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Welcome Back Debris Lovers and WormholeRiders,

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To our sheer delight NBC Entertainment has brought everything the viewers desire in a new science fiction series!

Admirers of Debris series have long sought the science, adventure, mystery, love, and alien artifacts all found in a program that has pleased and dazzled the top entertainment reviewers such as Damian Holbrook, including Team WHR, in a series created by Joel J.H. Wyman and his professional confederates including Tanya Swerling, Jeff Vlaming, Katie O’Hara, Jason Hoffs, Tracy Bellomo, the special effects team working with Rory Cutler and many more!

Casting of Debris by the team of industry experts John Papsidera, Corinne Clark and Jennifer Page ensured that charismatic chemistry between the actors was both genuine and heartfelt.

As  a result the viewing audience became invested in each character from the series leads Jonathan Tucker, Riann Steele, Norbert Leo Butz, Scroobius Pip, Tyrone Benskin, Anjali Jay, Thomas Cadrot, in supporting roles from Michelle Choi-Lee, Jennifer Copping, Andrea Stefancikova, Sebastian Roché, Ben Cotton as well as fine roles by many other actors!

It is hard to believe that the fantastic first season of Debris series has reached a twelfth terrific episode. With the aptly named episode “A Message From Ground Control”, almost all questions from fans will be answered.

Wonderfully written by Joel J.H. Wyman and delightfully directed by the legendary Brad Anderson, well known for his accomplishments in Treadstone, Fringe, Almost Human and Alcatraz, “A Message From Ground Control” will set up the season finale thirteenth episode named “Celestial Body”.

Debris S1x12 Bryan and Maddox discuss the new Debris incident at Orbital
Bryan and Maddox discuss the new Debris incident at Orbital. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

In what we hoped will be a cliff hanger gateway episode to a second, third, fourth, and fifth season as this groundbreaking work of entertainment sweeps the world in 2022 and beyond, Debris series represents such outstanding quality that many believe the series should have already been renewed.

However, as is somewhat a tradition in the entertainment industry for programs “on the bubble”, in our opinion, a Renew Debris announcement is being withheld until one week after the season one finale airs on Monday May 24, 2021 which makes good business sense. What we find amazing here at WormholeRiders News Agency is why this program was even on the bubble to begin with and why Debris series has not yet scored a live viewing audience numbering in the five to seven million range?

In “A Message From Ground Control”, is described by NBC Entertainment  as follows “As George grows closer to finding what he is after, the Debris that Orbital has collected begins a mysterious process”. The description by Team WHR of this episode?

In our opinion, “A Message From Ground Control” is another A PLUS effort from the Debris series creators!



A Message from Ground Control:

S1x12 The Debris comes to life
The Debris comes to life. Image courtesy NBC

The episode opens with a lab technician in a huge Orbital warehouse filled with numbered boxes and specially sealed cases that obviously are loaded with alien objects. He is taking readings on each case or box for some type of inventory control procedure.

Strange noises are heard as one of the sealed case seems to have crawled off the shelf by itself, moving several feet in the process. While returning the case to it’s assigned place, another sealed case mysteriously moves off another shelf a few feet away and continues to journey towards some destination that we are unaware of.

Just when things could not get any scarier, an explosion is heard and a bluish looking alien object crashes through a sealed case from inside it and flies into the lab technician, killing him.

The object is observed impacting with one of the large alien objects that we have witnessed Craig Maddox (Norbert Leo Butz) reconstructing in the Orbital warehouse and then through the wall to the outside.

Debris S1x12 George enters a moth balled government communications facility
George enters a moth balled government communications facility. Image courtesy NBC

Another lab technician looking for his associate enters, finds his co-worker dead and sees other alien objects moving in single file towards another pathway near the larger alien objects.

Suddenly, the lights in the entire Orbital warehouse go dark making whatever the aliens are up to things an even spookier incident in the Orbital facility!

We move to George Jones (Tyrone Benskin) who is using a pair of bolt cutters to enter a secret facility in Arco, Virginia within the United States. George says “I come in peace” to no one in particular.

George makes his way into the compound of a moth balled top secret facility featuring a huge radio transmitter array that had been used to transmit news reports to the allied forces and spies during World War II and afterwards.

Debris S1x12 George meets Finola and Bryan at the moth balled facility
George meets Finola and Bryan at the moth balled facility. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

George is joined at the facility by his daughter Finola (Riann Steele) and her partner Bryan (Jonathan Tucker) where we learn that George plans to use the facility to boost his signals to figure out what “Influx” is working on; and execute a method to track and identify all the pieces of alien technology currently on Earth, regardless of location.

George warns Bryan and Finola that if “Influx” gets a hold of the piece of Debris that he is looking for, it could end their quest to figure it all out.

George in convinced that he can use the array to tap into satellites that will identify the piece of alien technology that “Influx” was having him build a device for.

Debris S1x12 George discusses Maddox with Finola and Bryan
George discusses Maddox with Finola and Bryan. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

While Bryan is bringing in boxes of equipment that George needs, Finola wants to know why Maddox tried to kill her father.

George tells Finola that he believes that Maddox is a control freak using his government position for his own and the governments nefarious purposes that were never revealed to him (George).

In this episode we will find out precisely what Maddox has been doing, and why! Bryan returns informing Finola that they have been recalled to Orbital due to an emergency at the warehouse.

Finola and Bryan arrive at Orbital headquarters in Langley Virginia and link up with Agent Tom (Thomas Cadrot) and Craig Maddox who informs them that eight agents are missing and that the entire facility lost power as we observed at the beginning of the episode. Maddox believes that the objects are being “recalled” by “influx” for some nefarious purpose, however he will prove to be incorrect in this regard.

Debris S1x12 Finola and Bryan enter the darkened Orbital facility to investigate
Finola and Bryan enter the darkened Orbital facility to investigate. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

Wearing protective suits, Finola and Bryan with a number of Orbital Agents enter the darkened warehouse and find several of the missing agents who are all looking blankly at a wall in a corridor in some sort of a trance.

Proceeding to the Orbital warehouse alien objects storage area, Bryan finds that the technician that was killed has suffered massive head trauma.

The Orbital team find another group of technicians, also in a trance, who are stacking boxes of alien artifacts in a neat organized row within a walkway between the storage racks of various alien objects stored in numbered boxes.

None of the Orbital technicians respond when questioned by Bryan. It is if as they are being commanded by the aliens to achieve their purpose and are oblivious to any interference by the humans.

Debris S1x12 Finola seeks answers in the Orbital warehouse
Finola seeks answers in the Orbital warehouse. Image by James Dittiger/NBC)

The storage cases of numbered Debris begin moving by themselves and then disappear in some sort of a wormhole portal.

Suspected to likely be caused by Anson Ash of “Influx”, who has demonstrated in previous episode that they have the ability to transport objects and human beings, we will learn that is not possible since he remains in prison. What will be revealed is that no human being is involved with this seemingly magical transport process.

Each case that is transported, in each instance, has had the alien object(s) removed and then returns several feet down the pathway, crushed and torn apart.

We have also witnessed Maddox using the same technology using a “pocket dimension” to transport chairs but never any alien objects. It becomes apparent that the specific objects are being collected by the aliens for their specific, yet to be disclosed function.

Finola begins the process of cataloging which alien objects are being taken through the “pocket dimension” portal to attempt to make a logical connection on what makes them desirable to whomever is retrieving them.

Back at the communication array George is observed making progress on his alien object tracking system performing his part in this mysterious series of events.

Debris S1x12 The Orbital team check the Debris to ascertain what is happening
The Orbital team check the Debris to ascertain what is happening. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

Inside the Orbital facility infirmary, Doctor April Han (Michelle Choi-Lee) is tending to  the technical lab people who are in a trance, but are being called away by whoever or whatever is controlling them. Any attempts to stop the technician’s ends up resulting in each person to begin shaking and convulsing.

Bryan instructs the medical staff to let them go, following them to where they are being sent; a boardroom section of the warehouse with a glass window where they are looking at larger sections of the alien objects that have been reconstructed  by Maddox!

When Finola is unable to identify why each piece is being taken, an Orbital Agent named Lester Chin (Howie Lai) suggest they move the stacked cases away from the “pocket dimension” portal transporter. However, when Chin tries to move a case of Debris, he too is sent into a trance and joins the other technicians staring into the warehouse.

Suddenly, Zimmer (Evan Rein), one of the lab technicians who was affected in the beginning of the episode, begins to convulse violently and falls to the ground dead! Finola states “How long before the same thing happens to the rest of them?”

Debris S1x12 George explains the alien harmonics to Finola
George explains the alien objects harmonics to Finola. Image courtesy NBC

Meanwhile, George continues his work on the communications array, successfully reactivating the equipment. Finola reaches out to George who is able to deduce that the connection between the alien objects being sent through the “pocket dimension” portal.

George explains that readings Finola is observing are harmonic in nature. George theorizes that exposure to these harmonics at close range are what killed Zimmer and threatens the other Orbital technicians.

George cautioning Finola to be careful, shares a method to block the harmonics by reversing the polarity on the Orbital equipment. George believes that such an attempt may stop the aliens artifacts from passing through the portal that has appeared in the Orbital warehouse.

Calibrating the devices works revealing a clue that leads Finola and Bryan to an underground laboratory facility that turns out to be an antimatter weapons facility that Maddox setup using George’s work!

Debris S1x12 Maddox is confronted by Finola
Maddox is confronted by Finola. Image courtesy NBC

Finola confronts Maddox who claims that he was only working on the antimatter weapons technology to protect the United States from efforts by China, Russia, the United Kingdom, and “Influx” who are also working on the same technology!

Finola storms out of Maddox’s office stating that her father was nearly killed trying to protect everyone from just such an alien object disaster.

Back in the Orbital warehouse, the lab technicians in a trance are being directed to attack the Orbital devices that are successfully blocking the “pocket dimension” transport portal. When one of them touch the devices, he is instantly vaporized!

Bryan and Finola are able to save all but one of the lab technicians taking them away from the Orbital devices, securing them for safekeeping elsewhere in the Orbital facility. April Han confirms Finola’s suspicions; that the harmonic frequencies are what in effect what likely boiled the brains out of Zimmer.

Debris S1x12 Marie Caldwell and Asalah appear in front of Bryan
Marie Caldwell and Asalah appear in front of Bryan. Image courtesy NBC

Bryan is guarding the secured technicians when the power in the Orbital facility begins to come back on. Bryan thinks he is hallucinating when first he sees Asalah (Zarina Sterling) then Marie Caldwell (Erin Karpluk), the women who also appeared to him in “Asalah” is once again in front of him asking him “Why?” extending her hand which Bryan grasps.

It becomes obvious the aliens are controlling the appearance of Marie and Asalah just as in the previous episode. Bryan confesses to Finola that the alien object directed him to allow the “pocket dimension” transport to complete the process or many people will die.

Bryan asks Finola to help the alien objects complete their process. It is apparent that they are doing so on their own volition with the express approval of Craig Maddox.

Debris S1x12 Once the aliens process is complete a beautiful ball of light appears
Once the aliens process is complete, a beautiful ball of light appears. Image courtesy NBC

Once the last alien object is freed from it’s location in the weapons lab by Bryan and Finola, completing the aliens process, a silver ball of light materializes, orients itself and exits the Orbital facility.

The beautiful ball of light hovers above the crowd of Orbital staff gathered outside, pausing briefly, almost as if it is thanking Bryan and Finola for their help before it disappears into the night sky.

The question to consider?

Is the ball of light an alien artificial intelligence, or the alien life forms themselves?

Debris S1x12 Anson Ash completes his escape plan
Anson Ash completes his escape plan. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

In the meantime, as the episode winds down to an exciting conclusion, three mind boggling things happen near the end of the episode that reveal exactly where we will all be going in the Debris series season one finale “Celestial Body”.

First, Anson Ash tricks the prison guards into taking him to the hospital because they have detected an alien object inside him. There is little doubt that Anson has ingested the object on purpose in order to activate the alien dimensional transport technology he has used before for his well planned escape. How this alien object was not detected while he was in custody is not known.

Anson uses electro cardio shock paddles which activates the alien artifact inside him and he is transported away from the prison to meet up with Loeb (Ben Cotton)!

Debris S1x12 Irina calls Maddox to inform him the alien object is in Virginia
Irina calls Maddox to inform him the alien object is in Virginia. Image courtesy NBC

Second, George is observed talking with Finola. George shares that when the alien object disappeared into the night sky that the remaining lab technicians were freed from the trance. George shares with Finola that he has completed his work at the communications array, telling Finola that the alien object that he has been looking for is in Virginia!

Third, our mysterious Russian agent Irina (Andrea Stefancikova) is witnessed once again talking to Maddox via cell phone. Maddox wants to know “if it is here?”. Irina says yes it is in the State (of Virginia) in a remote location. Irina and Maddox agree to “do it tomorrow”!


At this point in the Debris series, can there be any doubt that whatever it is that Irina and Maddox will do next week, it is also what George, Bryan, Finola AND Anson Ash are also seeking?!?

We are certain the answer we seek will in the season one finale “Celestial Body” next week! Make sure to watch Debris on NBC or you can watch the next day on Peacock TV. See you next week for what will be a superb season concluding episode that we hope ensures that Renew Debris becomes manifest!

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