Sanctuary” “One Night” And What a Night It Was! with Sneak Peek

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Hey Sanctuary fans,

We have all been there. We’ve all had ‘that’ date. You know the one I mean. The one where you probably would have spent some time getting yourself SyFy Logo Chain Mail - Click to visit Sanctuary at Syfylooking just so. Convinced yourself that you are sure, smart, and sophisticated? Yep. That’s the one.

That ‘date’ when you think you have everything as near dammit perfect as possible. You look good, they look REALLY good. You’ve managed to wangle your way into an exclusive restaurant, (= Mucho brownie points), and this is where it goes wrong!

Sanctuary S3x13 - Looking good so far

You accidentally spill wine on the girl, or you tread on their toes, elbow them in the face or maybe call them by the wrong name/forget their name, Offer them a cough sweet, only to find out their allergic to the lemon flavouring in them…. OR you’re on your way there, when you get kidnapped…..

Sanctuary S3x13 - Abby and Will are Kidnapped

Okay, well maybe mine have not gone soooo disastrously as wrong as Will’s after all…….

Just before we plunge into Will’s disastrous date night, I would like to say that Amanda Tapping has yet again done an AMAZING job directing an episode. She seems to have settled into the Directing extremely well. I know is not her first rodeo, but even still, and I love her camera work. (She doesn’t push the camera boundaries as much this time, but we do get her signature ‘crane’ shot!) Also if I could take a moment to doff my cap in Anthem’s direction for the vis effects, bravo! It is again hard to imagine the amount of stage work that is done sans physical props. And in my humble opinion it is getting harder to spot where the vis effects end now, and the physical props that are there, being.

One Night:

To set the scene, Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne) has a date! Woo hoo! And she appears to be a lovely date too! Woo Hoo! And they appear to be hitting it off! Woo Hoo!!! And……………………Can I just say. For the record. Poor Will. Poor Poor Will. This being the first date that he has had (that we have seen) since Clara died. And the poor lamb ends up kidnapped.

With his date.

How epically unlucky can you be?

One minute you are walking to the restaurant you have managed to book in your Boss’s name. (WILLIAM honestly!) And the next you think you’re being mugged. ONLY to then have it turn into something much much worse as you are both kidnapped. (I’d rather take the mugging thank you very much!)

Sanctuary S3x13 - Abby and Will are hostages
A short ride later and both Abby portrayed by Pascale Hutton (Fringe, Smallville, Stargate Atlantis) and Will (Robin Dunne) are deposited in some grimey dingey warehouse, where a rather sinuous sinister looking Sioux (Tinsel Korey) is quite clearly waiting for them. Will does that whole, ‘eyebrows in hairline’ thing which always makes me smile. But even when he looks like someone has just pulled the rug out from under his feet, you can still see the cogs turning in his brilliant mind. The lad has certainly learnt a large amount since those first early days in the Sanctuary Network. It’s like he has been on the fast track program to spydom. (Although not quite OO7 yet William…..)

Long and the short? Will has to save the gang’s leader Horatio Gibbs (Edward Foy), who has been laid out by a rather nasty spiney abnormal. Failing to convince Sioux that they have got the wrong Doctor, (Frankly I would have PAID to have seen the gang try to corral Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) Will finally sees that he has no option but to attempt to save the leader.

Sanctuary S3x13 - Gibbs must be saved
Just side stepping for a moment. Was anyone else a bit annoyed by Abbey? I just found that after they had just arrived at the warehouse, that the girl wouldn’t shut up. (in fairness i don’t know how i would react if kidnapped on a first date, but i don’t think i would be quite so chatty) So, yes, she irritated me! I did think that if she doesn’t calm down soon, i will head butt her. But then she goes and does something all heroic like trying to arrange a distraction so that Will and her can attempt to escape!

The girl almost ends up getting herself shot by a stray fired bullet, and proceeds to give Will, (who is in a different room to her) a small heart attack as he thinks she has been shot. After the very brief, and short lived attempted at trying to escape from the Gang, Will realises he has to rely on what little he can remember from his Pre-Med days. Mixing up a solution that should stop the fitting that Gibbs, is currently going through on the table, Will administers it and to his and Abbey’s delight, the guy on the table stops fitting. In fact, he stops moving. He stops, well, everything. Including breathing……….

Oooo Crap. Will’s killed him. Frankly, it couldn’t have gone more wrong.

Sanctuary S3x13 - Things go wrong
Weirdly enough, the next line is one that I have heard MORE than once in Sanctuary. Will prepares what he calls a ‘Hail Mary.’( SEE! There it is again! We heard it in Pavor Nocturnus, and Next Tuesday) After deploying said Hail Mary, the guy on the table gets a thump on his chest for his worries from Will and badabing, badaboom……. we are breathing once more.

Now I love Will when he gets all riled up and pissey. It makes for an interesting turn in the dynamic that makes up his character. Normally he is so cool and rational (if a little eyebrow raisey) and we get to watch as he loses his rag with Sioux. Apparently the young lady has been holding out on him. Turns out Mr Gibbs on the table is an Abnormal. A Septeran, and they have completely inverse immune system. Now, i don’t know what that means. But i am guessing that whatever you would do to treat a human, isn’t going to work on old Johnny go lightly on the table.

Sanctuary S3x13 - Things look bad

Meanwhile back at the Sanctuary, Kate (Agam Darshi) receives a very heated phone call from the owner of the Restaurant that Will used Magnus’s (Amanda Tapping) name for a restaurant booking. The guy is yelling down the phone at Kate, who when asked if she is Will’s girlfriend says, ‘Seriously? Have you seen the guy? He is like a matchstick with hairgell!’ LOL. He has been kidnapped and is getting insulted at the same time. LOVE IT.

Sanctuary S3x13 - Kate in Magnus chair
Kate, currently sat in Magnus’s chair, is all fire and vigour until Biggie (Christopher Heyerdahl) and Declan (Robert Lawrenson) walk in and she promptly jumps up from the Magnus Chair, as if burnt. After a quick debate on why Will and Abbey did not make it to the restaurant, (Again William gets it again, I will not spoil it here, because it’s a moment you need to watch) Apparently the food at Alfredo’s really is THAT good…..

Sanctuary S3x13 - Kate jumps from Magnus chair

Sanctuary S3x13 - Biggie and Declan seek answers

Back at the warehouse……….Will has written up a small shopping list for Abbey to go source out in the local market. Will, ever keen to try and escape. Has created a way for Abby to do a bunk. On the list that he has given her for the ingredients for a counter to the toxin running through Gibb’s veins, is a Moroccan Cave Scorpion. Not needed for the shot for Gibbs, but Abby gets the brut Coda (James Pizzinato) to open the box, where upon doing so, he is viciously attacked by the nasty critter and Abby, does a runner. HUSSAR! Progress!

Sanctuary S3x13 - Progress with Abby

Will currently still in the warehouse, uses two Epi pens on two of the guards in the warehouse and runs, only to run straight into Sioux, who, well as you may have gathered, isn’t very happy that Will’s Girlfriend has set a creature upon one of her boys. Will looks like he is about to take a bullet, when Abby comes rushing back in. And Saves his life. Even though Will had basically set this up so she could do a runner. She comes back. I can’t decide if that is stupid or sweet. Maybe it’s both……But poor Will gets lamped around the head for his troubles. Again.

Meanwhile, Kate has had the red list buys bought to her attention and they quickly figure out that young Will and Abby are in trouble. The list that Will devised, has been done in such a manner that it gives the Sanctuary crew his location. They figure this all out, and scramble a team together, but have the mission to save them scrubbed by Magnus herself.

Sanctuary S3x13 - Scramble team

Sanctuary S3x13 - Helen instructs the Scramble team

Apparently the vendetta crew have been of interest to Magnus for months and potentially there is a Ghost Ship of abnormals arriving in the city and Gibbs is the main contact. They have been tracking this for months, and the Ship is laden with abnormals destined to become slaves. Its big money for Gibbs and a very big bust for Magnus, one which she does not want to mess up as hundreds of abnormals will suffer and disappear as soon as that ship makes ground.

Kate, you can tell is pissed beyond pissed. But what can you do when your boss says no? Keep an eye on it all anyway apparently…………….

Sanctuary S3x13 - Kate not happy with developments

Sanctuary S3x13 - Abby under threat

Back at the warehouse, there is a lovely discussion that takes place, between Will and Abby where basically Abby is slightly insulting Will. You seriously see his feathers get ruffled and Will automatically starts defending himself. Abby’s point is that something is seriously not playing right, and that something feels decidedly off with what is happening in the warehouse. The body language of Sioux is all kinds of off, and instead of hearing this, for a moment or two, Will is seriously a little more than insulted. Bless.

Sanctuary S3x13 - Will is a bit more than insulted

Sanctuary S3x13 - Will is upset about poor Abby

After bringing his deflated ego back into line, Will sets about making the concoction needed. The only reason he remembers the ingredients is because one of their operatives got stung in their last mission. And they had to make the same solution then. Upon going to administer the injection, Will then discovers that Gibb’s is in a state of Tachycardia, which for a Septeran, isn’t possible.

Sanctuary S3x13 - Will prepares the hypo

Pissed at being lied to again, Will challenges Sioux, and low and behold, the truth comes tumbling out. Sioux, in her own, VERY screwed up way, is trying to do the right thing. She doesn’t want Gibbs to trade in Slaves. Abnormal or otherwise. Unfortunately, it looks like the other member of the crew namely Coda, has other ideas, and decides to shoot Sioux, killing her, and also impale Abby with the quills taken out of Gibb’s leg. Will now has two patients. One who will die quickly, and one on the verge of dying. I believe the game has just been upped. Will, looks like he has just been sucker punched in the guts. And I don’t blame him.

Sanctuary S3x13 - Will looks sucker punched
There is however, a lovely moment, where Abby is asking about the food at Alfredo’s, even though she is clearly in some pain. Will is talking to her about what they would have had. And Abby is trying to breathe, and make light of the situation. Bless her. She is ok in the end. Will quickly makes up another syringe, and gives Gibb’s the goods. Unfortunately when the rat bag comes round, he swipes his arm across the table, effectively smashing everything that Will needs to make up another syringe for Abby. However, after everyone has left, and for those of us with sharp enough eyes, Will produces a syringe from his pocket which is in fact a spare antidote to the poison. Clever Boy that William……. And he administers the injection with a kiss.

Sanctuary S3x13 - Will seals it with a kiss

The rest ends pretty sharpish. Do they get the bad guy? Of course. Pfffft. Helen Magnus would never let THAT opportunity slip through her fingers. Biggie is particularly vicious with the bad guys, giving one a delightful slap round the head. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) gets to deliver the last line in the episode, after Will has finished declaring the situation a Win Win, and Magnus has slapped him down for using her name to get a table at Alfredo’s. IN fact the line makes you WANT to visit Alfredo’s. Will asks, and this has been a theme throughout the episode, if the food at Alfredo’s is that good.

Sanctuary S3x13 - Will and Helen chat

Sanctuary S3x13 - Will with Helen afterward

Helen simple demurs, in a low voice…..’Oh, It’s that good……’ And speaking of good we include the Wingman extended sneak peek courtesy of Syfy via Hulu

Sanctuary S3x13 - Magnus Oh its that good

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