun of “Lift Off” and am sure you will too!

Eureka S4x11 - Kavan Smith as Andy the robotic cop

Last but certainly not least, one thing that I can share with you outright without revealing the story arc is that of all of our most favorite actresses, Ms. Ming Na makes a wonderful guest starring appearance in “Lift-Off”! I cannot tell you how Ming Na fits in the story arc, however the question we should all consider is does she return in season four episode 12 “Reprise” and beyond?

Eureka S4x11 - MingNa guest stars in Eureka!

To get that answer, make sure to tune in to Eureka season 4.5 every Monday at 8 PM E/P 7 central in the United States on Syfy! Thank you.

Eureka S4x11 - More MingNa guest star of Eureka

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